YouTube Tuesday – Parchment & Dies: A Wonderful Friendship

YouTube Tuesday – Parchment & Dies: A Wonderful Friendship

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
It’s You Tube Tuesday, and Paul is erm going to show you a super technique using our new Fresh Cut dies together with our erm Designer Parchment.
Hahaha. Sorry Paul. Not really mocking you. You Tubing is  very different to TV presenting, isn’t it?!?
I remember years ago, when I started, I got an email from somebody who had a right old fat go at me for constantly saying OK.
For goodness sake! she said, will you stop saying OK all the time? It’s really irritating and it’s driving me crazy. I can’t  listen to you anymore! Stop saying OKAY!!!
So I wrote back to her, and guess what I said…..
So take it away Paul !!!

Here are all the products Paul used during the video, so they’ll all be 20% reduced until next Tuesday…

Nested Squares Die

Botanical Aperture DiesDesigner Paper 

Word Chain 8

Word Chain 11

Card Blanks (All Sizes)


And we have a Candy Blog winner for yesterday’s competition.

I asked you to guess which Designer Paper I used in the Bleeding Tissue art, remember?

Well, most of you guessed Shenandoah…. WRONG!!!

Nope, it comes from the Rainbow River pad. So well done if you guessed right. I waved my magic arrow, and it landed on this lucky winner:


Mary, we will be sending you a £20 gift voucher plus a Rainbow River Paper pad to add to your Clarity stash!

Love & Hugs,



36 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Parchment & Dies: A Wonderful Friendship

  1. Congratulations Mary, enjoy spending your voucher & using the paper pad. I was one of the ones that was convinced it was Shenandoah !!
    Off to watch you tube!!

  2. Well done Mary, I was with you on Rainbow River ! They are all just beautiful papers and I’m convinced the Queen had one of the designs on her dress today, peeping out the top of her coat ! Must go and watch Paul and also try to catch Linda doing the penguin on Hocanda replay too! Glad to say it’s a little cooler today or should I say not quite so hot ! X

  3. Hello Barbara – loved the you tube with Paul, have also been experimenting with die cutting parchment. Works really well as long a the die is not too intricate. Well done to Mary on guessing the right paper pad. Also guessed Rainbow River and it was harder than it looked as the colour looked lighter on the blog. Will there be any more fresh cuts as I love them, would love some Christmas ones. Enjoy the rest of your day, lots of love Donna X

  4. Paul carry on with your erm it makes me smile , thank you for as usual good teaching in learning something new

  5. Love this! Thank you Paul – don’t care how many times you say ‘so’. Just be your usual loveable self x

    1. I so agree😘
      Paul is so my fave YouTuber with his own natural, loveable, cheery characteristics. Go Paul…..we love ya.🤗

  6. Well done, Mary. Enjoy spending that voucher. I was convinced it was Shenandoah. Paul, carry on doing what you always do. We all suddenly realise that we have a particular phrase we continually repeat. No problem for me. Just been watching Andy Murray talking to Tim Henman at Wimbledon and he came out with a lot of eerm’s, so if he can do it, carry on, Paul. Are we doing die cutting etc at the Retreat, Barbara? Whatever we do will be great anyway. xxx Maggie

  7. Thank you Paul, another great Youtube demo. I had to get the square dies last time they were on offer. I thought I had a set of layering dies so didn’t order them at the release, couldn’t find them in my die boxes though so it was obviously one of those ‘convinced I have it’ moments! XX

  8. Evening bloggy firends, bit cloudy here at the moment so I might just pop outside and do a rain dance! Have a good evening everyone. XX

    Congratulations Mary. Enjoy spending. XX

    1. Hi Donna,
      Not sure what firends are but one of your friends here! It was cloudy here this morning again but no rain and we are back to sunshine now. Have a good evening, love and hugs Alison xxx

      1. A bit cooler here today, almost pleasant you could say. I’ve been doing a rain dance for a couple of weeks but I’m sure I’ve got the moves wrong! Sending hugs xxx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Forgot it was YouTube Tuesday today – how remiss of me. So, after I’ve commented here I’m off to watch Paul. At least I managed to get Rainbow River correct though. Well done Mary, enjoy spending and playing with your paper pad. Sending love and hugs ,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok, a bit cooler today for most I think. Been out shopping today for an hour which was good although knee has stiffened up again so it’s out with the ice again! Torture session tomorrow morning and then see my consultant on the afternoon and I’m hoping he’s pleased and that I don’t get told off by him as well! Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  10. Hello Barbara

    You make me laugh. That is the only way to deal with rude, ignorant people. I would like to see them do it!
    I have my grandson here again so have not been able to watch the video yet, but I could watch and listen to you, Paul, Maria, Linda and all the rest of the team all day long. You all impart so much knowledge and information.


  11. OK I got it wrong yesterday. We all have our own mannerisms and things that we say that is what makes us individuals. Just ignore if that is all they have to moan about. Well done Mary, enjoy your prize. xx

  12. No time to watch the YouTube at the moment, but I’m sure Paul will have done a brilliant job again. Well done to Mary on winning the voucher and guessing the correct pad.

  13. Everyone repeats words to give more time for conscious thought when learning a new skill. Stop thinking about it, Paul, or you will start doing it for other reasons. It was a great class, you covered it well, so concentrate on that.

  14. I’m loving the blog and watching YouTube Tuesday. There is so much talent there. I seem to spend so much time looking at blank pieces of paper not knowing what to do, or what papers go with what. Watching everyone come up with simple but brilliant ideas is great. I think I should experiment more.

  15. Hi Barbara
    Well it had to be the one paper pad I haven’t got didn’t it! Haha. Well done Mary, enjoy spending your voucher and using your paper pad. I’m off to watch YouTube when the footballs finished. Don’t you worry Paul I’m sure we are all so mesmerised by what you are doing we don’t notice your little quirk. I think you are blooming marvellous doing it, I don’t think I could do it myself and would certainly babble and repeat myself no end.
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Well done Mary. Enjoy spending your prize!
    I love watching Paul, but then I love watching all the Clarity team.
    I haven’t seen today’s You Tube yet, as I have been engrossed in the tennis, but I shall catch up tomorrow.
    Have a good evening. AnnetteX

  17. Thank you so much Barbara for picking out my name, it’s really exciting and I think my voucher will go towards a couple of Fresh Cut dies. I’m thrilled to bits xx

  18. Hi Barbara and everyone not forgetting Paul, a great u tube today. As I am very looking to getting a Gemini Junior , but need to ask so many questions of what size dies can be used in this and as I am sure there are some dies which will not go through.
    Love to see how easy it is to get a card produced , looking forward to seeing more in the future.
    Hope everyone is keeping well, also looking forward to seeing Maria’s shows tomorrow.
    Lynn xx

  19. Congratulations Mary, enjoy spending your voucher.
    I’ve just watched Paul on YouTube and the card that he made looked so delicate, no one would believe how easy to make he made it look. Well done Paul, and not so many “so’s” today. 😀😀

    Love & Hugs
    Penny Xxxxx

  20. It is funny the things we say and don’t realise we say but when pointing it out have such problem speaking with out that word or actions haha justhavr to laugh at our self’s 😘

  21. I don’t mind Paul saying “um”. he is much more interesting than a lot of the commercial presenters who constantly interrupt and also say the same words over and over. What a lovely YouTube today.
    Thank you for my voucher – delighted and can think of lots to spend it on.
    Made up for a rather nervous day, having a tooth extracted, followed by in growning eyelashes being removed. Tomorrow is another day
    Lots of love to everyone

  22. Enjoy your prize Mary, at least I got the paper pad right! Not yet watched You Tube, but will do so tomorrow and am sure I’ll enjoy it as for repeating words…so, erm and um are much better than those often peppering some people’s sentences in everyday life these days! Xx

  23. Hello Barb and Paul, great you tube video, the dies are great. Well done Mary, enjoy spending your voucher. Bx

  24. Looks like you’ll have to offer a Barbara’s Bonus to us every day to be no. 1 in the Top Crafter Hit Parade Barbara. 🤔😜

  25. Really enjoyed Paul’s video, as always. So erm I’m going to try doing that card myself! Thanks for the inspiration Paul xx

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