Tina’s Back Tomorrow

Tina’s Back Tomorrow

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Friday’s blog a private peek, right? Well on a very personal note, can I tell you nobody – NOBODY – is happier than me to have Tina Cox back on Hochanda TV tomorrow. Last year was a rough year for Tina. She lost her beloved Dad, and it knocked her for six. I’m sure everybody reading this could feel her pain, empathise. So she retreated to the back of the cave and stayed there for a time. And when the pain subsided a little, she decided that distraction and getting busy were probably a good solution. So she called me and we made a plan. She has been beavering away in the background, getting stronger and finding her way again, a day at a time.

So it is with great pleasure that I can finally share with you that tomorrow, my dear friend Tina will be launching two new books – and can I add a footnote?  THEY ARE FANTASTIC !!!!!


Remember the first two books which Tina wrote, to accompany first the straight pattern border grid No. 1,

then the diagonal pattern border grid No. 1?

Chances are you’ve already got these two super duper grids, which make gridwork so so much easier than having to count count count…

Well, the two new books deal with the same grids, but this time Tina has added picot cutting. You only have to look at the front covers to see the difference:

So if you already have the two borders, then these books are brilliant for taking you to the next level, teaching you the next more advanced stage of gridwork combined with cutting. Here are just a couple of examples of the wonderful artwork contained within these pages. Step by step instructions included of course.

On the shows tomorrow, which are live at 11am 2pm and 4pm, Tina will be using 4 new Groovi plates, which she has designed herself, to show off the grids, and make them sing for you. I have seen the artwork for the demos which she has klined up – absolutely beautiful. You have to see what Tina does! It’s crazy!!

Here are a few lovely samples created by the ever clever Clarity team. More to enjoy on the show for sure!

Karen Jackson

Maggie Byford

Louise Goldin

Shelia Bradley

Chris Walker

Linda Page

That’s what’s happening tomorrow then! I am going up to the studios, to support and help for the day.  But you won’t see me. Tina is taking the reins and going for it. So please join her and cheer so she can hear!

SKY 673 (24/7)  FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)   FREESAT 817 (24/7)

Love and hugs,



45 thoughts on “Tina’s Back Tomorrow

  1. Think you had us all worried for a time there Tina, so it’s glad I am to see you coming back again. It is probably still a struggle, but one step at a time.

    Looking forward to seeing the snows x

  2. Hi Barb,
    It will be great to see Tina back on our screens again. I’d just had a look on Hochanda to see the products for the shows and noticed these books and plates before I popped in to see you here. The books are definitely a must have and the plates are fab, so I can see me getting those too! Oh dear! The DT samples are brill as ever. Looking forward to a wonderful weekend of Clarity. Have a safe journey up to Peterborough. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Gosh I’m super early today! Been a beautiful day here so been into Durham to try out new camera. Slowly (very) getting to grips with it – there are so many things to work out! These new goodies from Tina look fabulous, oh dear!!! Sending love and hugs to everyone,Alison xxx

      1. Hi Alison – gosh these are wonderful aren’t they! Those new plates are gorgeous too. So, these and the stamps shown yesterday – what will you do?! Haha let me guess! Lots of love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  3. Good for you Tina, we are all rooting for you. You will be great as you always are. Love the look of the new plates and the books, will definitely be getting them.xxxx

  4. Oh wow! What great plates and stunning samples. Will look forward to seeing Tina on tv again she’s so relaxing to watch. Good luck Tina, not that you’ll need it, bet it will be a sell out ! X

  5. I am so looking forward to tina’s show love plates and books will be buying .
    Good luck tina and well done for been on hochanda and glad you are getting there take it nice and easy
    Love From
    Kath xx

  6. Tina, I am very pleased to see you coming back to Hochanda. I have learnt from seeing your demonstrations and from your books.
    Good luck for tomorrow.

  7. Wowzers such stunning inspiration yet again from the DT, so looking forward to seeing Tina again and Hubby said I could have a treat so guess what I’ll be ordering lol xx

  8. So pleased to see Tina back again, we have missed you. The new books look brilliant
    Can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to taking over the tv for the whole bank holiday weekend 😁 (must hide the remote so no one can turn over )
    Have a safe trip and a lovely weekend xxx

  9. Tina, these look fantastic. I’m not ready for such advanced work but really love seeing what all these clever design team members do and love seeing the exquisite work. Glad to see you back.

  10. It will be great to see you back Tina. Thanks for joining us at the Groovi Retreat too. Looking forward to the new books. Xx

  11. Will be sending all my love and support, can’t wait to see all the new goodies.
    Enjoy your day xx

  12. Wow Tina glad to have you back, and very much looking forward to your programmes, card at the ready, all set to record every detail can’t wait, so nice to have you back.

  13. How wonderful to have Tina back – I have really missed her, but totally understand that she had to do it. One day at a time really is the only way. and it’s great that she is now able to come back to us. The books look amazing, but I am a long way off from that yet. As for the new plates, they are beautiful! I am looking forward to having 3 days of Clarity craft tv to look enjoy. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends, what on earth are we going to do about all of these wonderful new goodies! Hmm, many empty bank accounts I am thinking! Hope that you are all as well as can be. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

      1. Hi Gilly,
        You have no faith in my willpower!! I think the books are a definite and probably at least 2 plates! Might pass on stamps for now but could go for some of the dies if they are singles. Oh decisions, decisions!!! Sending love and hugs to you and Neill, xxxx

  14. So good to know you are back Tina, missed you so much….now these new plates and books are a must for us….. I can,t wait to get started….

  15. Tina, so glad you are back. Have missed you. Really excited about the new ii books and plates. They look fab.

  16. How lovely to have you back Tina and to know that you are feeling stronger.I understand totally, as I was the same when I lost my mum. It is hard, but crafting helped me tremendously.
    I am blown away by the samples and I HAVE to have the books and new plates! I am so excited to see Tina demonstrate tomorrow. Blow the sun – I will be staying indoors to watch. Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone and travel safely. Annette X

  17. Hi, can’t wait for the clarity weekend, so many lovely products to look forward to. One day at a time Tina, great that your back. love & light, Donna

  18. So glad Tina is feeling stronger and ready to join in again. It is a very hard time losing a parent. She has certainly come back on a high judging by the look of these wonderful products. trouble is I like the look of so much this weekend. Where do I start or stop maybe!!. xx

  19. Glad to hear Tina has been looking after herself and recovery is underway. Grief takes its toll on all of us, so there will be a lot of people rooting for her. Getting your head off the pillow can be hard, so creating is awesome.

  20. I am so happy that Tina is back, I’ve already ordered the books and the new plates -recorder is set for all shows so I can relax and watch at my leisure – happy happy bunny.
    Have just placed an order for a craft cabin to be built in my garden this summer so I’m an extra extra happy bunny XX 😘

  21. Brill I knew you’d get Tina back into the flow. She just needed time to get there. We have all been there for her. Beautiful plates and books as always. Love that lovely lady. See you at the workshop on thurs. Barbara you have a real gem in your team. X

  22. What beautiful samples. You have a very talented design team Barbara. Looking forward to the shows this weekend. x

  23. So glad you are feeling better Tina and I will be watching to learn from your expertise. The plates look Fantastic, you can’t have too many butterflies and flowers, can you? Good luck for tomorrow Tina, and Barbara of course over the holiday weekend. xx

  24. Hi Barbara, just to say it is good to see Tina back with us tomorrow.
    I am sure we have all been there at some point in time and we all have been thinking off her.
    The new plates and books look fabulous, looking forward to seeing what Tina has in store for us.
    Have a great show,you will be fine and I am sure it will be a sell out.
    Will be the thinking of you.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  25. Met Tina last Sunday at a workshop and her enthusiasm for parching just shone through (we were doing something else!!). Didn’t know why she hadn’t been on our screens but do know what it’s like to lose a much loved parent so I’ll be watching her shows, sending her positive thoughts and have a feeling she may finally tempt me to ‘get in the groove’!!

  26. Really looking forward to seeing Tina tomorrow and will be ordering books and plates, have sent a message of encouragement to her, well done everyone at team Clarity for bringing these to us xx

  27. Hello Barb, so pleased to hear that Tina is coming back. And looking at the samples, I am sure that there are many people sitting on the edge of their chairs waiting in anticipation. Welcome back Tina, will be watching to see your magic. Take care all. Bx

  28. Hi Barbara
    Oh it’s lovely to see Tina back, Tina sweetheart we know what you’ve been through, a lot of us have been there too, don’t worry we will be cheering you on and quietly holding your hand. The books and new plates look amazing and the samples, wow oh wow. I feel sell outs galore this weekend. Have a safe journey.
    Love Diane xxx

  29. Fab weekend in store…Tina’s back…whoopee! That’s Saturday sorted, then Sunday and Monday with Barb and Paul…definitely my kind of bank holiday weekend!

  30. Lovely to hear that Tina is coming back to the TV and is feeling stronger after her bereavement. I think I’m a bit too far away for her to hear my cheering, but I’ll have a go!

  31. Lovely to have you back Tina, sorry to hear the reason you have been missing, keeping busy does help. Your programs was wonderful, have only managed to see part as it is recorded. Nice that I can watch a few times. Xxxxxx

  32. I’m new to parchment and think all the work you guys do is amazing, keeping busy Tina is the best solution, I also lost my mum and Dad within a month at Christmas and keeping busy certainly helps. Xx

  33. It will be brilliant to see Tina back on the TV again and with these super new plates and books. The samples are all fantastic. x

  34. Hi! I have been very interested with parchment designs. I live in Australia and have been trying to find the basic tools to start. I managed to win a bid and are waiting for them to come. Now just need to get some plates. Seems like you need a lot of tools and wondering if you know where to get them.
    Love the work.

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