Sorry – haven’t read the rule book!

Sorry – haven’t read the rule book!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
The sun is pouring warmth through the windows, 
the leaves on the trees are changing into wondrous reds 
and oranges,
Paul and I are prepping for this weekend’s TV shows,
and Life is good.
The weekend shows are actually full of fresh ideas and great designs.
If you are a stamper, then be sure to join Tina Cox and myself on Sunday 2pm – 4pm.
We have converted some of Tina’s Groovi designs into stamps, and I was playing with them this morning. 
Do you recall my old pattern building tricks with the Clever Corner stamps? Well, apply those techniques to these designs – and prepare to be impressed. I certainly was.
And even if you just like inky stampy, then they are superb…
barbara lancaster

wendy thorburn
I will tell you all about the very cool One Day Special tomorrow,
The Groovi-Go!
but today I want to touch on a couple of other brand new Groovi plates which are being launched at 6pm alongside. 
We are calling them ABC D-Boss plates. 
Finally, a solution for those of us who struggle writing backwards!
In the words of that old boy on POLDARK who drank too much,
’Tain’t friendly, ’tain’t natural.
And since we haven’t read the rule book here at Clarity, who says we can’t make a Groovi plate to help you write the right way round!!! Or do I mean right the write way round?
(Actually, it was Rosie’s idea – and she’s certified!!!)
It’s about having the choice, isn’t it ?
Sometimes you need to step away from the plate 
(if you’ll pardon the pun) to see the obvious.
And as we see it, we may as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb! Many traditional parchers have been calling us cheats for years, so we may as well give them something to get their teeth into!!
Love & hugs,

35 thoughts on “Sorry – haven’t read the rule book!

  1. Dare we ask if it is a one day special in Groovi or stamps? Like the idea of the groovi go as I am sure I am not the only one to do what I think is a good piece of work, only to ruin it by writing backwards. Must watch to see how it works

  2. I've never understood that mentality. Groovi is a tool, a means to an end. All it does it cut out one part that many people have never got to grips with. It's also perfectly possible to trace the reverse of a Groovi plate to do a mirror image. What's the problem? Did carpenters refuse to use electric saws, or cooks refuse to use electric ovens, because it was cheating? We're not taking drugs to beat the competition, we're not competing for Olympic medals or million pound prizes, for goodness' sake, we're doing a hobby, for pleasure. Keep on keeping on Barbara. We love Groovi, we love you, and we want more (any chance of wisteria please?) 😀 xx

  3. I adore the stamps and the plate sounds great. I'm sure most of us would prefer to make life easier when we can Barbara. Being a purist can be a bit boring…lol. x

  4. Afternoon Barbara! The stamps are fantastic and they will be very popular I think! They can be classy or pretty or even a bit arty/grungy depending on how you use them!
    As for the new alphabet plates wow! And who says we can't do Groovi like that? I ain't seen any rules that say that!!! It matters not a jot!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  5. Purist or stuck in a groove (not Groovi)?
    I have the same problem with a knitter friend who says machine knitting is cheating.
    I learned Parchment work in early 2000's but adore Groovi. The matching stamps are going to be a huge hit I just know it.
    I'll be thinking of you all while sipping my birthday gins.

  6. Oh crumbs just come home with a bagful from Leyburn and I just know these stamps are going to be great. Not sunny here, cold, in fact think I need to move South. I could keep you supplied with cake then. Forget the rules, brilliant if you have something that is going to help those struggling. That way people will stay interested. Wonderful. xx

  7. Intrigued by how you're going to help me write the right way for Groovi LOL!! Was just thinking I might be getting the hang of it the hard way ! Groovi Go – can't wait to see ! Cheat? Never ! The stamps look good too, I really must get back to that again and my gelli plates. Too much to do so little time ! Xx

  8. Hi blog friends, haven't done one of these for a while as I use facebook but hello to those of you who don't. Just got back from two weeks in Crete and looking forward to getting Groovi again. I took some x-stitch away with me and started a couple of Christmas cards so also have to finish them. Enjoyed seeing the Layburn Open Day posts/pics and glad those who went had a great time. I've done one Groovi workshop now in my area and look forward to attending another soon. Hoping everyone is well. Xx

  9. You have me intrigued so shall be watching to see how these work. Sounds like these plates will save a lot of frustration. Tina's stamps look beautiful in the samples. Great idea to turn Groovi into stamps. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  10. You have me intrigued so shall be watching to see how these work. Sounds like these plates will save a lot of frustration. Tina's stamps look beautiful in the samples. Great idea to turn Groovi into stamps. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  11. Ooooooo new stamps! Can't wait, and designs from Tina's players too. Can't believe there are still parchers out there who sneer at Groovi and call it cheating, but I suppose you are always going to have the minority tutters who will not except changes. I am intrigued to see what Groovi Go is all about. Will be watching. Xx

  12. I am glad to hear that you didn't read the rule book! I am sure that these new plates will do well and help those who are challenged when writing backwards to create lovely pieces of art.
    I am going to craft with some of the girls who came with us at the weekend. I am sure that we will be using some of our new products and reminisce about the weekend in Layburn .

  13. I'm looking forward to the weekend shows. As I'm one of the people who managed to make a mistake when doing a name backwards, I'm intrigued to see Groovi-go. There are no rules as far as I'm concerned, anything goes x

  14. Stamps look lovely, intrigued by Groovi Go?! As for the write the right way plates, I'm one of the lucky ones who can write/spell backwards and upside down if/when necessary but I know it's not easy for lots of people so I'm sure these will be very welcome. Been busy with my Make'n Take from Leyburn, just have to mount it on a card and will then post. Looking forward to the weekend shows already!xxx

    1. You are indeed very lucky to have such a useful skill: so no kicking yourself for making a spelling mistake at the end of hours of Groovying then! (My main problem is getting the W's the right way up.)

  15. Like the look of these stamps. As for the corner stamp patterns. I was thrilled recently to find a book written by you Barbara in 2008! Sorry, I found it in a charity shop, but it was the only book in the place and in pride of place on a shelf! I had a happy few days trying out some of the Ideas as I discovered I had some of the featured stamps including the corners. It was signed by you too! Unfortunately I will miss the shows this weekend as we are on holiday, first time in term time following retirement in the summer. Woo hoo! Must remember to set the recorder. Xx

  16. Like others I am intrigued by Go Groovi !! I love Tina's plates so I am sure the stamps will be well received, in fact a few Groovers may well try stamping !! I am off to Bromsgrove tomorrow to meet some Groovi Worldwide facebook friends, we plan to meet fortnightly so we can swop ideas & tips.

  17. Weren't most great inventions by people who broke the rules? Looking forward to the weekend as my middle son is getting married on Saturday and then Barbara Gray on Sunday. I will set the recorder as I may not get the chance to watch all the shows xx

  18. There are no rules ! GROOVi is, I believe, an Art Form which stands alone….de-boss, em-boss whatever you choose, works…..Go GROOVi-GROOVI Go… see !
    So it's "Sorry not Sorry" xx

    1. Why should you need to apologise for creating something that is giving so many people so much pleasure? It has brought so many new people into parchment, young and old, and given the craft back to a lot of people who had dropped out for varying reasons. I was talking to a lovely lady at Leyburn, who thought she would be physically unable to do it, but I persuaded her to have a go at the Make and Take. I saw her later and she had bought the Starter Kit and was discussing with Rosie how to .take things even easier. Result – another person able to join in a beautiful craft, thanks to Groovi. By the way, Dave, I suspect that the ODS is going to require a few night shifts to keep up with demand, so sleep now while you can! xxx Maggie

  19. Hi Barbara
    Oh what beautiful stamps, I've just bought the Tina plates at Leyburn, it was the beautiful gold parchment that made them fall into my basket. I'm sure they will fly out the door as stamps. The groovi go looks interesting, I know what you mean about writing backwards, I really have to get my head around it. I'm sure anything that helps will be welcomed with open arms by parchers groovi and traditional, well with so many top traditional parchers singing your praises and demoing for you, you hope the nay sayers would be dwindling. Hope tomorrow is a good day for you too.
    Love Diane xxx

  20. Hello Barb, those stamps look beautiful, and the new Alpha plates are a brilliant idea. Looking forward to the shows, but will have to record them. Take care all. Bx

  21. Rules are made to be broken or just bent a little bit. Good on you Barbara as an old parcher I am loving being able to use the groovi plates. I never thought I would parch again but groovi sure has made my life easier. As my hubby says and your pocket lighter x

  22. I am mystified as to how the new plates will work, but looking forward to finding out! I have just put all of my Groovi kit into a nice new basket so that I can pick it up and take about – and almost ready to try the cutting technique I was shown on Saturday. What a lovely, fun day – well worth the trek from Scotland! And hello Gillyflower – it was lovely to meet you and have a chat. I hope that the journey home is going well

  23. I know 'ONE' of those people who think Groovi is cheating, she is without a doubt one of the most negative, unhappy, saddest people I have ever had the displeasure to meet.

    I love you're fighin talk Annie, sorry Barbie. Many moons ago we had to send the old man out to hopefully bring back meat, he could very well have been gone for days and may not have even returned, but I like cheating, so I go to the butcher's or the supermarket, me thinks those who shout cheating don't send out the old man with his flint knife in the hope he brings back a leg of lamb. Progress and innovation are far more apt words than cheating. Cheating a word children use in the playground.

    Keep up the fighin talk Annie. When you send Dave out with his flint knife for the next leg of lamb, ask him to get one for me please and drop it off in Lancashire.


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