Big Little News!

Big Little News!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Paul and I are prepping for the Sunday Shows today.
New year, new schedule. 
Lovely Tina Cox is taking a little time out, and I am getting back in the stampy driving seat for a while on Sundays
This Sunday, 2-4pm we are launching two new products, 
which are actually variations on existing lines.
Instead of going large, we have gone PETITE!
(I WILL get into this wedding dress – and if I have to eat seeds and prunes for 6 months !!!)
Take a look at the words here…
Check out the difference below!
Here you can see the original Word Chains size.
There was a demand for our funky words in a smaller format, so
we reduced the size of our big and bold Word Chain Words by about 50%.
On Sunday, I shall be launching the Petite Word Chains.
I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve which I would like to share with you on Sunday, so I do hope you can join me then.
Really good value for money too.
Half the size – half the price!

Love & Hugs,
PS Now I wonder what the second thing is….

54 thoughts on “Big Little News!

  1. The mini wordchains are just brilliant! Thank you so much…. They are going to be well loved and well used!!
    Looking forward to seeing you stamping!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  2. They look sweet, will have to record the shows as I've just invited hubby's ex and her husband to lunch as she had an accident before Christmas, he had a knee replacement and they're going a bit stir crazy ! xx

  3. Ooh they look fabulous – you are such a tease!! I shall definitely be watching you on Sunday – live or otherwise. I thought you looked like you had lost weight on the You Tube video so you must be doing something right!! Lol xxx

  4. These look perfect. I didn't buy before because they were too big for me. I got a gift voucher from my sister and brother in law for Christmas which is great. I definitely need a new laptop so if I spend too much on Clarity it will be beans on toast without the beans! Love xx

  5. Hi bloggy friends – another glorious day in our little Spanish paradise! Took down the Christmas decs today so it's looking a bit bare now. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  6. Hi Barb – I had already put on a comment to you but it's disappeared! Very strange because the one to my bloggy friends is there. Just wanted to say that I'm sure that these mini word chains will be very popular. I shall have to watch on catch up as we are going out to lunch with some friends. Love and hugs Gilly xxx

  7. Hi Barbara
    Oh what a great idea, I haven't bought the word chains yet as I didn't think they were for me but being smaller they open more possibilities don't they. You are such a tease aren't you, I wonder what else you've got in store for us. It will be lovely to have you back stamping again, please send Tina a hug from us as we will miss her shows but understand having a break is very important. Now there's an excellent diet we can all recommend, it's called the 'spent too much an Clarity, beans on toast diet,' haha.
    Love Diane xxx

  8. Ooh, a stampy show with shrunken word chains. Like the idea of the shrunken price too as money is always short after Christmas. BUT I don't expect to see a shrunken Paul sitting on the counter…now that I have an image of lilliputian Paul running around with a squeaky voice. Love and hugs xxx

  9. Oh my goodness I only thought a few days ago I could do with small wordchains. Wonderful. Will be watching what you do but have some ideas as well. You will look amazing your dress. xxx

  10. Just what I asked for! You are amazing, and also perfect timing to be launching them just before my birthday. Might have to get myself an early pressie!!! Thank you x

  11. Ooo! They are just what is needed as sometimes the word chains were too big. These new wee ones will be a good addition to my stamp collection.
    I am tidying up tonight as tomorrow I am finally getting my wisdom tooth out. It has taken over a year from first referral until getting it out under sedation at the dental hospital. Hopefully all will go fine and I will be back crafting next week.

  12. Can't wait. That's brilliant and they'll be on my shopping list straight away. I'll need to crack open my fourth stamp binder; the other 3 are already full of Clarity stamps!

  13. Just wonderful especially with our mini stamps, fairies etc. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday, love watching you brayer and stamp. Been going through wztching all the utube videos, surprising the things you forget in the way of

  14. Ooh Barbara, please don’t tempt me. I have never been a stamper, as I didn’t think I had the talent, although I have always enjoyed your shows and admired your work.
    However, I really must resist, as I have the Groovi bug and really can’t afford the time or the money to start something new. This will not stop me watching your shows and drooling over all the wonderful samples from the design team and your demonstrations. I love Clarity Sunday’s!
    Annette X
    PS. Please send warm wishes to Tina. I know she had a very difficult time last year and she deserves a relaxing break.

  15. Ooooooo now there's a great idea!! Have you been in my craft room when I get the word chains out and discover the space I left for them is too small? These are certainly coming home to me on Sunday. Xx

  16. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone managed to get through the last storm unscathed, certainly was very wet and windy! Have been putting away some new Clarity stamps this afternoon and I have even made a space on my shelf for my new club folders! How organised is that! Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Gosh, that is organised! I don’t know where mine are going although I can just about see a small space on the carpet lol!!! Very wet here this afternoon, poor Dave came in looking like a drowned rat! Love and hugs Alison xx

  17. Hi bloggy friends, well done Donna, I'm impressed. I had quite a few stamps still to put away the other day, so sorted now until the next lot, really running out of space for stamps and groovi. Really need to get rid of lots of craft goodies and papers I don't use anymore. Hope you've all kept warm and

  18. Now, I just wonder if the other surprise is petite as well. The word chains will be perfect. Will they contain a mini alphabet too,I wonder? If not,is there any chance of those in future months, please? Hope Tina soon feels better for her break. In the meantime, I look forward to the first of the exciting new shows for the New Year. xxxx Maggie

  19. Well….I don't know what your is, but I've just found 2 new ways to use my mega mount. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours!!

    Happy New Year to you and Dave.


    Maggie (Yorkite)

    PS – heard and item on the radio this morning about the full moon. It seems Mums and children have a deal where, if they feel a bit lonely, they look at the moon and imagine their Mum or child doing the same. And, in Japan (I think) they have a moon wishing mountain. Conjures up a lovely image, doesn't it?

  20. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday / Monday. Try to pace yourself if you can. I managed to catch up with You tube, you and Rosie are a great double act. xx

  21. Looking forward to stamping shows mini stamps look fab oh dear my pocket. Do hope Tina soon feels bit better bless her understand we’re she is coming fro give her hugs from me if speak to her hope to see her soon. Tv already set to record xxx

  22. Hi Barb,
    Oh no! I really do need these! I was determined I wasn’t going to buy anything but …..! I’m waiting patiently for the A4 plate mate but these will be perfect for smaller cards and probably some Groovi cards too although these in a Groovi would be good as well!!! Please pass on my love to Tina, hope she feels better and comes back all rested and fresh. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you’ve all survived unscathed the high winds, rain, floods etc. Very wet here this afternoon and supposed to be very cold over the next few days which I don’t mind as long as it’s dry. Might have to get Dave to take me up to Newcastle tomorrow as I think I need to get out of the house! Managed to get another card done today – I did my version of the hot air balloon one in Linda’s book for Daves birthday card and am quite pleased with it ( hope he will be) . Love and hugs Alison xxx

  23. Mini stamps – terrific! Will defo record the show. You and Rosie did make me laugh – I’m looking forward to lots more YouTube videos 😁 and half price plates made me smile too! X

  24. Hello Barb, oh what a brilliant and fabulous idea, I love the word chains, and don't have all the big ones, maybe, just maybe the missing ones in the smaller size will be what I need. Looking forward to the shows and to finding out what the 2nd thing is. Hope Tina is ok, hugs to her. Take care everyone. Bx

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