Bags galore!

Bags galore!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Having some real computer issues today.
In fact, my Big Mac has died !!
Well, it’s in Apple A&E; 
hopefully they will be able to resussitate him !!
So I’m struggling with blogging,
and shall keep this short n sweet.
Rosie is launching a superb One Day Special this evening at 6pm.

It’s a Pergamano Template launch.
New and improved, so I do hope you like them!
Wait till you see what the team has made with them!

Both teams actually. 
We went ahead and changed the templates a little, so that they work as well for paper craft as for parchment craft.
Rosie will show you exactly what I mean. 

Dave drove all the way to Peterborough and back, just so that these little beauties and many more besides didn’t get damaged in transit. 

Rosie wil also be showcasing some wonderful handmade flowers,
which you can see here on this blue bag by Linda,
who used the blue parchment in the bundle too.

Linda Page

Jane used them here too…

Jane Telford

And so did Glynis, here! 
She used the pink parchment in the bundle too.

Glynis Whitehead

In fact, even Wendy managed to sneak one in!!!
Welcome aboard Wendy!

Wendy Thorburn
See how Wendy has used papers instead of parchment?
Wendy Thorburn
And Gail has gone very Pergamano parchment traditional.
In fact, it was Gail who got them out of the cupboard and said we ought to dust them off!
Gail Sydenham
And just look at this one by Glynis.
I forgot to mention that in the bundle there is some very expensive, very smooth and lovely black and buff paper, perfect for  layering like this.
I love how Glynis has added clear parchment as the final layer,
 like lace. 
Glynis Whitehead
An impressive One Day Special at a great price,
a fantastic display of beautiful artwork by both teams,
and a great presenter: Rosie.
What’s in the offer?
There are 4 different bag templates
Handmade flowers in 3 colourways and several different sizes,
Pink and Blue A4 parchment
Buff and black paper.
I hope you can tune in for what promises to be another top banana show. 
And may I say a BIG THANK YOU to Clare at work, Jim’s mum?
She made every single one of these templates. That’s thousands. 
Watch live on
6pm 8pm 9am 1pm 5pm
Love & Hugs,

21 thoughts on “Bags galore!

  1. Love making flowers sounds wonderful have hit record looking forward to seeing them . Davies had a long drive then today hope traffic was good to him. Been stamping out Janes this years Christmas stamp know to colour and make up first batch of cards on way ready for Christmas. Another beautiful day out there after a wet night xxx

  2. Oh wow Barbara, they look amazing. Just my style of crafting. Wonder now if I can sneak another order in. In the middle of testing a two tier Birthday cake for a little boy who will be one on Saturday. My lovely youngest son asked if I had a spare moment to make it for him. More like three days!!!!.

  3. Afternoon Barbara! Lovely and sunny here now and actually warm in the sun!
    I liked the templates but enjoyed all the decoration bit too! I'll be using these for wedding favours if we ever get a date!
    Looking forward to watching Rosie in a bit!
    Hope your mac can be fixed.
    Enjoy your evening.
    Love and hugs xxx

  4. Sorry your computer is having to be revived, it is extremely frustrating when these things happen. What beautiful work from the DT and hopefully will manage to catch some of the hours with the lovely Rosie. x

  5. Lovely samples. My sympathies with your IT problems – those computer gremlins must be widespread at the moment, as ours has died too. Luckily the replacement came really quickly, so we have some time to try to rehab the old one! x

  6. Hi Barbara
    I'm sorry to hear your Big Mac is in the Apple hospital( were you hungry when you wrote that?), I hope he gets better soon. These design team samples are stunning, so beautiful and the flowers are really delicate. I have a feeling I will be sitting on my hands trying not to order but it will be hard to resist they really are beautiful. It's great they can be used for papercraft as well as parchment, another sell out I think. Well done Dave doing the long round trip, I hope the traffic was better this time. I'm off now to find the show on rewind.
    Love Diane xxx

  7. Hello Barb, what beautiful samples, very talented ladies and fab ideas. Did not record last nights shows, but can hopefully watch todays, and on catch up for last night. Take care all. Bx

  8. Morning Barb,
    Sorry I never commented yesterday but wasn't feeling very well, but ok now thankfully. The samples are absolutely beautiful and it's good that the templates can be used for papercraft as well as parchment – very versatile. I recorded the shows yesterday and timer set for today but have yet to watch. I'm sure Rosie did you proud. Sorry to hear about your IT problems and hope they get sorted quickly. Love and hugs Alison xx

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