Very Handy!

Very Handy!

Hi there.

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Here’s a speedy demo I did on HO HO HOCHANDA last Sunday, which you may enjoy if you are making Christmas gifts….

The NEW DESIGN CLUB heart hand stencil is perfect for giving; says it all. It’s the first one in this Past Issues Collection.

Click here to investigate.

Also all available individually….CLICK HERE


Lay the stencil on the Designer Card (I used Shenandoah) 

and drag through the stencil using the palette knife.

Remove the stencil,

and quickly place the paste side down on black card. Lay a sheet of copy paper over the top and rub to transfer the paste to the back card.

Peel off and place the stencil in warm water to clean.

Allow the paste to dry white.

Look closely. You get amazing texture with the paste.

I love this grungy look.

Trim the black card to fit within one of our mountboards,

and sign with a white Pergamano pencil.

Did you know that we sell all the individual Perga Liner pencils individually now? If your favourite colour is running low, you can now replace it without having to buy the whole box again!! CLICK HERE

And of course, there’s still the other artwork! The hand on heart. All ready to engrave before it sets. Again, one of our pergamano tools of great for this! The 0.5mm ball tool does the scribing trick beautifully.

Time to go!! Waitrose is a-calling….

The fridge is empty, there’s no milk, no eggs –  and we haven’t got even a can of beans.

Best get down the shop then, eh…

Love & Hugs,



10 thoughts on “Very Handy!

  1. Love the grunge paste technique with the waste on the stencil. Got some Viva Decor paste and creams in the sale and being a member have this stencil too so I may have to play. My Elf arrived today, what a sweetie! Xx

  2. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone has has a good Saturday. I have been getting crafty this morning and am planning on getting some decorations on the tree after Strictly. Xx

  3. Yet another stencil I haven’t used yet, must get to grips and use my Design Club goodies, it’s no good looking at the folders all nicely filed away is it? Even though they look good. I like what you have done with it, love the grungy look for this one Barbara. Hope you are enjoying your weekend and having a

  4. Hello Barbara

    Join the clan. We are all on bread and water now. Duet plates, A5 Lightwave, Josie’s PTC plates, Tina’s plates, etc…….! Need I continue?

    Love them all.

    Roz xxx

  5. Hi bloggy friends, hope you are all enjoying the weekend, albeit very cold. We are looking after 2 of our grandchildren this weekend. So no crafting this weekend, all my Christmas cards finished, it’ll soon be time to start wrapping the presents.xx

  6. Only my sister’s birthday card to finish then I’m done until the New Year so can indulge myself and try out lots of different rechniques which you have shown us.
    My nursery rhyme project turned out well but I always get nervous that the recipient will not like it. (I was the same when I made celebration cakes!) I needn’t have worried – she loved it and so admired your poster I gave her my spare one. Her comment was that whoever designed and created the original artwork must be very talented. Just thought I’d pass on the compliment.
    Have a good

  7. I have used this stencil when it came in the club
    I received my clarity grey sale parcel today love the free tree stencil thank you .must get my groovi plates sorted into the folders .tom picked up our Waitrose shopping this morning happy shopping xxx
    Crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx

  8. Morning Barb. Have to say I’ve started using my stencils a lot more since I got a Gemini in the summer. Love using them to emboss. Haven’t done much with paste recently but maybe I need to try again. Spent part of yesterday unpacking my gray sale delivery – love the new Perspective Pines stencil. Hope your shopping trip was productive!

  9. This is one of my all time favourite club stencils – I’ve used it for stencilling cellophane bags with acrylic paint for Valentines day, lots of anniversary cards, but haven’t done grunge paste yet, so here’s another idea to get it out again. Thank you!

  10. Hi Barb, a favourite stencil, very soon after it landed through the letter box, I used it to make an Anniversary card for Hubs. He loved it. Bx

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