Happiness is as a Butterfly….

Happiness is as a Butterfly….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Quick step by step of one of the projects I did on telly.
I ran out of time, so would like to show you this little butterfly!
Used the new Poetry Plate, 
Happiness is as a butterfly.
Just half the border.
Then topped the frame off with the new Nested Rectangle.
Available as a pair,
or as part of the complete A5 Poetry Collection, 
including the calligraphy A5 Plate Mate.
Made a template of the verse on another piece of parchment, 
to position it exactly where I want it.

then went back to the butterfly plate 
and embossed a couple of them strategically,
BEFORE adding the verse.

See? Add the butterflies so that they will sit in front 
of the verse box.

Then add the verse box.
Position the words where you want them.
Once you figure out the sequence, it’s very logical.
Little bit of whitework on the butterflies.
The eyes on the wings mainly. 
Oh. And the dots on the trailer.

Colour in the butterflies with Distress Markers.

Mask off the Verse box with Post-Its 
and using our Clarity Stencil Brushes,
brush in a coat of Fine Wine Artistry ink 
and a vignette of Grey around the perimeter.
This is where we got on telly.
Use the 2-needle Pergamano tool all round the outside.
And I mean ALL round the outside!
Think of it as homework.
Once you get round this baby, 
you will either have mastered picot cutting,
or you will be looking for 
a) a class 
b) a new hobby 
c) pinot not picot!

Now for the loveliness!
Emboss a butterfly using the No. 1 tool.
Using the 2-needle tool, perforate both inside and outside the lines.
Picot cut out the inner areas, and then cut out the butterfly itself. 

I like the exclusive scissors pictured here,
althought the more expensive ringlock scissors are very good too.
Using a tiny dot of perga Glue on the body of the butterfly,
attach to the top coloured in one. 

Use brads in all four corners of the verse box 
to attach the whole piece to one of our Northern Lights Papers.

Mount the 8″x8″ paper on an 8″x8″ folded, scored card.

All done.
Hope you like that one.
The Poetry Plates were a resounding success.
I am so glad.
So much work went into them! 
From design to manufacture and beyond.
My brother came into work tonight, 
because he’s on permanent nights at the moment,
making said poetry plates.
He asked me this:
“Why does a One Day Special last a month??? ”
Love & hugs,

39 thoughts on “Happiness is as a Butterfly….

  1. My order is in for those plates. Looking forward to getting them but I am happy to wait so Steve can have a couple of extra minutes sleep. They were always going to fly with such lovely verses and flourishes. Hope you are feeling a bit better today. A little rest and relaxation needed? xxx Maggie

  2. Lovely Barb .Still need to catch up on Mondays shows wasn't going to give in until pay day but received my s a y e payout so ordered the tool sets .Although still love stamps and stencils am enjoying the groovie …Tina was amazing .

  3. Absolutely stunning Barbara, I've only just started on the groovi trail, I thought mmm just the thing to do on our narrowboat home it will be easy to store as space is limited…well, after seeing all the new plates WE ARE GOING TO NEED A BIGGER BOAT !!!! 😂😂😂xx

  4. Beautiful Barbara. Your picot cutting looks amazing now, and love the colours you used. Thank you for sharing. My picot cutting isn't at your standard yet, goes a bit squint at times, more like 45 degree triangles!!! But I guess it just needs practise. And waiting until my eyes stop being blurry always helps too, picots always look a worse mess with blurry eyesight!!!

    Hope you are feeling better today. Poor Steve, must get a bit monotonous when it's the same plate/s every night. Hope you can put your feet up for the rest of the evening. Love Brenda xx

    1. Hello Brenda I was watching Tina doing her cutting and was really inspired to have another go, especially using the scissors upside down. I'm sure yours is progressing nicely. Sending hugs to you and Daisy. Xx

  5. Hi Barbara
    I hope you are feeling better today. This is absolutely beautiful. I haven't got to these programmes yet but I can see I have a treat in store. I've really enjoyed Tina's shows today, I learnt so much, she is such a star. Oh I do like these new plates, I must be good and look away, well a little peep wouldn't hurt would it. I think you need to build some beds and a cafe onto your offices so Steve and Paul can sleep and eat a proper meal. I do like Steves comment about a one day wonder lasting a month. You must all wonder what's hit you sometimes. Hope you manage another early night.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope everyone is ok. We've had a lovely sunny day here, there's a daffodil almost out in the garden so spring is nearly here. Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Diane,
      Needless to say these beautiful plates landed in my Clarity basket! Our daffodil bulbs are just beginning to show but looking at the weather coming up they could be wrecked! We could be in for some of the white stuff apparently! Love and hugs Alison xx

  6. Hi Barb, enjoyed all the shows on Sunday and Monday. Ordered the Poetry plate set late Sunday evening, so hoping to receive them by the end of the week ������
    I ordered the Pergamano Piercing set on Sunday afternoon so going to give piercing a try but need to invest in a pair of scissors to try my hand at Picot edging.
    I was lucky enough to have one of the tote bags added to my order too ! Yay !!! ����

  7. Good evening Barbara.
    What a beautiful work of art your card is
    Had to have the one day special Well i can't take it with me can I. Lol
    Beautiful plates and a great plate mate too stunning x

  8. Good evening Barbara! Loving the card! It looks great on that paper too!
    The poetry plates are so lovely to use I'm not surprised they are popular!
    Steve is a very good brother to work nights!
    Hope you are feeling better and more rested.
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  9. They are fabulous poor Steve the Clarity train is on full steam all time he must wonder is it ever going to slow down. Good though cause all such good quality xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    I loved this demo on tv so thank you for the step by steps. I think the template is a very clever idea especially the way you've hinged it – I would never have thought of that! I have made little templates to position words etc but this is the next step. Like Maggie, I'm quite happy to wait a bit for my plates – I feel a bit guilty for Steve!! Hope you're feeling better. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is as well as possible. Had a crafty day today making a card for Dave's birthday on Saturday. As he loves bird watching, and was trying to see a waxwing for ages, I decided to do one using the finch stamps as they look quite a waxwing. Really enjoyed colouring them in ( using a bird book for guide). Just hope he likes it ! Got my hospital appointment tomorrow to see how my knee is progressing. Hopefully, they will increase the bend on the brace or even let me take it off. I don't feel very confident though! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  11. Super shows at the weekend Barbara, still have Paul's to watch. Love the new plates. Great to see Tina on with you too. The close up detail from the cameras was absolutely brilliant. Hope you feel better, poor Steve, must seem neverending orders after a one day special.xxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    That's a lot of picot cutting! I am still practicing mine. I have no trouble pricking but I have a problem finding the holes again to put the scissors in. I am using a daylight light with a magnifying glass but it's hard going. Still practice makes perfect as the saying goes.
    X Chris

    1. Hello Chris, if you make the holes a bit bigger by putting the pricking tool further into the parchment until you get used to the cutting, it will make it easier for you to locate the holes with the scissors, and then when you're happy with that, you can go for the real thing. Use old offcuts of parchment.
      Maureen x

  13. Such a gorgeous card, I love butterflies. I enjoy the perforating and cutting, it makes a very satisfying sound. Just a quick question Barbara, I have loads of the old blue pergamano tools and the scissors but it would be great if it was possible to buy the embossing and perforating instructions and the mat that comes with the scissors. Any plans to sell them separately?
    Loved the weekend shows, such a pleasure to watch Tina demonstrate. Used to watch her on C&C and enjoy her take on parching, always seemed less fussy than the traditional patterns but still using the same skills.
    Hope you are feeling better now xx

  14. I missed this and it's beautiful Barbara with all those pretty butterflies and the lovely verse with the gorgeous framing you have done. Hope you are feeling better now. x

  15. Hi Barb. Hope you are feeling better today. I had an hour to myself this morning so watched Sunday's show again when Tina demonstrated picot cutting (what fab camera work!) and then had another go! Now I realize I have two sizes of the No.1 piercing tool has made all the difference and I improved after about an hour of trying!!! Bingo!!! Now I am on the naughty step as I placed an order for the butterfly poem and frame etc.so I am so pleased you blogged a how-to tonight – thanks xx

  16. Lovely card – the decoupage butterfly finishes it off perfectly! Still in process of clearing and sorting my little craft room…can anyone tell me why I've kept the tiniest slivers of card etc? I know we say that crafters waste nothing but think I've a serious problem lol!

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