A Groovi New Plan….

A Groovi New Plan….

Hi there.
Happy Friday to you!
Blimey! You weren’t kidding when you said you wanted an indexing system for your Groovi Plates!
Talk about order online! Those young people who think we more mature women don’t know how to navigate their way around a website are sooooooooo wrong !!!! 
Same goes for the Half-Price Member’s Sale which has been going on all month until the end of February. Our phones went down most of this week because of flooding somewhere down the road. 
“Oh No!!” we exclaimed, “Quel Calamity!”
Not even a little bit. 
Once our lovely Jeannine realised you all had an -ology in Web-shopping, she was actually able to get some work done in the office because the phones weren’t ringing off the hook!
Anyway, enough rambling.
Very happy to report that the response our Clarity focus back on stamps and stencils since the start of this year has been exceptional and very heartening. I had been so worried that I had lost all my old stampy mates. Nope. You are back with a vengeance – and have brought lots of new friends along, too.
Now of course, I am beginning to fret because I haven’t blogged any Groovi parchment projects for weeks! 
The thing is, stamping, mixed media, Gelpress, stencils, grunge – this kind of art is so much faster to create.
Well, the way I do it, it is!!
See? Took longer to wash the stencil than make this print.
And it really is my cup of tea. 
This little business of ours is growing and getting busier week on week, and I am struggling to find the time to do a step by step Groovi Parchy Project.
So, the inner voice spake, 
And she did. 
She cleared a space, a quiet place by a window, and she dedicated it to her parchment work. 
She got Dave to hang clips on the wall, 
so that she could work on several pieces at various stages, and they would hang about, patiently waiting for her to come back…
And she gathered all the essential parching things around her, so she wouldn’t waste hours needlessly looking for stuff.
She made a decision to do an hour every single morning, 
before she went to the office.
Like a kind of Groovi Meditation.

And then she devised a Bloggy Plan..
Ready for this one?
Every week, I will pick something, a new parching technique which I would like to master. 
From Monday to Friday, a day at a time, I will prepare a piece, 
a photo step by step as I always do. This will allow the parchment to rest between applications, and will allow me to go to work!
Then at the weekend, probably on Saturday, I will post the week’s stages and finished piece, with a really good bloggy offer and a giveaway – some Groovi Blog Candy. 
Haven’t done that for a while either.
I could even tell you what the next week’s lesson will be, so we can work together, and you can set yourself the same challenge. 
What do you think, oh Parching comrades? 
It would be interesting to see what we all come up with!
Anyway, time to stop for today.
Do let me know what you think of this idea.
It will certainly help me improve my parching skills!
An hour every day?!? Blimey!
I may even be able to take an exam one day.
Then I will be a real parcher.
Because apparently, until you take an exam, you’re not.
A real parcher, that is. 
Those of you who are real parchers, 
who are qualified and
who have passed all their exams and everything,
Good for you!
Because I am not, I haven’t and I dare say I never will. 
Love & Hugs,

54 thoughts on “A Groovi New Plan….

  1. Just a short question -was there a Thursday Blog?? I just can't find it? Blue is my favourite colour so I am always interested to see what it'll be .
    I'm sure all the Groovi fans will love your latest idea -good luck with it.

    1. Thanks Margaret. I tried every which way and couldn't find it!! Just looked – I have this one – the Groovi indexing -as Wednesday? No idea what's wrong.

  2. I love that you don't make excuses, but make a plan! That's what I need to do to get into my craft room I think. Tomorrow afternoon I'm getting inky and maybe a bit painty!

  3. Barbara what a great idea on the hour parching a day. I look forward to playing with you. And don’t be a defeatist you will get to be a qualified parcher one day, you’ve taught me a lot already. See you in a few weeks at the NEC.

  4. I really love the grunge paste stencil on black card, so arty! Going to do my order for the sale this weekend Had my eye on some stamps and stencils. I need to follow your groovi example and do a bit a day, my groovi things are feeling sadly neglected of late 😢. Xx

  5. Fantastic idea, Barbara. Sounds like a beautifully Zen way to start the day. Not sure I'd be able to do it, but I'll definitely be following your progress. And yes, exams are great and necessary up to a point but they are no true measure of anyone or their talent. Trying telling Leonardo da Vinci or Michaelangelo they weren't real artists because they didn't have an art degree… 😀

    1. Hi Donna,
      Oh, I'm envious – not of the snow but of going to see Darkest hour. I would love to see it, but will have to wait for it to come out on DVD I think. Hope you get to see it and enjoy it. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  6. You don't half come up with some brilliant ideas Barbara. I think it will be great and although I am not parching yet I do love it. As you say it is just trying to fit all the other things in as well. (I'm not as busy as you I hasten to add)Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    1. Hi Sheila – so pleased to hear that you have been able to do a little Groovi. I love last month's plate and know that I shall use it a lot. Love and special caring hugs, Gilly xxx

  7. brill idea just what i need sometimes i get lost in all the projects i start but then again I always say its the journey that's the fun not the arriving can;t wait to see what we have to do

  8. Hi Barb,
    I think this is a brilliant idea. I try to do a bit everyday, don't always succeed and I haven't even got the excuse of not being able to do it because I've got to get to work! Not sure how I ever found time to go to work! My 1st sale order came today thank you, so quick! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok. Not feeling brilliant today – my cold has finally come out with a vengeance! It's only taken about 6 weeks!! Anyway hoping it's gone before my hospital appointment comes through – it would be Sod's law that I couldn't have the op because of cold!!! Not looking forward to the next few days if the weather forecast is right. Stay safe and warm everyone, love and hugs Alison xxxx

  9. Evening Barbara! I think its a great idea to parch for an hour a day…. However I think I can safely say I probably already do!
    I however have no desire to take an exam…I'd have to learn the rules then which I am not one for! I've had enough of rules and exams to last me my lifetime! I'm happy with the way I parch and that'll do for me! If it's not good enough for some then it's tough!
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with your parchment journey!
    Love and hugs xxx

  10. Hi Barbara – sounds a plan!! I do love a good plan, and lists too!! Can't function without them! Whilst in Spain I worked on several cards and kept doing the white work a little each day on them all – it is so much better that way. Look forward to seeing what you are up to! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – hope that you are all keeping warm. We have certainly come down to earth with a bang – having returned to chilly Cornwall. We have been told it is going to get colder each day for a week!! Had a very lovely day yesterday – met up with Pam (& husband Pete) as they are down in Cornwall on holiday. We had a great time together – didn't stop talking. Lots of Clarity talk too!! The time just went far too quickly! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  11. A great plan Barbara. I mostly try to get an hour in on groovi each day or at least cn weekdays. It's stamping I have to make a point of doing. Maybe I'll do it the other way round. Love that stencil art and your organised workspace by the window.xxx

  12. Hi bloggy friends, really bitter day here in Cornwall today as was yesterday but did have a lovely catchup with Gilly and Neil. Stay warm everyone be March soon so hopefully will warm up a bit.xxx

  13. Hi Barbara
    Oh what a great plan, you probably arrive at work nice and chilled because you've lost yourself in groovi for an hour. I'm hoping I will be able to join you for an hour a day. I love your work space by the window and the Dave clips, what a great idea. It's good to hear the stamps and stencils are going down well. Enjoy your weekend.
    Love Diane xxx

  14. I think this will please all the parchers among us and a little bit every day is the way to go Barbara. I look forward to seeing your first week's project. x

  15. I think it's a lovely idea, but I hope you're very self disciplined. I would find it difficult to stop, it would be" I'll just finish this bit" or " I'll just do this re-perforating ", and I'd never get to work

  16. Well, Barb, you are doing pretty well at setting up my daily timetable. I have to start by straining my kefir and setting up the next lot (By the way, is yours fizzy? Mine seems now to be producing two batches a day since I decided to keep it in the microwave out of draughts). Now I need to do an hour of parching. Somehow, I have to finish sorting my stencils and cataloguing those before diving into the minefield that is my stamp collection. How do people find time to be bored? xxx Maggie

    1. I followed Barbara's lead and put my kefir in a jar on the kitchen windowsill and just strain it every morning and that is slightly fizzy. I think it has now grown enough for me to pass some on to my son. Xx

    2. Mine is not quite ready to split with others. The flavour was better this morning and the consistency not so funny. Not sure how to get my fix down at the Retreat. Wonder if the Spa can supply kefir for breakfast? I need my daily fix now. xxx Maggie

  17. Hi Barbara and everyone, Well you have been busy just love your little spot with a wonderful window to look out on while you are working. I have just started grooving these last couple of week as have not done anything since Christmas .
    Lots of unfinished projects still to complete but i am getting there.
    Thank Linda Williams for all she has done , i watched her shows with the Owls brilliant a very clam lady and so talented looking forward to what she will be brining us all next.
    Sorting out my little room so i can be a little more organised .
    Hope you are all keeping well, lots of hugs . Lynn xx

  18. What a wonderful plan! So pleased to be catching up on your blog today. As soon as I'm over my jet lag and allergic skin break out, I'll be doing the same! C x

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