New Dangle Stamps on TV today!

New Dangle Stamps on TV today!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

We’re just on our way out the door to London, for yet another business meeting. That’s becoming a regular occurance nowadays. I suppose it goes with the territory, eh. The bigger the business gets, the more there is to consider…

So I thought I’d pop upstairs to my little arty hidey hole above the garage, and have a moment’s peace with you, before diving into the maelstrom that is London.

Maria’s on TV today, launching some brand new sets of beautiful Dangle Stamps. They were originally designed by Linda Williams to be Groovi plates, but so many of you asked for them to be made into stamps – we did!

So useful! And so very very interchangeable! Love and Wedding.

Jane Telford

Barbara Lancaster

What a lovely frame! I am still enjoying the memory, although the wedding seems like an age ago! This weekend I am hoping we can spend some time looking at the cards and beautiful artwork again, before we put them away in a safe place.

Shelagh Metselaar

Janet Pring

Dee Paramour

Julie Dunn

Here are the other 3 sets we have already made into stamps:

Dream, Birthday & Friends

Carole Panksztelo


And here they are in their original Groovi format. Maria will be dancing all over these today, too.

Amanda Williams


The TV Hours are:12 noon and 4pm

SKY 673 (24/7)      FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)           FREESAT 817 (24/7)

But now I must dash, said the Mexican. I have a train to catch….

Love & Hugs,



40 thoughts on “New Dangle Stamps on TV today!

  1. I love this artwork, I have the whole set as Groovi plates & I find them so useful to mix & match. I used Wedding, D from Dream & the ay from Birthday to make a card with On your Wedding Day. Using the dangles you can add extra bits appropriate to the couple without it being an obvious addition.
    Hope your trip to London is a success & its not too hot travelling although outside at the moment it seems quite pleasant but no doubt it will change later.
    At least we can stay in the cool watching Maria & put any jobs on hold until later or even tomorrow.
    For those that have to go to work hope you all have a good day & manage to keep cool.

  2. Hi Barbara
    You have some amazingly talented friends who have made you some wonderful cards and gifts.
    Enjoy looking through them all with Dave over the weekend.
    Love & hugs

  3. Beautiful photo on Barbara Lancaster’s card. When do we get to see some more?
    These are inspirational stamps and Groovi plates but I have to save some pennies now for the Christmas goodies you plan to bring us so maybe I will buy them later.
    Lovely and fresh outdoors although not much sun but it is a welcome relief for the poor old plants. Unfortunately the weeds seem to be thriving!!!

  4. What a beautiful photograph of two lovely, happy people. Also art work stunning. So glad to start the day with a great blog xxx

  5. Ooh! I have the first three stamps and have asked my husband to record the shows as I am at work so something to look forward to tonight 🙂

  6. Beautiful art work and a gorgeous framed photo. I have the wedding and birthday Groovi plates, not sure I need the stamps as yet. Will record Maria to watch later. In all my excitement yesterday I forgot to say I enjoyed Paul’s Youtube. Such a simple card made stunning with the designer paper, just shows that a lovely card can be made quickly with the right ingredients xx

  7. Beautiful photo Barbara, you both look so happy, not surprisingly. The design team have made a brilliant job of the stamps. Another one of my favourite Clarity products. x

  8. Stunning art work from a very talented clarity team thank you for taking the time to show them .i have two of the groovi plates birthday and friends they are amazing the rest are on my wish list have a good trip to London xxx

  9. These are lovely stamps but I’m tending to Groovi more these days and I haven’t got the plates either, not sure I need them all but the Birthday and Wedding would be handy. Something else for the list then ! I’ve been trying to reign the spending in a bit, as you do for a month or so, then spend it all at once instead LOL!! Hope your meetings go well – hey, you sure you’re not persuading Donald Trump to Groovi today ! xx

  10. Wow Barbara and Dave what a beautiful photo and frame made by a talented lady.
    I hope to see more photos of your wedding as I have been to Lympne many times.
    I have wat he’d Maria today what a talented lady like the rest of your Clarity team.

  11. Good afternoon Barbara
    Well these are lovely. I have all the groovi plates and I love and use them. Now after seeing the beautiful artwork created using the stamps may have to add some of them to my crafty stash not that my stamping is the best but rarity stamps have never let me down and Maria’s demos were stunning .
    Hope you have a good meeting and maybe get a little you time when your there Hugs 🤗

  12. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely picture of you and Dave, obviously so happy . The samples are all stunning as ever I must say. I have all of the Groovi plates so I’m going to hang fire on the stamps for the moment ( mind you they are going on my shopping list for Leyburn probably!) Hope your meeting doesn’t go on for too long and that it is fruitful for you. Have a safe journey there and back. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Lovely day here although I’m a bit worried for Federer at the moment! Great news from physio – 110 degree bend ( so chuffed with that!) and I can now go swimming ( yeah!). Saw consultant this afternoon and he is really pleased with me – was only expecting me to have a 90 degree bend at this stage. The best news however – I can now drive!!!! ( providing I can remember what to do!) I know people say it’s like riding a bike in that you never forget but last time I got on a bike, I fell off! Hoping for an England win tonight and assuming Federer gets through it will have been a fabulous day. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

      1. That’s fantastic news Alison, you’ve worked so hard to achieve that, really proud of you. Enjoy the swimming. Xxx

      2. Great news Alison, getting back to swimming and driving will feel wonderful after so long away. Remember to take it easy though. XX

  13. Love the picture of you and Dave those stamps frames it beautiful Just love them too another to my list. Hope meeting goes smoothly and you get a bit of you and Dave time see you very soonxxx

  14. Great Hochanda show again. Smashing to see & hear Rosella’s name & sample today. Where has she disappeared to?

  15. The picture of you and Dave just epitomises happiness. Beautiful.
    Hope all went well for you today. Must dash too, as England have just scored and I want to see the goal ( I am watching Nadal/del Potro at the same time!) talk about multi tasking 😂 hugs Annette X

  16. Hi Barbara
    I hope the meeting went well and it wasn’t too hot. Did you manage to get out of London before the early rush hour. I will be watching Maria on catch up tomorrow, the samples from the design team are fabulous aren’t they. That’s a beautiful frame for your wedding photo isn’t it. Must go, there’s a football match on that keeps distracting me!
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Okay, my birthday wish list is now getting ginormous, I think I’ll be getting nothing but Clarity presents and I am sooo excited, like being a kid waiting for Christmas again. Thank you Barbara and team for putting the fun into life xxx

  18. I really liked these plates so these stamps are going on my wish list. Love all the little elements that be stamped to make borders and frames. Hope your meeting in London went well. XX

  19. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is a bit cooler like down here today. Sending hugs to all. XX

    1. Hi Donna,
      Hopefully it will be easier to get to sleep tonight. Two disappointing results sports wise today unfortunately xxx

  20. Loved the stamps and the DT did them proud. Got the Groovi version and use them lots…may have to invest in the stamps too! Loved the frame for your fab wedding picture, great idea. Love watching Maria, she is always so bright and cheery xxx

  21. Hello Barb, the stamps are just incredible, and Maria’s shows were brilliant, full of tips and ideas. The artwork on the show and here on the blog post just blows me away, such talent and arty creativity. Love the framed wedding photo. Take care all. Bx

  22. Wonderful samples using these new dangle stamps Barbara, and a beautiful photo of you and Dave too, and great to have the choice of Groovi or stamps. x

  23. Playing catch up today – I’m getting more tempted by these stamps the more samples I see! Think they would work really well with some journalling and mixed media pieces. Must watch Maria on catch up, as I forgot to record the shows.

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