Fresh Cut Flowers – Absolutely Beautiful – and a TV One Day Special….

Fresh Cut Flowers – Absolutely Beautiful – and a TV One Day Special….

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Well, it’s all go here at HOCHANDA today.

What an amazing Twas The Night reception!

After a very busy afternoon session (thank you for joining me!),

at 6pm  we are presenting our first collection of

ROUND Fresh Cut Dies.

I have to say, these are superb. I could spend all my days simply cutting these out and slipping a lovely designer paper or card in behind them. Drawn by our dear Melanie, these designs have certainly been very popular as 3-way overlay stamps, stencils and even as Groovi.

And it’s so easy!! Even I can do it!! And produce really professional, beautiful, sellable cards almost instantly. That’s why I am launching them at 6pm. In case you aren’t a Paper Engineer (neither am I) and you are wondering if it really is as easy as it looks. Trust me – it is.

Because I am coming at this whole Dies games with a fresh pair of eyes – hence the FRESH CUT name – you will see that our aperture dies are very different. They give you a perfect paper cut aperture, which was what I wanted. Love em love em love em!

Wendy, Dee and Sheelagh have created a beautiful ii-Book to accompany the collection again.

Packed with projects, so you can stretch your die-cutting skills and put these flowers to great use.

And here’s the nested Circles Die, to give you the outer cut.

So please do join us for the 6 o’clock launch if you can, for a session of Fresh Cut Flower die-cutting. Dear Paul is taking over at 8pm and all day Monday, because he really does have much so more experience with dies than me, and he has got some super techniques and projects in store for you.

Here are a few super samples from the Book Team. Beautiful, don’t you agree?

Dee Paramour

Dee Paramour

Shelagh Metselaar

Wendy Thorburn

Dee Paramour

Got to go. Time to get my mike. As in microphone!

Love & Hugs,



30 thoughts on “Fresh Cut Flowers – Absolutely Beautiful – and a TV One Day Special….

  1. Barbara, I am already on the naughty step after this afternoon, and I know I NEED this new set. I have so many ideas for these, the stamps, and stencils and Groovi. Just one problem, I need a lot more hours in each day. Can you do a ODS with extra hours, please? xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  2. Those looks amazing and the DT have done you proud again. I have all the shows recording, and will watch next time I settle down with the ironing pile! x

  3. Oh no!! It looks like I really NEED these Barbara. Haven’t been able to watch the shows yet but they are all recording for me to watch at my leisure later. 😊😊😊 xxx

  4. Loved the first two shows had to get them completed the set loved using the others for Christmas cards like the idea of parchment paper and stamps and the techniques learnt on retreat so will have a go at what you have done and others have done and little bit of myself looking forward to having a go. Better get diner ready for 6 pm show more temptations xxx

  5. Loved shows earlier fell to temptation cannot wait to have go with mixed stamping and groovi with them may have to dig out the rest of set some great ideas from you and team thanks not long know till 6pm and stencils more tempting items xxx

  6. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! These are definitely coming home to me. Love them already and I have only seen them on the screen! Bet they sell out super quick. XX

  7. Oh Barbara, what a great 2 hours on TTN. Good to see you looking so well and chirpy after the last hectic few weeks. You and your team excelled with the samples. Another sell-out as expected. I have ordered the complete set of stamps and am glad 11-15 are coming soon in Groovi plates. Looking forward to this evenings show and the flower dies. Seems like my bank account is taking a serious bashing today!! Well worth it though.

  8. Great shows loved the stamps okay fell in my basket well got rest so must get rest and some great new ideas to us them mixed with groovi plus parchment papers. Looking forward to playing and know dies on so another must have empty purse so will sit back watch shows as loving them as always love Joy xxx

  9. Loved the shows this afternoon and how lovely to see Alex back. She was always my favourite presenter and the two of you are great together.
    The stamps are so beautiful and the variety of samples was amazing. I will catch up with tonight’s shows tomorrow. Annette X

  10. So pleased that everything has gone so well today Barbara and am catching up on your hours as I have been out all day today. x

  11. Hello Barbara – watched at six, bought the dies and the circle dies. Absolutely love the fresh cuts. Anyone who hasn’t tried them, have a go, they are great. Hope there will be more of these dies, Christmas ones would be great. Had to work, so will settle down and catch up with the afternoon shows. Lots of love Donna X

  12. Hi Barb,
    Loved the ‘Twas the Night stamps but it had to be the dies for me! I love them. The samples were fabulous as ever and you and Paul were great. How lovely to see Alex as well and it was obvious how much she enjoyed the shows. My order went straight in to Clarity and I am looking forward to playing with the dies soon. Recorder set for tomorrow’s shows too. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well, I’m on the naughty step again! Couldn’t resist the dies! Love and hugs to you all Alison xxx

      1. Hi Alison – I thought of you when these were released! Well done for getting them. I have had to put them Omron my wish list. Still recovering from buying new specs & holiday clothes! Enjoy playing. Love and hugs Gilly xxx

  13. Hi Barbara

    I watched the first show and recorded it too. I loved that you were a little emotional as you read the poem, it just makes people see how much it meant to you xxxxx . It was amazing to watch you work (if I can call it that) it all comes so naturally and was wonderful to watch. I have recorded the other shows and will be watching them later when my hubby has gone to bed.
    Your crafty team are going to be busy with lots more orders going out.
    Love & hugs

  14. Hi Barbara
    Loved the shows this afternoon, it was great to see you in your element again with your brushes and ink and even angelina fibres. Love the new stamps. Saw the first show of the one day special and really loved the Dies too, hadn’t thought to cut them out in the fancy paper and back them onto black, always cut them tge other way round. The design team samples have all been beautiful and inspiring. Hope you have a safe journey home. I’m looking forward to seeing the tricks Paul has in store for us too.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. What a whirlwind day for you Barbara but it was all worth while. Great to see Alex again and you are so good together. The DT have done you proud. Loved all the products but will have to wait before I can purchase anything. Itchy palms. Hope to catch Paul’s shows tomorrow. I hope you had an uneventful journey home.

  16. Loved the shows, you looked in your element with the dies. On my wish list but did order the last 5 christmas poem stamps as I knew I would. Can’t wait to get them, but will start a book with the ones I’ve got already, so no

  17. Hi bloggy friends, weren’t the shows great today. Really wanted the dies but resisted for now and just got the last 5 stamps. Hope you are all

    1. Hi Pam – not at all surprised that you went for those stamps! Enjoy playing with them. I have also resisted the dies at the moment but they are on my wish list. Hope that you and Pete are well, love and hugs Gilly xxxx

  18. Fab stamps, beautiful dies all shown off to perfection by the great samples from the design team and the lovely demo’s from you! Not yet watched Paul’s 8pm show but will be recording and watching tomorrow. Not ordered but have my eye on a few to add to my Leyburn shopping list. It was great to see Alex too -really miss her being on our screens, such a fab presenter who doesn’t interrupt or talk over the guests and she has such a lovely smile too! xxx

  19. Hi Barb, superb stamp show, great tips. Have not watched the die show yet, but looking at the artwork produced by the team, I bet the dies were super popular. Well I will have to watch the repeat of the show this morning, and then I have the recording just in case. Take care all. Bx

  20. Just watching my recordings of the dies, such great samples from the Design Team and such lovely dies. The stamp shows yesterday were brilliant loved all your demos and the stamps are fantastic x

  21. Well Barb – what a truly fantastic and successful day you have had! Richly deserved, as always. It was SO good to see your excitement shining through. You really do love what you do, and that must be the greatest gift to have in life! So many people are doing things that they don’t enjoy – very sad!
    You have definitely brought a ‘fresh’ outlook to us with your dies and approach to making cards with the dies, and as you said there are so many other wonderful Clarity products which can be used with the dies. I have had so many wonderful comments about my cards that I have made from the first release of your dies.
    Take some time to have a rest today, if at all possible. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends, sorry that I have been awol for such a long time. Many reasons – illness, family events and ‘Operation Cottage’ (having renovation work done so that it can go up for sale) – to name but a few.
      I put comments to you Alison and Donna, whilst using my phone and they don’t seem to be here – using my laptop now! I will check later to see if they appear.
      Meanwhile, love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  22. Ok, I give in! Having promised myself ‘no more craft purchases – you have (much, much) more than enough’ I just had to buy the latest TTN set, then the flower aperture dies and then the fisherman stamp. Is there no hope for me?

  23. Me again. I succumbed and bought the floral and circle dies and the ii Book. Lovely cards from the team. Alex works perfectly with you and Paul – I really enjoyed the shows.
    I am itching to get crafting but it’s 89f in the kitchen 91f in the lounge and craft room, 127f in the conservatory – not good for anything paper related.
    Fans are working overtime and I’m off to the ice cream cabinet!!!

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