A Special One Day Special!

A Special One Day Special!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in.

It’s nice and early here up in my little quiet artroom. The only noise is the birdsong, which is very pleasant. I would love to stop and chat, and get philosophical, I really would – this being the Wednesday blog when we delve a little into the wheres and whys of arting and crafting. But simply put, I cannot. The head is too full of things to do, and time does not permit.

So before I run off to welcome the new guests to our Clarity Retreat, let me tell you about the TV One Day Special which our Maria launches at 6pm this evening on HOCHANDA.

A little collection of wonderful Groovi baby plates: Floral Friends.

Look familiar? The line art is from the 3-way overlay floral rounds stamps, which sold out with 20 minutes on telly last time I was on with them! So many of you asked for the artwork in Groovi, we went ahead and got it done. And you were right – the results are superb.

Take a look at a few of the samples which the clever Clarity Team has created for inspiration…

Amanda Williams

Jane Telford

Josie Davidson

Karen Jackson

Linda Page

Chris Walker

Glynis Whitehead

And just in case you’re wondering what I meant by 3-way overlay stamps, here they are, available both individually and as a super saver bundle.

Jane Telford

And if you just fancy the stencils, then that’s possible too:

Barbara Gray

And that’s where I have to step away from the blog and come back into the real world. This is one of the projects we are covering on the retreat!

I hope you are able to join in and watch maria at 6pm. The price on the Groovi Bundle is very good too, so I am expecting another sellout !


Love & Hugs,



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23 thoughts on “A Special One Day Special!


  2. Wow, more proof that your design team are beyond superb, and that Clarity genuinely listens and responds to its customers.

    Have fun on the retreats, I’m rather jealous as I’m missing them again this year because of other commitments – sigh, maybe next year 🙂

    On the plus side, my latest Clarity acquisitions were dispatched yesterday – yey!

  3. Stunning, the Design Team have come up trumps again.
    Will I be able to sit on my hands ? we will have to wait & see !!
    Have a great day at the retreat with the new group which includes Maggie, one of our Bromsgrove Groovi Addicts !!
    We will be thinking about what she is getting up to when we meet tomorrow & look forward to seeing the results in a fortnight.

  4. Thanks as ever for posting the DT samples – it is so good to see them close-up as you can never see their full beauty on the TV screen. My members’ sale parcel has arrived this morning, so I know what I will be doing this afternoon!

  5. I will be out celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary with my husband. I will take my tablet but we are going to a State Park for a picnic and am not sure about the web service there…but I will be trying. So0 want these plates.

  6. Another stunning set!!! A sell-out is a certainty. I have used the stamps to batch make some cards for charity, will order these Groovi Babies tonight, and hope we will have some dies in the not too distant future.
    Showed some of my good and not so good grid work to the optician today and he is making me a special pair of specs to improve close work, so with these, your teams inspiration and a boosted mojo I have regained my enthusiasm for all things crafty.
    Glad the retreats are going well.

  7. Enjoy the retreat. One day, maybe? In the meantime thank you to you and your very talented team for the wonderful inspiration.

  8. Hi Barb and team, wow stunning groovi plates and the cards are breathtaking. I so wish I could do that although I am getting better . Also Cherry what a good idea about special glasses I have my contact lenses in and put my glasses on aswell lol . Retreats sound wonderful .from Christine

  9. Wooh another lovely baby Groovi set so useful for small projects and cards enjoy the rest of your retreats Barbara x

  10. What amazing samples the design team have come up with yet again. They really are so talented.
    I love flowers and they are my go to for so many cards, so I hope to acquire these lovely plates some time soon. Looking forward to catching Maria’s shows tomorrow, as I couldn’t make it tonight.
    Have a good evening and enjoy the rest of the retreats. Annette X

  11. Hi Barb,
    Hope the new Retreat is going well – sure it is. Caught the first ODS show and yep , you’ve guessed – my order is in!! Love these new plates, flowers are always so useful and these are just perfect. Awesome samples from the Design Team as ever – thanks to them for all of the inspiration. Will catch up with shows I’ve missed tomorrow in between watching the new ones – I’m going to be busy! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is as good as possible. As I said above, couldn’t resist the new plates – I know none of you will be surprised! Been playing today with the Art Nouveau dies and am really pleased with the results, made up 8 new cards so now have quite a nice little stash of cards. I’m thinking of making packs of cards for a couple of friends for Christmas presents as we only have a budget of £5, thought they would be ideal( & quick if I use the dies!) Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    What fabulous plates and amazing samples from the design team yet again, their artwork is stunning. I’m sure they will be a big hit. I haven’t seen Maria’s shows yet, hopefully will catch up tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Hi Barbara had a fantastic time hope grist day with second group went well really hoping to make next year on count down, well didn’t last like no few mins into show and got the strat kit etc could resist know I can pico so groovi plates will be out first to complete the card started at retreat Well your half way through the retreat what work you all put in before all that preparation and work on the day total stars all of you great meeting lots of you ladies xxx

  14. Hi Groovi..breathtakingly beautiful …just wish it had been around before I was diagnosed with Glaucoma…..Ah! well keeeep stamping! Thankyou Barbara for everything

  15. Hello Barb, sometimes there are just not enough words to use to describe the amazing artwork produced by the design team and yourself of course, both with the groovi plates and then the stamps and of course the stencils. Love it all, and I think for me the stencils would be my first purchase. Have not watched the show yet, but it appears that the plates were very popular. If you are going to the retreats, enjoy. If you have been, I am sure you have come away brimming with ideas. Take care all. Bx

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