Out on the Town!

Out on the Town!

Good evening everyone, Paul here standing in for Barb.
I hope you are all keeping well and staying out of trouble!
Barb and Dave have gone out for the evening.
To the theatre darlings! 
So I am taking over the blog for tonight!

Whilst the cats away, the mice will play!!!!

(get it?)
Did you know we currently have a fantastic offer running until the 3rd April 2018 on a bundle of the Adirondack Alchohol Inks
Available HERE
Normally £26.80, but now just £20 and if you are in any of the New Design Clubs, your discount also applies.
If we happen to run out of any of the colours,  the Clarity team will automatically replace it with a different one from the same colour family.
So what is the reason for the special offer?
If you missed Barb’s blog from Saturday, then you can check it out HERE
I must admit, it never crossed my mind that the alcohol inks would work so well on a Gel Press plate. I have only ever used mine in the “traditional” way, on coated card stock, Yupo paper, acetate etc. 

Barb kept sending me pictures of what she was creating, asking me how I thought she had created it. Never in a million years, would I have thought it was with alcohol inks!
If you want to give this technique a go and maybe you have “misplaced” aka “can’t find it” your Gel Plate, then we also have a couple of special offers on those as well HERE
If you are looking for other uses for the alcohol inks or the Gel Plate, then don’t forget to check out the Claritystamp You Tube channel HERE lots of ideas and inspiration!
Well, that’s enough from me tonight!
Enjoy the rest of your evening!

Happy crafting

Paul xxx

18 thoughts on “Out on the Town!

  1. hello, wonderful blogs over the last few days and utter creativity. I am laid up in bed with something or other – who knows. Just lying watching back programmes with all the Clarity wonderful people. it is certainly keeping me saneish! I have to have a PMA attitude as my birthday is coming up and ALI Pali – they will have to wheel me there if necessary.
    I bet Barbara and Dave had a great night with some culture.
    Best wishes bloggy friends – all well or feeling groggy
    Love Anne (Reading)

  2. Hope Barbara and Dave enjoy their trip out. Thanks for blogging tonight Paul. Like you I have never thought of using alcohol inks on my gelli, I have lots of colours so I will play over Easter. Have a good evening. Xx

  3. Evening Paul hope Barbara and Dave have great time. Inks are great on shaving foam and making ink pads and stamping coloured flowers from them need to try mine on gel I plate as yet. Hope your evening goes well to Paul see you in couple weeks at ally pally xxx

  4. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for taking over tonight. Hope Barb and Dave have had a brilliant night at the theatre – love Of Mice and Men. Thank you for the offer too, although I will probably not take advantage of it I know lots of Clarity addicts will! I would never have thought of using alcohol inks on a gelli plate either. Have a good evening, Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well hit the gym today and thought I would really struggle after missing out on all exercise last week with my cold. However, I surprised myself and felt really good . See how swimming goes tomorrow! My California and Boaty rounds plates came this morning and they are lovely. I do have some of these in stamp form but these are quite a lot bigger which I like a lot. Will have a play with them and also my Peacock plates and stamps hopefully on Wednesday if I get a chance. Hope everyone is as well as possible, love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  5. Thanks for the blog, Paul. Oddly, I'm not as afraid of inks as I am of paints (what's THAT all about?) so this is very interesting. I'll definitely be getting my Gel plate out and having a go. I think I know where I put it…

  6. Thanks Paul for keep us in touch with things while Barbara and Dave are enjoying a bit of culture at the theatre. This technique with the Alcohol Inks is not one I would have thought to do using the gelli plate either. x

  7. Thanks to Paul for the blog tonight….It just gave Us / Barb a chance to go , albeit straight from work, to watch a play…Great performance of a brilliant piece by one of my favourite writers. I have been fortunate enough to go to the area, Salinas, and Monterey , where Steinbeck did a lot of his writing and it’s still pretty gritty when you get away from the touristy bits ! Migrant workers and hard taskmasters, yep , it’s still all there. I wonder who will do all that work when Trump sends them all home….same here I guess….Oh well , rant over. xx

  8. Hi Paul, good to hear from you. Wont be taking advantage of the alcohol ink offer (brilliant tho' it is!) as am a bit allergic to these and just can't work with gloves on…don't know why but just can't do it. Anyhow have had quite a few treats lately so can't really complain. Nice that the boss has an evening out too! xxx

  9. Hi Paul
    Thank you for stepping into the breach, it's always nice to hear from you. Glad Barb and Dave enjoyed the play. What a great offer, I've got a few inks and should really use them so might have a play later and see if I need more!
    Love Diane x

  10. Hi Paul, great to hear from you taking over on the blog. Hope Dave and Barb enjoyed the show. I am determined to try this technique as I think the effect is fab, and it means the alcohol inks can be used for so much more. Take care all. Bx

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