Candle art

Candle art

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Right. Quick Christmas Gift Demo, using our Twas The Night Stamps. Really easy peasy!

Stamp one of the Twas the Night Stamps onto a piece of regular tissue paper with Black Archival ink. Oh No! Don’t tell me you’ve got to go shopping for a really expensive outfit, so they wrap it in tissue paper! Sucks, don’t it….

The Perga Colours are superb for colouring in on tissue. They don’t bleed, and the fine nib gets in all the tiny detail areas.

Trim the tissue back to the image and lay down on the candle.

No! Not you!! Don’t you lay down on the candle!! That won’t help at all !!!

Cut a piece of wax paper (actually, kitchen baking parchment works too) and lay it over the tissue art on the candle, like so.

Hold the tissue tight in place with the wax paper, and heat from the front.

You will see the colour change. Move the heat gun gradually from left to right, watching the colour change as you go. Don’t overheat it. When you see it bubbling, you really ought to move on or stop!! Watch the edges of the tissue disappear – that will be your guide. When the edges are gone, the image is set.

Carefully peel away the wax paper.


It’s really easy. And you can get these cheap candles in most supemarkets. Morrisons usually do a cracking selection. They make great gifts. The candles, not Morrisons! I added Happy Christmas round the back too. Round the back of the candle!!

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34 thoughts on “Candle art

  1. Hi Barbara, thanks for blogging that, you’ve inspired me yet again. I’ve got to go back and finish yesterday’s but will definitely give this a go too. Lucky the bras I bought this week came wrapped in tissue LOL !! X

    1. I’ve done it – didn’t realize how easy it was ! I used a candle with something already on the front which I don’t like so it was good for a practice one, now to get some cheap candles! X

  2. Made a candle for a friend at Christmas a few years ago so its always good to re-cap on a technique. Glad you are both home safe with lots of great memories to savour. Have a lovely weekend. XX

  3. Afternoon bloggy friends, well the heavens just opened, so heavy even Phoebe took one look out the back door and thought nope! She is a pickle sometimes. XX

    1. Hi Donna, can you blame her! Our cat food delivery came today and our Sally is now asleep in the box ! Mikey is asleep in MY chair ! X

    2. Hi Donna,
      I don’t blame Phoebe! Scamp wouldn’t have even made it that far. We’ve only had a tiny little shower today – it didn’t even wet my washing that I had on the line fortunately. Love and hugsAlison xxx

  4. Evening so glad you’ve done this watched it on hochanda but still didn’t really understand now I do lol hope you had a great time while away from the office you look totally relaxed and ready for the next round
    Hope to see you at the NEC in November and also on the telly in between
    Fran xx

  5. I have just been watching the shows again as stamps arrived yesterday so getting ideas and you are just doing the candle. Wasn’t it lovely having Alex back let’s hope she comes back again soon lovely lady . I did my brother nieces nephews and sister in law few friends candles for Christmas last year got some lovely Mirrow mats for them to stand on and white organza bags looked lovely they all loved them . Remember when you first did them was when I learnt how years ago my first won melted it bit to much and wax started driving down my arm oops
    Learnt quickly to do it slowly and not to long in one place x enjoy your evening love hugs Joy and Katie ps katie just been asking when’s ally pally cause want to see Barbara xxx

  6. Thanks for the step by step guide Barbara, easy to follow.I hope it hasn’t been too much of a shock to the system having to leave lovely Salford.
    The builders are in and I am eating dust, ugh.
    Have a good weekend.

  7. I did it! After seeing the candles on Groovi Worldwide yesterday, i rewatched Sunday’s show on Hochanda and decided to give it a go and it worked! One problem though. 😳 Not being a proper ‘stamper’, I only have freebies from magazines in my stash, so now I want the Clarity stamps even more and my wish list is getting longer. I thought that when I added Groovi to my ‘repertoire’ I could leave it at that, but apparently not. Is there no end to temptation?! Annette X

  8. Temptation? Never!!! Clarity (Barbara) always comes up with another “must have” that just has to be added to the stash.
    Glad to see you back and looking so well.
    Had another play today with my new dies and stamps but no candles for me this year – too many other projects on the go.

  9. Hope you are all refreshed after your break in Salcombe. Thank you for blogging this step by step, it’s great to be reminded even though I did some a few years ago. I made them for my Daughter and Daughter in Law as a little extra present for Christmas using your Swirl stamps in red, they loved them and bring them out every Christmas. I actually did one using the Petite Musique stamp as well but I did melt it a little so kept it for

  10. Ooh! Great idea Barbara,
    I need a house warming pressy for a friend so might use one of your other lovely stamps but off to dig out my candles now. Xx

  11. Hi bloggy friends, hope you have a good weekend. Spoke too soon yesterday, had rain a lot in the night and most of the morning, mustn’t grumble the garden is loving it and the water butts have filled up, so well pleased. Nice to be a bit cooler. Not good for the Bristol Balloon Festival this weekend as more rain forecast and

    1. Hi Pam,
      Had a love.y time with Chris yesterday, was great to catch up . It would be lovely if you could get up to Leyburn but I know it is a long way for you. Hope you are both ok, love and hugs Alison xxx

      1. I saw tge balloon festival on breakfast news yesterday Pam, I hope you get to see some of them go over. What a shame our holiday doesn’t coincide with Leyburn this year, it was so lovely to meet up last year. Xxx

  12. Great reminder of a technique I haven’t done for ages. Now, somewhere in my craft room there are some cheap candles…..I may be some time! x

  13. Hi Barb,
    Hope you’re feeling nice and relaxed now after your Salcombe spa. I think I’m going to give this a go as I have a couple of friends and we have a budget of £5 for Christmas presents ,so these would be ideal. I do have more than 2 friends though!!! Let’s hope I don’t melt the candles or burn my hands! Love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope the weather hasn’t been too unkind to you today. Had a great time catching up with Chris M yesterday. We had a good old natter! Been a housework day today though unfortunately, although I did sneak in a quick play with my new flower dies – love them! Sending love and hugs to you all. Alison xxx

  14. Been ages since I have done this had forgotten all about the technique ! Thanks for jogging my memory … and she says what memory LOL Sometimes I think I am the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz … if I only had a brain !!!

  15. This candle art always looks great Barbara, and as you say would make a great gift, and those stamps work beautifully with them. x

  16. At last my broadband has been reconnected and I can post a reply. I have followed all week on my phone but I balked at posting, it’s bad enough texting.
    Anyway I’m glad you enjoyed a lovely break here in the West Country, Salcombe is beautiful , try a bit further west next time, Cornwall has been spectacular during the lovely weather, sadly not so nice today as it’s raining. The garden is appreciating it though.
    Love the new ‘Twas the Night stamps, on the wish list.
    I did these candles a couple of years ago for close friends instead of Christmas cards, tied up in cellophane (saved from a bouquet) with a pretty ribbon and label. I used the clarity Christmas tree composed of seasonal words (can’t remember what it’s called) and they were well received. Might do some for our charity stall xx

  17. Hi Barbara
    I haven’t done this for years but you’ve inspired me to have a go again. I might do a few and give them to my sister to sell at her craft event before Christmas. Only problem is, I’ve got these as Groovi plates and now I need them as stamps! Oh dear, they are lovely though 😊.
    Love Diane xxx

  18. Hello Barb, playing catch up, this is one of my favourite techniques. Thanks for jogging my memory as I want to do some for family coming a long way to visit over Christmas. Bx

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