FINALLY !!!! Groovi Re-peelable Label Indexing

FINALLY !!!! Groovi Re-peelable Label Indexing

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Here’s something many of you have been requesting:
An indexing solution for your Groovi Storage.

Re-peelable label indexing stickers.

Moving forward from after the TV shows this March at the NEC, all our Groovi Plates – new and old – will each come with a 
re-peelable label on the plate inside the packet, at no extra cost,
with a picture, what we call it and the code number.
So you can peel the label off the plate and stick it on the sleeve in your Groovi folder where you want to store said plate. That way when you take it out to play with it, you can easily find its home to put it back! 
And, there are photocopies of all the labels in the pack too, so you can create a reference folder if you want to, too.
And a lot of us do love a good indexing system for sure. 
I know I do! Saves you hours of looking.

Way-hay!! I hear you say!!!
What about the 500 + plates we have already bought ???

So lovely Lisa at work spend an age compiling, collating and producing a pack of ALL the labels for ALL the plates we have produced thus far.

Pack of 21 Sheets of stickers – 502 stickers in total 
+ photocopies to help reference.
Includes the entire Groovi collection from the very first plate, 
right through to our brand new releases from the up coming NEC show in March.

RRP £19.99
(+club discounts, of course)

Anyway, that’s it folks.
Just wanted to make you aware of this indexing pack, which covers every single Groovi plate since the start.
This has proved an expensive venture, so forgive the cost. Going forward, the labels will be included free of charge.
Next stop Stamps and Stencils!!!
But let’s sort out Groovi first.
Love & Hugs,

19 thoughts on “FINALLY !!!! Groovi Re-peelable Label Indexing

  1. What a brilliant idea Barb. Can't wait for the stamps and stencils ones to appear. Club envelope arrived today and once again they are all just perfect. No wonder I love Clarity – not just selling a product but supporting all your customers after they ha e purchased. Superb as always. Xx

  2. How clever you all are Clarity. 500 plates is an amazing number! I have nowhere near that, but trying hard to get there!
    I have been tidying my craft area for the last couple of days so that when I start work at my new next week I can come home and just craft. Why did I leave it to the last minute? I have filled the recycle bin of paper that is marked and creased, ditched packaging that I was going to up cycle but know I never will have the time, and made a pile of things to take to craft club for the swap table. There will be some happy crafters that day! I have also tidied my clarity stamps into a better order and cleaned all my stencils and put them away in their folders. It feels good to be getting organised again.

  3. Hi Barbara
    What a brilliant idea, I've just read about it in my Clarity goodies envelope which came today. Beautiful stamp and groovi again, thank you. I also put in an order today from the members sale, well I had to buy my sisters birthday present so it had to be done. Wish I'd read the letter first though! Haha typical isn't it. Great shows with Rosella today, the Mandela plates are beautiful. Well done Alisa for all your hard work.
    Love Diane xxx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Very clever idea, sounds really good. Like Diane, I'd read about these in the club letter in my happy post this morning. All three are fabulous too. 500 plates gosh – I think I must have the vast majority of them and that's a bit scary!!! Really interested in the stickers but they might have to just go my wish list for the moment. Thank you for always finding things to make life easier for us, love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been good for you all. Swimming this morning was really good, I really enjoyed it for some reason. This afternoon went to a friend's house and had a fab time. She'd made lunch for 6 of us for her birthday and it was lovely. One of the friends there is the person I'm doing the wedding cards for and fortunately she loved the design and colours so all I need to do now is the actual cards! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  5. Oh boy, 500 plates! I am soooooo behind! Never mind like you say you never run out because you make them yourselves. The shows today were great, catching up on my recordings and have seen some fantastic ideas from the DT. Well done Rosella. My monthly club goodies arrived today, beautiful as always. Xx

  6. You and your dream team never cease to amaze me with your creativity.
    Signed up to Diamond club once again and received my monthly package yesterday.
    Read about the labels in your newsletter which always sounds so personal and friendly as well as being informative. I am looking forward to ordering these labels and sorting out my Groovi stash. Thank you one and all!!

  7. Brilliant idea.
    Thanks for my gold club goodies that arrived yesterday, love them both but especially the Groovi. Won’t say what it was as some people may not have had theirs yet, but I have some photocopies of one done by Dorothy Holness, all beautiful white work, where it almost leaps from the parchment, so I will be having a good look at that. xx

  8. Thank you so much for undertaking such a major task. I won't be alone in appreciating the time it must have taken to produce (rather now than in another 500 plates' time) and I love the fact that things can now be organised in the appropriate file with the appropriate label. Many thanks!!!

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