Think Ink on Tuesday – Gel Press Plate Reflection Technique

Think Ink on Tuesday – Gel Press Plate Reflection Technique

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Glad to see so many of you have embraced the new private Facebook group I have created for our little community here. 
As I said yesterday, just private message me (Or Paul Church – I’ve roped him in too!!) on Facebook and ask to be joined up. 
Mostly it seems to be working, except if you are not connected to me on Facebook. 
I have reached my max on Facebook, and apparently can’t have more than 5,000 friends (????) But Paul can handle a few more! 
OR. Maybe LIKE me on the Barbara Gray ARTIST page?
That might do the trick. 
Anyway, there’s nothing we won’t be able to sort out. Just a little time and patience, and we will get there.
I think it will be good to create a safe place for you to share not only your art and creative ideas, but also you private information and so on. You do realise don’t you, that this blog is a public blog? ANYBODY can read it. 
Back to crafting.
Ink on Gel Press Plate
Here’s a little step by step using the 6″ x 6″ Gel Press Printing Plate
to make a stamp reflection.
I thought it was time to get out the Sprucescape – one of our best selling stamps of all time. 
Perfect for Christmas and all the days in between….

Let’s do a Bloggy Offer on this wintry stampset:
£16.99   £13.99
(offer ends next Tuesday)

Before we start, place the Gel Press Plate on its matching 
7″ x 7″ megamount.

Ink up the stamp using the new black/grey colour 

called Black Shadow.
When the ink pads are new, they are very, very juicy.
I actually inked up my brayer lightly and rolled the ink onto the stamp that way.
Much better impression….
Lightly stamp the trees onto the Gel Press Plate.
Can you see it?
Now flip the Gel Plate over and plant the trees on the 7″ x 7′ Stencil card.
Thing to remember is that these trees are in the water, 
so leave enough space above them to plant the real trees!


Now let’s use a permanent Archival Watering Can ink pad
 to plant the trees above the water.

Easy trick – Perfect Reflection.

Let’s add some sky and a backdrop with a piece of torn paper and Midnight Sky Artistry ink on one of our Stencil Brushes.
Musn’t forget the reflection! Flip the paper.

Add the waterline with a make-up sponge.

Very Scottish….

Now let’s add a moon mask and a little Old Parchment ink 
into the sky.

Top and bottom…

Trim the sides….

Add a vignette with the blue brush

You could use the Clarity letterbox Stampset to add a clever twist:

T I M E   F O R  R E F L E C T I O N

Once again, this ABC stampset is one of the most versatile sets we have ever come up with.
Let’s have a bloggy offer on it too….
£26.99   £19.99
(offer ends next Tuesday)
That’ll do for today!
You get the picture.
If you haven’t invested in these ink pads yet, 
all I can tell you is they will be waiting for you when you are ready.
I love them!
Here is a set to start you on your Artistry Journey 
if you want to get going.
Time for our weekly Design meeting.
Time to figure out the next move….
Have a great day!
Love and hugs,

65 thoughts on “Think Ink on Tuesday – Gel Press Plate Reflection Technique

    1. Hi Sheila. I really hope you can be persuaded to join the facebook group. So we can have group chats with all of our friends from here. It is absolutely safe my friend. xxx

  1. Another fab project and one I'll definitely be giving a go… all that will be different is the inkpads! Must use up what I already have, but the gorgeous Artistry pads are already on my wishlist. I managed to get the stamps in the July Members Only sale… whoopeee!

  2. Beautiful reflections, really wintry and Christmasy (sorry for using the "C" word). I find it very satisfying to do reflection pictures, and I love this set. I have had to treat myself to a new set of trees, as mine got used so much and I ended up snipping it in half. Right, I am off now to do more of the major clearing out and tidying. I can see most of the dining room floor which is a major piece of progress, very encouraging. xxx Maggie

  3. I tried this reflection technique once before with interesting results!! I may have a go with the small gelli plate first and progress to the larger one. I've been experimenting with the little one and find that holding it over a sheet of white paper at the front of my piece of card and nearer the light from the window helps me to see the image on the plate when I look through it.
    Thank you to the lovely lady who took my call yesterday – I received a replacement today!! Thank you also Barbara for your help xx

  4. Hi Barbara – thanks to you and Paul for adding me to the new group and also sorting out a question for me (Paul)! I love today's piece of artwork – you really get a feeling of the cold! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – hope that you are all having a good day, the sun came out late morning here! Neill is feeling very bright and cheerful! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  5. Hi Barb,
    I so love this reflection technique and the artwork you've created is gorgeous. You are right, very Scottish. I've got these stamps already and they are two of my favourites for Christmas cards. I think I'll definitely be giving this one a go. Sorry that I won't be joining your Facebook page but I do wish you well for it. Thank you for helping Chris and I out as well. Love and hugs Alison xx

  6. Barbara such a beautiful card and you make it look so easy. Yes come payday think a fortune will be spent there is loads i want including gelli plate and new inks lol Hugs for now Ali xxxxx Ps Thanks for the invite xxxx

  7. This is a lovely but simple project today.

    I'm lost with Facebook. I can't find a page for Barbara Gray Artist and I can't find a like box to tick. I'm using my laptop. I not stupid when it comes to technology but I'm certainly no expert. I have tried facebook before but never got on with it. I am trying…honest.

    1. Hi Julia I had the same problem finding the page. If you just type in Barbara Gray, you will get a few options. It's the one where Barbara looks the most glamorous that you need!! When you open it, you'll see the like button. I hope that helps a little. Love and Hugs xx

  8. Afternoon, great wintery feel to your art work. Don't have these inks as I have got lots of Distress and Adirondak to use first. Got to think about the Facebook thing. Never been on it because of the nasty comments people make. Being a private page I'm guessing that won't happen as it will be just people from here on the blog. Wouldn't have the first clue about security settings so this concerns me, my sister has said that she will help me if I decide to do it. Xx

    1. Hi Donna I'm not on Facebook either, too many problems caused by it in school so better not to be on it and just haven't got round to it since I left! I'm going to talk nicely to hubby to get myself sorted and he will set the privacy settings for mr. Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hello Donna and Diane, the facebook page is totally secure. There is even the facility to chat as a group, that is private from the page itself. I do hope you both join in. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Me too re facebook Donna. I went on it years ago so I could keep an eye on what the girls were up to but then my account got hacked so I just deleted it. I've set it up again and will get Jen to give me a lesson! The younger generation have there uses.

  9. Love this way to do reflections. I have done reflections before but with my brayer to varying success, but I think I will do it using my gelli plate in the future.
    I have spent the last couple of days playing with my groovi plates and working on the piece that Emma started me on at her class on Saturday. I am learning so much which is lovely.
    I am loving our new Facebook group. It is great to see what others are doing with clarity products.

  10. Love this way to do reflections. I have done reflections before but with my brayer to varying success, but I think I will do it using my gelli plate in the future.
    I have spent the last couple of days playing with my groovi plates and working on the piece that Emma started me on at her class on Saturday. I am learning so much which is lovely.
    I am loving our new Facebook group. It is great to see what others are doing with clarity products.

  11. Hi Barbara, love to see your reflection art, never tire of it, and today's is no exception. Thank you for sharing. I must give your old parchment round the moon trick a go, and when doing clouds too, makes it look more realistic. I never could work out what was missing myself. And yes it does look very Scottish. Don't know whether to be happy, or scared that you're having a design meeting (how much am I going to want/need this time)!!!! Oh yes, you have artistry inks with my name on sitting waiting patiently for me using up some of what I have first. Do you think it's wrong to be getting incentive to get arty so the inks can be used up and I can buy these?!!!!

    I still haven't decided on what direction to go in for my Christmas cards. Better get on with it eh! This looks very different. I was kind of thinking about stamping and simple colouring in this year, getting me on your arty train, a step at a time. Not sure now, so many choices 😉

    I was reading Chris saying yesterday that she is starting a list of blogs she wants to go back to. I have a library, very big library, on my laptop of all the blog demos I wanted to learn from and take inspiration from. I got to thinking maybe others here haven't thought of it, or don't know how to. I copy that day's blog title, then click on the phito of the finished artwork, right click on that, click on 'save as', find where you want to save it, paste into the title bar, then save. I just do it by month and year. Good for when looking for random inspiration, but see trying to find a specific one….. 😉 I got stuck trying to do it in categories eg stamp, gelli plate, stencil, because so many overlap. Don't know if anyone else has a better way? Barbara spends hours each day doing her blog, creating this massive, ever expanding teaching and inspring library for us all. It would be a real shame if all of us didn't use it to it's full potential. There is the search here too, just below the blog awards, top right of this page. Type in anything there, a specific stamp, stencil etc. or, if you've got hours to spend something more general, like gelli plate, and lists of blogs with the word/s will appear. Any time you're looking for inspiration and Barbara does a non demo blog, or it's one that's not your thing, why not check out older blogs that are instead.

    Hope your meeting went well, and you can have a chilled out evening
    Love Brenda xx

  12. Hiya Barbara. I Love these stamps and never fail to get them out for Christmas cards. I agree, a very Scottish feel to your design today. I love playing with the Gelli Plate reflections, so very effective. Loving the Artistry Inks too that I picked up in Leyburn.
    Hope your meeting goes well and looking forward to what is coming up.
    Love and hugs to all xxx

  13. Hi Barbara I do't often comment here. Your creation is gorgeous. Thank you for setting up the new Facebook group and for letting me join. I hope the meeting goes well. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  14. I love this technique. I am also lucky enough to have the A Time for Reflection stamp that you did ages ago so can see my Christmas cards being along these lines. Hope your design meeting went well. Xxx

  15. This scene is beautiful Barbara, and the gelli plate works so well for reflections. I have also used it to do two images facing one another. The colours are so soft and watery and really evoke the cold of a winter scene, so atmospheric. x

  16. This is gorgeous Barbara. A technique that is so versatile. Thank you. I have to admit I totally forgot that the blog is public, so thank you so much for setting up a private place xx

  17. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful and what a great way to get reflections without struggling with the brayer! Yes this looks like Scotland, so beautiful and quiet. I like the idea of this for Christmas cards, might sneak in a Scottish castle too but a Loch Ness monster might be a step too far! Thank you for the great blog offers, the letterbox kit is one of my favourites, so useful for any occasion. Hope your meeting went well.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane, thought I didnt see you on the facebook page. Trouble is it is going to take me so long to go through it and this blog that I may not get anytime for crafting. Hope you had a good day.xx

  18. Hello Barbara, this could be a good time to open my Gel Press Plate (Gelli Plate, I've had it that long!) and have a go at this technique. Thanks for the tip when using juicy ink pads to ink a brayer and use that to ink up the stamp.xx

  19. Another awesome demo Barbara. As many have said, very Scottish. I am not sure if I have managed to get onto the private facebook site. Well done with everything.

  20. This is a super step by step for a Christmas card. Haven't tried the reflection trick for a very long time, so maybe I'll pluck up courage to give it a go. Have to check to make sure I have all the stamps I will need for

  21. Wow, what a fantastic technique.. I love the effect. Your step by steps are inspiring. I have the alphabet set and I use it all the time. So useful.hugs xx

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