Rise up, rise up, rise up!

Rise up, rise up, rise up!

Hi there.
Thanks for joining us here in New York today.
The weather was a bit grim yesterday, raining cats and dogs.
So it was a real challenge avoiding the spray of the cars. The streets are quite lowset, and the water fills them quickly. When heavy downpour meets poor drainage, the puddles are pretty impressive very fast.  So we got wet, but had a good laugh together.
No luck on the wedding dress front I’m afraid.
Some of them were a bit too much,
and some of them were a bit too little…
Good grief!
Can you IMAGINE Dave’s face if I strolled down the aisle in this?!
Dearie me. Mind you, at least the too-tight-to-do-the-zip-up issue would be solved…
So we’ll have another run at it later, but actually we have a very special afternoon lined up.
We have got tickets for the matinée performance of the musical 
Hamilton!!! Yesssssssss. 
Today marks an epic day in the lives of Grace and Barbara.
They get to go and watch one of the most celebrated musicals to come out of Broadway in decades. 
This is so going to be up our street!
Who cares about the weather!
I know it launched in London last year, but to be able to experience it at source – excited or what?!
I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.
Love & Hugs,

24 thoughts on “Rise up, rise up, rise up!

  1. Hahahahahahahaha – I can imagine Dave's face if you walked down the aisle in either of those. Good grief there wouldn't be room for anyone else in church with that top one – mind you all the guests would be ok if it rained!! 🤣🤣🤣 Enjoy the show and the rest of your trip. Xx

  2. Wow! My response of 'Enjoy yourselves' is a bit redundant really lol – mmmm that dress needs something – let me think. I know! kilt pins! – Liz Hurley stylie!!

  3. Hi Barb,
    Dawn got in first with my first reaction to either dress! I would just love to see his face if you turned up in either of them!! I'm sure that you will know when you see THE dress – it will probably be when you're not really looking for it ( if that makes sense) . I know if I really wNt to get something for a special occasion I can never find it straight away. But, as has already been said, Dave will love you no matter what you are wearing and so will all of your family and friends . How exciting to be going to see Hamilton on Broadway! Have a fabulous time. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. I'm exactly the same about finding something specific. I learned ages ago that if I see something I like I should buy it for when I need it – within reason of course!! xx

  4. The mind wouldn't be the only thing boggling if you bought the second one!! Enjoy the rest of your time with Grace, we're off for 10 days family time tomorrow looking after the grandsons. Made a huge casserole today plus a fruit cake and "Nanna biscuits" as the boys call their favourites xx

    1. Hi Chris,
      Have a lovely time. We are off up to Portpatrick for three nights tomorrow which should be nice although the forecast isn't brilliant at all. If the worst comes to the worst I'll just sit in the lounge overlooking the bay and read my books! Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  5. I really want to see Hamilton; curious about an ancestor I think! Friends have been to see it and have raved about it! Dress shopping can be fraught but I am sure joy will find the right dress soon. Enjoy your time with Grace today. I am having extra time with Heather today as she has a day off work and has come through. We had lunch with my parents and my sister and her kids so lots of family time this weekend.

  6. Hi Barbara
    Oh Blimey well those dresses would certainly be a talking point for a long time wouldn't they haha. We went to my friends wedding yesterday, a small cosy do with just special guests. My sister took her dress shopping, so many tears before she found just the perfect dress, it's hard when you are an older bride isn't it. Now knowing you, you two will wander down a side street fed up and find a little shop and a lovely person who makes one off originals that are so you. Have fun at the theatre.
    Love Diane xxx

  7. Oooooo er those dresses are certainly the cream of the crop…only trouble with the second one is there's nowhere to keep your tissues!! I'm sure the dress will reveal itself when the time is right. Hope you enjoyed your show. Xx

  8. Well, those two dresses would certainly cause a stir Barbara, the first needs you to be an excellent stilts walker, and the second…well, I'm not sure what you need to be to wear that…lol. Sounds like you have a good afternoon planned though and am sure you will have had a fantastic time! x

    1. Hello Barbara

      My cousin and I have been watching a television programme called 'Say "Yes" to the dress'. It is filmed at Kleinfeld's a wedding dress shop in New York. Perhaps you could try there for your dress, lol.

      I hope you enjoyed the theatre.


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