Just a quickie…

Just a quickie…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in.

Just got in from the TV Studios.

Told you the new Queen’s Grids were a game changer, didn’t I?!?! When I think something is super special, spectacular, you usually do, too. Just wait till you get them home to play – you will be blown away….

Just in case you are wondering what on earth I am talking about, it’s the new Duet Grids we launched at the weekend.

They blew the doors off!!! I KNEW they would though! Before I stop for the day, and rest my weary head, let me finish the demo I was doing on telly during the 9am show, before I got cut off in my prime!! hahaha

Actually, I finished it off on set, after the cameras were diverted to the next show….

Let me rewind to the start! This was where we were headed. Fab sample by Karen Jackson, who helped us with all the prep and staging.

Picot cut out the frame using the picot nested square die.

Emboss the pattern all the way round the frame using the No. 2 tool. Swop out pattern from other Elizabeth plate optional.

Flip the parchment and flip the plate to perforate. Use the bold 1, 2 and 4 needle tools to perforate between all the embossed pattern. The drilled holes in the plates make it easy. The Lightwave certainly helps too.

Refer to the cutting pattern inside the packet the plate came in, to figure out which bits to cut out.

Actually, I managed to squeeze all that into the live hour!

Even managed to get the lily embossed for the centre, do the whitework AND add colour with the Perga Liner B pencils.

That’s when we ran out of time, so all I did after that, was blend the colour with a little Dorso oil on a blending pen.

See how smooth the top leaf is?

Blend all the colours on the back.

There you go! I was so close to the finish line!

Attach the 2 parts to the Indian Summer paper, and Bob’s your uncle!

That’s it in a nutshell. Piece of cake when you know how. Or should I say with these plates! Finally I can do beautiful gridwork. I do hope I was able to explain the way they work clearly on telly. If not, head on over to Groovi Worldwide on Facebook! There are loads of experts who can help over there!!


Time to call it a day. Thank you everybody who helped make the launch such a success!

Love & Hugs,



27 thoughts on “Just a quickie…

  1. Congratulations .Brilliant shows Barb you smashed it again .Love the new plates have put my order in cannot wait to play with them xx

  2. Just home from work and catching up on the 9am show. How fabulous. Placed my order yesterday cant wait to play. Thank you Barbara and everyone involved. hx

  3. Fantastic, brilliant concept, you never cease to amaze me Barbara, placed my order as I always do direct from Clarity. Thank You seems inadequate but I do thank you for helping me make my dreams come true. I’ve been with you on the Groovi journey from nearly the beginning but have struggled with grid work, no more though thanks to you and all at team clarity. Xx

  4. Totally amazing Barb! You and the rest of Team Clarity have yet another hit! Glad to hear that you got home safe and sound. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends, I hope that you are all enjoying your new Clarity goodies, whatever they are! I’m really enjoying the Elf Hunt and thanks for your message Alison – I am coping most of the time, thanks. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  5. You are right – the Queens are a game changer. Placed my order with Clarity shortly after they came up on TV and before I’d even seen the demos. They are just what I need. When are the Kings coming?
    The demos and samples were beautifully done. You have such a good team supporting you. I’ve been parching for 18 years but found it very difficult to line up the embossing with the holes on the piercing grid. Didn’t matter what I did it always went askew so I mostly did just picot work.
    Hubby says if I intend to continue buying Clarity at the current rate I have to promise not to go into a craft shop or buy from the internet stores for at least a year!!!!!
    Can I keep this promise? I will try!!! Couldn’t do without my Clarity fix.
    Cherry xxx

  6. Evening, glad the shows were a success at the weekend, I knew they would be just from the little sneaky peaks you had given us. Those new plates certainly were an engineering marvel, so easy to use and understand. That’s why I love Clarity so much, you always make sure the product is spot on in design and execution. XX

  7. Hi bloggy friends, horrible wet Monday here but at least it wasn’t the white stuff! Had an email to say my last sale parcel has been dispatched so I will have them in time to play at the weekend. XX

  8. Lovely plates and great shows. I am Looking forward to showing the new grids to my friends at the Pergamano Class.
    Xx Pia

  9. These really are stunning. Looking forward to getting some Christmas money to buy them as I usually end up miss counting somewhere and make a mess of where I am supposed to cut!
    This week is going to be a sewing week as I have a Harry Potter quilt to make for my daughter. Just as well that I have done all my Christmas cards.

  10. What wonderful new plates. Haven’t had time to watch any of the one day specials as yet, but will watch on catchup and hope to get an order in for them soon, they will go on my new list. Glad you are back home safely, maybe you’ll get time to slow down and relax now ready for Christmas Barb, love and hugs,xxx

  11. Didn’t get to watch shows today all recorded ready to watch busy day out what I have seen they look great very beautiful . On me list but spent lots do have to wait to many great bargains glad got home safe xxx

  12. Glad your shows went well and that all your groovi gang loved the new products. Hope you can get a rest tomorrow after your busy weekend. X

  13. Brilliant shows Barbara…I am a little bit envious….I just wish Groovi had been ‘invented’ a few years ago as I have Glaucoma and am nervous of trying something so delicate
    Thank you Barbara and wonderful team Clarity!

  14. Hi Barbara
    Well done for all your hard work and demos on the telly. You sure make those Queen Groovi plates look easy to use.
    I think I will have to add them to my wish list!!

  15. Barbara, I really enjoyed your show today. Learned so many tricks especially how the duets match up with the picot plate. Can hardly wait for them to arrive. You did an awesome job demonstrating and teaching as always. Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  16. Hello Barb, the shows were great, and you certainly did the Clarity team proud showcasing these new plates and grids. Lovely samples and great demos. Take care all. Bx

  17. Thank you for these amazing plates and great shows today. I can’t wait to receive mine, as I absolutely love lacy borders but haven’t managed to do them well. This really will be a game changer for me.
    I went to the cinema last night, to see a live feed from the Royal Ballet in Covent Garden of the opening night of The Nutcracker. It was spectacular!
    I hope you managed to have a good night’s sleep. Hugs Annette X

  18. Great shows Barbara. We all know how hard you work to make it run smoothly. These plates are lovely and the design teams work is beautiful. Hope you got home safely and are able to have a bit of a rest today after your busy weekend.

  19. Hi Barb. Stupidly question, probably. Where do I find your shows? I watch the YouTube videos a lot, but would love to see you on the proper big telly!
    Love Chris.

  20. Hi Barbara
    I managed to catch the show at 9 and thought it was wonderful, you explained it all so well. I’m going to wait til the new year to investigate as hopefully I might have time to play, this working lark keeps getting in the way. It’s lovely to see some of the older groovi plates having their day again, it reminds us what we’ve got! Hope you get the chance to rest today.
    Love Diane xxx

  21. Absolutely superb, placed my order by 6.10pm, can’t wait to receive these, I’ve long been an admirer of Josie’s beautiful gridwork – great team effort on these new plates x

    1. I’m up-to-date with finding Elvis too, brain was tired this morning but eventually the penny dropped (not a clue lol) 🙂

  22. Hi Barb,
    Sorry this is so late! Kept meaning to post all night, but kept forgetting! Old age must be setting in!! Anyway, pleased the plates were such a massive success – I knew they would be as soon as I saw them- and pleased to see the Art Nouveau plates as well, they are amongst my very favourites. Watched the shows and really enjoyed them, I thought you and Paul did a fantastic job. Can’t wait for my plates to arrive so I can play. I have manage to sort of reciting the gridwork frame I did with Linda Page but I have to say things would have much easier with these new plates !! Love and hugs,Alison xx

  23. Ohh I had to have these plates and after watching you use them well what can I say.
    In your words a game changer
    Can’t wait to get them home hugs 😚

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