It’s a “How did she do this?” Competition…

It’s a “How did she do this?” Competition…

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.

So pleased you like the lovely new floral dies which Paul and myself have been showcasing on HOCHANDA.

Paul has done such a great job today! He has one more hour from 5 to 6pm, so I hope you can pop in and see what he has in store for you. Great demos, great price.

When we were prepping the other day, I rustled this little piece up. Doesn’t look like a typical Die cut piece, does it! Bit grungy.

Mmmm… so how did she do this? I hear you ask. Step back and have a think….

Well, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten !

NOT !!!

Whether or not I shall ever be able to replicate it is one thing; but I certainly know the steps I took and the ingredients I used !

Dave and I are enjoying a little mini break away from work for a couple of days,

so I thought YOU might enjoy trying to figure it out.

Grace and Mark have treated us to a delightful Spa break down in Salcombe as a wedding gift. Isn’t that lovely? So let’s call it our honeymoon, shall we? We certainly hit the ground running after the wedding, what with retreats and QVC Germany all crammed into the month since we tied the knot!

Let’s look a little closer….does that help?

Nope, they sigh.

Ok. Then let’s look at it from another angle.

Any better?

How about we shed a little more light on it? Now it must be dawning on you…

Yes? No?

Ok. Well let’s give you a good reason to get your thinking caps on and figure it out.

You’ve got till I get back to send me an email with the step by step instructions and the ingredients. The person closest to the real deal will receive not only a huge round of applause and a pat on the back, but also a £30 Clarity Gift Voucher.

It’s way too hot to sit in the sun, so you may as well make a cold drink, find a shady spot, sit your feet in a bowl of cold water – and work it out! It’s this kind of stuff which keeps the old grey matter whirring, so go on!


Love & Hugs



24 thoughts on “It’s a “How did she do this?” Competition…

  1. Barbara I wouldn’t have a clue what you did. I’m not a die person but I do love these circle dies. They’re very pretty . Good luck everyone x

  2. I wonder if you used gilding polish on blue card before die cutting and then left the bits in by using a double sided sticky sheet?

  3. Hmm,
    This is a poser.
    My guess is that you have used the Clarity gloss card and embossed the die. Brushed over lightly with ink then polished up.
    Cannot wait to hear how it is actually created.
    Warm wishes,
    Linda xx

  4. Looks like you have embossed the die onto gloss card and used guiding was or similiar onto the card then added a touch of ink. Honestly no idea! Have a lovely time in Salcombe, I’ve very happy memories of the area which may or may not have involved crab sandwiches

  5. I might have to have a few trials to test out a few theories. However, right now, I have the bit between my teeth, trying to finish identifying and cataloguing all my Groovi plates, which is a major job. I have just the A5 squares, the baby plates and the ones like the art nouveaux to sort. Glad you and Dave are having that break, just for yourselves. What a brilliant idea from Mark and Grace! A perfect present for a workaholic. Relax and breathe! xxx Maggie. (Silvercrafter)

  6. I have no idea and just know that it looks beautiful. Good luck to Everyone who does know and enters the comp.
    Have a wonderful weekend away with Dave. And you will be guaranteed good weather.
    Safe travels. Annette X

  7. Has I been paper pieced, I don’t have any of the dies but has the die been placed on card dabbed with ink then cut and then put all together again

    Janet t

  8. What a challenge. If it cools down tomorrow I may give it a try.
    What a lovely gift from Grace and Mark. Hope you both have a super few days and come back well rested.

  9. First take artistic person. Add a dash of flair and a huge load of talent. Mix together. Add inspiration ingenuity and excellent products. Final result BEAUTY. Other than that not sure😉

  10. Haven’t a clue ! Good luck to who knows and enters LOL !! My brain is too taxed with HR stuff – wish I hadn’t bothered helping out now ! Have a lovely break xxx

  11. I’m guessing here. But looking at it I’d say die embossed on glossy card thats been previously coloured and polished with alcohol inks

  12. Hmmm I shall have a think about this but will probably be wrong lol. What a fabulous thoughtful present from Mark and Grace – kick back, relax and enjoy – you so deserve it. Loved the shows at the weekend and I really felt your emotion talking about those Twas the night stamps (had to order the last 5 😊😊).
    Lovely to see Alex back – shame it was only for one day!! 😢 xxx

  13. My brain is doing backflips now so I’d best take a pad and pencil to bed to jot down thoughts as they hit me!
    Well done to Grace and Mark for being so thoughtful! I hope you take the best advantage of it and switch off for a few days!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  14. I haven’t a clue where to start, Barbara, but I love the effect. Hope you and Dave enjoy your mini-break. What a lovely gift. If Paul is taking over the blog while you are away, I might as well get on the naughty step now!

  15. Goodness, you do like to throw in a brain bender once in a while! I think I’ve got enough on my mind with an interview tomorrow, so I’ll have to think about this another day. Enjoy your spa mini-break/honeymoon – such thoughtful kids! xxx

  16. This looks very beautiful Barbara, and I think it looks as though you have die cut using shiny silver card keeping the pieces in place and then added alcohol ink, but as for the steps to get there I’m afraid I wouldn’t know where to start, and I’m probably barking up the wrong tree What a lovely wedding present from Mark and Grace and I’m sure you will have a wonderful relaxing time there. x

  17. Enjoy your break with Dave and have some fun, you deserve it so much. How thoughtful of Grace and Mark, excellent Wedding present for two workaholics like you. Have to get thinking cap on for the competition, don’t hold you breath not too good at

  18. Hello Barb, what a lovely and thoughtful gift from Grace and Mark, they obviously know that would be one way of getting you and Dave away from work and business and having a break. My brain has gone into overload trying to think what you have used and what you have done here. The only thing I am fairly certain of is that you have embossed the die instead of cutting with it. May have a go if the brain kicks in. Take care and come back refreshed. Bx


  20. Cut the die then used the die cut to emboss on clarity chromo card. Maybe a bit of building wax with some inks added here and there with a brayer.

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