What’s up this weekend?

What’s up this weekend?

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
Friday’s blog a private peek, right?
Paul and I are up to our ears in prep again today!
It’s not easy to maintain a creative mind when you’ve got the VAT man and the accountant in your ear! (Januaryitis. I get this bug every single year in January, without fail).
Obviously I don’t discuss the hard details of running a busy business here – it is neither the place nor my inclination – but I could spend ALL my days juggling numbers and answering work-related questions! I could spend all my other days working out TV proposals and making plans – you have noooooo idea how much thinking goes into this stuff !! 
And before you say it – Delly Gayshon is my real name.
That’s the main reason I have my artroom at home and not at work; I’d NEVER get to any art! They still know where to find me, and believe you me, I have a direct phone line to the factory! but if I want to do anything creative, from making art to conceptualizing, I have to do it here, in my little pad above the garage.
So what’s coming up on Sunday?
I mentioned yesterday that we are launching a set of Petite Word Chains. Here you can see a simple but lovely piece by Barbara L. which really examplifies the difference in size between our original word chains and the new Petites. Fantastic use as a background here.
Barbara Lancaster
And this beauty by Dee shows off not only the Petite Word Chains, but also the other little gold nugget which is being launched on Sunday: our petite edition Designer CARD. 
Dee Paramour
See the difference between the paper in the background and card in the front? Tune in on Sunday 2-4pm HOCHANDA for the big reveal! I love the new smaller card format; it is a super weight and oh so lovely to stamp on. 
At 6pm, as always, we will be launching the ONE DAY SPECIAL. This is when we bring a brand new collection of products to you at a never to be repeated special price.
This time I set aside a day and drew a set of 4 Art Nouveau, Rennie Mackintosh inspired, A6 plates myself. I do hope you like them.
There are a 
Bed of Roses, 
a Field of Poppies, 
Snowdrops and 
They come with an excellent matching Alphabet plate and a Spacer, too.
Here are just a few beautiful samples created by our Design Team, to give you a taste….

Carole Panksztelo
Josie Davidson
Louise has used the lot!!!
Louise Goldin

Must go dot some i’s, cross some t’s and make a cup of Tea!!!
Love & Hugs,
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36 thoughts on “What’s up this weekend?

  1. Accountants, they can be a real nuisance, my son is one but of course in my eyes he is wonderful not sure his clients think the same at times. We all need a little space to escape to,somewhere to just shut the door after. Looking forward to all the new items, that will be my wishlist growing again. xx

  2. Here we go, here we go, here we go… bank card already groaning! Looking forward to your new plates as I have the earlier set that Rosie launched and love them. The smaller word chains may have to wait a little while, but are already added to my wishlist and the new designer card is a great idea. Looks like I'll be on the road to the medics having just received a letter following a recent check up, but will worry about that as and when I need to! Xxx

  3. What ?! You mean you don’t sit in your art room all day creating – you’ve spoilt the illusion I have of you ! Only joking! Although we like to think that we all know differently! I remembered just all the balks I juggled at work and then needed your inspiration to craft anything! Whereas you do all that and provide the inspiration! Looking forward to the shows 💋

  4. Really looking forward to seeing the shows! I love seeing what the rest of the team got up to with the stamps and plates!
    Have a great prep day with Paul!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  5. Ooh I so need these teeny tiny words! Can't watch live on sunday off to be educated about Vincent Van Gough. But box set to record. Just love these sunday afternoon shows! Thanks for sharing Barb. Lots of love Jilly xxx

  6. All the new plates look wonderful and the smaller paper and word chains look terrific. Make that cuppa first then start on crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s, always better with a cup at hand. Just off to do the weekend shop, one tree dismantled this morning and the dining room is back to normal. I will do the living room tomorrow, just want to enjoy all the lights for one more evening xx

  7. Sounds lovely me your ready for that cuppa hate doing taxes and what I had to do was such a small amount to what your must be let’s hope they get done in record time. Well being on tv Sunday will give some ascape for a day I sure am looking forward to seeing the new mini word chain in action I guess will be a need 😍😍👍 love hugs your doing a great job all of you and plates look great too xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – looks like severe temptation once again. We are going to watch the arrival of The Three Kings – by boat. Then they drive through the village & stop at the church to give sweets to the children. There is another procession this evening and the children go into the church in another village close by to receive their main Christmas present. They have already written their letters to one of the three kings – not Santa. If they don't receive the present that they wanted, next year they will write to a different King. Then tomorrow is a Bank Holiday – their equivalent of our Christmas Day. Sending you all love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Wish I was there. I never take down my decorations until after the three kings and epiphany which for us is January 6 . Love the lights of the season and quiet time . I'm usually the last on my street to
      Turn them off

  8. What can I say AWESOME SAUCE !!! Look like more beauties to put on the list. Gotta catch up from Christmas spending. When you have 13 grandkids and 14 adults on the list it takes a bit. But these will come home with me soon !!!

  9. Well, I am looking forward to the new petite stamps and the smaller card. Not sure how my bank manager feels. Oh well, I did stock up with soups and that kind of thing before the snow hit us, so I can live on that for a while. xxx Maggie

  10. Oh no! I was expecting stamps this weekend, so thought my money was safe, but I have just seen the new plates. I love Art Nouveau and Charles Rennie Mackintosh! I shall have to watch and sit on my hands.
    Seriously, I am so looking forward to seeing these plates. Have a great weekend. Annette X

  11. How stylish are those new designs! And, for a moment, I thought you'd answered my request for a new design spacer for the Groovi Go! – then I realised that, of course, if the plate is A6, the spacer is for the standard plate mate! Still, very beautiful.

  12. Good evening Barbara
    I love the new designs for Groovi and the new word chains are just perfect
    Looking forward to Sunday
    Take care and enjoy the rest of is evening with those you love
    Theresa Gx

  13. Looking like I might need to be getting some bread as i am going to be eating beans on toast for the rest of the month! I need the new stamps and those smaller paper pads are also calling…If I come and do your washing up can I play in between? 😂😂😂

  14. Beautiful samples from the Design Team. Hope your prep is going to plan with Paul.
    Look forward to seeing the shows and all the new products demonstrated. Hope you manage a rest before you have to travel. After seeing the news, hope Grace is keeping safe and warm if they have all that snow.xxx

  15. Hi bloggy friends, more great must haves this weekend. Hasn't been a bad day weatherwise today, supposed to change overnight to more high winds and rain. Think it'll be a day of crafting if it is. Love and hugs to you all. xxx

  16. Hi Barbara
    What beautiful artwork from the very talented design team, it's amazing how they all see something different isn't it. Thenew plates are lovely, I think I know what my sister will be asking for for her birthday! I might have to borrow them. I hope you got the boring stuff done so you could prep for the weekend.take care
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Hello Barb, well there goes my January resolution to not spend on any craft items until I have sorted my craft room/home office out. Looking forward to the shows. Bx

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