A Day for Reflection

A Day for Reflection

Hi there.
Thank you for popping in here today.
Just on my way out the door to dear Jayne Nestorenko’s funeral. 

Paul and I are going together. 
To think it was a year ago almost to the day 
that Jayne called on us to run with her art 
because she wasn’t well enough to take it to market herself. 
One year.
The outcome was inevitable, 
and yet she, her family and we friends always hoped for a miracle.
I guess the miracle was Jayne herself. 
Arty, creative, talented.
She was a smashing woman, you know.
Wicked sense of humour.
Right old gigglepot. 

The funeral is to be a celebration of her life.
No black to be worn.
Difficult day for her family, but – like everything else in life –
 this too shall pass.

Trying to find a positive in this sad loss here,
I am so grateful she and I got to work together on stamps and designs in her last year, 
and that we as an arty community got to push her artwork into the limelight again.
That did her the power of good too.

I will never ever forget the live conversation we had with Jayne on TV just before Christmas. That really was a special moment.

So before I get all tearful,
I would like to leave you with a little floral tribute to dear Jayne 
from the Clarity Team

Missed but never forgotten.
And she will be chuffed to know we have many more of her lovely designs sprinkled throughout the coming months,
and for years to come. 
On another positive note, the 10,000 daily steps that Dave and I are reaching for to raise funds and awareness is going very well.
We have raised over £2.5K already.
Thank you so much for donating to such a worthy cause if you already have.
Who reading this hasn’t been affected by cancer, 
or lost a love one to cancer?
So Dave and I shall keep on walking, until we reach £10K.
Here’s the link:
Love and Hugs,

55 thoughts on “A Day for Reflection

  1. Bless you, a difficult blog for you to post, my thoughts and prayers for Jayne's Family, and thanks for her creativity and for you bringing it to us for us to appreciate. xx

  2. Beautiful designs and finished samples, inspired by Jayne. I know I am one of many, many people who got in to crafting via Jayne…watching her with her wooden stamps with mandala type designs , and some boxes from the stamps…all with the glitter…will always be grateful to her for her inspiration. Crafting and now designing has helped me through many a difficult time, Thank you Jayne, your legacy will live on. Xxx

  3. No, we'll not forget her, not with those amazing tributes from the design team, and the joys of more of her designs to come. She really was a treasure, one to be enjoyed, and to smile over. Let's treasure Jayne's memory through her art for years to come.

  4. Thank you for sharing Jayne's wonderful designs, and your team's fantastic artwork, so that I too can celebrate Jayne's life through your blog. Thinking of all her family and friends as you say goodbye today x

  5. A difficult day for all who knew and loved Jayne, and especially her family, but we all know she will not be forgotten as she was a creative and very special lady, and such wonderful work from the team using her beautiful flower stamps. It is good to know there will be more of her gorgeous designs in the future. x

  6. She sure was an amazing lady that last message on Hochanda was just so special hearing her voice and know sharing her wonderful art work my thought and prayers are with her family and friends today such a hard day saying farewell but remembering all the wonderful times and wha a special lady Jayne was xxx

  7. I have many CD's and stamps of Jayne. I will never part with them, they are far too lovely. And now I have Groovi plates of her designs too. Every time I use them I will think of her, as will everybody who uses her artwork. Hope it's not too harrowing today x

  8. Thinking of you, Paul and all Jayne's family and friends today, such a lovely and talented lady. It's bound to be a difficult time for you all, just hope that you can all take some comfort from the legacy of all her beautiful artwork that she has left to us all. God bless Jane Rest in Peace.xx

  9. Sad day. I feel the hurt and upset too, so can only imagine what you and Paul as Jayne's friends, and her family must be feeling. And yes, I for one will be doing what I can to keep her memory alive, every time I use one of her designs. Beautiful artwork, fitting tribute. Death's the worst thing about being born. Wish so much it didn't have to happen at all, or at least that we knew for sure we went somewhere after. I try hard to believe we do, but my Asperger's brain is not wired for belief and faith etc. of anything unfortunately, so can only keep trying.

    Well done on your walking and fundraising Barbara and Dave. We're all behind you. I'm going part of the way with you each day, going to try increase it a wee bit, but it might not work, as I already play the robbing Peter to pay Paul lark with my CFS all the time.

    Hope you can all remember some happy and funny times with Jayne through your grief today. Love Brenda xx

  10. A sad day certainly but she leaves behind so much art for us all to enjoy and remember her by. I know whenever I use one of her designs I shall think of her. Sending hugs to all her family and friends. xx

  11. A beautifully written post Barbara which must have been very difficult to write. A fabulous pictorial tribute to such an amazingly talented and wonderful artist.
    Love and Hugs
    Linda xxx

  12. RIP dear Jane. Thank you for all you bought to us crafter's. I hope one day I will meet you in a better place. May your family and friend's have peace in knowing you are not suffering any more. You will never be forgotten.

  13. Was going to say that the world will be a sadder place without her, but then I thought, 'the world is a better place because she was here'. Thank you Jayne for all the beauty you brought into all the lives you touched in your time on earth. I do believe in Heaven and I believe you are there marvelling at creations of Master.

  14. Hi Barb,
    A very sad day indeed. She was a very talented, lovely lady and she will be sadly missed in the craft world. Every time I use one of her beautiful flower plates or stamps, I will think very fondly about her and her crafting legacy. The cards above are beautiful and a fitting tribute to her skill. Thinking of you, Paul and all of Jayne's family. I hope that it was a wonderful celebration of her life. Love and hugs Alison xx

  15. Hello Barbara
    Jayne was such a wonderful lady and will be sadly missed in the craft world, but she and her family will be content knowing her srtwork is safe with you. The artwork from the Clarity team is a fitting tribute today, so beautiful. My thoughts and prayers are with Jaynes family and friends today. Sending hugs.
    Love Diane xxx

  16. A sad day for every one who knew her. Her art will keep her memory alive for many years. Well done on raising what you have already and hope it gets up to your total soon. XX

  17. A very sad day but Jayne leaves behind a wonderful legacy of designs that clarity is bringing to life in stamps and groovi which I have a few and look forward to buying more as they come out ..a very talented lady will be sadly missed sending lots of loving hugs xxx

  18. What a beautiful tribute to Jayne. Such a hard time for all of you. We lost our 35 year old son-in-law on January 5th due to cardiac arrest. So know well the pain everyone is going through. I am working on some of Jayne's beautiful stamps at the moment and so enjoying the intricacy of them.

  19. Such a sad difficult day for you Barbara …. and for all Jayne's family and friends. I did a class with her in Kendal quite a few years ago and I can still hear her lovely chuckle. What a great loss to the crafting world but we've all gained so much from this lovely lady. Sleep well dear Jayne xx

  20. Such a sad and difficult day but the lovely Jane (and her oh so soft voice and girlie giggles) will never be forgotten. She has left such a beautiful range of art that you have so generously taken on and chosen to be the protector of (she couldn't have chosen a better person to entrust it to than you). She will live on in our hearts and crafty minds each time one of us uses one of her designs and shows the next generation what can be achieved with them.

  21. Hello Barb,
    Each and every card tells a "Jayne" story and she would be so proud. Celebrate her life and try not to be sad.
    Mr K's identical twin has been fighting this terrible disease for 15 months and even though it's terminal, we keep hoping and praying for a breakthrough.
    Much love, Maureen xxx

  22. Absolutely a fitting tribute! What a fantastically talented team Clarity has, really inspirational! Hope your day wasn't too sad Barbara and that you did both celebrate dear Jayne's life.
    Well done on your 10k steps challenge too, I just don't know how you fit it all in! I think you must be 'Wonder Woman' Ha! Xx

  23. What a beautiful tribute to Jayne, from Team Clarity. I am sure that many tears were shed today, but hope that you all managed to smile too and share happy memories of time spent with Jayne. A truly special and very talented lady – she will always be remembered by so very many people – through her artwork. Every time one of us uses a stamp or a Groovi plate from her artwork – we will remember her! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  24. Thoughts are with Jayne's family and friends, I hope everything went well under the circumstances and those close to the lovely lady could raise a smile by the end of the day as they shared memories of happy times spent together. Jayne's talent and love for the world around her will be spread for many years to come by her generosity in sharing her beautiful artwork with us…Once again thank you Jayne, sleep peacefully surrounded by love xxx

  25. So sorry for your loss, I hope you many good memories sustain you. Her beautiful artwork will continue to bless the world. Her little melting snowman really got me.

  26. I once unwittingly blocked Jayne's path to her demonstration area on a stand at Ally Pally. Did she huff and puff? No, she kindly and gently asked to get by and made me feel wonderful for being in her way, instead of just being the nuisance I undoubtedly was. So sorry to have to say goodbye to one of nature's beautiful people. RIP Jayne.

  27. I didn't know anything about Jayne until I saw her work on your site. I've loved everything she designed. So sad to lose her and her wonderful talent. Thankyou for carrying on her art and letting us enjoy it thru our crafting.

    My son and son in law have been fighting leukemia for the past year, both finding out they had it on the same day. My son in laws brother just passed away this week from leukemia also. My mother died from cancer. It is a horrid devastating disease.

    Congratulations on you walking fund raiser you are doing a great job, that's an amazing amount already!

  28. The most lovely lady….Jayne Nestorenko….I Miss you so much…….all the lovely things you taught me I will never forget…the angels will be so busy learning all about you and your amazing craft…..God Bless hope to meet you again one glorious day…loved you lots and lots……Rosalie-anne …….xxxxxx

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