New labels new Plates!

New labels new Plates!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Wanted to flag a couple of things up:
firstly, when your new Groovi plates arrive now, 
they should come with a label on them. These labels are not just intended to irritate you! No, No, No!
(first thing I do when I buy a new top is cut the label out!
Brand name be gone! Cannot stand itchy scratchy at the back!)
But these labels are there for a very good reason.
It’s called indexing.
If you peel them carefully, they will come off,
and you can restick them in your storage folders. 
That way, when you use a plate, it has a home and you can easily relocate it.

Look! Maria Maidment’s lovely plates are all stored and ready to go too! In this chaotic, fly by the seat of your pants life that I lead, you cannot imagine how comforting it is to be able to find things. 
Did you notice the magnificent new plates which Linda Williams has designed? They are modestly brilliant. There is so much to do with these! A set of four A5sq. plates, with infinite combination possibilities!
She will be launching her Flowers and Lace Collection on HOCHANDA TV next Sunday evening at 6pm.
And I want to work on one of the plates this week, so that I can blog a nice tutorial which ties in next Sunday. I just want to keep up with the parchment side of things here at Clarity!! Now I am back on the Mixed Media and Stamping train, I don’t want to forget my lovely Grooviness, do I ?!?
Let’s go with the  Aquilegia, shall we?
The first thing I like is that the lines don’t actually touch. You think they do, and they look as though they do. But when you begin to trace them, you realise immediately that you can extract shapes and elements entirely, like this:
Looking ahead to my next move, i want to do whitework in the little frill on the inside. So I have flipped to a larger tool, the No. 2 from the Starter Kit. I could use the No. 1 and not press so hard too. 
Now to join up the shape…
If I flip the parchment and simply repeat the whole piece, 
I get an oval, see?
But. If I overlap one of the scallops and join up the opposite side, 
I get a perfect circle.

So now, let the games begin.
This is my starting place. 
I shall do a little every day, 
and then blog the finished project next Sunday.
I shall enjoy thinking about my next move, the next thing to do,
as the week progresses. I know for sure that Linda will blow the doors off on Sunday evening. How long these will last on the TV I cannot guess. I DO know my brother is on permanent nights at the moment, trying to keep up. Do we sell out because we don’t give enough stock ? NOPE. We increase the stock levels every month! 
But now we are off to watch little Evie, Dave’s granddaughter, in her ballet. How quickly they grow up….
Love & Hugs,
PS. If you missed it, we have compiled a pack of labels for all the plates we have produced thus far. It was a big job and cost a packet, but they are available to buy online.
click here to investigate
Going forward, the labels come on the plates. This is just a catch-up of the 500+ plates we have designed in not even 3 years.
Blimey. That’s insane.

37 thoughts on “New labels new Plates!

  1. I love love love Linda's new plates. So many different possibilities! Just wonderful!
    Can't wait to see what you do with them, and looking forward to watching Linda!
    Bright and sunny here today! Always helps!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  2. I had these labels down on my list for the NEC, as I think I need them so that I don't buy the same plate twice. I just don't know why they cancel our coach, a lady from the craft group that I go to went by car with her friends and said no problems on the roads.

  3. Love the plates, have added them to my wish list. I have the labels and have organised my plates, so much better to see what I have. Can I ask Barbara, are you going to be designing a material carry case for our plates as I would love to have them stored in one? Thanks to everyone at Clarity towers for all that you do

  4. New plates look fantastic, the lace look will be amazing with white work. My new peacock plates arrived yesterday, the line art is so narrow can't wait to play with them over the Easter holiday, only 4 more days. XX

  5. Hi Barbara,& All on the blog.
    As i only blog at the weekends ,i do read the blog every day. So looking forward to your shows next Sunday with Linda's new Plates. Well it will blow the doors off once more how can i tell just know .
    Linda brings some fantastic plates with lots of wonderful demos and her calm nature , even though she may be paddling below.
    Loved the other new plates from the last Shows with Rosie, and some more to my wish list.
    I still go back to my stamps , at different time when a quick card is required.
    You will need to give Steve some vitamins to keep his strength up as he is on nights, what a a brilliant team you have.
    Hope you all have a great week and looking forward to the weekend.
    Lynn xx

  6. More beautiful designs by Linda. they look to be just my style so bank card at the ready just know I am going to want them. Been to my traditional parchment class today and then straight onto Shugborough Hall for a lovely afternoon walk in the sunshine. Got to make the most of it whilst it is around. xx

  7. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope everyone has had a good Sunday. I have been making Easter cards today. Had a bit of a disaster with non-tacky masking tape! Non-tacky my a**e, even with rubbing on my jumper it decided to rip every time, as I was making Easter cards didn't think I should swear so left that for a bit. Solved it by using masking sheets, best thing is they are re-usable too. XX

    1. Hi Donna oh what a pain, I did chuckle at you not swearing because they were easter cards though. I've made some funky groovi ones and some classic daffodil stamped ones today too. Enjoy your 4 day week. Xxx

    2. Hi you two,
      Well all I can say is that you’ve both been very industrious and put me to shame – I’d forgotten all about making Easter cards! Still I’ve only got a couple to do thankfully. Donna I too had a chuckle about no Easter card swearing! Sending love and hugs to you both, Alison xxx

  8. Oooo beautiful new plates coming. I’ve just put all my labels on plates. Worn out! 🤣. Now I know what I have and have not…..making note of new plates I don’t have as they are launched and am relieved I only have two duplicates! Wish rest of my room was as organised! Thank you x

  9. Hi Batb,
    These new plates look fantastic – the lace looks just like proper lace collars. Looking forward to them landing in my basket! I bought the indexing set and think they are such I good idea. I also liked the photocopied sheets which I've used as a index system showing which folder each plate is in. I feel that my Groovi stash is now really organised – it's a shame about the person wielding the tools!!! Poor Steve having to do all that overtime. I bet the plates will fly out next weekend. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone has had a good day. It's been a lovely day here so we've been tidying up the garden at the back. Been trying to decide what to do at the front as our new neighbours keep driving over one of our flower beds. Dave was all for putting a hawthorn hedge in but I didn't want to lose my flower bed. It really p —-s me off to see them do this – they even drive over blooming rocks that are in!!! Serves them right if they damage their tyres! Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

  10. Got my labels at the NEC Just need a few more folders to put them all in lol looking forward to next Sunday always love watching the Groovi shows see you all there on Hochanda for all the hints and tips Fran xx

  11. The labels are an excellent idea. Up to now I have organized my plates by separating them into different categories, putting them in different folders and labelling the contents on the front of the folder with a permanent marker. I wrote on each pocket the name of the plate which lived there so that I knew where to put them back. Having a label to stick on the pockets will make it easier and neater. Just need lots of new folders to accommodate all the lovely new plates!!

  12. Ooooh exciting, will be watching, love being a Groovi Gal, thanks to you Barbara for all the hard work you do to keep us all happy Groovers, and also thanks to your team, haven't met any of you yet !!! But I will one day xx

  13. Ohh my I love ❤️ the ew plates and look forward to seeing you create one of your works of art
    I wouldn't like to say how fast they will sell out but very fast lol
    Why don't you run A little compitition here on the blog asking people to post their guesses how long to a sell out just for fun.
    I think twenty two minutes
    Enjoy your evening Barbara T xx

  14. Hi Barbara
    What beautiful new plates, the lace is gorgeous and I like how versatile it is. I've been organising my plates into my new folder today, the labels are such a good idea. I always keep the blue backing as it shows up the design clearly. I hope you enjoyed the ballet show, I can't believe Evie is that age already, I remember you and Dave heading to the hospital when she was born.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. That was a huge job producing those labels Barbara and the new plates look wonderful and they will certainly fly. Looking forward to seeing how the work progresses as the week goes on. x

  16. Spent a very good weekend sorting plates and pack of labels when I buy new plates I can see that they will have the pealable label on will there also be a second non stick label as in the pack .? Think they are a great �� idea am amazed how many plates I have

  17. Hello Barb, the labels are a brilliant idea, very useful to be able to organise plates and see what is where. The new plates are really beautiful and very lacy, can't wait to see the end product. Take care all. Bx

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