Follow Up Friday – Have yours’elf a Merry Christmas

Follow Up Friday – Have yours’elf a Merry Christmas

Thanks for popping in.
Well, the Elf Hunt on the website is proving very popular!
I also figured out this morning, that in addition to keeping me entertained, it is telling me the date too!
Day 7 – and it’s the 7th December!
 I am far more likely to remember which Elf clue we’re on that which date it is!
Anyway, here’s a simple Christmas idea, using Elvis the Elf again.

Is it raining where you are? 
It is tipping down here! Stair rods. Cats n dogs. Avinit!
So, I think a log fire and a warm mince pie with a good strong cuppa sounds like the perfect response. 
Have a great weekend!
love and hugs,

19 thoughts on “Follow Up Friday – Have yours’elf a Merry Christmas

  1. Was h a year rain first thing, but now clearer skies and sun! I’ve got the cuppa but not the lovely mince pie! Enjoy!

  2. Yes I rang the office earlier this morning to update my club membership and could hear the rain over the phone it sounded awful. Thanks to Louise for her help

  3. Very wet here earlier but sun out but cold wind here know. Little elfe made me think bit harder today had to read over few times then clicked and straight to him. Loving this game look forward to the email in the morning. Mince pies sounds good to me too xx

  4. Stair rods? that’s nothing – been raining bed sheets here!!!
    Not as cold though.
    Loving this Elf, found him straight away today.
    Just had a delivery and am very pleased with the free tree stencil. There have been so many good Christmas themed goodies from you this year that I have been tempted to start on next year’s projects but must finish the birthday cards first.
    Off now to look at the Friday follow up.

  5. Paul rang me this morning to sort out my clarity club membership to include the new die club thank you Paul .i got a email this morning to say my baby light wave is on its way looking forward to postman’s visit should get one tomorrow my last grey sale parcel and one Monday baby light wave groovi elf too lots of treats for Christmas I’m feel so lucky .
    Have a good weekend xxx

  6. How cool to have Elvis as a paper chain. I will give it a go when he arrives! My last sale parcel arrived today so I have some sorting out to do putting things away in folders. Phoned the office today and renewed my three clubs and joined the new die club too! Super excited to get my first one in January. Xx

  7. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is well and managing to stay out of the horrible weather! Planning on putting up the Christmas tree later…if I don’t fall asleep! Xx

  8. Up early this morning to be sure to get into the New Design Die Club then the sun came out in the afternoon. Joy, joy, joy🤗
    Didn’t get a phone call from Paul though🤔
    Love the ever active Dave on his reindeer today too.😂 Looked like he was off on a Christmas adventure. Think he may need a santa hat!? 🎅

  9. Whoop whoop my lovely Queens Lace plates arrived this morning so am busy trying them out when really I should be writing and addressing Christmas cards! Anyhoo, have just remembered about Elf’is and managed to spot him so Day 7 is on the list. Been pretty miserable in the North East too but we just have to grin and bear it, perfect days to spend in my little crafty den. xx

  10. Hello Barbara – Rained all morning, and I’m talking rain of biblical proportions down here in Suffolk. Awful up till 12 o’clock when the rain stopped and the sun came out. All in all a nice afternoon. Trees up, finally getting organised for Christmas. Very stressed with it all this year. Feel like I’m going mad. but it will all come good. have a lovely weekend everyone, lots of love Donna X

  11. Good evening Barbara
    I do love your little elf So had to order him in groovi then saw your video on Tuesday so had to get the stamps too. Lol. Be rude not to. Lol
    Wet here on and off all day but it is now a bit chilly heating on and already had a mince 🥧
    Have a lovely evening with your nearest and dearest
    Off to watch your new video hugs 🤗

  12. Received 3 parcels today so I’ve really got some sorting out to do. Hope I’ve got enough folders! Had a phone call from Paul yesterday to join ND die club and renew others. Paul, if you read this I forgot to tell you about my largest project. I’ve almost finished making a Groovi book/christmas card of “‘Twas the night before Christmas” for my two youngest grandchildren who live in Reading. I found the entire poem and used bits from the 15 plates and the universal border/alphabet to add an extra 7 verses,( goodness knows what the postage will be!) I added semi-hidden little mice to every page and asked them to see how many they can find. I hope they enjoy doing it as much as I did making it. After watching follow-up Friday I’ve got an itch to do some elves now, they’re really cute! Thank you Barbara for such great products. xx

  13. I am having great fun getting the kids I look after to “help” me find Elvis. It has kept them quiet for a bit!
    Tonight, I went with the kids and their Mum to choose their Christmas tree with the help of Jimmy MacJingles the elf. It was lots of fun, despite being so driech and we ended up drenched by the end of it. It is now beginning to feel more like Christmas now; I might even think about getting the tree up soon.

  14. Another great video Barbara. I always pick up additional little tips from you – the point about getting shading and dimension on the colouring will be very useful. Hope you have a good weekend

  15. Hi Barb, another brilliant idea with the Elf stamps. I got home from a work trip to find my Club renewal letter and my order had arrived. Need to call the lovely Clarity team today, and get stuck into my Christmas cards. Take care all. Bx

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