An Envelope Breakthrough!

An Envelope Breakthrough!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
We had a mini epiphany yesterday while we were prepping for tomorrow…
When you fold the new Petite Edition Stamping Card in half to make a notelet, like so:
can be used to make a perfect little envelope,
and what’s more, you can use the matching Designer paper
– it fits too!
What a cool little discovery.
And they look so neat and sweet!
It’s a piece of cake too. And once you have made a template using white card and cut it out, you don’t even have to measure a second time! 
Correction. There’s no measuring involved.
The folded card fits as if we had planned it!
So tomorrow, if we have time, I shall show you how to make a template on the show. Should we run out of time, why don’t we do a little Youtube of it? It really is a great solution, and well worth seeing. 
Paul worked with our good friend Wendy Stenton for many years, and she was at the top of her game when it came to templates, so he really is a wizard with these puzzles. Let’s let him do the Youtube…..

Time to go do some laundry and put the Christmas decs away for another year.

And so the cycle begins again, and for that I am truly grateful. 
There is a particular piece of artwork on the One Day Special tomorrow (HOCHANDA launch 6pm) by Glynis Whitehead, using the new Snowdrops Groovi plate. She has included a verse which says it all. Look out for it if you can. Maybe Glynis won’t mind if I blog it next week. 

There’s a lot of spectacular artwork on all the shows tomorrow, which the Clarity Teams have created. 
They certainly make my job easy!

Love & Hugs,

20 thoughts on “An Envelope Breakthrough!

  1. How dinky is that ! Looking forward to shows but will have to record most of them as 4 guests for lunch – why did I say they could come ?! Never mind, they all need to get out for some company so it will be fine ! My decs are down, laundry can wait till Monday now. Was looking at the calendar for next week and here we go again, ballet Monday, WI Tues, lunch club (I volunteer) Thurs and hubby’s hospital check Fri ! The year starts at it ends ! Good luck with your shows xxx

  2. Love that little envelope template. Made any money presents at Christmas look very special and so easy to do. The little papers look great too. Another need. We are back on the usual routine but I don't mind. xx

  3. Morning envelope stencils for all sizes would be great !! Looking forward to shows tomorrow safe trip to Peterborough. And YouTube’s be ready waiting for shows have a good afternoon evening before come down xxx

  4. That sound like a great idea. I've never made envelopes even though I have all the templates, must dig them out to try with all your design papers. Look forward to seeing the Utube and your shows.xx

  5. Looks so cute. Started on my first groovy project from one of my unused club plates. Used my new permanent pink mat and I am so impressed as it stood up to my heavy handed technique. Even walked away to leave it to rest…. thanks for reminding me when I watched Tina and Barbs show that I had recorded. New Year starting well in terms of my crafting resolutions. Set up recorded for tomorrow's shows too

  6. Good afternoon! I have bread cooking at the moment so our house smells lovely! Looking forward to your shows tomorrow and I'll look out for the card by Glynis!
    Have a safe journey to Peterborough!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  7. Hi Barbara, just looking forward to your shows tomorrow.
    I am interested in the word chains as i do think that having different words make a card. I have used one of your sets of stamps recently the Wheelie Happy Birthday for lady in my close , i have to say i added some birds and stamped the outside if the envelope and added insert with flowers on i was so please with it.
    I watched your u tube on the plate mates that was great it just brought me back to what goes with what.
    Bought the template for the envelope it comes out great in card for money vouchers etc, and i also have one of the other templates that to was great for pair of socks i bought a friend for christmas.
    Just love your blog even though i do not blog every day but do read it everyday .
    Have a good day tomorrow and safe journey .
    Lynn xxx

  8. The lovely artwork might make your life easy, Barbara, but it doesn't half play havoc with my budget! 😀 These wee words sound fab, and I love the mini template. More for the list… Yep, bang goes the Budget. xx

  9. Hi Barb,
    I am really looking forward to the shows over the next couple of days. The Groovi plates will definitely be in my basket and then I haven't decided whether it will be the petite pads or the word chains – it could even be both!!!
    The envelope template is good too. I have quite a few Wendy Stanton templates and an envelope maker scoreboard which I use quite a lot. I do like it when you can make envelopes to match a card. Have a safe journey up to Peterborough. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you are all ok. I have to say I haven't had a good couple of days – felt really dreadful yesterday and went to bed at 7 pm only to wake up at 12 and then tossed and turned until 4am!! Needless to say, I'm shattered today! At least I can breathe today so that's always a bonus. I have a cold that doesn't want to come out and my nose is just blocked. ( sorry if you're eating!) – hence not being able to breathe. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow and hope you've all got your cushions ready. Gilly, hope you enjoyed yesterday. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. Good evening Barbara
    I’m so looking forward to watching your shows tomorrow
    Your team does some fantastic work and as you always say
    Team Work Makes The Dream Work!
    Have a lovely evening
    Theresa G xx

  11. Looking forward to the shows, love the little word chains, and petite pads, but then there is the new groovi plates, and I adore Snowdrops. Decisions, decisions! Looking forward to the design teams wonderful artwork. Safe journey to Peterborough. xx

  12. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow and the envelope template is a great idea to use here Barbara, it adds just that extra something to a card to have the envelope to match. Safe journey to the studio. x

  13. Hi Barb, now that is a great result, when something fits perfectly from 2 different ranges. Hope you have a safe trip, and can't wait to see all the samples and demos. Take care all. Bx

  14. Usually make my own envelopes as tend not to do 'standard' cards! Looking forward to the shows but may miss the 2pm as need to take son to catch his train as he's working away from home for a few weeks, never fear tho'… Recorder is set. Will watch out for Glynis' card, and all the other lovely artwork too. Safe journey(s) xxx

  15. I love a happy coincidence! I'm going to try to make some notecard sets this year to sell, so this is a perfect idea. I made some for Christmas presents and they went down really well, so maybe I can earn myself some money to re-invest!!! Enjoy the shows x

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