Elf and Happiness Always!

Elf and Happiness Always!

Ho Ho Ho!!!
Can you believe that Christmas is round the corner?!
Have I made my cards yet? What do you think ?!?!? I HAVE made a pair of earrings though…
Hope you like the Youtube!

So enjoyed making that one! Well done Simon, for keeping up with me in the garden!
The Elf Hunt is going well too. What fun! I was foxed by the 2nd one. Way off beam there!
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so Elf yourself!
Elvis the Elf
Shrink Plastic
The Perga Liners are coming up on Friday. 
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Time to go and make some cards, and wrap a few pressies!
Love & Hugs,

25 thoughts on “Elf and Happiness Always!

  1. So far, today’s clue took me the longest to solve but it is added to the list. I need to finish my cards this week. I chose not to send any cards last year but had so many people worried that I had dropped of my perch that it took me longer to write the explanation letters and cost just as much in postage. Not doing that again. Just need to check my pressie list to make sure I have not missed anyone. Hope you get all your tasks sorted. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  2. Dear barbara. Your shows on sunday were great as usual managed to watch them all. Your tip on fixing brads was just what i needed. Looked so much easier. The plates look fantastic, going to ask for some as a present. You explaned so well how to use them. Do wish they would find you a higher table , you must have back ache after. Hope your resting now. Xxxx

  3. Great Youtube on the elf earrings! My husband wondered if you had to stop filming for Elf and Safety reasons or was it an Elf and safety wasp!

  4. I was going to get that rain deer candle larber but got a separate candlelarber instead and two separate raindeer got the table lamp with raindeer to last year. Loving your shrink plastic eleves not same in oven as chasing them around with hair dryer Been having flash backs on that you tube one of best ever you and Dean hahaha lots love Joy xx

  5. The second clue took me all day to find too x loved the shows on Sunday I had to watch on rewind as away for the weekend. The plates are awesome just what I needed to move on to the next stage of my groovi journey. Crafty hugs xxxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Well you certainly made that look easy, but I have to say not as funny as watching you with Dean! Think the oven method is easier than the heat gun. The little elves are so cute when they are shrunk. I’ve found all the Elvis’ so far and think it’s such a great idea. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      So cold up here today. We went out at 7.30am to go swimming and Dave put de-icer. On the windscreens and when he got back in the car ( literally a minute later) they were frozen again! Fortunately the pool was warmer than it has been for a while. Hope everyone is ok, love and hugs,Alison xxx

  7. I shall habe to watch the you tube tomorrow as have been a bit busy today. Every time you mention shrink plastic I think most of us think of you and Dean, so funny. All my Christmas prep is now done, presents wrapped, tree done just cards to do which shouldn’t take long as I don’t send many these days. Remember to take five now and again, you deserve a bit of a break. Xxxxxxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Two small deliveries today so have been prepping some samples from them.
    Also had great fun with the Nursery Rhyme alphabet stamps today. Made a banner with 7 individual letters of a childs name strung on ribbon. Added a die cut boy at one end. Cut up one poster to put the relevant rhyme on the back of each letter. Stamped the whole alphabet on individual small pieces of card and put them in a small box with a set of half sized pencils. Added a complete chart for his wall. This should keep a cute 6 year old busy for a few hours!!!!!
    I really felt for you bending over that table in the ODS, I couldn’t have done it for 2 minutes never mind 2 hours.
    Hope you give both your back and neck a rest now.
    Have lots of ideas to use the elf stamp and Groovi which are winging their way to me. Loved the YouTube. May make myself some earrings and a necklace just for fun.
    Hugs xxx

  9. Hi Barbara
    I’m just off to watch the you tube, I think I’m in for a treat! I don’t think the stamp would arrive in time to make earnings for our Christmas do on Friday though. I’m enjoying the elf hunt too, todays was a bit of a challenge, I went off at the wrong angle but I’ve seen parts of the website I haven’t seen before!
    Love Diane xxx

  10. The second clue really threw me as well. I was overthinking it. Got the hang of it now and really enjoying looking for Elvis. How do you ever find time to make cards. XX

  11. I was late looking for the second clue it was 11pm at night found the clue for the day after so missed clue 2 but never mind it’s still good to take part each day for the 50% treat .i might even treat myself to the groovi elf plate so cute .
    Looking forward to my last grey sale parcel when it’s dispatched.
    Enjoyed watching you barbara using the latest groovi plates xxx

  12. Awww Elvis the Elf is so cute, love that he has a back and a front. The video is lovely too, although Elf and safety should have a word with you about hot ovens! May well be getting an Elf for myself. XX

  13. I love it when you are obviously having a great time – but I DID wonder why you didn’t use your light panel to stamp the reverse image – but what do I know. Can’t wait to see you wearing ’em.
    Maggie (Yorkite)
    PS how’s your Dad getting on – is he OK now?

  14. Great YouTube – so funny, and those little elves are just too cute! I didn’t know Dave and Mark wore ear-rings though, but I’m sure they’ll enjoy their presents as they were made with love. x

  15. What a fun video – your enthusiasm shines through. And well done on keeping those antlers on the whole way through!

  16. Hello Barb, off to watch the Youtube video in a mo, just reading all the comments, and having a laugh. I am really enjoying looking for Elvis, and Clue #2 got me too. Enjoy the hunting all. Bx

  17. Got up really early and have just watched the you tube, which was a great way to start my day. I wondered why you didn’t use the light Wave? There is no way I would be able to line it up as well as you – I would have a very wonky elf!
    I hope Dave, Mark and Steve like their earrings;they will be the envy of the pub this Christmas! I just have kitchen envy! Mine is too small to swing the proverbial cat and yours is what I have always dreamed of – warm, cosy and with a table!
    Thanks for taking the time to entertain us, as well as educate us! Annette X

  18. Thank you Barbara for making me smile with today’s You Tube. Your antlers reminded me of a hilarious Alan Ayckbourn play I saw on Saturday when the actors wore similar swaying headdresses whilst delivering serious lines (classic Ayckbourn) and the shrink plastic episode with “your friend” still makes me chuckle when thinking about it and laugh out loud when I revisit the video.
    I love puzzles so am really enjoying the Elf Hunt. It’s like having an Advent Calendar but much more fun. My only problem is I am away over Christmas with family so hope I will have an opportunity to submit my answers in time (assuming that I have managed to find all 24).
    Thank you Team Clarity.

  19. You gave me a really good idea for my present tags with your elf chain. So thank you and Merry Christmas to you
    Best wishes for the new year

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