Youtube Tuesday Rennie!

Youtube Tuesday Rennie!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
You Tube Tuesday today!
And how about a quick and simple project using one of the Art Nouveau Stamps from our Sunday TV Show?

There’s 20% off several things I used in the VT, so why not cruise over to and check out the offers.

I love these stamp plaques. They are a delight to work with.
Here’s the first demo I did on Sunday too, 
using another of the Art Nouveau stamp plaques.
Just a simple colouring project…

I just wanted to show off how the Perga Liner Pencils work so beautifully on our card and papers.
Not just parchment.

click here

So cut the card to fit,

add a sentiment from the Big  NEW Stamp Set
in the little slot.

Sam Crowe had a sublime idea. She used the plaque as a signature plaque on the back of a piece of artwork, and just signed in the box.
It looked so excellent!

Let’s not waste the offcut!

And so to colouring in….
Just build up the depth of colour, and blend colours together.
Add white on the inside too, to make the outside pop.

Line the outside.
Colour in the other one in the same way.
Simply mount on a white folded card.
Now for the other one…
Use masking tape to establish the stamping line.
Repeat stamp Darling on the white.
Frame with a Micron Pen and ruler.
Then decide whether you want a quirky angle,
or a straight. And do you expose Darlin’ or Arling?
Decisions decisions!
Hope you enjoyed those ideas.
Love and Hugs,

16 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday Rennie!

  1. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for the recap on this one, they are such pretty stamps and it's great to have hints and tips on colouring in. Well blow me down with a feather what a good idea using masking tape to get words straight! I could have done with that today, got everything straight on my groovi work, got a bit excited and added a th to my 60 and when I looked it was wonky! Ho hum I'm sure the card will be loved, wonky or not. I'm off to watch the you tube now, love gilding flakes.
    Love Diane xxxx

  2. What a great idea with the gilding flakes Barbara and those stamps also look great on your beautiful papers. Thank you for the great video too. x

  3. Hello Barb, such beautiful arty stamps, love them, and what you have done here is just gorgeous, love the idea of the stamped panel inside. Did not watch the youtube video yesterday, saved it as a treat for today. Take care all. Bx

  4. Hi Barb,
    These are gorgeous and were the demos that persuaded me to get the stamps ,which ,already having the Groovi ,I wasn't going to get. Anyway my arm was twisted and they fell into my Clarity basket. I'm glad of the step by steps though as my brain is a bit addled at the moment because of cold. Thank you. The video was great too. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  5. AHA!! been playing with my one and only Groovi plate (which I have adapted*). Been wondering how to get the made up words straight – I had thought sticky notes, but masking tape is the thing. Thank you.
    Have a lovely day (some of us are at the dentist AGAIN!!!)
    Maggie (Yorkite)
    * have used my megamount to note where the central points are on the Groovi plate (using a sharpie on the smooth side) because I don't want wonky/off centre sentiments). Who would??

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