A Perfect Fit, and Bristol on the Horizon.

A Perfect Fit, and Bristol on the Horizon.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Time to push some beautiful images into the limelight….
These wonderful dancers were illustrated by our clever Mel, 
and have already enjoyed centre stage as stamps.
So for all those who prefer stamping, they’re already there for you.
If ever there were line designs born to be Groovi, 
then these are they.
And if you saw Maria’s show yesterday, and the superb samples from the über-talented Groovi Design team, 
you will concur with me. 
Here’s just a brief sampler….
Karen Jackson
Jane Telford
Grace and Charm
Gail Sydenham
Dee Paramour
I won’t show you every single piece of artwork, although each and every one is certainly worthy – I think you can see at a glance how fabulous these images are. 
I urge you to go back and watch Wednesday 1pm Show on Hochanda.com
It presents a perfect example of when Groovi meets traditional.
I also hope you will be joining us at the Bristol Parchment Show on Sunday. We have a pretty impressive line up :
Linda Williams 
Tina Cox 
Rosie Cottrell 
Paul Church
Josie Davidson
Chris Walker
I shall be running FREE Groovi make & takes too,
so come early and sign up!
We will have all things Groovi and Pergamano with us,
including these lovely plates.
I wish I had more time, because I really, really want to settle down with Beauty or even Elegance, and picot cut the skirts and words.
But to be honest, I am playing catch up from taking nearly a week off when the kids were back from the States, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to play right now.
All good though.
Teamwork makes the dream work.
Love & Hugs,

35 thoughts on “A Perfect Fit, and Bristol on the Horizon.

  1. Hiya Barbara! I loved working with the ballerina plates once I got them! They are so elegant that it really suits the parchment style!
    Have a great time in Bristol!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx
    PS you're allowed to have time off with your family!!! It doesn't happen that much! Xxx

  2. Beautiful Barbara, both images and what your design team have done with them. I particularly like Jane Telford's piece. Thank you for sharing. The stamps were put on my need/want list, but appear to have somehow fallen off the end! Now it's going to be a harder job deciding which to get!!!! Although I think the stamps will be smaller so that's better for me, and I could trace or stamp onto parchment, best of both worlds.

    Barbara, you still need some you time, especially if you're doing a show this weekend. Pleeeease take some time out for you today/tomorrow. Delegate, and what can't be, prioritse, leave what can wait until next week xx

    Love Brenda xx

  3. Fabulous samples by the very talented DT. Maria was as inspirational as always love watching her shows. Spending time with the family is a must and just think of all the memories you created! Enjoy your evening!
    Linda xxx

  4. Hi Barbara
    Oh these are beautiful and yes I can see what you mean about being perfect in groovi. I've always loved them as stamps and the design team samples are stunning. Dee has been working her magic again hadn't she. I must watch the shows on catch up, it's been a busy few days. Lovely to hear you had time to spend with the kids when they were home briefly, just the boost you needed ( did they reinact the poster shot for the ABC plates ?). Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, sorry I've been AWOL or late, we've been celebrating our silver wedding anniversary so it's been a little hectic here. Tea party for family in the garden Saturday followed by a couple of days away. 25 years! Where has that time gone!! Hope everyone is ok. Sending hugs and cake crumbs xxx

    2. Hi Diane,
      Many,many congratulations. Hope you've had a lovely time. Thanks for the cake crumbs – that's all the cake I'm going to be having for a while!! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  5. Beautiful designs from the DT, the dancers certainly look great in Groovi. I had set my recorder to catch the shows but it didn't record them! Will watch on catch up. Hope your weekend show goes well. XX

    1. Hi Donna,
      Oh I remember them! I certainly don't miss them either. Actually it's been nice here today – been wandering around the North York Moors looking for a Dotteral ( a bird!) – needless to say we didn't find it, but it gave me the chance to try out my new binoculars! Love and hugs Alison xx

  6. If you're coming to Bristol and you need help with your snipping come and see Chris and myself as we are running the snipping clinic or just come and say Hi! Hope to see you there xx

    1. Hope I find you! Thought my snipping was good until I saw the professionals. Trying not to get disillusioned. Looking forward to Bristol
      Best wishes
      Anne (Reading)

    2. We are in the middle of the room – there are 3 sets of four tables and we are on one of them – near Wightcat Crafts. I'll also have my maroon display board up with my pattern packs on it and that has my name at the top of it. See you Sunday Anne x

  7. Hoping to get to Bristol. Thought my snipping was good until I watched Tina! Strong, long learning curve ahead.
    Roll on Sunday
    Love Anne (Reading)

  8. Hi Barbara – have a great time in Bristol! I loved watching Maria's shows – but then I always do! The plates are really good and as for the samples – they were totally stunning! Thanks for the upcoming sale – I am just about to find my wish list and decide which ones to order, over the weekend! And I had been SO good lately – never mind! xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – we have had quite a nice day here, apart from when the heavens opened for a short while. It was worse in Falmouth – it was flooded there apparently! We have been busy today, but tomorrow is a rest day – we are taking my best friend (in Cornwall) out for lunch. Guess what we shall be having – it will be Friday! Try not to spend too much in the Flash Sale everyone – love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  9. Hi Gilly, we've had a dry day here until tonight and it's raining again and due for most of tomorrow too ! I helped at OAP lunch club today. Nothing tomorrow so hope to fit in a bit of crafting especially if it's going to rain. It has helped me take out some Chinese lanterns from the front garden though, much easier to pull up while the ground is damp before they take us over again! have a good day tomorrow. Xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    I simply love these plates, they are so elegant and definitely lend themselves to snipping etc. They are a must have for me. Looking forward to the sale ( thank you). Maria was brilliant ( as usual) and the DT samples just stunning ( as ever). Love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Been a nice day here today. As I said on Donna's comment above, we've been out and about making the most of the good weather. After North York Moors, continued on to Whitby which I love. Had to have fish and chips for lunch ( it would've been rude not to!) but still didn't go over my calories for the day! Hopefully get my new brace tomorrow. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. I found it. Thank you for another very generous sale Barbara. Can someone please tell me which plate has the smallest version of Jayne's alphabet on it? Thank you xx

  11. I didn't manage to catch Maria's shows yesterday but the ballet dancers look great in Groovi form and I love the team's take on them, just beautiful. x

  12. Hello Barb, wow these plates are brilliant and the artwork is stunning. Have recorded the show and not watched it yet, a real treat to look forward to. I am sure there are many that have the stamps that will get the plates too. Take care. Bx

  13. Beautiful artwork, something to aspire to. Bad timing on my part, I put in an order on Wednesday and now there's a sale! So I put in another order today, thank you for a very generous offer.
    Thanks to Rosella's demonstration I now understand why you need to perforate twice (takes a long time for the penny to drop with me) and I get much better results xx

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