Technology? I don’t think so !

Technology? I don’t think so !

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
This here gadget below is a folder. A paper folder.
Yes, I know. But when you have to fold thousands of sheets, then a paper folder saves lots of time.
And it appears that time is of the essence.

However, the paper folder can only handle single sheet feed.
Here we see a New Design Club folder very quickly being sucked into the top,

and just as quickly being spat out the back. 
Very folded, but not quite as we had hoped.

However, we have now decided to make paper hats.
And we can pump them out!
Hundreds to the minute!
We had an overrun of these, so – 
Hat anyone?
Seriously though, I often think that machines just canโ€™t replace us.
Not yet anyway.
I remember fretting years ago when I was a language translator, that computers would replace me. 
And still today, if I ever want a real hearty laugh, 
I just have to click Google translate. 
I remember seeing my buddy Sue on a German channel once.
 She was selling her dies. Sue Wilson Dies.  But what it actually read when translated into German  was Sue Wilson stirbt. Which translated back into English means she has actually died! 
Poor woman!!!
Or how about Free shipping with every order over 30 Euros ?
It said: Freie Schiffahrt mit jeder Bestellung, which translated back into English means Free Cruise with every order !!!!
As I was saying, Google translate is great fun;
and I also think translators are safe. 
Time to go home.
Love and hugs,

42 thoughts on “Technology? I don’t think so !

  1. We will have had each we can wear them to ally pally hehe do advertising for you and design club could catch on you know everyone will want one. Enjoy your evening sun is shining never undo stood the saying the sun had got his hat on cause when I wear a hat it shades me oh well that's just me hugs xxx

  2. Pmsl. This is as funny reading it now as it was at the retreat when you told us about it. I have just read it out to hubby and even he found it funny. Lol. I love the hats too and I howled when I read that bit!! Never change Barb – I love you just the way you are. GOMFB!!!!! Hilarious. Xxx

  3. The pupils at school never believe me when I tell them that I can spot homework done with Google translate a mile away; until they have to redo the homework! LOL I think we're safe too Barb.

  4. Love the hats!
    Sometimes I wonder if so-called professional translators use Google Translate as well. I'm a translator myself and this week I've had to revise a couple of translations by translators who were either lazy or incompetent (or both). A shortcut in an electric circuit is something totally different from a shortcut in a sofware program. Sigh.

  5. Oh Barbara that did make me giggle! You could make the paper hats ready for your Christmas party!!!
    As for the translation thing I laughed even louder especially the free cruise thing… I bet people thought it was a really good deal!
    Didn't our Maria do good today! She's such a star!
    Enjoy your evening.
    Love and hugs xxx

  6. Once upon a time my OH was a 'Time and motion' analyst. One of the managers wanted to buy an expensive piece of kit that would group outgoing post into bundles. My OH had to tell him it was not possible – and leave him with a packet of rubber bands! Strangely there was no promotion mentioned that year (although it saved the company loads of money!!)

  7. That's funny, love the hats. I get so irritated by technology that doesn't work properly, how can it be progress?? I just hope that I'm gone before machines and robots take over the world.
    Hello Brenda, if you're reading this. I hope you're doing okay, and Daisy too. I miss reading your posts. Hugs xx

  8. How surreal is your timing? We said goodbye to my 56 year old brother in law yesterday & I am struggling to explain to my friends in Lanzarote why we have to wait 3 weeks for the funeral. They kindly sent messages of condolence but lord only knows what they put into the translator app because all I got was some random message about a small penis! Will someone invent an app that allows me to explain that to them. Hooray for some laughter on a very sad day!

  9. Tonight's blog has made me smile, machinery & google are 2 things most of us rely on for delivering the right answer or speeding up a process but perhaps we need to be more cautious !!

  10. Got to love a gadget! Every time I walk around Lakeland I see something else I didn't know existed that I really need!!! Just watching a recording about the lady who is writing a million lovely letters to people she doesn't know to give them something positive, and something to connect to at a low point in their life. What an amazing thing to do – so selfless and so thoughtful. Her name is Jodi Ann Bickley – I wonder if we could all send her a card to say thank you, or write her a letter to be sent out to someone for her "Find the right words" project? Anyone who is interested can find details on her one million lovely letters website. Susan x

  11. Had to laugh at the splendid hats -and if those birds are the stencil this month I'll be very happy! Love birds. Really had a good laugh too, at the translating errors. It makes you wonder what the original was when we translate blogs into English. I had a very strange Russian one recently (from Pinterest). I was sure what the English said wasn't what the Russian meant! Anyways thanks for a double laugh this evening.

  12. Such a funny blog today. It's like the French for hair is cheveux and horses is chevaux which could make going to the hairdressers in France interesting if you asked them to trim your horses.
    Seen a bit of Maria today and am just about to catch up xx

  13. Hi Barb,
    This has really made me giggle tonight.loving the hats too! I can remember when computers were first being used in school I had an English program for special needs kids that " read" to them. Well it was absolutely hilarious what the computer came up with! Only problem – the kids thought the computer was right! Soon stopped using that one. Fortunately things have improved somewhat but definitely not perfect yet. Can I have the cruise as well please?!!!
    Loved the new plates and stencils today and Maria did really well. Order in at Clarity Towers. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi Alison, glad you think like me cruise would be good.
      And love the new plates must wait a while to order but my next order will have one of them in it.
      Lots of hugs.
      Lynn xx

  14. Hi Barbara & ladies if there is a cruise going I will wear any type of hat if it helps! !!.
    Well have just caught up with Maria's first show, brilliant a sell out I new it would happen once I saw the samples the design team had made they were amazing.
    Maria was brilliant always comes across as a lovley person.
    I am so glad her idea was very well received go girl.
    Lynn xx

  15. Practical and great reading.great recycling! I so laughed when I read the German. I've seen so many of them including my own name ( which is actually Czech!!!) Well that side of the border currently!!! Another one to try is spoken Google. Ask it that long Welsh place name. Hours of fun! Gotta love words and language it's art!!

  16. Hi Barbara
    Oh what a good laugh you've given me tonight. Great hats, can I have one please, oh and the cruise with the order too, just what I need. My sale order came today, thank you. Time to gave a little play I think. Hope you have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello dear blog friends, thank you for the good wishes for the new job, day 2 this afternoon and it went much better. I'm shattered now though, time to watch Maria on rewind. Sending hugs xxx

  17. I hope the paper folding becomes better although the hats were very fetching. Sometimes I do use Google Translate to try to understand a post better but it does confuse as well and you begin to think perhaps you understood it better before you tried to translate I think that there will always be things which are better done by a real person rather than a robot or machine, I think technology has come a long way but it still has a heck of a long way to go yet. x

  18. Well.. you might want to look at the German descriptions of your items (or the complete website)….
    Mรถchten Groovi Platten – Sie schwingen auf einem Stern?
    That is only one example…. so where is a proper German translater?
    When websites are claiming to be in different languages then it should be correct. Otherwise don't do it.

  19. Hello Barb, what a funny blog post, had a great laugh this morning, I have used google translate or even FB, and the results are sometimes the weirdest thing you will ever read, and rest assured, nothing could ever replace you Barb. Hope the paper hats are finding new homes. Take care all. Bx

  20. Morning Barbara. Only just seen your post. Love the hats. Had a good laugh too (great way to start the day!)Google Translator, eh? Tell me about it – lol! We talked about it before, remember? It can be so funny but also quite embarrassing. Last year I was proof reading a translation (German into English)for a book and OMG, it was so bad I had to laugh out loud a few times. Sadly, some people don't like to be told they got it wrong (why do they ask for help in the first place, I wonder?). You know what is just as bad – auto-correct! I mean, how many times have we typed a message, only to notice once it's been sent that some very strange words have sneaked in, like the other day when I was telling a friend I was having a cuppa auto-correct decided I was having a cupboard – lol!
    Anyway, watched Maria on Hochanda yesterday and wasn't she great? Love her new groovi and stencil designs. Loved her demos. Can't buy anything atm but my wishlist for Ally Pally is getting longer! Have a great day xx

  21. Just started following your blog and what a hoot this morning with the hats – technology can be wonderful but only if it does as planned although the glitches do raise a laugh sometimes.

  22. We bought one of those machines at my old workplace some 30 years ago. That didn't fold properly either, so I'm glad to see that technology hasn't moved on too fast in some areas! By the time we'd arranged for thousands of individual letters to be re-printed, it must have cost the office a small fortune. Thanks for all the funny translations everyone, they gave me a lot of smiles ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ xx

  23. Google translate, paper folding machine…hilarious! Another of my favourite 'techie helpers' is spellchecker…especially when it's not been set to 'proper' English! Thanks for the giggles and the Hi Chloe, just wondering if you have any open days or workshops planned for the next few months?
    hats are great,beautilly modelled by Steve and Paul. Maria's shows were great, DT you did it again; looking forward to the ODS with Rosella. xx

  24. Hi Barbara,

    ich habe vor รผber einer Woche bei euch per Email (geht nur so) bestellt und bekomme keine Rรผckmeldung. Schade.
    Das habe ich schon einige Jahre so gehandhabt mit eurer Firma.

    Eure Ideen sind supergenial, Ob es jetzt die Stempel mit den Mรคdels sind oder Groovi.

    Weiter so Barbara.

    Ich liebe deine Materialien.

    In Liebe

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