Mandalas Groovi and Stamps are here today!

Mandalas Groovi and Stamps are here today!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Wednesday’s blog usually comes from the heart, doesn’t it? 
But I’m thinking we may have to move our art for the soul day to another day, because we have so many TV shows on a Wednesday now!
Today, for example.  
Rosie is launching a cracking set of Baby Mandala Plates and Stamps this evening at 6pm. Really beautiful.
The Clarity Team have, once again, done our plates proud. 
By showcasing a few of the lovely samples here, you can get a real idea of the potential of these little mandalas, 
not to mention inspiration…
Super layering up and picot cutting ideas here
Amanda Williams

This is clever! Using the Mandalas in all 4 corners to slot the centrepiece into. Like photo corners.

Josie Davidson

And I love the flowers here that Louise has created.

Louise Goldin
So many combinations are possible here!
Karen Jackson
And this beauty by Jane exemplifies perfectly how to hollow out the inside of a flower with picot cutting,
 to reveal the background paper.
Jane Telford
As if that weren’t enough, we have turned these into stamps too.
So there’s something for everyone.
The geometry of the mandalas perfectly executed here by Barbara
Barbara Lancaster

Oh my oh my. What a masterpiece this is.
Zentangle at its best by Anne.

I am magnifying this one, so you can really appreciate it!

Anne Ruffles
I love the way Carole has turned the mandalas into a landscape too.
Carol Panksztelo

And here’s a lovely blend of parchment and stamps by Sheelagh, all layered up into a single flower.

Sheelagh Metselaar
Yes. That little gallery of inspiration has certainly opened my eyes to the creative potential and possibilities of these Claritystamps and Groovi plates! And just in case you can’t make your mind up which, we’ve added the Mandala stencils to the show too.
I hope you can join Rosie this evening at 6pm on HOCHANDA, when she launches the One Day Special.
  • SKY 663 (24/7)

  • FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)

  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)
And I look forward to seeing her incorporate these designs in embroidery too.
Love & Hugs,

16 thoughts on “Mandalas Groovi and Stamps are here today!

  1. Wow, another great set of Groovi plates & stamps from Clarity with Stencils as well, there will certainly be something for everyone. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow although on Grand daughter duty so may have to watch on rewind or I could delete some of the old shows from my recorder to make space for the new ones!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing these, reminds me a bit of Spirograph and childhood days when we use to draw these sort of things to colour in, not quite as sophisticated as these of course LOL !! Stamps look fab too. Xx

  3. Hi Barbara
    Oh these are lovely, ooh stamps or groovi or should I say stamps and groovi haha I think they will both be going on my wish list. The samples are absolutely stunning, so much talent and so many different ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing the shows tomorrow, I'm in the middle of cooking dinner so will be playing catch up later tonight.
    Love Duane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends I've made it in early tonight, and there you all are watching Rosie on tv! Haha typical. Hope everyone is ok, it's been a beautiful sunny day here today but it's turning really chilly here again tonight. Sending hugs xxx

  4. Hi Barb,
    I love mandalas and still have some wooden block rubber stamps by Jayne Nestorenko and also Glenda Waterworth. Used to spend ages cutting the designs out and decoupaging them. Heaven only knows how much they would cost to post nowadays. Anyway I love these new Groovi plates and stamps and yes, they did fall into my basket! The Design Team samples were awesome yet again and the first show was great – well done Rosie. Looking forward to the rest of the shows. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok. Had a crafty day today ( after doing the washing!). Finished off a Groovi card that was started at Linda's workshop on Sunday and am pleased with it. Also finished off a tryout wedding card that I've been asked to do – hoping they like it when I show them tomorrow! Had a go at colouring an A4 sheet of parchment an ochre colour to use as the background sheet for the card – used my dorso crayons and dorso oil but am struggling to get it nice and smooth , don't know what I'm doing wrong!! Will have to keep trying! Love and hugs to all, Alison xxxx

    2. Those stamps from Jayne and Glenda are what started me stamping all those years ago. Stamping on acetate and glittering the back or layering them. Still have them somewhere xx

  5. I always remember the lovely Jane on the tv with her mandala stamps, and now you have some beautiful designs for us to choose from, and the layering element is so pretty and they look great using Groovi and parchment too. What fabulous samples too. x

  6. Good evening Barbara
    Another beautiful set of Groovi plates Barbara and the design team have done an amazing job with them
    Absolutely stunning all of them
    Thank you for sharing
    Theresa x

  7. Hello Barb, wowser, what incredibly beautiful samples, so much variety on how to use both the plates and stamps on their own and together. Now have to catch up with the shows, and increase the length of my wish list. Take care all. Bx

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