Frilled to tell you Rosie’s on the Telly today!

Frilled to tell you Rosie’s on the Telly today!

Hi there!
Fanks for popping in!
I’m frilled to tell you Rosie’s on the telly today!
She’s already been snippin away on HOCHANDA, 
showin off our new square frills and friends

Not only do you get a frill, 
but also flowers and butterflies!
Now, to a Londoner, that sounds like a brilliant Birthday!
The frills are here due to popular demand actually.
Several of you avid parchers asked for square frills too,
so here they are!
We already have the round frills and friends, don’t we?
And what, with all the other flowers, baubles 
and butterflies thrown in, 
I guess you could call it a cheap frill!
(sorry, couldn’t elp meself!)
Rosie will be back on your screens at 12 noon and 4pm,
so tune in to watch!
  • SKY 663 (24/7)

  • FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)

  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)
Love & uggs,

14 thoughts on “Frilled to tell you Rosie’s on the Telly today!

  1. Missed 7am (it's recorded) but just spent an enjoyable hour doing the ironing while watching the 12pm, the enjoyment was watching Rosie…not the ironing…just in case you think my marbles have completely gone! Love the square frills so think they may come home from Harrogate with me. Right OH is making a sandwich and cuppa before I venture into my crafty den to, hopefully finish off Saturday's Make'n Take. Hugs to all xxx

  2. What brilliant service! I ordered a couple of things from the show and from the carols set somewhere around 7.30am and by 10.00am I had the email to say my order had been picked and dispatched. Thank you for that. Loved the show, especially when Dave Bradford thought I had worked through 17 envelopes in one go, bless him. Looking forward to Sunday as well to see what the big secret is that Rosie has promised us. Just need to rush round and do some sorting out, washing from the weekend etc, putting the suitcases away till next year, then I can sit down with a nice mug of lemon and honey to watch the last show today. xxx Maggie

  3. I have recorded the shows as I am at work today- I need to refill my bank account after Saturday!
    I am looking forward to sitting with my feet up tonight a trying out my new snow flake plates that won on Saturday. I plan to add some onto some Christmas cards this year.

  4. Beautiful plates, love the wavey look of the white work when its been embossed. These will go nicely with my round frills which I'm sad to say I haven't used yet! Got them and then didn't remember how to make the frill work! Now I have seen it again it make perfect sense. XX

  5. Hi Barbara
    That gave me a good chuckle, thank you. What beautiful new plates, I'm looking at them with my eyes closed though as I can't spend any more after Leyburn! We were out enjoying ourselves today so I've missed the shows but will catch them on playback.
    Love Diane xxx

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