Predicted a Sell Out – What a Hoot!

Predicted a Sell Out – What a Hoot!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Well well well. That was a hoot, wasn’t it?!?
Poor old Linda.
You have no idea how much prep she put into the 5 tv hours!
Emails at midnight, transferring files in the wee small hours. 
She has been working on her solo performance for blimming weeks. And what happens?
Boom. In the back of the net. Sold out in 30 minutes.
Don’t even suggest we didn’t put in enough stock! Clearly not.
But we gauged that we had ample, with stock to spare. 
There’s only so many plates we can make in a 24 hour period – and it’s always a risky business over cooking it. We have to spread the load, you see.
And how grateful we are! Thank you so much for supporting her and cheering her on. It is a big deal you know, 5 hours alone on TV. And there’s nothing like that sell out moment- especially when it’s your own design.
What a crazy set of Groovi Plates they are too!
Really fun, and so interchangeable.
Here are a few samples of 3-D and 2-D art made by the oh-so-clever Design Team again.
Karen Jackson
Gail Sydenham
Amanda Williams
Josie Davidson
Emma Burns

Maggie Byford

Karen Jackson
Louise Goldin

Sheila Bradley

Very, very cute.

Time to go watch her again at 1pm

Love & Hugs,

21 thoughts on “Predicted a Sell Out – What a Hoot!

  1. They are beautiful plates and cute little owls so no surprise they sold out! Love the word chains too. I’m too spoilt for choice at the moment and am having to think what to buy ! Let alone trying to use the ones I have, it’s all too much for a Libran to choose from LOL !! Well done Linda on a great presentation. I’m torn to about the stamps from yesterday and must look out some of the ones I haven and haven’t used yet as well ! You’re just too tempting Barbara ! Xx

    1. Haha! So true Jackie! I am guilty of having so much that I haven't used yet. I am starting a wish list again after clearing the previous one in the Gray Friday Sale! A very BIG parcel awaits me at home! Will be interesting what Neill has to say xx

  2. How sweet and so many wonderful and inventive ways to use the plates. Congratulations to Linda. I am watching her now at 1pm but don't think the extra stock will last much longer. She has done you proud Barbara and I adore her accent too. x

  3. To be truthful I am surprised they lasted that long they were so gorgeous. I knew we would need them, being slightly bonkers about owls in our family. I was sat signed in to the Clarity web site to grab them as soon as they came online.
    Well done Linda xx

  4. Hi Barb, what a fantastic ODS. Owls are my favourite birds so I just had to have it. Congratulations to Linda, not surprised they sold out.Love and hugs,
    Alison D x

  5. I watched all of Linda’s shows today and she was fantastic. So easy to listen to and I am not surprised that she is a master tutor. Those owls are amazing and the lamp she made for Evie is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
    Congratulations on a wonderful weekend and thank you for such inspiration. Annette X

  6. I have to catch up on the shows but have ordered the plates. All my good intentions flew off with those owls. They look amazing and thank-you for putting some samples on here for inspiration. The design team are fantastic. xx

  7. I haven't been able to watch the shows – I have to do it online and the internet wasn't playing ball today, as it is raining! I think it's to prepare us for the UK. I have looked at all of the products and the samples on here and also on FB – totally amazing. Not at all surprised about the sell outs Barbara – well done to Team Clarity once again. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – I have been good and put these gorgeous new goodies on my new wish list. I am just going to order some things off the members sale for now, especially as there are some Groovi plates on my wish list there. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Oh, Linda should be so proud! The plates are fabulous and as for the samples – I'm gobsmacked! They were absolutely brilliant. The one she made for Evie was stunning and I'm sure Evie will love it. It has been a wonderful weekend for Clarity yet again and I'm so pleased for all of you. Congratulations, love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Hello Barb, well Linda did a fantastic job, both with the designs and the shows. The creations by the design team are just out of this world, so creative and different. Well done to everyone. Take care all. Bx

  10. What a wonderful session with Linda Williams, I am an owl nut, so within 10 mins the plates were on order. I love watching Linda, her knowledge is immense and her voice so soothing. I have her book and can't wait to improve my minimal skills whilst crafting the owls. Also enjoyed your stamping Barbara, having diversified into that field recently. I never thought I would become so hooked, but Clarity has that ability to draw you in.
    Well done everyone in the design team, the samples were AMAZING.

  11. Hi Barbara
    These owls are just so gorgeous and Linda was brilliant, she explained things so well. I will have the perfect excuse to buy them next year for graduation gifts so I know I can wait for them. I have to say the video they put together to show was very good and really showed off how cute they are.
    Love Diane xxx

  12. I totally agree. Linda was brilliant, and her calming approach was wonderful. I could see she had worked so hard to prepare for the day, but it was all so worth while. Well done! I learnt a lot as she covered so much in her demonstrations Thank you Linda. x

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