Inky fix. Then Pasties. Then Fudge.

Inky fix. Then Pasties. Then Fudge.

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Just got in from a wonderful mini honeymoon in Salcombe, Devon. What a treat ! And today the rain came in just as we were leaving.

The strange thing is that as soon as we got in the door and had a cup of tea, I WANTED to come up here to my little art pit and get inky! Isn’t that strange? And I would bet my house that Dave is downstairs strumming his guitar! (Whoah! Steady Neddy!!!)

There’s no real theme to the artwork today. I grabbed the first thing I saw as I walked through the door – which was the same thing I used the last time I was in here! Typical.

Let’s put another spin on that Floral Die, the Cornflower

Saturday’s blog a new technique, right? Well, let’s put another spin on this.

First I die cut out the design out of plain white card, and used the Fresh Cut nested circle to create the cutting edge on the outside.

Love these nested shaped dies. Really handy.

Squished Versamark all over the card cutout.

Place the Versamark side down on a piece of A5 Clarity Card – the coated stock that I spent the first 15 years of my stamping life using together with the brayer! Run the card sandwich through the Gemini or whatever other mangle you have at your disposal. If you put a rubber shim underneath the card, it will emboss beautifully.

Out with the brayer! Roll blue dye-based ink – I went with our Artistry Midnight Blue. See how the Versamark resists the ink on the Clarity Card?

Look when you wipe the excess ink off! Old trick applied to new designs. Bingo.

Brush other colours over the centre. The edges will pick up the colour and the colours will change. Magic!

Cut out the round using the round nested Fresh cut next. Blimming clever really. I know I was a bit slow getting on the Die cutting train, but I am enjoying them now. You can do some really arty stuff with these!

There’s no stopping me with these nested dies now!

If you brush in a black or grey ink in over the edge towards the centre, you will get a really cool distressed edge.

If you want an even more distressed effect, lightly rub some sand paper over the whole thing. Go lightly. Clean off the dust and then brush over with a grey colour ink again. Really good effect. I used the Aged Stucco ink. Super colour.

Treat the outer edge in the same way. Interesting what you can get out of a piece of old scrap….

Before I applied glue runner to the back and attached to a card blank, I turned the outer piece 180 degrees, so that the colours were juxtaposed if you like.

Time to go indoors and enjoy the fresh pasties we picked up on the way out of Salcombe this morning. Together with the fudge! Which, by the way, we didn’t break into whilst stuck in traffic on the way home. Although we were sorely tempted I must say!!

We had the best best time, we really did. And we are so grateful to Grace and Mark for the lovely treat. We would NEVER have taken a week out in Devon off our own backs! But what a superb place.

It’s nice to be home too though.

Love & Hugs,



20 thoughts on “Inky fix. Then Pasties. Then Fudge.

  1. That is a beautiful piece Barbara.
    It sounds as though you are both happy and content, which proves what a great time you had in Devon and how relaxed you are. Such a thoughtful gift from your lovely children and one which will hold lasting memories for you both. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Annette X

  2. I think I said yesterday it was good to see you are both home safe, so same for today! Love this technique, this is similar to the the blog question you posed the other day and I had no idea and would not have guessed the steps either. Have a great rest of the weekend. Xx

  3. So so pleased you had a lovely time. Funny how our kids know what we need better than we do at times isn’t it. Well done on resisting the fudge – not a problem for me as I detest the stuff. As you say it is nice to go away but it is so nice to come back home too. Xxx

  4. Evening bloggy friends, happy Saturday to you all. No rain today so Phoebe was happy to plod around the garden. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Bet Phoebe is feeling more comfortable with cooler weather – must be awful to have a fur coat in the heat. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  5. Sounds like was just what the doctor ordered relaxing time away. Just the two of you chilling it certainly looked the right place for it too . My dies arrived this morning so time to play me thinks so many things to play with though choices xxx

  6. Welcome back.
    What a great technique, wouldn’t have thought of embossing like this. Will give it a try tomorrow.
    Much cooler here today so I’ve been catching up on various jobs. Tired now, so keeping crafting for tomorrow when I can concentrate.
    More dies on Wednesday? Will there be a die storage system coming soon? Pleeease!!!

  7. Welcome home Barbara! So glad you took advantage of that wonderfully thoughtful gift! And it’s something maybe you should do more often now that you have good people around you at work that keep the wheels turning!!!
    Those are fabulous dies and definitely on my wish list… That seems to be getting longer by the week!!
    Your artwork is so lovely too.
    Enjoy your evening and relax in the comfort of your home.
    Love and hugs. Xxxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Glad you and Dave have had such a good time and that you are back home safe and sound. I love what you have produced for us today and as I have all of the ingredients,I’m going to give this one a go. I’ve actually been playing with my flower dies again and they are fabulous – bigger than I thought they were, but I have a super set of cards ready for some sentiments when I need them. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Glad that you and Dave have had such a good time in Devon and that you are home safe and sound. I love what you have produced for us today and as I have all of the ingredients I’m going to give this one a go. I’ve been playing with my flower dies today and I love them – they are bigger than I thought, but I am so pleased with the cards I’ve made, just ready for a sentiment whenever I need a card. Love doesn’t hugs, Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Been a nice day here today, although there are some ominous clouds in the sky at the moment! Had a crafty day today with my new flower dies – fabulous. Another crafty day tomorrow at Linda Page’s Groovi class which I’m looking forward to. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  10. So pleased you both had a great time in Salcombe Barbara, and this was such a lovely present to you from Grace and Mark and it will have done you the power of good. I love your inky piece and such beautiful colours. x

  11. Hi Barbara
    Isn’t this gorgeous, especially as you keep using my favourite die. I’m going to splash out on just the one to start with and build tge collection up I think. Love how you’ve embossed it into the glossy card, such a great trick. I must dig out my existing circle dies and see if they work, if not will invest in tge ones I know will work perfectly. Oh there’s nothing better than a fresh pasty, well perhaps fresh pasty and yummy fudge! Glad you enjoyed your mini break, it was a lovely gift. Now remember tgats another place you can visit in your caravan!
    Love Diane xxx

  12. Amazing step by step Barbara. Love those dies although I haven’t used dies much in the past I think that’s about to change. I didn’t like what you got when you just stuck dies onto a card but you have made them so arty. It’s all about experimenting which I don’t seem to get the time to do. Thank you for making the time to show us these techniques. So glad you and Dave enjoyed your holiday, you should make time for yourselves more often, you work so

  13. Hi bloggy friends, hope you are having a good weekend. We’ve had a lot of rain again, even as I speak. The gardens are saying hooray. At least when it’s raining we can craft and not feel

  14. Fantastic artwork, the dies are on my shopping list for Leyburn. Glad you had such a lovely time in Devon x

  15. Hi Barb, so glad you and Dave had a wonderful break. Oooh Devon fudge, yummy. Love the step by step, very intriguing, and defo one to try. Bx

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