3 Way Overlay Stamps

3 Way Overlay Stamps

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Ticked a load of boxes today, and had some fun along the way too.

We’ve certainly got a busy Bank Holiday weekend ahead of us, so how about I shed some light on what’s coming up?

On Saturday, lovely Tina will be back on HOCHANDA at 11am, 2pm and 4pm,

launching not one but TWO fabulous new ii-books, plus a beautiful set of Groovi plates designed by her good self.

But more about that tomorrow…

Today I want to show off a collection of oh-so-clever 3-way overlay stamps and stencils,

which I shall be launching myself on Sunday 2pm-4pm.

Just feast your eyes on these, all you stampers and mixed media artists !!!

I could have kept on playing with these till the cows came home! Mel drew them, and they are blimming brilliant.

6 Seedheads & Foliage tiles, plus a set of tile framers. They all fit perfectly, thanks to clever Lisa at work.

I have done a quick and simple step demo here, to show you why we’ve called them 3-way overlay stamps….

Outline first.

Then fill. If you ink up the stamp then blot it lightly, you will get a more interesting, grungy effect.

Step 3 is the background fill. Pick a contrasting colour….

Now tap the background fill in the other ink pad and add over the top.

You can even add a completely different flavour with a third colour.

Just like screen printing!

Here’s a different variation on the same theme, where I added a few little dots in the seed head with a fine black pen.

Dust the whole card with talc..

Hold the aperture stencil over the tile, and dab a Versamark through the hole.

Remove the stencil, wash in warm soapy water, and add clear embossing powder.

Melt the powder with a heat gun. i used the slow speed from above, and it worked a treat.

Layered up on our Designer Paper from Indian Summer, and done.

That should explain in essence how the stamps work together, although there are an inordinate number of combinations and possibilities. But just have a little look at what the ever clever Clarity Team have rustled up for your pleasure….

Dee Paramour. See how she has used the framers? How bright and beautiful is that?!

Anne Ruffles. Wowee. Zentangle at its best.

Janet Pring. very clever. Look at the optical illusion here, using the positive and negative of the same stamp.Elaine Milner. In complete contrast, a traditional and lovely layered piece.

Carole Panksztelo. Yep. Brilliant. Turn them upside down and make fairy lanterns!

Maria Moorhouse. Add a stalk and a dragonfly or two – and look! You’d never think it was the same stamp!

Sam Crowe – real pop art. Fantastic and just how I pictured it. This is so Andy Warhol!

Check it out!


Pretty super, eh? Well, that’s the stampers and mixed media folks covered.

Tomorrow we’ll get in the Groove with Tina’s wonderful parchment art.

There’s something for everyone this weekend at Clarity!


Love & Hugs,



31 thoughts on “3 Way Overlay Stamps

  1. Wow i love this!!! Fantastic artwork everyone i would hang any one of these in my living room, just awesome!!!

  2. These samples are stunning! Not a stamper myself, but can appreciate beautiful work. Looking forward to seeing what treats you have for us tomorrow. Annette X

  3. Oohh nooh I can feel my resolve not to spend weakening. Watch out Alison, Gilly , Donna and everyone else – you may be on bread and water by Tuesday!

        1. Hi Chris,
          The saving grace is that from Monday – Thursday we have dinner provided n the hotel! After that I think it might just be water like Donna!! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  4. Hi Barbara, I don’t suppose you could slow down a bit could you LOL !! I can’t keep up with it all. Just as well I’ve been asked to go back to work while they find another replacement for me LOL !! Please bear in mind I’m not going back permanently and only for the hours I want so please don’t come up with anything else for at least ……. a few days !! Love these stamps but I’ve still got ones I haven’t used …. xx

  5. Blimey these look cool, such a different set of samples using the stamps. Will be watching with interest in the shows to see all the different ways these can be used… Now just off to buy a lottery ticket so I can buy the new stamps, stencils, ii books, dies etc etc!

  6. Evening bloggy friends, well I hope there will be room for us all on the naughty step this weekend! Can’t wait to see these stamps in action, and as for the dies! XX

    1. Can the naughty step be on a high jump landing mat – it will be a softer landing when we all fall off!!! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  7. Hi Barbara and everyone, well which one will sell out first !!!! What an amazing design team you have all the artwork is brilliant.
    Love the stamps, but looking forward to seeing the new ok books and played and Tina is back with us again.
    Try to chill out a little before you head off to do the shows.
    Have a good one ,and ladies forget the the cushions!!!!
    Lynn xx

  8. Oh, wow! Love them, Barbara. I can see two that will be on my must have asap list!
    Don’t overdo it before the weekend x

  9. Hi Barb,
    These look fantastic but they might have to wait until Leyburn, as I really want the ii books and possibly some ( if not all) of the dies!! I think I might have to go back to work, or possibly rob a bank!!! I really need you to come up with something that I DontWant for a few months so I can build my savings up a bit!!! Hope you’re over the jet lag now. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  10. Hi bloggy friends,
    Been a gardening day here today plus a trip to the vets with Scamp for her check up ( all good thankfully, can’t afford vet’s bills as well as craft stuff!) . We’ve been trying to scare off jackdaws as they have found a blackbird’s nest and are trying to get to the eggs. The poor blackbirds are going crackers, it’s so sad. Then we have a baby rabbit coming into the garden which has now discovered my lupins and finds them very tasty! It’s all go! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  11. Wow a weekend full of lovely goodies, looking forward to the shows & seeing more DT samples as the ones above are fantastic. The naughty step could be very crowded next week.

  12. Oh my goodness how am I going to feed us both when all our money will be in your account. These look amazing and of course Tina’s plates and books will be too. Fantastic Barbara. xx

  13. Just when I think you’ve got everything covered you got and blow the blooming doors off with something completely different. The samples are awesome.
    I have an old sink outside my patio door planted with daffodils and tulips and a seagull has only gone and made a nest in it and laid an egg! Don’t think it will be viable though as she’s hardly been sitting on it, hope not anyway as they make SO much mess. xx

  14. What an amazing few day ahead for Clarity and us Clarity devotees. Just when you think it can’t get any better they blow our minds all over again. I’ll have to fit in some gardening in between the shows – oh dear!

  15. Looks like we are in for an amazing weekend. Lovely samples – your design team are such an inspiration along with you. xx

  16. Love all the new items coming up but, oh dear, I don’t get my next pension for ten days and I’ve already spent last month’s!! xxx

  17. This is a very clever concept Barbara and am looking forward to seeing more from Sunday’s programme. I will have to catch up on Monday as I am busy over the weekend. I’m sure Tina’s books and the new plates will go well on Saturday too. x

  18. Hello Barb, well this is a super packed weekend, not to be missed and promising loads of inspiration and artiness (if that is even a real word). Love the concept of the stamps and stencils, right up my street. I have just booked my time out on Sunday. Take care all. Bx

  19. Just have to pop in and say how wonderful all the art work is. Really liked the demo but so admire the different way everything has been used by the professionals, very inspirational, thank you ladies.

  20. Those look really exciting and I love all the variation in the samples. So looking forward to the stamping shows and seeing what you do with them. x

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