Katie Rocks!

Katie Rocks!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in.

Haven’t time to make art for the blog today – have a retreat to go to!

Day 4 today. It has been such a pleasure thus far. So many like-minded, kind and creative people! Not least lovely Katie, pictured here (Sign language for I love You x). She and her Mum Joy joined us Monday and Tuesday, and – DIDN’T SHE DO WELL?!?! Her artwork was super, and she kept going – despite the fact that she fell in the hotel and was sporting a fat old egg on her forehead on the second day. Poor woman.

Yesterday,I caught a comical moment on camera too. Here we see a rare old lin up: Annette, Carole, Barbara and Janet. All playing with the new Fresh Cut dies and Paul!

It has been warm, but not as extreme as I had anticipated in the hall actually. It has been quite pleasant inside, but then again, we did draw the curtains when it got really sunny on the west side!

Anyway. I’d best get down the hall! We’re doing some early bird picot cutting with a few ladies….

Love & Hugs



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  1. We had a ball Barbara and Katie as soon as we left the hall Katie was on about next year and of cause Ally pally when she can see you again anyone thinking of joining one of the retreats it’s well worth the expense it’s not just the crafting but it’s the new friendships you make met a lovely lady Barbara who I sat opposite on my table we exchanged emails all ready been in touch hope not to hot for you today Barbara’s and gang xxx

  2. Looks like a lot of fun !! What more could one ask for with 2 days of craft with like minded people & shopping as well.
    This is now on my wish list.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. Oh it looks like such fun. What a joy to spend time doing what you love in the company of lovely people!
    I saw the four ladies playing with the fresh cut dies, but why were they playing with Paul as well? !! 😂 Oo-er!
    Hope today went well and that you all survived the heat. I see that it is due to get into the 30’s again next week. Aargh! Annette X

  4. Looks like fun, great pics. Received my monthly goodies today, love them all, especially the stamp. also, collected my Clarity parcel from work, as it didn’t arrive before my hols. Lots to play with, and with the you tube Tuesday, Maria on Hochanda on Wednesday and also the ODS, seems like a brilliant Clarity week all round. xxx

  5. Looks like you are all having fun.
    My box template arrived yesterday and I have made 3 simple ones so far. My club goodies arrived today and I have used the stamp on another blank. The floral rounds and Tina’s parchlets work well too. Such wonderful products. How did we ever manage without Clarity!
    Lots of lovely samples on Maria’s ODS show today – looks like 2 more sell out’s.

  6. One day I will book on a retreat, they always look like such fun. Glad they have been going well and the hall hasn’t been too hot. Xx

  7. I can see what a great time everyone is having and what a shame Katie fell and hurt her head, but looks as though she didn’t let it stop her having a good time. Hope all goes well today. x

    1. Hi Donna,
      I bet you’ll be doing a happy dance tomorrow! Enjoy your holidays, you deserve it!! Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  8. Had a brilliant time at the retreats .massive thanks to Barbara and all the team for all the hard work that goes into each session , learnt loads . Have fun tomorrow if you are going x😁😁

  9. Thank goodness you caught us from our best side!! Thank you all Barbara, Paul, Becca, Linda and Dave for a lovely time xxx

  10. Thank you Barbara and crew for a wonderful inspiring 2 days. Learnt so much and was very pleased with the results. Look forward to the retreats next year.

  11. Hi Barb and team. Well all I can say is everyone looks
    happy at the retreat and I know they will have enjoyed themselves and like the ladies are saying they have learned a lot. Roll on next year for me . From Christine

  12. Just finished my two days. What an amazing time I have had yet again. Each time Barbara you come up with some fabulous projects. We met Katie and her mum for the first time in Tuesday in the hotel, what a lovely chatty young girl. xx

  13. It all looks like great fun. I thought that was a cake under the table with Paul and the 4 ladies!!!
    My club goodies arrived today, both the stamp and Groovi plate are brilliant, thank you xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Looks as though everyone was enjoying themselves especially Katie. So pleased for you and all your helpers that they are going so well, I know it must be hard work planning everything and getting it all ready. Sending love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok. Another hot day here, just hoping it cools down now so I can get some sleep. Love and hugs to all,Alison cxx

  15. Fab pics of a very industrious group… looks like everyone is enjoying every minute. Hope Katie’s head isn’t too sore but it hasn’t stopped her having fun. Busy trying ideas for a very special card and loving the blending tool for ‘painting’ with the Perga Exclusive pens… so much easier than a brush. Xx

  16. Hi Barbara

    Well you do all look like busy bees on the retreat days, love the photos.
    All my Clarity goodies arrived yesterday and I’ve had a little play, and enjoyed every minute. It’s great fun being a Clarity member xxxxx

    Take care and enjoy your retreat days.
    Love & Hugs

  17. Hello Barb, looks absolutely brilliant, love the pictures. Katie looks as though she is having a ball. I can just imagine Paul giving sandwich instructions for the machines. Maybe next year for me. Take care all. Bx

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