Saturday’s Gallery

Saturday’s Gallery

Hi there,
Sunny Saturday here.
The demos are prepped, the truck is packed, 
and it’s time to trundle up to the studios again….

I thought I would invite you to a private viewing of several wonderful pieces of artwork by the talented Clarity team today, so that you can see what’s in store for you tomorrow.

From 2-4pm, Tina and I will be launching another wonderful new pair of her Christmas plates….

Emma Burns
Louise Goldin
Becca Kempster
Dee Paramour

Maggie Byford

Emma Burns
Of course her original two Christmas Corner plates will also be on the show, and both of her brilliant Border Grid Books, which are the absolute key to Gridwork made easy (well, for me for sure, and for thousands of others who have bought the books too!).
Then at 6pm I shall be launching a brand new concept: 
our Groovi Snowflake Duets.

This is really interesting actually, because Tina designed the Snowflake Grids a while ago, just as she had done the Border grid plates. We got them drilled by our friendly engineers down the road, and then we wrapped a Groovi design around them on a second plate, because we at Clarity thought that was what we were supposed to do.
When we sent them to Tina for approval, her response was 
“Wow! That’s brilliant! The added Groovi plate opens it right up!”
At which point we at Clarity all looked at each other, and smiled. 
Happy accident? 
Tune in tomorrow and you will understand.
Isn’t it interesting how we see things differently at Clarity. Because Jim, Lisa and I don’t come from Parchworld, we thought we needed an outline. So that’s why the Duets were born.
What’s even more interesting is that as soon as Tina saw what we are capable of, her head started whirring, and she more Duets lined up for us! Slowly slowly catchee monkee…..
Here are a few beautiful samples from some of the Clarity team….

Linda Williams
Jane Telford
Josie Davidson
Glynis Whitehead
Josie Davidson
Anyway, I must dash, said the Mexican.

Love & Hugs,

32 thoughts on “Saturday’s Gallery

  1. Oh no, oh dear!! I was sure I was going to use the candle stamp set for my cards this year but now I am not so sure. These new plates and the team's artwork are superb I'm pleased that we are home so that I can record the shows xx

    1. Hi Chris,
      I feel the same way – was just looking at my candle stamp this afternoon, but now?!! I keep telling myself not to buy anymore but ……..! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  2. Fabulous work from the DT Barbsra and some beautiful new designs. I love the story about the happy accident with the snowflake designs, fate gave a helping hand. I will look forward to seeing the shows. x

  3. They are all amazing love seeing what different things people make from same item it's wonderful they are all so talented looking forward to seeing you and Tina in action tomorrow with them safe travelling big hugs from me and Katie ps Katie is on count down to when she gets to see you again bubbling over xxx

  4. Hi Barbara
    What stunning samples from the design team from both sets of plates. Now if you'd told me a black Christmas card should be made this year I would have laughed my head off in disbelief but they are stunningly beautiful aren't they. What a great happy accident, it's good to know you are keeping Clarity staff and staff at the engineering firm employed too. Safe journey and have fun.
    Love Diane xxx
    Ps off to press record, you will be in competition with the Grand Prix! Xxx

  5. Love the plates you're bringing to hochanda this weekend and it's fantastic seeing what the rest of the team did with them! Looking forward to seeing the demos and the rest of the samples tomorrow! Safe journey.
    Love and hugs! X

  6. Wow! They are all amazing! Team Clarity really are the dream team! Will look forward to seeing the shows when I get home. I can see lots of sell outs again! Have a safe journey xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – day 2 of our road trip-entitled 'For the love of Clarity'! We are on a lovely site across the way from the Cotswold Wildlife Park. Spent the afternoon there- it is an amazing place with a stunning walled garden. The flower beds were beautiful & we had a ride on the train for £1 each! Got to see all of the animals & I left my heart with the pengiuns. They even put on a great swimming display for us. Love & hugs Gilly xxx

  7. Wow what beautiful samples I am so looking forward to the shows tomorrow
    Have a lovely evening Barbara open a bottle of wine and chill I predict a sell out in record time tomorrow
    Safe travels tomorrow x

  8. Hi Barb,
    These are absolutely fabulous. What a talented bunch. I think I NEED these plates as they will go so well with the other two Christmas plates. What can I say about the duets as well – I NEED those too!!! Would you like to do ODS using some older plates or stamps or stencils for a few months – that way I might stand a chance of not spending any more money!! Have a safe journey and I feel sell outs coming on! Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Oh, I'll never have any money! These all look fabulous. Had a little play with my Gemini and was very impressed with it. Hoping to do some quick Christmas cards with it then I can use my Clarity goodies for the rest. Hope you all have your cushions ready for tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Recorder set for tomorrow. I have my 20month old grandson for a few hours while his mummy takes his big sister to the cinema for a treat before her first day at school, so I think I may not be able to watch the afternoon show. What treats we have in store xx

  10. Loving these plates, your design team are amazing! I've set my recorder for today's & tomorrow's programmes so I'll be glued to the Tv! Can't order any as am saving up for Leyburn for a big spend!! Best wishes for the Tv progs, love to you & Tina & gag the presenter!!

  11. Hello Barb, such stunning examples, I think the phone lines and website are going to go into meltdown today. Have a safe trip, and enjoy the shows. Take care all. Bx

  12. Oh my…credit card already groaning! Fantastic samples again and thanks for the pre shows peek it's lovely to see everyone's work and have time to really look and appreciate. Recorder already set and TV programmed to switch at the appropriate time this afternoon…now off to cook Sunday lunch so can watch without interruption. Xxx

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