1,700. A milestone.

1,700. A milestone.

Hi there.

Happy Bank Holiday Monday.

I am feeling particularly grateful today.

Grateful for a weekend off, to be able to just enjoy our home and the sunshine.

Grateful to have time to get into the arty groove.

Grateful for so so much, actually.

I spent the morning designing the place settings for the wedding, laying them out on the computer, printing them, and then cutting, scoring and folding them. They’ve come out really lovely too, which makes me happy!

It may just be a little detail, but I am also grateful to be able to do things like that myself.

And here’s another reason to celebrate: According to the counter, I have posted exactly 1,700 blogs.

One thousand seven hundred consecutive blogs. That’s a lot of time and energy, isn’t it?!? But I do it in the main because you read it. If you didn’t rock up every day to read and comment, then I’m not sure I would have the motivation to blog daily. So thank you for giving me a platform to sing from. I am absolutely certain there are many creative people out there with far more skill and substance than me, and I hope they get their chance to dance too.

Remember the piece I did this weekend? The whimsy fairy and the hares? I have decided to turn it into an A3 poster. But it needs a caption. Can you help me? Dave came up with what is probably perfect: LOOK UP. Any other suggestions?

I think we could sell them and donate the proceeds to a Children’s Charity, don’t you?

Back to the wedding prep! It’s all coming together very nicely!

Yikes! Less than a month….

Love & Hugs,



70 thoughts on “1,700. A milestone.

  1. I don’t comment very often, but I do read your blog every day . So inspirational and funny too. Thanks for all your hard work Barbara.
    Lynne T xx

  2. Hi Barbara, enjoy your day. We’re grand-dog sitting today. I need a bigger chair or a smaller 🐶. Cats have dashed upstairs so won’t see them till he’s home! Not t good at captions but Follow your Dreams would be mine for this. Lovely idea to sell for charity xx

  3. Afternoon Barbara! It’s a beautiful day here and although I can’t sit out in it like I used to its just good to see blue skies and feel the warmth that sun brings us!
    Glad to hear your wedding plans are going well! I now have to start thinking about Amy and Matthew’s wedding next year! They want me to do the stationery and the cake! No pressure then! Haha!
    That artwork would make a lovely poster! I’m sure someone will come up with a suitable phrase!
    Have a lovely relaxing afternoon! Love and hugs Xxxx

  4. I loved this art work so I would buy one, and the money going to a children’s charity is even better.

    I would call it ‘Dance Amongst the Stars’.

    Thank you for blogging every day, I always read and take inspiration from your projects. Xx

  5. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. I have just had a walk along the river to a lovely tea room near the lock. Stopped for a lolly and then came back. Very hot, glad I put on my sun cream. Xx

  6. Hello Barbara,
    I’m also making place settings. I’m making parchment crackers and using the Groovi plates to write guests names on one side and hearts from the border plate on the other 3 sides. Enjoy the lovely bank holiday weather everyone. It’s 24 degrees here in Ballater where we are on holiday. X

  7. What a brilliant idea Barb. Enjoy your weekend – a lovely walk too maybe? My suggestion for the poster would be “Upwards and onwards…”

    1. Lovely idea and art work Barbara. Have never miss a day of your blog whether it is you or Paul. It’s the first thing I turn to while I am having my first cup of coffee in the morning. Please don’t stop.XX

  8. Hi Barbara, we love your blog, your creativity and your sense of humor.
    Please continue. Pia xxx

  9. I like Dave’s suggestion. “Look Up” is a bit of a motto for me. It makes such a difference when you’re rushing around just to take the time to stop & look up. There is always something out there to appreciate if you lift your head from what you are doing, just for a moment.
    And just want to say – I read your blog every day & love to see what you have to say/share with us even though I don’t often comment. X

  10. Hi Barb, I always read your blog, how about ‘Chase the Moon’ for the caption.
    Good luck with the wedding prep xxx

  11. ‘Hold Tight ‘ Enjoy your preparations part of the enjoyment of a wedding. Baby prep here in our household. I am so excited even though this will be my fifth grandchild, Lovely sunny day here after yesterday’s storms. xx

  12. A Hare raising experience.
    I love your blog and what you share with us.
    I am preparing for my daughter’s wedding in July it is lovely to make things that are personal. All the very best for your nuptials, enjoy!!

  13. A hare raising experience on high.
    Thank you so much for your blog and all that you share with us.
    I am preparing for my daughter’s wedding in July, it’s good that we are bale to make things that are personal. All the best for your nuptials. Enjoy!!

  14. Love your blog, look forward to it everyday. They are like a hug.
    I think “a leap of faith”

  15. Hello, that will be a perfect Poster, I like it very much, and “Look up ” is wonderful , too.
    Just to say something else is ” New Dimensions “.
    Have lots of fun with the wedding preparations, I am sure you will have a wonderful great Day. Gisela

  16. I love the idea of a poster and thought of “Believe” but there are some lovely suggestions above.

  17. Great idea for a poster for charity Barbara. Love your blogs and look forward to reading them every day.

  18. I always read your blog last thing at night and I don’t often comment. Thank you for all your hardworking, what a massive achievement.
    I suggest “ Fair(y) moon rising”
    Can’t wait for Clarity Open Day.

  19. Your blog inspires me every day to keep going in all aspects. Yes it is lovely to be able to make artwork especially for a wedding. I made the invitations etc for my son’s wedding, two years ago today. I told him I wasn’t good enough but he urged me on and I was very pleased with the outcome. Barbara certainly urges amateurs like me to plod on.
    Thank you for all your hard work and effort

  20. Dear Barbara, had to work today but read your blog when I came home, as I do every day. I really enjoy your blogs and your wonderful sense of humour. Going now to enjoy the rest of the evening, lots of love Donna

  21. “Reach for the………” Would be my caption! I think that design is great and could even be printed as cards too!

  22. Love “Look Up” too.
    CoNgRaTs on your stamina. If only you knew what a treat it is for the world to read your blog each day. My hubby reckons I’ve reached new heights since Clarity & specially Groovi so Thank You all at Clarity Towers. Hugs. I lift my glass of coconut, lime & pineapple juice & soda water to y’all. xx

  23. Hi Barbara
    I read your blog every day but don’t always comment. I don’t know how you manage to do all you do. I think the artwork will make a fabulous poster. Reach for the stars or The only way is up. Oops , that’s been used before! X

  24. I also read your blog everyday and get inspiration from it as well. I think ‘helping hands’ would be apt. Looking forward to tomorrow’s instalment.xxx

  25. What a lovely idea for this beautiful poster. I have no brilliant ideas for a name, so shall leave it to others.
    Glad the wedding prep is going well! Have a good evening. Annette X

  26. Hi I always read your blog weather I’m at home or on holiday (wifi permitting ) I love the quip’s and story’s but most of all I love the work you post for inspiration My suggestion would be Hold onto your Dreams.
    Fran xx

  27. Hi Barb, I don’t always comment but I do read your blog everyday and really appreciate your words and inspirations. Hope wedding plans are going well and I will see you when you are Mrs Roe in Leyburn.

  28. It came to mind when I first saw this ‘ ….leap of faith’ I think that is something we do every time we start a new piece. Good luck with the wedding prep enjoy every moment!! Xx

  29. fairy dreams ,
    What a great idea Barbara this artwork our make a wonderful poster , and a lovely boxed set of cards .
    I like most on this blog read it every day ,even though I don’t blog every time.
    You give us all a lot of inspiration and laughs ,so we can all try different things to inspire to.
    Glad to hear wedding preparations are going well,looking forward to see pics of your wonder day.
    Lynn xx

  30. Yikes, nearly a month?!! Must finish your card! I have improved, thanks to Keith! but it’s one good-ish day, and 5 to 7 bad, so making to a deadline can be tricky… So, look how great your Blog is?! Thank you….😃!

  31. ‘Reach for the stars’. Thanks for all 1700. I have never missed reading one, even when I have been away as soon as possible I sit and catch up. It took more than a few sessions when we once went away for a month! Don’t comment very often but always read.

  32. Inspiring as ever Barbara. It is good that you are pleased with your wedding preparations – how do you fit in so much? “Dreams can come true” xx

  33. Hi Barb – how about ‘Flying High’.
    I don’t think that has been suggested.
    Thank you your blog each day – I LOVE reading it, and getting to know you through it. It was great to meet you last September at Leyburn and you were just as lovely as I knew you would be!
    So pleased that the wedding preparations are going well – it’s great when a plan comes together.
    Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – another beautiful day here. My sister and her husband are visiting at the moment and today they have done some gardening for us – how kind is that?
      Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  34. Glad wedding plans are going to plan. I always read your blog and the comments. I don’t know how you manage to do all that you do but we all appreciate it.
    As for the caption, my suggestion is; Trust in yourself.

  35. It would look lovely as a poster.
    The caption Dave suggests is very goo.
    Could also be
    Tell your secrets to the stars
    Lovely day here too after the terrible storm we had last night

  36. A beautiful Blog today as always 😃.
    I love your Poster, I suggest the title:
    ‘Faith, Hope and Children’s Charity 🤗’

  37. Congratulations on 1700 blogs – I think I’ve read every one! I’m so pleased your wedding prep is going so well and you’re having time to do some of the details for yourself. What a lovely idea to sell the poster for a children’s charity. My caption would be “Live your best life” – I saw it somewhere, and just think it’s one of the most special sentiments I’ve ever read x

  38. Hi Barbara, so glad that your Wedding plans are going well. I never miss reading your blog although I don’t always comment, sometimes I find it hard to know what to say. I honestly don’t know how you manage to fit everything in and keep blogging but so appreciate that you do. You give us plenty to mull over, lots of inspiration and many a good laugh. My goodness 1700 must be a record. Dave’s “Look up” is good, I was going to say “Hold on”, there are some good ones here. Will look fab on a poster.xx

  39. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely idea turning this into a poster. There have been so many brilliant suggestions, mine would be follow your dreams but that’s already gone. Many congratulations on 1,700 blogs. It’s always such a pleasure to read your blog, we’ve shared the highs and the lows, laughed and cried and you’ve inspired and made us think. Thank you so much. Good to hear the wedding prep is going well, it’s going to be amazing.
    Love Diane xxx

  40. I love reading your blog and have not missed one since I became a recent follower.
    My suggestion would be Moonlight Ballet / The Moonlit Ballet or A Hare’s Breath. xx

  41. Wow congratulations 1700 is a lot , and every one I have read a proper creative gem, thought provoker , imparting of knowledge or inside.
    Thank-you !
    You are a talented lady who is so beautiful inside and out .
    As to poster … a lovely idea !
    My caption would be ‘Enlighten, Empower ,Enable’

  42. Every day I read your blog, thank you for taking the time. My day wouldn’t be complete without it, though I don’t always leave a comment. Lovely idea to turn this into a poster. xx

  43. I read the blog everyday but cannot always comment your art work is amazing your inspiration comes from the heart .
    My caption is (hold on tight we are on a wonderful journey together )
    Love and hugs to all on the blog xxx

  44. “Shine Brightly” is my suggestion, love Dave’s too! Congratulations on 1700, each posting different…seriously don’t know how you do it…but very happy that you do. Went out for lunch yesterday as the sun was ‘cracking the slabs’ here, ate a very tasty meal the sat in the pub garden listening to three guys playing accoustic guitars and singing a wide range of songs both old and new…it was great! Hope we catch them playing again. Good to hear the wedding prep is progressing nicely, brings back happy memories of 18 years ago when I made all our stationery, baked and decorated our cake, just for good measure I made my dress too…exciting times!

  45. Hello Barb, congratulations on that milestone. I usually read your blog first thing in the morning, as I am not much of a night owl, and have a very early start in the mornings, and enjoy it very much, whether it is words or art or a laugh. I am sure all the wedding stationery is beautiful, arty and creative. Not long to go now. Take care all. Bx

  46. I read your blog every day but have never left a comment before. My suggestion would be ‘Look up and never give up’. I’m currently preparing for my daughters wedding in August. So far I have done the invites, 6 bridal bouquets, 5 bridesmaids outfits and I’m just starting to make my outfit. Good job I enjoy doing it……

  47. 1700 wow that is a fantastic achievement – well done. I read them every day – sometimes I don’t have time to comment but if I do then I do. Lol.
    Love the idea of the poster to raise money for a children’s charity – I love that you always think of others like that. Love Dave’s caption too – very fitting. I would go for “Dream Big”.
    I look forward to the day when I can do the wedding stationery for my daughter – if they ever get round to it!! Lol.
    Have a great week. Xxxxxxxx

  48. Hello Barb, thank you for doing the blog each day. I enjoy reading your thoughts and comment. My input for the heading is Reach for the Stars – I hope this is not a duplicate from another reader.

  49. 1700? How do you fit it in with all the oher things you do and still keep so cheerful? I have taken to reading the blog every day now – it cheers me up when I feel down and inspires me when my get-up-and-go rears its head. I have just spring cleaned my house from top to bottom, including the craft room, and am going to start making my Christmas cards next weekend using mainly stamps but I have a plan for a special project with the “Night Before Christmas” set of Groovi plates. Looking forward to seeing the wedding photos.

  50. love reading your blog every day, so thank you & congratulations on 1700 blogs. My title for the picture would be ” Aim for the sky – Dream High ”

  51. I think I started reading and commenting on your blog about six months after you started it Barbara, and it goes from strength to strength. I love this beautiful dancing fairy and the leaping hares, and a great idea to make a poster of it and to give the takings to a children’s charity. The title I would give it is ‘Believe You Can’ x

  52. The future lies before us
    and no matter who we are,
    If we strive towards the heavens,
    We can walk amongst the stars.

  53. Love this piece of work, so evocative, can’t stop staring at it, and am going to try it out. As this is for a children’s charity, I think this would be an appropriate caption: Even the little have big dreams.

  54. I love the poster idea and think Dave’s suggestion for the title is great as it could mean different things to different people.
    Barbara, I read your blog every day and love the fact that I can look back on your art projects. Thank you for spending the time to talk to us!

  55. As it’s for a charity how about I can achieve anything with your help not very catchy though so ‘Aspire & Achieve’ or Support our children’ or just simply help me be free
    Love the poster, and your blog. You inspire with your energy

  56. I have read each and everyone Barbara and often revisit to get inspiration when the old creative juices have dried up!
    For me, ‘Serenity’ sums up this beautiful piece of art.
    Thank you for all you do and all you are xx

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