A Proper Scrap

A Proper Scrap

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
And thank for watching the TV show 2-4. If you missed it, never worry, I understand. Wouldn’t want to even try to compete with the Six Nations Rugby! We’ve got rugby players in our family too. Brother Steve and son Mark. Both second row players. Look at Steve’s nose and ears!!!! Sport ?? Sport ?? Mark is still going strong in the States. He was on the winning team in the US College Championships a couple of years back. Played for St Mary’s, California. Now plays for a San Francisco team.
Biggest injury he has suffered so far? Not rugby! Did his shoulder playing cricket on the beach with his English buddies.

But you can always go back and watch the TV shows on Hochanda catch up.
Mind you, somebody must have been watching, because we smashed targets and sold out of pretty much everything!!!!
And wasn’t Janice brilliant. I do love that woman.
In the meantime, why don’t I step up a simple project I did during the show, using inky scraps and one of the lovely Art Nouveau panel stamps we launched today.
Ready? Here goes…
Pick a scrap, any scrap.
Stamp the panel 4 times to create a box on the scrap.
Colour in the leaves and patterns with Perga Liner pencils.
They give a lovely waxy gloss.
Trim back the scrap and layer up on a matching Designer paper.
I went with Northern Lights.

Stamp the words directly into the middle with black ink.
Tone down the blackness with white dots over the top.
Makes a big difference.
Trim the Designer paper back a little, 
edge with a black Sharpie pen.
Mount on white card.
Nothing like an inky scrap to bring out the artist in you, eh.
And I don’t mean a scrap on the rugby pitch!
If you are into parchment, then don’t miss Linda Williams at 6pm this evening, when she launches her world famous owls in Groovi Plates format. Traditional parchers and Groovi fans alike will love these adorables.
Love & Hugs,

38 thoughts on “A Proper Scrap

  1. Loved the shows, watched the first one on telly then second on iPad with rugby in the background ! So far so good for England. I don’t think I’ve seen Janice before, she was so enthusiastic and will watch again when Linda comes on. Beautiful plates and stencils and so effective with great techniques, it’s always good to be reminded of them good. Gave me inspiration to get my stamps going again too ! Xx

    1. P.s. meant to say beautiful work from the Design Team as usual, such inspiration and a lot of vibrant colour ! Also, the folders for the parchment and paper are great but….. I’ll need more shelves ….. xx

  2. Great shows, love the stamps and so happy they just about lasted the show! Design team did us proud again, beautiful examples of how the stamps and (mustn't forget) the lovely stencils can be used…so much inspiration, thanks to you all. Now awaiting Linda's Owls…just time for a toasted muffin and cup of tea before the show. Oh yes, loved your 'hotel bedroom' moment…the look on your face…absolutely hilarious, no wonder you blushed! Xxx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Did watch the first show but then had to watch the rugby but do have show recorded so I won't miss it. Janice is really enthusiastic, used to like her on IW doing all the tech shows so was surprised to see her doing craft. The demos were great and all of those stunning samples – Wow! Really looking forward to Linda's shows now. Great that you had sell outs again – reckon there'll be more tonight and tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well did I succumb? Yep! Bought the stamps after I'd seen the samples! I know I'm hopeless! Well I can't take my money with me can I?! I did get them from Clarity though as they were cheaper for me. Now it's a case of word chains or not ? Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    2. I ordered from Clarity too, as I couldn't stretch to the whole set so was able to get the stamps I wanted. Read you comment yesterday and I really hope your op isn't cancelled, you have been waiting for so long. Fingers crossed. Xx

  4. Sat watching and couldn't resist buying the new stencils and of course the stamps had to be mine too. Cor 2 hours of TV and I feel ready for bed…and I was just watching! Xx

  5. Watched you on my laptop with earphones with the Rugby on TV in the background whilst knitting a blanket for our expected grandchild. That's definitely multi-tasking !! Great shows & now we just have to wait a little while before Linda brings us her latest Groovi plates. A great day!!

  6. Great shows and samples, loved watching you with the grunge paste and Gelli plate!!
    Watched on the laptop whilst starting a canvas using clarity papers and stencils but have the shows on record so I can watch again and make notes. Will watch Linda on record as I will be busy with the evening meal at 6.00 xx

    1. Hi Chris,
      Don't know what you mean! Hope you've had fun playing today. I did a little canvas with the Pebeo paints which and out quite nicely. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  7. Tuned in got me cuppa and ready for the program to start. Watched the stamping and stencil techniques. Fascinating! I've recorded so will try and use the hints and tips xxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Just me again! Those owls are gorgeous!!!! The samples with the google eyes are so cute! Definitely going to sell out. Well done Linda. Unfortunately having bought the stamps and word chains, even I daren't spend any more. On my wish list though. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Owls winging their way to my house (pardon the pun!) they're so cute, a pack of the new paper/parchment folders fell in the shopping basket too…oops. Good job I've only placed a tiny order in the members sale…so far! Xxx

  10. Hi Barbara, well i told you so sell out !!!! I am so please for Linda she was great and looked amazing loved her outfit.
    What a lady you have in her such an addition to your team.
    These owls are amazing we can do lots of things with them, on my wish list my granddaughter will love making them.
    The stamps which you brought today are lovely , so i think it will be some of one and some of another to buy.
    Have a good week , Lynn xx

  11. I was blown away by the amazing shows today. Oh how I admire the talent of every one of you.
    I wish I could buy everything on offer, but I also wish that I had the talent to produce artwork of this calibre if I Could buy it. However, I get so much pleasure from seeing such beautiful samples that I really don’t mind so much. Thank you all.
    The rugby was good too! Annette X

  12. Managed to see a little bit of your first show before all my kids and families piled in today. Giving myself some time off tomorrow to catch up. Stamps looked fab and I know the Groovi plates will be amazing. Well done in advance because your shows are always great. xx

  13. Hi Barbara
    Really loved the shows this afternoon, it was great watching you get inky and messy and having fun. The stamps are gorgeous and the samples were amazing. I watched the second half upstairs with quick flips over for the score, didn't we do well. I t was very funny when you were talking about the hotel rooms and Paul saying no more stamps! I hope that means Steve will sleep in his bed this week. I will be catching up with Linda's shows later, the little owl Janice showed was beautiful. Hope you sleep well tonight.
    Love Diane xxx

  14. Sorry i missed the excitement of the shows, but I will watch them on catchup tomorrow.
    Today was busy for me with Scout training and the straight to church for the end of the Phoenix choir concert and then staying for the contemporary device, which was really good. After it was MacDonald with the young people! Glad to be home now and relaxing watching the pre Superbowl shows. I don't think I will last to watch the big game it self though!

  15. Have ordered the lovely stamps from Clarity, just couldn't resist, and the stencils, and brilliant groovi owls, and other items have been added to my wish list, which has lengthened a lot today! Loved the demonstrations. xx

  16. What a great Sunday loved your shows ordered direct from you couldn’t help it loved it all. Wow Linda’s owls so cute didn’t they all look fantastic Linda was brilliant to do love the owls for all occasions haven’t watched 8pm show yet will catch up tomorrow but guess sold out loved it all thank you both for great Sunday lots love night night xx

  17. Managed to catch most of your two hours Barbara and thoroughly enjoyed it. The stamps and stencils are all beautiful and all the wonderful samples, such talent. x

  18. Hello Barb, watched the first hour and it was just awesome, love the stamps, loved the demos, love the arty samples. Have a treat in store to watch the 2nd hour today. Have not watched Linda's shows yet, so have those to enjoy too. Take care everyone. Bx

  19. Everything was stunning and Linda was incredible, so calm. I have just seen that stunning lampshade, how much detail. The stamps are fantastic and the samples stunning, beautiful detail Barbara and Jim x

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