Smile! You’re on Camera!

Smile! You’re on Camera!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Still here at the office. 
But it has been a really constructive day.
I can’t say it often enough: I love the Clarity Team.
Huge Groovi sale kicks in. 
Nobody flaps. They all smile and just knuckle down to the job.
What a smashing bunch of people I get to work with every day.
Cor blimey.
I just had a memory recall of a job I did during one summer when I was a student. Shall I share?
Oh ok….
 It was in a very seedy sweat shop along Luton Arches in Chatham. 
Very very seedy indeedy, I can tell you!
It was an optic making factory. Nothing to do with eyes. No no no!
The optics you get behind the bar, which dispense booze!
So there were 8 of us. 
7 Indian ladies who didn’t speak a word of English, and me.
We sat in 2 rows facing each other, and had to assemble the optics.
So in front of you, there were loads of little pots of springs and bits.
You have NO IDEA how many washers and parts one of those blimming optics comprises! And if you didn’t get all the rubber washers and rings in exactly the right order, when it came to testing them with water to make sure they didn’t leak, 
it p’d straight through.
I tried to keep up with the Indian ladies, who worked like the clappers, but mine just leaked like sieves,
(which was bad enough with water,
but imagine if it were whiskey or brandy or vodka!)
So I had to keep undoing them and starting again.
At the end of Day one, I remember it well:
they were on about 35 each.
And I was on precisely 3.
And since it was piece work, where you get paid for the units,
 I hadn’t even made enough for my bus fare home. 
Anyway, where was I ?
Ah yes, grateful to be here at Clarity with my teamies,
and NOT at Luton Arches, unscrewing bottle optics!
Did I mention the Big 25% Groovi Sale over on the website this weekend?! If you’re into Groovi, then hop over and take your wishlist with you.
We’re also extending the sale to visitors at the Bristol Show, so bring your wishlist there too !
We had a really good meeting this afternoon.
Not about the usual stuff.
Today we talked about something much more interesting !
Making a Groovi DVD or five !
Should we ? Shouldn’t we ? Where ? When ? What ?
Lots of planning required, but the filming date is sorted,
the location is sorted, and even the duplication guys are in the know. So that means it’s a YES !
Thing is, I’ve made a few now, so I’m no DVD virgin!
This will be No. 7.
It’s a lot of work, but I KNOW a lot of people enjoy them and get a lot out of them.
A Groovi parchment DVD is definitely called for, don’t you think?
If we start on it at the end of July, it will be in the shops by October.
The last one was a few years ago now. 
We filmed it at the house and had great fun. 
I always intended to make Part 2, but then Groovi hit us, 
and the rest is history!
In the spirit of the weekend Sale, and because I can, 
let’s knock 50% off the latest one!
I even did it in German too!
My oh my.
Where does the time go?
Must get home and get packed for Bristol tomorrow!
What to wear…
Love & Hugs,
PS Have I told you about the Sale ?
It’s pretty much a Groovi 25% off Blanket Sale…
We won’t run out – we’ll just keep making.

39 thoughts on “Smile! You’re on Camera!

  1. A Groovi DVD sounds a wonderful idea. Looking forward to it, but don't be too good when you film it – we love your outtakes too. I am busy getting myself ready for Bristol too, but I don't have anything like the amount of stuff you have to think of, and definitely not the major set up things to do. I am just one of the many who walk in and see the completed event and think "WOW!". Have a good journey, and see you on Sunday. xxx Maggie

  2. Just imagining the delighted look on any drinkers face when they got a very good measure from one of your optics. Thank-you very much for the brilliant Groovi sale, I was just making my list for Bristol and now I can add a little bit more to it. Bags are packed, sending Fred off to sight see while I catch up with like minded friends. Looking forward to the day. xx

  3. I put my order in at 6am, so hope that I avoided the rush. That'll teach me to open my emails before I mark a set of Y7 German writing papers. Luckily I just managed to get them finished in time for the lesson.

  4. YES!!!!! What good news…the sale, even my purse do not allow me to enjoy it, and the Groovi DVD. That's the best new I have heard since a long time. So thank you Barbara and the team.
    Enjoy Bristol and have a great week-end
    Laurence xx

  5. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is well and Knees and backs are being good. Sitting here in about a hundred hair bands, multi coloured hair chalk and clips! Not trying out a new look just crazy hair day at school! The things we do 🙂 XX

  6. Ooooo yes I'd love a Groovi dvd and yes you certainly do have a wonderful team, love your catch phrase, Teamwork to make the Dream work, so true x

  7. A good idea to have a groovi DVD. Not to professional though and if it is can we have an added extra bit on the end of your outages. We all make mistakes and hey! It makes you humabn

  8. Hi Barbara
    At least you can look back on that awful job and think things can't get that low again! Oooooh a groovi sale, well as Donna says it would be rude not to have a look! I like the idea of the DVD, especially with out takes. Hope you have a good trip to Bristol, have dropped hints but no response yet. Never mind.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends thank you for your good wishes yesterday. I've been working on a groovi owl today, I'm quite pleased with his good he's come out, just waiting fir my white work to relax. Have a lovely weekend xxx

  9. Home after a hard day's work but had to do my groovi order. Pushed out the boat, as this is not a rehearsal and not pay day weekend. I like bread and jam – hope my husband doesn't see the order!!
    have a great weekend everyone
    Love Anne (Reading)

  10. Hi Barbara, great to hear you've had a good day. Long may that continue. Funny about your optics, hope you managed to improve enough to earn your bus fare, and maybe some lunch money, by the end of the first week!!!

    Yes, I've been sale shopping this afternoon, a good distraction as feeling really rubbish today and not up to doing anything. Thank you for your generosity. You do spoil us.

    I was trying to find the shader tools, and couldn't find anything, Rosella's favourites set, even tried singly, nothing. Are they out of stock just now? I was also wondering if you'd consider making the smaller version of Jayne's alphabet on it's own, for those of us who don't do big pieces? The extra large nested squares on the plate would get no use. Also wondering if you are going to make packs of the soft tones coloured parchment in A5, or is it that that's sold out too? Or maybe it's my brain not functioning well enough to find stuff!!!! Sorry for the questions. Thank you.

    You always look lovely, so just pick the first things to hand, and then sit down and chill for the evening. Hope you have a safe journey.
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Yes, that's it Margaret. Thank you. I don't have an account with Hochanda, but I'm happy to wait for them coming back in stock on Clarity, now I know I'm not being stupid, nor imagining it!!!! Thank you xx

  11. Glad you have had a good day!
    Ohhhh a sale really!!?? I hadn't heard lol
    I have my shopping list ready for Bristol and now even more money to spend woo hoo
    Make sure you take plenty of liquid gold too please……
    I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again and making new friends too

    I will def be sitting learning to snip I really need it lol

  12. A great sale for those in the groove and you didn't say if the job putting together optics lasted for more than one day…lol. All power to yor elbow for giving it a go though Barbara. x

  13. Hello Barbara

    That optic story made me laugh. It reminded me of when I had a holiday job in one of Whitworths factories. There were six of us in the team and we were packing glace cherries. 4oz of cherries in a bag, 48 bags to a box. The first day we managed five boxes. The second day we did nine boxes! We were all going like the clappers, no slacking. On boasting to the foreman we had nearly doubled our output he informed us a good piecework team did 240 boxes a day. 240!

    Like the idea of a DVD. I have all the others.


  14. Hi Barb,
    Your optic making sounds nearly as good as my holiday job! I used to work in the hospital laundry and I won't tell you what you found there! I had one of the best jobs most of the time working on the calendar – the giant pressing machine for sheets, pillowcases etc. I vividly remember that the pillowcases had to go through twice and the second time they were so hot your fingertips burned! The roller towels were fun – they came through in long strips and each person ( usually 2 or 3) had to loosely fold 2 or 3 at once! Still it was really good money, I actually took a pay cut when I started teaching! Thank you for the sale – I have my list all sorted. DVD sounds a brilliant idea- put my name on one! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you. Been very wet here today. Well hospital visit didn't go too well. The new brace didn't fit ! They are trialling this new one so they are going to contact suppliers to see if it's available in larger sizes. Hopefully it will be as it's much neater and I might be able to get ordinary trousers on instead of tracksuit bottoms as my brace is too wide with the hinges. Have a good weekend everyone and don't spend too much in the sale! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  15. Ohh yes yes yes a groovi DVD I have your last DVD it's brilliant got to say though the out takes made me laugh the way you tried to stop laughing during filming
    Looking forward to the new one. I for one can't wait thanks Barbara
    Ohh and thanks for the groovi sale too. Have a great show this weekend xx

  16. Dear Barbara. Hope you have a great weekend. Do wish some if these shows were nearer to Manchester.
    I have been catching up in your blog and love the photo of you all at your Dads party. My family did the same thing for my 80th birthday, it is such a thrill when you see all the family from far away. I am sure your Dad was delighted. A DVD would be wonderful as it would be just you, with no interruptions. Look forward to that. Safe journey. Xxxx Josie

  17. Oh no! Just when my card thought it could have a rest! What can I say…it has to be done…off to place my order!

    Have a great show at Bristol…can't make it so far down the country but will hopefully get along to Harrogate later in the year and looking forward to Leyburn already xxx

  18. Hi Barb, what a fab blog post, from the giggles thinking of you assembling and dismantling optics to the cute monkey pic. I am sure a lot of us have done jobs of the same type, a lot of pain for little gain. I love your DVD's and pick them out from time to time to watch for inspiration. Enjoy the sale everyone, what a great discount, and for those going to the show enjoy. Have a great day all. Bx

  19. A Groovi DVD sounds fabulous and such a great idea to have a sale too especially for those of us who can't make the Bristol show. I wish I could do some sale spending but money is all spoken for at the moment for my holiday. I am hoping when I get back I can treat myself. I hope you have a wonderful day in Bristol.
    Linda xxx

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