Have hit a wall.

Have hit a wall.

Hi there.
Sitting in the store room at the NEC.
Having a break from the noise and bustle.
Signal’s appalling here too,
And I can’t disappear from the stand for too long!
Oh boy will I be glad to get home!
Although our stay here has been the best really.
Great show, great customers, great Clarity team 
and the best 5th November ever! 
I will tell you all about it tomorrow, 
when I’m back in my own little zone.
Am I getting older?
Daft question.
Don’t seem to be able to keep going like I used to…..
Voice in head responds gently..
then don’t. 
Hasta manana.
Love and hugs 

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  1. There is one thing for certain Barbara – we cannot stop the clock! But we can learn to pace ourselves and delegate delegate delegate! Lol. Glad the show has been a success and please drive safely home. Nice cup of tea (or something a bit stronger), curl up in front of the fire and chill. xxx

  2. Glad you've had an enjoyable show but sometimes we need to listen to our bodies. Looking forward to hearing about 5th November. Could write something about Dave and big bangs but I'll let your imagination write it instead and hope it gives you a giggle. Safe drive home. Love and hugs Jeanette xxx

  3. Glad you've had an enjoyable show but sometimes we need to listen to our bodies. Looking forward to hearing about 5th November. Could write something about Dave and big bangs but I'll let your imagination write it instead and hope it gives you a giggle. Safe drive home. Love and hugs Jeanette xxx

  4. Daft question it is πŸ˜‰ – Well Older you always get as the days goes, but what I think is that your energy level is very low now because the crowd has drained you, if you know what I mean. The only thing you can do is eat a lot of "living" food / fruit and vegestable – as much as you can, and no alcohol….. Been there done that dear Barbara – Warm hugs from Copenhagen

  5. I'm not surprised you are feeling somewhat jaded Barbara, four days is a lot of long days, noise, talking and concentration. Hope your journey home is good and look forward to hearing about happenings on 5th November. Take care. x

  6. Glad been a great Nec , may be need to lien to voice in head slow down a bit since September youhsve been st full throttle and in middle big time changes in different country's most important look after you and Dave we all love you so much don't want a burnt out Barbara &Dave soon be home rather wet here know so drive carefully hopefully clear roads xxx

  7. Hello Barb
    I am not surprised you need a break the NEC is manic
    Not managed to get there this time as hubby has had surgery on his right hand and he is right handed so I am playing nursemaid
    Looking forward to receiving my new build a wreath groivies
    Safe journey home to all of you T x

  8. Hello Barbara

    As much as your followers (me included) require a little piece of you, you must pace yourself and listen to your body or you will become ill and of no use to Dave, your family and the business.

    Sending love and hugs,

  9. Glad you are having a good show, but take time for you too as you can't always give, give and give.
    Had a good day today with church this morning followed by a lovely family lunch and then all four of us spent an hour in the garden sweeping the leaves into a mountain! Happy memory making time!

  10. Glad you are having a good show, but take time for you too as you can't always give, give and give.
    Had a good day today with church this morning followed by a lovely family lunch and then all four of us spent an hour in the garden sweeping the leaves into a mountain! Happy memory making time!

  11. Just to cheer you up a little, I think a lot of the folks at the show, who have been there all week, were seriously wilting. I spoke to Lucy from Sweet Polly and she was shattered, especially having come straight from the show in Scotland, and she was demoing while sitting down. You were standing all the time. My mother used to say that standing is the worst form of exercise, and she was not wrong there. I did come to say goodbye today but you were tucked away doing your blog so I passed a virtual hug for you to Dave. Can I also say that the whole of the Clarity team are wonderful, always smiling, always friendly and helpful. I loved my make and take with Jo, had a lovely chat with Paul and enjoyed watching everyone watching you inspiring us all, had a lovely hug from Dave. Lovely memories to keep me going till the Open Days in 2017. Have a safe journey home and a bit of rest next week. Remember what Dawn (I think it was Dawn) said – delegate, delegate, delegate, and Don't fill the time you gain with other stressful tasks. Use it to replenish those batteries and do things you want to do. xxx Maggie

  12. That voice in your head sounds very wise. Listen to it! I had a wonderful therapist during a bad time a few years ago, who had the most wonderful, warm voice, a bit like Bob Hoskins. A brown voice I think the advertisers call it. Now, I always hear those gentle, compassionate reminders in his voice, it's lovely.

    Glad the show has gone well, but it's a long slog for anyone. Maybe one day I'll make it up there, but just for the one day!

    Have a good trip home and enjoy your own space again x

  13. Aw Barbara, perfect photo of you and Dave, and sounds like you both have the perfect memories to go with it and cherish forever.

    Please listen to that wee voice in your head. You don't want to end up like me from ignoring your body and doing too much. Yes I put on a brave face, smile, have some fun, and do my best, but truth be told it's bloomin miserable and a constant battle just to look after me and Daisy in here. Nae life at all. You've got a good team, and a design team to take turns. Why don't you do guest appearances? Let your team do the setting up and dismantling, and you choose which day/s to be there and to demo. Best of both worlds, and preserves your health so you can keep going for as long as you want to.

    Safe journey home, and feet up with Dave, and Poldark on the telly
    Love Brenda xx

  14. Well done, Barbara, Dave and team. It sounds like you've had a good, but tiring experience and I bet you'll all be glad to get home. It's pouring with rain here in Hampshire and it's cold too. Just snuggled down with a nice cup of tea (probably shouldn't be telling you that, sounds good doesn't it?). Have a safe journey home. Love & hugs to all. Xxx

  15. Hi Barbara, I came to the show on Thursday. I was so glad you made it to the Nec as I was not sure you would be comming.
    All your staff were excellent, and Dave made me feel as if he had known me for such a long time that is excellent customer service even if you do not know everyone who is on the club.
    Thank you for all you do.
    Lot's of hugs and have a good rest for a few days.
    Lynn xx

  16. Maybe with Ally Pally, open days, retreats and Hochanda you need to decide as a company if you need to do any more shows. Its not like years ago when the shows were the only places to buy Clarity, now we have a website to get our fix. As the saying goes – You need to stop and smell the flowers. Have a good rest. Xx

    1. I suspect a lot of companies are reassessing whether the NEC, in particular, is cost effective as they charge such exorbitant prices to both exhibitors and customers. It is noticeable that the number of companies is steadily dropping year on year. For us as customers, we pay Β£12 for car parking on top of the entry prices, which is a lot. How can the NEC think it is right to have so little seating that even elderly ladies have to resort to sitting on the floor? The other problem, as I see it, is that there are always new customers coming into crafting of all kinds and they will not know what we know about where to go and how to learn without shows like these. There are so any things to take into account, but the health and stamina of Barbara and her wonderful team has to be top priority. xxx Maggie

  17. Brilliant to see you all today, you have a lovely friendly team. Not surprised you are tired you have managed a lot this year. Show stand looked fab and of course I spent far too much but loads of ideas. Wishing you all a safe and quick trip home. xx

  18. I'm glad you had a good show, now do try to take a little down time.
    Holidays are great but tiring in their own way and you've been so very busy for several months.
    If you could see yourself when you are demonstrating to others you would know why you are so tired, because you put your all into helping every person who comes to watch or ask questions. As an ex teacher I know how tiring that is for anyone and I also know that if you reach burn out you won't be helping anyone.
    Have a safe journey home, love to you both and all your team xx

  19. Bet you are really shattered being on your feet demoing for 4 days. I was shattered just being at the show walking around, my back was killing me the next day. Have a safe journey back home and rest up for a couple of days, you can't keep that pace up with all you've had on these past months. Love and hugs, Pam xx

  20. Breathe, relax and chill! Sit by the fire with a nice cuppa and simply 'be' to let the batteries recharge – hugs to you all for the pleasure you give to your extended Clarity family xxx

  21. Hi Barbara, I stopped by today and we had a lovely chat, I can imagine how much this takes out of you but you were warm and welcoming as everπŸ˜„ I had a lovely chat with Dave and Paul too and of course bought some lovely Clarity goodies including the petite gelli plates and the Christmas plate kit- so I am off next week and guess what I'll be doing, I'll come out of my craft room a week tomorrow when I have to go back to work

  22. Lovely photo of you and Dave. You both look so together. It's so hard for a heart person to listen to their head but you will know what is best for you. 4 days at a show is a lot for anyone to cope with. Please don't wear yourself out. What would we do without you. I hope you can chill for a day or so. Your team is always there for you so do as Dawn says and delegate.
    Hugs from Chris X

  23. Hi Barbara
    That's a lovely photo of you and Dave, looking forward to hearing about your evening. It's good you managed to find a quiet moment to yourself but do look after yourself. One day at a show for a customer is exhausting enough but demonstrating for 4 days you must be so exhausted. Have a safe journey home, your own bed tonight will be very welcome. I hope you can have a quiet week this week.
    Love Diane xxx

  24. You have done really well. Short and sweet tonight too. Off to follow your trail to Alhambra and Cordoba tomorrow. Hope it is as good as you predicted.
    Love Anne (Reading) x

  25. Sounds a brill show. Trust you can have serious r and r over next few days (at least!). Thanks for heroically continuing to blog, love the pic of you and Dave too. Hugs to you both xx

  26. Sounds like a good show was had, but very tiring. I second what Brenda says, I think it's time for you to maybe step back a little. A good night's sleep in your own bed will help loads xx

  27. Hi Barb,
    Glad that the show has bern a success but i can well believe that you must be absolutely goosed. I hope that you can now take some time to chill out before you burn out! I think the word is delegate! You have a fantastic team around you who would also hate to see you run yourself into the ground. Hope that by now you are safely home and that your journey wasn't too bad. Love and hugs Alison xx
    ps lovely picture of you and Dave xx

  28. Hi bloggy friends,
    Hope youve all had a good day. Weather not good up here – very wet. Had a good day crafting though. Did a few Groovi cards with Jayne's poinsettia and holly and ivy plates so thats just about all my Christmas cards done now apart from the special ones. Then had a little play with the twiggy build a wreath- love it! Going to try the other two tomorrow hopefully.love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

  29. What a lovely photo. I know is what you mean, had a lovely night out with my sisters at a David Essex concert yesterday,but went to bed past 1am, unusual for me, and don't I know it this morning, definitely an age thing as I used to just bounce back

  30. Hi Barb

    I really do hope you can have some rest on your return home. You can't work yourself into a frazzle, it really isn't worth it!!!

    It is a real cosy picture of you both πŸ™‚

    Take things easy!!!

    June x

  31. Morning Barbara, that is such a lovely picture of you and Dave. I hope you arrived home with no traffic problems. I expect you were pleased to get back to your own bed last night. Sounds like the show was a great success although imensly tiring. I don't suppose for one minute you will take it easy this week as you love what you do.xx

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