And Lo! There was water!

And Lo! There was water!

Hi there.
Hope you were able to join me today on HOCHANDA
Loved doing the stampshow again.
Like putting on a comfortable pair of slippers that was.
Thanks to Dee and the team for all their lovely artwork.
So glad you like the Designer stamping card and the petite Word Chains. What a welcome addition to the stash they are!
Cream crackered now though. And I can’t stop.
Time to clear the counter and set up for the 6pm Groovi launch.
Here’s a demo (inspired by a very similar one of Maria’s), which we ran out of time for, stamped on parchment. I LOVE these stamps. They are my faves. In fact, all four of the stamps on the show are my faves.  

See the hills in the background?

Just torn paper scraps, stamped all over with the mini words 
and torn to form hills.
cut a curve at the base too….
Place it halfway up the parchment, and lo! There was water !
Mounted on white card, on white card again. Done.

Hope you can join me for the Groovi One Day Special at 6pm. We have some lovely Rennie Mackintosh inspired plates to play with!
Love & Hugs,

26 thoughts on “And Lo! There was water!

  1. Can’t wait, will be there at 6, recorded the rest as guests for lunch, they’ve all gone now, I’ve cleared up and just sat down ! The stamps look lovely x

  2. I love love loved watching you today – back in your comfort zone and rocking it!!! Stunning DT work too – well done everyone – teamwork makes the dream work!! Brilliant – really looking forward to the first Sunday in each month now. Xx

  3. Yay I've got a new laptop so watched some this afternoon and recording everything too. Sadly not able to buy much at the moment as the laptop wasn't on the list for renewal but I can now start a new wish list for 2018 and still have a £20 voucher from Christmas. Decisions….decisions…. xx

  4. Loved the shows and lucky for me Ernie has given me a little windfall this month, so I shall place an order once I have my birthday funds at the end of next week! Hope you get some rest in between shows x

  5. loving the shows so far, lots of inspiration from the design team. Now to decide which bits need to go in my basket !!Then tomorrow there is more !! All recorded to look back at later.

  6. Wonderful loved the new ministamps paper great shows. Loved seeing you backstamping, yes my hand slipped and ordered would be rude not toss Judy love the large version so low I will use those a lot thanks Barbara for a great afternoon lots love xxx

  7. I have watched both shows. Love all the new items and the design team samples were wonderful. Great to see you stamping this afternoon, reckon you will have appealed to everyone today. Well earned rest now. xx

  8. Great shows, as always……Will the stock last??????
    Tap dancing may be required…….Hope you & Paul have been practicing!
    Have a lovely evening xxx

  9. Brilliant shows Barbara love watching you work with Stamps it’s magical
    Resisted the temptation of buying from the stamp shows as I knew I would from your Groovi show and I did as I said in my email had to have the complete bundle lol
    Thank you for your inspiration
    Catch you and Paul tomorrow if you are on Hugs Theresa G xx

  10. Sped thro the afternoon (stampy) demos as had recorded them, wordchains added to wishlist. Watched the Groovi launch…now off to place my order, snowdrops and poppies are my two favourite fowers and as I've got the previous Art Nouveau plates I need these to complete my set…they're stunning! Xx

  11. Hi Barbara,
    Great shows, great products, purchased lots can't wait for them to arrive. I watched the you tube regarding the plate mates and some how I got subtitles which were hilarious. Not sure they were supposed to be, but groovi mate came up different every time. That's predicted text for you. Thanks for all the inspiration. Happy New Year love Bev xxx

  12. Hi Barb,
    Watched the stamping shows which I loved – good to see you back in your comfort zone. The Design Team samples were brilliant ( as ever) and well done to Dee as well. I've had to put the word chains on hold for the moment as I ordered the petite pads and then the new Art Nouveau plates to make up my set as I already had the original ones. Absolutely love these and again the samp,es were beautiful. I've got the Groovi shows recorded and only caught the last 10 minutes of Paul's show – will wTch the others tomorrow sometime in between the live shows. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had a good day watching the shows! I was quite restrained for me and decided the stamps would have to wait a while! Gilly , I hope you're impressed with my willpower! Mind you there is still tomorrow!!! Well it's back to the gym tomorrow, so I'll be absolutely goosed – haven't done anything for two weeks, but haven't put weight on which I'm pleased about! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  13. Hi Barbara
    I do love this, I had to look closely at the hills, thats very clever isn't it. I'm going to watch you on catch up as we've been out all day. It sounds like I've got quite a treat waiting for me. Glad you enjoyed yourself doing a stamping show, back to the comfort zone. Hope you sleep well tonight.
    Love Diane xxx

  14. Hi Barbara, thanks for a brilliant day of tele, I enjoyed and recorded the stamping show and ALL the Groovi one day specials. I'm ordering the full set of plates in a couple hours when money hits my bank account, along with the backing papers I think, I basically also want the light pad, but not too sure if I should get that at a later time as I'm just into Groovi and wouldn't have confidence to use the coloured parchment yet. Is that what the light pad is mainly for or does it help with piercing and cutting, I watched Paul use it briefly before and him didn't need it whilst using clear parchment paper. Ash well I can't wait to watch tomorrow's shows, don't stay up too late preparing for tomorrow's shows. You are a pleasure to watch as it comes across just how much you enjoy crafting in general. Xx night

  15. What a wonderful design Barbara and I enjoyed watching the first hour of your two this afternoon, unfortunately I will have to catch up as I missed the rest. Looking forward to seeing some Groovi tomorrow using your beautiful new Macintosh designs. x

  16. I enjoyed watching the stamping show, those stamps are on my wish list. The Art Deco plates are just gorgeous and I may have to order the lot as I couldn’t pick a favourite. Reminded me that somewhere I have a silver pendant with a Macintosh rose design, I must find it and start wearing it again xx

  17. Hello Barb, still have to catch up with the show, and I guess I have a real treat in store. Love the card, the mini word chain stamps are topping my wish list. Take care all. Bx

  18. Morning Barbara, loved your shows yesterday afternoon. Do love the mini word chains,the topper cards and stamps, fab demos too and it's great to learn something new every time. Started my wishlist for 2018 yesterday while watching you 😉 xxx

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