A Half-Pint Lightwave has landed! Woohoo!

A Half-Pint Lightwave has landed! Woohoo!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in.

I know, I know. You’ve just blown the budget on those amazing Groovi Grid Duet plates we launched last weekend.

But I simply HAD to show you what has finally landed – just in time for Christmas! A Baby Lightwave!!

It’s half the size of the Big Daddy – A5. It has a 3-phase brightening function, which I like a lot. And it’s for plugging in to a USB socket. (ie doesn’t come with a full on wall plug). So it will work all over the world!

To make this an extra special little gift, we’ve added a baby A5 white SUPER FOAM mat and a storage case.

We didn’t order loads; We just thought they would make a smashing gift for Christmas. SO. If you fancy one, or you know somebody who will LOVE this, then get in there quick!

A5 Lightwave, Cover & Superfoam

As for me, today I am having a proper day off. Pottery this afternoon, and an evening in Brighton with Dave.

I wrote a little ditty this morning, when I crawled out of bed….


I must stop eating chocolate before I go to bed;

It wakes up all the gremlins that lurk inside my head.

The sugar makes them active in the middle of the night,

And they bounce around behind my eyes until it’s nearly light.

Yet every night it calls me – the chocolate on the table.

I must resist, I must resist – and STILL I am not able. 

Oh just have one, the monkey says, who’s perched on my left shoulder.

But it’s never one! When will I learn?? Perhaps when I get older…..

Love & Hugs,



36 thoughts on “A Half-Pint Lightwave has landed! Woohoo!

    1. I use a power pack bought from Argos.£9/99 and the cable reverses in use.0ne end in the charger and the other in power socket and then reverse in use one end inlightwave and the other in the charger. Simple and easy to use.

      mary dean

  1. Morning Barbara… I love that little ditty. It is really true… So I have a solution…. Eat the chocolate for breakfast!!!! It’ll keep you going all day. Haha!
    It’s very miserable and wet here today. We’ve been shopping so now going to have a play day…. I have a couple of birthday cards I need to make.
    Enjoy your pottery class and your date night with Dave.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  2. A new gadget…..JOY!!🤗👯🤗👯🤗👯😝
    This will be so handy when I go on holiday. I always draw lots of attention with my Groovi antics while we’re cruising around. The waiters always want to see theGroovi plates & have a little go.
    But my lightwave takes up so much space, now I can pop another pair of shoes in my case😜

  3. Brilliant, love the ditty, enjoy your day and your date night, you deserve a break.
    Think I just might buy the light panel as Christmas present to myself, love it xxx

  4. Dear Barbara
    Could I ask If it as a usb and does not need a socket how do i use .
    I would like this size got the big one but this is better for me to use watching tv and know my friend would like one.
    sorry to bother you

    1. just in case Barbara doesn’t see this before she goes to her pottery class & you might miss out on the baby lightwave. They run on a power pack, I use one for my a4 one as it saves the wire trailing across from the plug but also useful when out & about at classes. Hope this helps.

      1. I also have a power pack (Amazon) which is so useful with the lightwave but you should be able to plug the USB cable into your phone charger (android, not iPhone)

    2. Hi Kathleen. They simply have a USB lead, so you can plug into pretty much any USB outlet…like certain phone chargers, laptops, or USB power packs…
      Hope this helps ! David. Claritystamp.com

  5. I do love your little ditties Barb. Always bring a smile to my face just at the right time. 😁😁 Ooh, baby lightwave, it may have just fallen into my basket!! 😱😱 You really need to fix that glich on the website Barb, it’s costing me a fortune. Hehehehehe. Enjoy your pottery and really really enjoy your evening with the uva arf!! Xxxxx

  6. Oh Barb, what are you doing to me. Ordered Elvis stamp and shrink plastic following yesterday’s YouTube and now the dear little light box has hopped in my basket too! I can justify it by being a Christmas present. Love the poem, enjoy your day xxx

  7. Just caught up with the You tube video from yesterday, brilliant idea that the granddaughters would love to do. Could be a Christmas eve project !! Enjoy the pottery class & your evening in Brighton with Dave, just remember to walk past the chocolate when you get back !! love the ditty it is so true, if there is chocolate there it is hard to ignore. Hope you don’t mind me replying to Kathleen about the power pack but not knowing how many of the new lightwaves you have in stock I didn’t want her to miss out.

  8. WooHoo indeed Barbara!!! Such a great packge. Already ordered it as I didn’t want to miss out waiting till after Christmas. Please,Please,Please do not hit us with any more “must have’s” before Christmas as I’ve now run out of funds and I’m already standing on the naughty step in the naughty corner!!!
    Love your poem – so clever – this time of year my bug bear is Christmas pud which unfortunately is not on my diet sheet.
    Pouring with rain here all morning so after shopping sat down to look for Elves, found them all in 15 minutes with a logical short cut suggested by my other half. He’s a star. Doesn’t want me to go for the competition though, even though I rarely win anything (he’s the lucky partner) as a hamper would definitely break my diet and I still have another stone to lose.
    Your smile certainly brightens up the day, hope yours is a good one at pottery class. Enjoy your dinner date too.

  9. Hope you enjoy your day xxx well deserved me thinks. Found elf for day 5 😀
    Off to look at the baby light wave now xxx

  10. Love your ditty. You really are an entertainer! Have a relaxing, enjoyable day and evening and keep the chocolate for breakfast. Maybe if it is fruit and nut, it will count as one of your 5 a day. I believe chocolate orange is the same! That is my excuse for eating Jaffa cakes anyway 😂 I hide them in saucepans, as my other half will never find them there. Hugs Annette X

  11. Hurrah!! Yes, that’s exactly what I was hoping for! I like all things mini so, even though Mum and I share a full size lightpanel, I am definitely hoping Santa brings me a mini version. I’m so pleased that some of the staple plates such as the landscape from the starter kit are now available in baby plates and hope to see more and more!

  12. Love your poem, made me laugh which is nice on a horrible wet day. Enjoy your class and your evening with Dave. Just watched your YouTube for second time. That was also something to cheer one up. Clever lady. Can’t decide which elf to have, might pick both. Haven’t found him today, but will hopefully. Xxxxx

  13. Me again.
    Looks like the phones have been ringing off the hook at Clarity Towers.
    Ordered my baby light box, then the postie came with a letter from Clarity, signed up for all 4 clubs (such good value – you spoil us!) and hopped back on the naughty step breathing a sigh of relief. No more spending until January. Saving up for the King plates.
    Happy days.

  14. Wow a baby light wave amazing just put my order in also rang to join the die club got my letter this morning amazing treat just couldn’t resist I’m having too many treats with the 2 grey sale orders as well just ordered the mini grids must have missed that launch thank you for all the treats I’m definitely on the naughty step .
    Enjoy your pottery class and going out with Dave you deserve a day off
    Love and hugs to all onthe blog xx

  15. What a great new size, they make lovely lights on the craft table too see call when I’m colouring as the light is adjustable and wide. Enjoy your pottery and night on the tiles with Dave. As for the Chocolate just eat it in the morning and that way you have all day to work it off. Xx

  16. Evening g bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. Got my letter today about the new club can’t wait to see the designs. Just need to get home in time to phone. Xx

  17. Hello Barbara – oh my , you do make me laugh Barbara, that ditty was priceless. I do wonder what goes on in that head of yours, very Ally McBeal(hope you know what I’m talking about). Think your telephone lines have gone into melt down. Going to join the die club but couldn’t get through. Will try again tomorrow, think this is going to be popular. Enjoy your pottery class, lots of love Donna x

  18. I know just what you mean about chocolate Barb! One piece is never enough. Hope that you enjoyed your pottery class and that you are having a lovely date night with Dave.
    I love the idea of the smaller light wave – perfect for me, as we are still living in our motor home.
    We went out for an early meal, as it is 20 years ago that we went on our first date. It changed my life completely and I feel so lucky to have found my soul mate, best friend and now my husband. Looking forward to the next 20 years together, God willing.
    Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly,
      Congratulations on 20 years together and I’m sure there will be many more yet to come. Love and hugs to you both, Alison xxx

  19. Hi Barbara
    Wow what a great idea a smaller light box
    I’ve just treated myself to a new A4 one at a bargain price cheers Clarity
    Enjoy your evening hugs 🤗

  20. Hi Barb,
    Love the little ditty! A little light wave is a great idea as well – I would’ve loved that when I was in hospital. I think I will have to wait though before I can buy it as I’ve got the Clubs to pay for. My letter came today – great offers , thank you. Hope you’ve had a great night out with Dave in Brighton and that you’ve better weather than we have up here. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  21. Ha ha ha ha 😂🤣😀Just found the YouTube footage of the shrink plastic ship sketch starring B.Gray & friend. What a hoot, Pip!🤗

  22. Great ditty and so true! Like the baby Lightwave but will be sticking with my original (at least for the foreseeable!) Just trying to decide re the clubs… hmmmn decisions, decisions! Have a great night out with Dave xx

  23. Chocolate is irresistable and one piece is never enough. That ditty is great…you are a great wordsmith Barbara. Have a lovely pottery class and a great evening in Brighton with Dave too. x

  24. Hello Barb, had a good laugh at that ditty, even though I don’t really eat chocolate much. Hope Pottery went well, and that you and Dave enjoyed your evening out. The baby lightwave looks good, may mention it to Santa. Take care all. Bx

  25. I use a power pack bought from Argos.£9/99 and the cable reverses in use.0ne end in the charger and the other in power socket and then reverse in use one end inlightwave and the other in the charger. Simple and easy to use.

    mary dean

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