Monday’s Blog is Flowers and trees – Think Ink on Paint!

Monday’s Blog is Flowers and trees – Think Ink on Paint!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Break’s over and back to work!
It was really good to get the stencils, paint and ink out again today;
you really do miss it after a while!

Before I crack on, I just want to tell you about 
the new Private Facebook Page I have created for those of you

who would like to share more than what can be shared 
in comments below: 
projects, cards, ideas 
and also non-craft related stuff.
If you would like to join that group,
please private message me on Facebook,
and I will be able to join you into the new group.
If you aren’t on Facebook but want to join the group, 
it’s very easy to sign up!
If you can read a blog, you can definitely manage Facebook!
I don’t want to shut down the banter on here – not at all.
I love this little community!
The thing is, the more there are of us, 

the more there is to say, 
the longer the threads and conversations get 
and the more we stray away from crafting!
So Monday’s Blog is trees and flowers, right?

Here’s one of my favourite stencils,
to get back in the swing.

Tape it to a piece of our 7″ x 7″ Stencil Card 
with low-tack masking tape.
The card just happens to be the same size as the stencil,
which is very useful!

It’s an off-white colour. Excellent.
Load a blending sponge with the paint 
and pound it through the stencil.
We sell the little applicators and the refill sponges too.

When you remove the stencil, you should see the paint.

Now it’s time to add colour.
Let‘s use the lovely Artistry Mini Box – Golden Turmeric.
It has all the colours I fancy today.
Place the artwork on one of our A3 Blending mats and load one sponge with the first colour.
The object of the exercise is to blend the colours into the treescape, into the areas which have no acrylic paint.

When you go to apply the second colour, 
the trick is to work the second sponge over the top of the first colour, like so:

Use a fresh blending sponge for each colour, 
to keep the artwork fresh.

Just keep adding more colour and more vibrance to the areas.
The thing to remember is that where there is acrylic paint, 
the Chalk paint we applied at the beginning,
you can wipe away the ink with a damp tissue.
See how the background goes back to light again?
Not completely back to chalk, 
but certainly lighter than the ink-stained Treescape.
I have just the perfect stamp to use with this artwork.
It comes with a brilliant deer too, which would also work beautifully here,
but I shall stick to the words.
Blend a background piece to fit, using the same ink colours.
Run the dark burgundy colour inkpad in the set around the edge of the card directly, then blend inwards.
This little sentiment would actually work all on its own…

But we have bigger fish to fry…
Let’s just layer up and mount on our Treescape background.

That’ll do nicely.
A little How-to using acrylic paint and ink together.

I just noticed which Stencil and Stamp of the month are on offer this October on our website.
very special price
They would work perfectly with this technique too.
One more thing…
Lynn, you won the funniest limerick Prize :
There was an old girl on a plane

Who thought she was going insane.

The flight was so rotten,

And crafting verboten,

Her knickers wound round, yet again!
Email me your address and we will send you your £20 Gift Voucher 
Love and Hugs,

92 thoughts on “Monday’s Blog is Flowers and trees – Think Ink on Paint!

  1. Welcome back home Barbara!
    I love this technique and it works really well with those artistry inks! The treescape stencil looks fabulous!
    Love and hugs as always xxxx

  2. Great limerick lyn. Love the tree scape and colours, nice to have you back in Uk with us again what a lovely day today was sun shining a beautiful autumnal day time to get dinner speak laters sending hugs xxx

  3. Joy to the world
    The lord is come
    Let earth receive her king
    Let every heart prepare him room
    And heaven and nature sing
    And heaven and nature sing
    And heaven and heaven and nature sing 🙂 x

  4. Glad you are back safety and I just love this stencil. I have created with it a few times now and always love the results.
    I love the idea of a private Facebook page just for us. It will allow us more interaction with each other and build up our community even more while chatting and sharing our crafting.

  5. Stunning, love these colours and I do have a soft spot for the tree stencil. Came off FB as couldn't stand some of the nastiness, may have to rethink that decision or sign up again just to join this group would be a shame not to join in

    1. Thanks For reminding me Barbara, I think that despite that I just got fed up of coming across stuff that made me angry or sad. Anyway I have bitten the bullet and reactivated my account and will enjoy the good things and disregard the bad to paraphrase a song that is now going round in my hand and can't remember what the original is……..

  6. Great idea to divide the blog Barbara; it has been on my mind to suggest it several times lately, but I just wasn't brave enough. I just know I would probably have offended some people (quite unintentionally), but you been so tactful and explained your idea so well so that no-one can possibly feel pushed away or undervalued. I love the way that so many of the Clarity crew have come to know and support each other, and those voices deserve a place of their own, whilst the crafting information can then be focused in one place.

  7. Hello Barbara. Welcome home. I absolutely love this technique, and the sentiment plus deer stamp is a must have for me now. In fact ..that's where I'm off to next. I've messaged you on Facebook as I too think the private page is a brilliant idea. thank you for thinking of it. Love and Hugs xxx

  8. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, really autumnal colours, perfect for the day. The verse is great too and from a favourite hymn. I'm fascinated by ink on acrylic, will have to gave a break from groovi to play. I don't do Facebook, have been bagged by a friend so will have to sit down with hubby and get myself sorted! Congratulations to Lynn, brilliant Limerick.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, got a bit too excited today using sparkle pens on parchment. Didn't wait long enough for it to dry so a lovely red smudge- whoops. Used the plain sparkle to dilute so have a pink area around my words!! Sending hugs all round. Xxx

  9. Hello all my lovely friends. A little better today, but know there's no way I would have been able to drive to Mainsgill. I hope you 've all had a good day. Gilly, you and Neil have been in my thoughts all day.
    Lynn you're limerick was brilliant. Congratulations.
    I've got a friend arriving, I may have to search her when she leaves….in case she has little Bonnie stuffed in her bag! hahaha!
    Love and Hugs to you all xxx

  10. I bought this stencil at Ally Pally a few weeks ago and love it. A stunning card. Lovely words and such vibrant colours. I haven't any Fresco Acrylics at the moment and wondered if it would be alright to use the tubes of Daler Rowney System 3 acrylic that I have bought from you previously or should I invest in some Fresco's sooner rather than later?

    1. I have daler rowney system but I also have some fresco ones too they both brilliant with the gelli plate if you want to try the fresco choose the white and a blue the white is good for making snow with the groovi tool in the blue sky if you use Brayer or brushes on hope this makes sense xxx

    1. Hi Sheila my lovely – I took your hugs with us today, thank you!! I hope that you have been able to manage your pain ok today. Lots of love and special supportive hugs, Gilly xxx

  11. Hi Barbara – yet another beautiful piece of artwork! Regarding the new FB closed group – I have sent you a PM and look forward to joining this new group, in addition to coming here to this wonderful blog! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to my lovely blog friends – thank you again for your very kind and caring comments yesterday! We had to wait a couple of hours today, to see the Oncologist, as he was fitting us in between appointments. We were really pleased with what he had to say – obviously no result, as yet – because it is way too soon. He did say that Neill's treatment had gone very well and that he could come off the hormone injections straight away, we go back to see him mid-Nov to check the PSA levels and we will then be able to go away, as there will be a 3 month wait before another test is done. So Neill is on a real high still, and I am SO very pleased for him and resting in bed now. Merv & Ernie have popped in, so I need to get some rest – so that I can show them the door tomorrow! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  12. Stunning card and loving the technique used today. Beautiful colours and lovely sentiment too. It is lovely to see you arrived home safe and sound. Look forward to popping by tomorrow.
    Linda xxx

  13. Hello Barbara

    I expect you have hit the ground running! Facebook is a good idea and I will pm you. Love what you have given us today.

    Well done Lynne. Your limerick is very funny.


  14. Hello Barbara

    I expect you have hit the ground running! Facebook is a good idea and I will pm you. Love what you have given us today.

    Well done Lynne. Your limerick is very funny.


  15. Wow Barbara, that's beautiful, I love it. The colours are amazing. Thank you for sharing, and taking the time to make the demo for us, you must have been so busy today. I used the acrylic paint and ink idea with your ginkgo stencil. I used a make-up sponge to dab through which worked as well. Dabbed some randomly around the edges too. I used distress inks and an adirondack, felt the adirondack didn't blend so smoothly and went on stronger, but maybe just need to practise more with those inks. That tree stencil would be brilliant as a baby stencil 😉 Oh, a light bulb has just switched on in my head, thinking outside the box, it's limitless what we could do with this technique, just by varying paint and ink colours 😊 Me happy. And my baby gelli bundle and Jayne's flower stamp bundle came today too, better than Christmas😊 Well actually, is my Christmas, unless you come up with something else as tempting between now and then 😉

    I've been thinking about your idea, you know me, takes my head longer to process etc. I think your idea of a private facebook room is a very good one. Gives people the best of both worlds, choices, pick one or the other or both. Here for craft and crafty banter, your facebook page for all the daily general chat and meet ups. That's very thoughtful of you making a special place for it, and very generous of you taking the time to arrange it too, especially as you are always exceptionally busy. Me personally, I was struggling more and more coming here in the last few months as I was getting more and more swamped by all the big everyday chats each day, my Asperger's brain was unable to separate it out, or selective read, and I was feeling more and more marginalised.

    Looking forward to what you have to show us tomorrow. Hope you have a lovely, relaxing evening. Love Brenda xx

    1. Ooo I know just what you mean, Brenda, about being swamped! I love the way everyone here supports each other, but I think maybe we sometimes forget it is Barbara's blog, not our Chatroom.

      It will be even better having a private, secure place to chat and share our ideas.

  16. Hi Barbara, thank you again for another great technique, how you get to do SO MUCH, stretching yourself in every area, juggling work and pleasure. Now you are starting a private Facebook space ….. You are amazing and so funny, miss your YouTube Tuesday! Our recording space is loaded with Clarity which is such a valuable reference library. Thank you thank you for the inspiration and making us all believe we can do it.

    1. How right you are Thelma, how does Barbara fit in so much. She is so generous in lots of ways. It is good that she is now taking some time for herself and family from time to time.

  17. Love the step by step again today, the colours are beautiful but will have to use my distress inks and adirondacks for the time being. Colours wont be as vibrant though. Lovely verse and stencil, thank you for giving us another idea to make more use of it. Like your idea about the facebook chat thingy, I for one have been feeling guilty lately as it has felt like we were taking over the blog with our responses to each others input. I am on facebook but don't really understand how it all works especially as I do it from my Kindle Fire, wnhich seems to be in a different format. I did download Messenger to be able to send private messages, but when I've sent them I don't seem to get a reply, so either they don't receive them or they don't want to talk to me. Ha ha. Well can you blame them. Will try to send a PM

  18. Hi Barbara. I sent you a message on facebook, but on my page it says that we aren't connected on facebook, so I'm not sure whether you will have received the message. Does that make sense to you? !!!! xxx

  19. Hi Barb, love the step by step with the tree stencil. Delighted the limerick went down well (thanks to all who congratulated me – now feeling nicely warm and fuzzy inside!). Acrylic paints and gelli petites may consume the voucher, and more! Thanks for setting up the competition. Will try to send you a 'count me in' message via facebook but i've never sent a message on it before. Yet another learning curve! Glad your trips went so well, hugs xxx

  20. Love this project – got the stencil, got the card, not got 'the' inks but have lots of distress pads to use up first, not got the stamps either….hey ho bit of improvisation and all will be well! Lol! Hi to everyone xx

  21. Thanks Su. And a few weeks ago I thought I was just going to buy some ink pads from a company I caught on Hochanda!! The clarity clan in all it's forms has already made me laugh, cry, buy and buy again and experiment wildly! Have a virtual hug, Lynne xx

    1. Aah, that's it then…no hope…you're doomed along with the rest of us! Rofl! Thanks for the hug and have one back… Welcome to the Clan!!

  22. Thank you Barbara for another super demo. It certainly lends itself to different formats. I hope today has not been too exhausting. So pleased you got away for a few days and to such a beautiful place

  23. Hi Barbara, this stencil is so lovley and the colours you have achieved are so good.
    I am starting to use my stencils a whole lot more now with my stamps for a quicker card. But still love my Groovi this.system is great it.helps me relax and I can do cards even though they do take a lot longer so I can then build up a stash so Groovi cards for special events.
    Great idea for face book I have never used it as you say it can cause a whole lot of problems but this site is is so different.
    Thank you for that.
    Lynn xx

  24. Morning Barbara, Wow !! this card is really fabulous !! it looks quite 'ethereal' to me, I'm loving the colours you have combined, they work beautifully.
    Congratulations to Lynn.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  25. Well done Lynn.
    Another lovely technique I'm going to start a list of the blog posts I want to revisit for projects.I've been using Jane's poinsettia groovi plate and painting the flowers and using a glitter pen as demonstrated by Maria and Emma at Leyburn. I'm pleased with the effect, thank you both.

  26. Well done Lynn.
    Another lovely technique I'm going to start a list of the blog posts I want to revisit for projects.I've been using Jane's poinsettia groovi plate and painting the flowers and using a glitter pen as demonstrated by Maria and Emma at Leyburn. I'm pleased with the effect, thank you both.

  27. Morning all, I've just joined facebook but I've no idea how to use it. Does anyone know if there is a simple 'how to' anywhere. I received my petites set yesterday but with the way things are a home I hid it under the bed. Hopefully I'll get a chance to play with it at the weekend.

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