Wedding Plans….

Wedding Plans….

Hi there.
Greetings from FREEZING Manhattan!
Grace and I are on a mission today…
We need dresses for a special occasion.
I made this last week on TV,
using one of the new Art Nouveau stamps,
a 6×6 Gelpress plate on its megamount,
a couple of Artistry ink pads
 and some lovely lace.
To be honest, today’s not the kind of day to be stripping off and trying to squeeze your jetlagged, white, needs-to-lose-a-stone-before-the zip-will-close body into anything other than a pair of fleece jogging bottoms…..
More will be revealed – literally!
Grace, let’s go and have coffee and a muffin first.
Then let’s make a list of what needs doing if this wedding is going to go well. I can see why people hire wedding planners!
Love & Hugs,

33 thoughts on “Wedding Plans….

  1. My daughter always chooses things for me that I wouldn't go for and she is always right. I'm sure Grace will be a big help too. Lovely to take the opportunity to involve her. Happy stripping and shopping! xx

  2. Thought you might have gone to share wedding shopping with Grace. Mother and daughter time, very special. Julie had a big say in my dress for Greg and Amie's wedding last year. Freezing here too and we are out walking dog three times a day, only fourteen more days til they come back. xx

  3. Sounds like you will have fun with Grace. I am just home from Edinburgh, having had a lovely time with my daughter at her flat along with some of the family. Bed at 4am seemed like a good idea, but not so sure now!

  4. Shopping for that special outfit is worth all the effort of trying on lots of clothes. Coffee & a muffin sounds good though, extra calories needed to fend off the cold!! Have fun x

  5. How exciting! Have you been into Macy’s?wow, what a selection of fab stuff! You will find something wonderful in NCY I’m sure. Good luck! Wxx

  6. New York must be one of the best places to find something fabulous for the wedding Barbara, and lovely to do it together with Grace, and the muffins are merely to provide the energy required for shopping and not because they are Hope it is going well. x

  7. Hi Barbara & Grace, hope you are both having a great time together catching up.
    Hope the wedding plans are going ok and if not you will get there and i am sure the day will go without any problems.
    Just to say Linda did a brilliant job with the Owls she is a lovely lady and should be so proud of herself .
    It was a great success all round .
    Looking forward to seeing her on tv again with lots more things to temp us all.
    Once again have a great time together and safe journey home.
    Lynn xx

  8. Wonderful to be shopping with your Grace, weddings are so exciting. Hope the shopping goes well, safe journey home. Xxxxx
    Linda was great last weekend, love her voice. must look again at the recordings.

  9. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. Completed my first paper cut design today, think it's going to be my new crafty addiction! Watching the winter Olympics at the moment. Xx

  10. How exciting, I always find it's much warmer in the shops so I hope you and Grace have had a lovely day together for your very special occasion. By the way I think you look lovely as you are xx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Although I'm not a big fan of getting undressed, dressed etc for trying things on ( I'd rather buy, try at home and return!), I'm sure that you and Grace will have a lovely time, preparing for something so special. It's lovely that you can share this time with her. Enjoy your time in New York. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Thank you for your comment yesterday Alison. My sciatica is much better but my back is still painful, especially at night in bed. Haven't got a date for my treatment yet but couldn't have it yet anyway until after Pete's had his op and out of his sling, It's all a waiting game isn't it. Hope you get yours soon Alison, love and hugs Pam xxx

  12. Hello Barb, what a beautiful card, hope all your planning with Grace goes well, knowing how organised you are (and I am sure Grace has her mothers genes), everything will be sorted. Take care all. Bx

  13. You’d better get Linda working on a parchment wedding gown for you Barb, just in case you don’t find exactly what you want in the stores! I’m sure she would make a wonderful job of it. Can’t you just picture it?

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