My new Porsche is here !!!

My new Porsche is here !!!


Hi there.

Well, I’ve waited patiently for months
but finally it’s here.
I’m so excited, I can barely contain myself. 
And Dave is building it with his own bare hands….
A Porsche?

No no no.
A porch!
Have a great weekend!
Hope you can join Tina and myself on Sunday 2-4 on Hochanda.
We have some superb new Tina-beautiful Christmas Groovi Plates.
And at 6pm we shall be launching our brand new Groovi Snowflake Duets on a very, very special One Day Special.
There will be some lovely stamps on that counter too.

  • SKY 663 (24/7) .   
  • FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)     FREESAT 817 (24/7)

    Love & Hugs,

    47 thoughts on “My new Porsche is here !!!

    1. I've contributed too but oh was it worth investing in the Indian Summer which arrived today. Truely the Porsche of parchment papers & I can't wait to start motoring!! Happy weekend everyone xxx

    2. Glad to see your keeping Dave busy, lol! Looking forward to seeing the duets on sure the shows will be a resounding success! Sell outs in minutes I expect. Wxx

    3. You are a one Barbara, that really got me going there, but the porch is very nice and looks as though it will be the best thing since a new Porsche, well that might be stretching it a bit, but it will come into its own come the winter time. Looking forward to Sunday. x

    4. Goodness how does he find the time, you two must have an endless energy source. I would love to have a porch but not possible on our house. It will be lovely. As for the new plates I expect they are gorgeous too. I will have to get the show on catch up as I am going to join Maria and her ladies in Shrewsbury on Sunday. xx

    5. Haaaaa good to have a Dave that can build anything, he could probably build you the other one too! My new carpe diem stamp and Indian Summer paper pad arrived today, beautiful colours just like the parchment yesterday. Xx

    6. Hi Barbara, very good you really got me going .
      well I am looking forward to the shows on Sunday and seeing you and Tina together.
      I have just caught up from a few day's, I was sorry to hear Gillian was a little disappointed with her Groovi kit. I suppose we can relate to Gillian it some times does take things a little time to get going.
      Well two years down the line I feel I am making great progress with my snipping etc but felt sorry for Gillian if you read today's post please do not give up it is well worth it , it gives me a lot of pleasure and great when you have worked things out.

      Have a great show another sell out comming.
      Lynn xx

    7. Hi Barb,
      That was funny! Like Nigel I thought all of my Clarity spending had made you happy!! Oh I do wish my Dave was as capable as yours! Don't get me wrong, I love hi. To bits , but when it comes to DIY / home improvements he's hopeless!!looking forward to this weekend's shows. My Indian Summer papers and parchment ,Northern Lights parchment Groovi dangle plates came today and boy do I love them! The parchment is fantastic! Actually I think I might prefer the Indian Summer to the Northern Lights. Thank you so much for these brilliant additions to my crafty stash! Love and hugs Alison xx

      1. Hi bloggy friends,
        Hope you are all ok. Well as you can see from my comment above, my Clarity goodies arrived today and I love them. I spent a while drooling over the parchment ( not literally!) Then this afternoon, there was a knock at the door and when I opened it, there was a delivery from Crafters Companion – my Gemini!! I only had an email 2 days ago saying that it wouldn't be delivered until at least 25 th of this month so I was gobsmacked. Good thing was Dave wasn't in so I smuggled it in!!! So, I've got lots of wonderful things to play with this weekend + the shows on Hochanda as well. So looking forward to it. Love and hugs to you all Alison xxx

      2. I treated myself to a Gemini a couple of weeks ago from the Range, wish I had bought one years ago . Could have done with it when I was die cutting hundreds of butterflies for my son's wedding invitations. Enjoy using yours xx

      3. Hi Alison, well I can see what you will be doing this weekend .
        He will never notice!!!!
        Hope everyone is well and looking forward to all the shows.
        Have a great weekend.
        Lynn xx

    8. You are a funny lady –love your sense of humor. I will be watching Sunday from across the pond. I keep writing to Hochanda and begging them to broadcast and let us buy here in the USA so we can get in on your great deals. They never answer though (big sigh!) guess its just never going to happen. 🙁

    9. Hi Barbara
      Oh you did make me laugh, would you be safe in a Porsche do you think after some of your driving antics of the past and where would all your Clarity demo stuff go when you drive to hochanda?!!! The porch will be much more useful, and built by the lovely Dave it will last a lifetime. Have a good journey on Sunday and a fantastic set of shows with lots of sell outs – is Steve ready for nights again?. Take care.
      Love Diane xxx

      1. Hi Diane,
        We saw a strange object in the sky today – the sun! Mind you it wasn't out all day, but far better than we've had for ages, and no rain! Love and hugs Alison xx

    10. By the way have you cleaned your cupboard yet? Can't wait to hear what you've got in there to tempt us with—how long til we know??? Waiting is soooo hard, hope we get to know real soon! clear stamps,groovi…greatest inventions since bread in my opinion, with a mind like yours what ever it is it will be fantastic!!!!!

    11. Blimey, you nearly got me there, especially as we were in the car and had already been passed by a Ferrari ! I thought all our purchases had paid off for you ! Well done Dave, how does he fit it all in ! Looking forward to the snowflake plates. I've just been doing some pricking and it's made my eyes go funny! Got to get it finished as granddaughter is 13 tomorrow and it's for her. Luckily not seeing her until tomorrow evening, spent the day with her today so I couldn't work on it until this evening. Xx

    12. Hi Barbara – a porch will be SO much better than Porsche! I love mine! I have set the recorder & have that to look forward to when I get back. Will be able to see the new goodies at Leyburn. Enjoy the shows Barbara xxx

      1. Hi bloggy friends – forgive me for not replying to each of you. I have only got internet for a short while & just using my phone. Arrived at our 1st stop on our road trip – Bourton on the Water. Just had lovely meal in a very quaint Pub. Love & hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

      2. Hi Gilly,
        Is that in the Cotswolds? If it is, I'm sure we went there years ago. Very pretty but it was ever so busy . Enjoy, Love and hugs to you both, Alison xx

    13. Well you deserve a Porsche and a porch (predictive text came up with porcupine first!). Looking forward to Sunday shows.
      I have had a wonderful day. Got up,sun shining and decided today I had to get my outfit for my son's wedding. Hate shopping but has to be done. Train to Plymouth, first shop nothing I liked, second shop the same. Came across a Personal Shopper and she sorted me out top to toe. Feel very glam,not my usual style but I can't wait to wear it. xx

    14. Hello Barbara

      You certainlý won't regret the porch. We added one over 30 years ago and found it made such a difference to the hallway.

      Looking forward to Sunday's show and the One Day Special.


    15. Good evening Barbara
      I will definitely be tuning in on Sunday and Monday
      I am the very very lucky winner of the new plates in your FB competition I was doing a happy dance 💃 all afternoon Thank you so much for your generosity and I am looking forward to getting some inspiration while watching on Sunday and Monday Once again thank you T xx
      I hope you get your Porsche soon and your porch finished Go Dave

    16. Ha ha…I remember your original post when poor Dave nearly had a fit because of confusing the two! Good to know it'll be built to Clarity standards! Will set recorder tomorrow for Sunday/Monday but will be watch 'live' too. I predict another riot! Xx

    17. Hello Barb, for a moment there I thought you were serious LOL. Dave's handiwork looks fab. Thanks for my morning giggle. Will be watching the shows. Take care all. Bx

    18. Hi Barbara, I thought how are you going to get all your stuff into a Porsche?? But suspected a joke!
      A porch is so much better. I inherited one in this house but my husband had to rebuild it, couldn't do without one! Looking forward to today's shows & then Leyburn. By the way I bought a Gemini with birthday money in July, I love it!

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