It’s a Bling Thing – and a BOGOF!

It’s a Bling Thing – and a BOGOF!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

It’s been an elf of a day ’ere!

Dark when you go to work – dark when you get home. Honestly. Next Friday’s the shortest day of the year – and we are definitely headed in its direction !!

So I came upstairs to blog, and our little elf caught my eye again. He needs a little bling, don’t you agree?

Then it occurred to me – Fusible Fibre. Absolutely spot on for this little fella !!

We’ve got a great little kit and a load of different coloured fibre (and film), so I called up one of the head elves at work -Little Steve (he’s not little at all! He’s just not as big as Big Steve!!), and got him to sprinkle a little magic over the prices on the website.

While he’s doing that, let’s have a play… there’s a Megamount in the kit, so stick Elvis to the mount. Front or back – you pick!

Ink up the stamp with Archival Black, place enough fibre directly on the stamp to cover it, cover the fibre with baking parchment,

then iron with a hot iron, until you see Elvis peeping through the parchment.

While the fibre’s still hot, it is mallible. Use a No.6 ball tool to push the fibre into the stamp create a depth.

When you peel the fibre off the stamp, look! Magic! And the hat is 3-D. See?

Cut him out.

Don’t bin the scraps though. That will do very nicely as padding on the next one. The only fresh fibre has to be the thin layer at the front -ie the layer nearest the stamp.

Do the same on with the other stamp….

Did you know you can colour the set fibre with Promarkers or with our Perga Colours? I’m just about red and greened out though, so let’s hit the teal! Silver white fibre and teal. Winning combination!

 We’ve got choices now. Shall we stick the front and back together, and make a tree decoration?

Mmmm. I could even add an initial on the hat….

 … or, we could get them to link arms… cut the hand as I have done here, down the side of the body where it is straight.

That easy!

Let’s make a little card then. Out with the Word Chain ABC. I’m telling you! I would be lost with out my ready-mounted Alphabet in a box!


Sorry! Couldn’t stop myself!

Ok. Stop larking about , Gray. Let’s make an arty background. Just sandwich a mix of coloured fibres between to sheets of baking parchment and iron.

Add a set word from the Word Chain Set – done. This is a cool card for a cool friend. I must finish and send! That’ll be the first one I have done! Yikes.

So back to the fibres. I love Angelina Fibre, or fusible fibre as it’s also called. I have a very healthy stash too. It makes super motifs and badges, is washable, can be sewn onto tops and jeans, doesn’t shrink, doesn’t fade. An all round excellent and fun product.

I really ought to get that sexy corset out again. Oooh! Did I say that out loud?!? What I meant was the corset stamp you can see in the basket above! Looks fabulous in fibre – all colours.

Check out the saving on the website. Available for one week at this price. Have fun xx


Was £24.98

Now  £14.99

Film & Fibre


You add a white and we will add another white.

You add a green we add an extra green. And so on. In other words, we’ll double the quantity, which is a good thing, because when you get into it, you chomp through this gear. I feel a revival coming on in the New Year too. I have an idea….

Shop Film & Fibre

Simply add it to your basket and we’ll send you an extra.

Time to stop for the day.

Love & Hugs,



19 thoughts on “It’s a Bling Thing – and a BOGOF!

  1. Ooh that’s really cool. I bought my fibres with the little raised perspex bridge – remember that?? I have to confess I have hardly used it so maybe you have just encouraged me to get it out again. Fabulous price that, thank you. Roll on Spring eh?? Much love xxxxx

  2. I have that original bridge type mount too, Dawn. I could be persuaded to add to my stash if there are more ideas coming up. Love those different elves. Might NEED to have a go. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  3. Got the set likeDawn with bridge very little use did struggle a bit could get it right all time so may be time to practice so have to get it out the corsit was beautiful made with the fibres haha

  4. Great Elf project Barbara – you do inspire us. I love this stamp set.
    ‘Oppit, my mischeivous elf, got his photo taken by hubby but his magic couldn’t post it here. He just wanted to say Hello and Merry Christmas to all our bloggy friends, but photo or not the sentiment is the same. He’s hopped back on the shelf now snuggled up to the Groovi folders.
    I too bought fibre and the stand ages ago, used it a lot, then put it away because I got into Groovi. My stock of fibre is quite low so may have to order more.
    Hope the pottery went well yesterday. xxx

  5. That is brilliant. I love it! Another idea to put on the list. Will it never end ? 🤪
    Have a good evening. Hugs Annette X

  6. Well I’ve never ever seen this film & fibre material in my whole life….and that’s true.🙃 So I’ve YouTubed it and watched someone make a beautiful wing using wire, a match & lighter. Think I may need to look for a responsible adult to help me now.😆
    Have just got home from carol singing at an old folks home. They were a smashing audience & very appreciative. However I had to be the carol song sheet police and wrestle with a couple of residents who had hidden them in handbags & under the plant pot gift that we’d given them. Little tikes these 90 year olds aren’t they! What a lark Pip!!!🤣😉

  7. I’d completely forgotten about my huge stash of film and fibre – and also the wee platform made to use the stamps on the original mounts!! Thanks for a great lesson and I’ll be hauling out my stash after Christmas and having a play (I’m all ‘carded out’ for a week or two -maybe).
    Loved today’s elf hunt -made me rattle the grey cells a bit more, but found him eventually.

  8. I think film, fibre, that corset stamp and feminine leg stamp and my little bridge were the first Clarity products I ever bought and I still love them! I remember showing some pals how to use them at a crafty weekend away, and them all being blown away by how amazing the results were and queuing up to have a go. Love your little teal elf – Noel-f – that’s a classic!!! x

  9. Haven’t used the film and fibre for ages, forgot how effective it is. Must get around to using it again.
    That Elvis was an elusive little elf today but I found him eventually.

  10. Love using fibres, but like you say it needs to come out more. Have just caught up on the last few days of blogs as I have had a nasty stomach bug and have been in bed…or the bathroom! Not nice. Loved the You tube on Tuesday with Paul. XX

  11. Hi Barb,
    I used to do loads of things with the fibre and film ,like many others with the little plastic bridge, but then forgot about it. I remember doing the corset and feminine legs and threading ‘laces’ up the corset. Gosh that was a few years ago! I love Elvis in the silver and teal, he looks so cute. Sending love and hugs to all,Alison xxx

  12. Hi Barb, I have always loved this technique and the film and fibre. I don’t have a stash as big as yours or Elvis the elf, but am tempted to get what I have out, and have a play. Remind myself how much fun it is. Your Friend card is brilliant. Take care all. Bx

  13. Hi Barbara – I love that you don’t just focus on new products but look back at old favourites as well. I’ve never used the fusible fibre but am feeling tempted to try now. Love the idea of making a Christmas decoration using Elvis – one for next year me thinks

  14. Hi Barbera, can you still get the little elf stamp anymore as I would like to get him, must have missed him when you first had him. I have the fibre, and thanks for your idea’s.

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