Alcohol Ink and Gelpress project – Highly addictive! SPECIAL OFFER

Alcohol Ink and Gelpress project – Highly addictive! SPECIAL OFFER

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Been busy working on a Magazine project, and getting ahead of Monday, and thought I would lay down the step by step for the Woodland Animals Project I showed you the other day.
So this is how it works….
Drip some alcohol ink on the 8″ x 10″ Gelpress plate, which is mounted on one of our megamounts.
Then spread the ink out over the plate with a brayer.

I think we’ll have a special price offer on the inks I used here for a week. You will chomp through the inks with this technique
– especially because it is highly addictive!!
Lay the stencil down on the wet ink and blot the ink out of the animals with a scrap of copy paper. It will already have dried a bit, but that’s ok. That’s what we want.
Next, dab a black archival ink pad all over the stencil, making sure to get in the cracks and little areas.
Whilst the ink is still wet, lay a piece of copy paper on the stencil, rub lightly and pull the copy paper back.
See the first print? Neat. 
Remove the stencil, and you can see the alcohol ink on the Gelpress. 
This one below will give us the darker print if we leave it to dry. 
If you blot it and get rid of a lot of the wet alcohol ink, then you will pull a lighter print. 
Just by the by, there will be a lot of ink still on the stencil. It will dry quickly, but it can be easily rejuvenated with a spritz of blending solution….
I did this and ran it through my mangle aka Gemini. with our large stencil card. 
Got a beautiful, arty print from it!
Anyway, back to the other job…
Once the alcohol ink has dried on the Gelpress, it’s time to lift the print. Spread a small amount of white acrylic paint over the whole surface with a brayer.
Flip the Gelpress over and position on a piece of our large Stencil Card. It works a treat for this application.
Flip back, rub the back of the card, and carefully peel your print.
I lost a tiny bit near the owl, but I can stain that down with a little ink on a baby-wipe if I want to hide it.

There you go.
A delightful arty play session.

In a minute, I shall have another go with a different stencil. 
I am getting the hang of this now….
So to the special offer on the Alcohol Ink Bundle of 8 bottles: 
£20 instead of £26.80 (+ club discounts)
What else do you need? 
Alcohol Blending Solution to do the stencil trick through the mangle with the dry ink
New in. Good gear.
A free afternoon.
And that’s what it is: FREE.
Stash? Costaplenty.
Time? Costanuffink.
Love & Hugs,

34 thoughts on “Alcohol Ink and Gelpress project – Highly addictive! SPECIAL OFFER

    1. Hi Joy – thanks for your comment the other day. A few years ago Neill had a cardiaversion, when they stopped his heart & started it again to get it into sync. He may have to have this done again. Pleased your husband has been fine xxx

    1. Hello all, I've been catching up with the blog after a lovely day at Sam Crowes Clarity class at CC Newton aycliffe. Whacked now. Gilly I hope Neil's ok and Pam I hope your back is improving xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – thanks for your kind comments the other day. Neill is better than he was but really does need to see a doctor about his meds and what happens
      next. We will try again for an appointment on Monday. Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      I'm pleased to hear that Neill is better than he was and I've got everything crossed that you can get him an appointment on a Monday. He should be top of the list as Diane says. Would it be worth going to A& E or an urgent care clinic? Love and hugs Alison xxx

  1. Evening Barbara!
    Alcohol and Gelli… With a bit of paint thrown in…. Perfect combination and fascinating too! I'm sure there are lots of possibilities with it!
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
    Love and hugs. Xxx

  2. Ooooo looks good, will it stain the gelli, or does it come off with the blending solution? The artwork looks amazing, different colours would give different looks so I will have to see what I have or add to my stash with some new colours. Xx

  3. Hi Barbara
    This looks like good fun, the animals really come to life with the ink don't they. The othe prints are fab too. More generous offers, thank you, I must check my inks and see if I need some more. As Donna said, does it stain the gel I plate? Not that it matters, it seems to clean up beautifully each time you use it. Enjoy the rest of your plat time.
    Love Diane xxx

  4. They look really good but I don't know if I'm brave enough to have a go at this technique yet. Good job the instructions are accessible on the blog anytime if I feel like trying it later on!x

  5. Hi Barb,
    Thanks for the step be steps and the offers. Wishing Grace a belated birthday for yesterday – in bed all day with migraine so couldn't comment. I bet you were really chuffed with these two pieces. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you're all as good as possible. Pam hope your back is ok and not giving you as much pain. Gilly, left a comment above for you. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  6. Hello Barb, a really fab technique, and it looks wonderful with this stencil, definitely one to have a go at. May try it with my mini plates first to get it right, before trying the big one. Have a great day everyone. Bx

  7. This is a fantastic technique with the alcohol inks Barbara and tbe finished pieces look wonderful and not something I would have thought to do. x

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