Lace, Grace, and a Super Parchment Offer

Lace, Grace, and a Super Parchment Offer

Hi there.
Good of you to pop in.
Thursday’s blog is always blue, right?
Well, today let’s use some blue parchment!
Can you print onto parchment?
And can you print onto parchment with lace?

Been thinking about this whilst on holiday, 
wondering whether it would work.

So today’s the day we find out!!
Let’s do a quick step by step to see, shall we?

Place the Square nested plate in in Groovi Plate Mate from the Starter Kit.

Tape the light blue parchment to the Plate Mate.

Check to see which nested square we want, by placing the 
Petite Square Gel Press Plate.

Trace out a double frame, to sit outside the pattern.

Use the Letter boxes on the Starter Kit Plate Mate 
to position and spell out a name or word.
(Tip : start in the centre and work out to the sides. 
So in this case, 3 in the middle, and 1 either side)

In this case, GRACE, my daughter.

Cut out masks,  or use the 1-letter stamp masks 
to cover up the word.
And then we are going to try something a bit radical, but hey.
Most of us will have a stained, painty brayer by now, 
so let’s try some permanent ink in the Petite Gel press.
One thing I have work out is that dye-based ink 
(eg Distress inks, Adirondacks, Artistry Inks) 
sometimes spread or bleed a little on parchment when it dries, 
whereas permanent Archival ink stays true. 
Spread Potting Soil Archival on the square Petite Printing Plate with your stained brayer, (btw, if it wasn’t stained before you used Archival, relax – it will be now!!) 

Lay down a piece of lace over the square on the parchment, 
(still working from behind here),
and press the inky Petite Plate down. 

Squish well and lift.
Let’s clean off the petite before the ink has a chance to dry.
Firstly, there must be a second print on there…
Look at that!!!

It looks like a 3-D piece!
Love it!

Now wipe the Petite with a baby wipe.
Did it stain the Gel ? A little.
Am I bovvered ? Face? Bovvered? 
Run some masking tape around the frame.
Use a make-up sponge and the brown ink to dab dab dab 
and blend in the sides.
Let’s call it clouding the edges.
Colour in the boxes around the letters 
using Weathered Wood Distress Ink.

Colour in the double frame in the same way.

Cut out the box using a knife and blade.
Or you could picot cut.
Or you could add a lacey border using our Pattern Grids!
Diagonal Grid No. 1
We’ve got 4 of these fantastic pattern borders now, designed by Tina Cox. Speaking of whom –
she will be showing you how to use these borders at the harrogate Show this coming Saturday. 
My issue is time.
I have to prepare for the Harrogate show this afternoon, 
so no time to indulge more lace. 
I wish!
It would greatly improve my cutting and gridwork skills!!!

Pressing on though.
One of the comforting things about Groovi for me 
is that I can get a beautiful result with modest skills.
Run the Crafter Companion Glue runner around the edge,
and mount on another piece of light blue parchment.

Now here’s my dilemma:
Do I mount this on a kraft colour?

Or on white?

You tell me!!
Let’s just say one or t’other below, 
and then we can have a count up.

Grace. Beautiful little girl she was.
Still is!!
Loved to play princesses and dress ups….

Still does!

Grace by name –
Grace by nature.

I sure do miss that girl.
Change the subject and cheer up, Gray!!
Let’s have a Bloggy Special Offer.
How about this…
Buy any two A5 two-tone packs  in any colour


and receive a sampler pack of ALL the colours 

No need to look for the offer on the website.
Just order the 2 lots of A5 Two-Tone Parchment and the mixed freebie will automatically be added. 
Our trusted pickers are in the know….
Offer ends midnight Sunday. 
Must press on.
Hope to see you on Saturday at Harrogate.
Cedar Court Hotel.
You can buy a ticket at the door too.
Love & Hugs,

101 thoughts on “Lace, Grace, and a Super Parchment Offer

  1. Beautiful card inspired by a beautiful girl!
    Have fun in Harrogate… Sadly I can't be there…. I'd already booked on something else!
    Safe journey up north! Love and hugs!xxx

  2. What a lovely technique. I only have one round Gelli plate so don't want to risk making a mess of it but hopefully when I can afford to but the sets I will have a go. Another one to bookmark!
    I hope Harrogate goes well, we are heading south down the A1 tomorrow to do babysitting duties over half term so will not be able to come even though it is on the home doorstep. Looking forward to seeing how it goes here on the blog xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Love the lace technique, I'm going to have to have a play with this. I have some beautiful lace left from when my wedding dress was made 29 years ago on Monday! I was explaining how to do this to some of the girls at Crafters Companion on Saturday and they were well impressed! Grace is simply stunning. I like your artwork on both the white and the Kraft card, but I think the white wins just. Love and hugs Alison xx
    Ps Fantastic offer thank you. X

  4. Hi Barbara, Love the demo and your thoughts/photos of Grace, she takes after her Mum. Have a great time in Harrogate. Hope the journey is good. Enjoy the show. Big hugs Marian x

  5. Hi Barbara, this is brilliant, can't believe the detail you get using the gelli plates. Thanks for sharing. Definitely Kraft card colour for me. And yes Grace is beautiful, and comes across as being beautiful on the inside too. Thank you for another very generous offer. I've not got any coloured parchment, wasn't sure if I'd like the effect with always associating parchment with the normal kind. I would need to see the effect in real life to know, so was going to try tinting the normal stuff using my clarity brushes first. How you manage to come up with new ideas and different takes all the time, you're amazing, sooo creative.

    I must have had my psychic link going today!!!�� Remember you asked us to come up with ideas for using on the baby gelli plates, if I remember, I suggested maybe the thin crochet doilies, organza, netting from oranges, kiwis, garden netting. Just before coming here I was wondering if embossing folders could be used, in reverse, to remove ink from the gelli plate. They tend to be a lot more detailed than stencils can ever be, might make cool backgrounds using our bigger gelli plates too? Or am way off?!!!! Has no one else thought of more things we could try on our baby gelli plates? Come on everyone, thinking caps on.

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hello Brenda I like the embossing folder idea, that would look great. I'm thinking leaves from the garden with a good vein structure. I'm going to try it when I get my plate out before all the leaves fall off the tree. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx p.s. coloured parchment looks wonderful but give it a go with the ink first if that helps you.

    2. Thanks Barbara, I've only got a couple of folders, me thinks I need to rectify that, all in the name of helping me use, and get arty with, my big gelli plate of course 😉 xx

      Thanks Diane, I guess with the leaves, you press them onto the inked/painty gelli plate too? I tried keeping fallen leaves soft last year, but it didn't work, but might have picked them up too late. Vaseline did work, but they stayed too greasy, and the baby oil just soaked right in and they still dried out. I'm thinking maybe trying baby oil or glycerin on fresh leaves, next time I've got a garden visit xx

    3. Embossing plates sound good Brenda, I have a few so may give it a go. The demo Barbara did on Hochanda at Ally Pally with the new Holly groovi plates of Jayne's, Barbara used brushes and inks and it was beautiful. I had a go myself and was really pleased with the results. The soft tone parchment is also lovely to back up your work with before you mount it on card. So more than one use.xx

    4. Hi Brenda,
      i like the sound of using embosding folders – definitely going to give that one a go! I love the coloured parchment, especially the soft tones ( the light ivory, ivory and baby blue are absolutely gorgeous! ) I'm sure you would love it. Love and hugs to you and Daisy, Alison xx

  6. Well like Paul Daniels used to say " Now that's Magic" a very beautiful piece . Grace was a lovely wee girl and is a very beautiful woman. I like both backgrounds and it's very hard to choose but think I'm leaning toward the kraft colour. Hope everyone enjoys their day x

  7. What can i say Barbara Bloody beautiful ( art work and daughter ) My god she is your double. Right so Thats me joining the Claritystamp club ( already a Groovi member ) and also gonna get the Gelli plates petites on payday ohplus them brillaint ink pads, I WANT IT ALL lol Hugs Ali xxxx

  8. This is stunning, I love lace on parchment it looks wonderful. Grace was such a little cutie and gorgeous now too. Sorry going to miss you on Saturday but already booked before I knew about Harrogate. Safe travels up north and have a great time.
    Linda xxx

  9. Definitely the kraft background for me. Got some lace at the weekend so I could have a play with my gel plate, and I like Brenda's idea of using embossing folders. I tried using the snowflake stamps last week, then stamped into the voids, it looked lovely! Now to mix it up with parchment as well!

    Must be hard to have Grace so far away. My brother's just moved to San Fransisco. At least the world is smaller than it used to be – my mum moved to the UK from South Africa in 1970, and for years and years the only contact was weekly letters to her parents, which took 3 weeks to arrive!

  10. Hiya, i think the white as it makes the piece look very sophisticated…just like Grace. She is a stunner….and Id really like to have her hair lol x

  11. White. Grace is gorgeous, lovely young lady. Love your use of lace will have to sort through my stash I am sure I have some. Wish I could be at Harrogate but not this year, certainly trying Bristol next year. X x

  12. Hi Barbara
    Oh this is beautiful, look at you mixing gelli and parchment, who would have thought you would be doing this a year ago. It's amazing. Did you hear my sharp intake of breath as you put permanent ink on the gelli? I wouldn't have been that brave but it's good you can say it works, go for it and ignore the bit of staining. Now it's a tough choice, I like the kraft card but the white looks slightly better to show up the lace. Grace is very beautiful, I know how much you miss her, isn't FaceTime wonderful, but shame you can't give her a big hug that way too.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. What wonderful photos of Grace, beautiful inside and out! I love what you have done here with the lace Barbara,as it comes out so detailed. Personally I think the white gives it a cold look whereas the kraft warms it up, so kraft for me. Hope Harrogate goes well. x

  14. Wow what a fab card. I must admit I had wondered if you could do this but I didn't want to ruin my geli plate so I'm really glad you tried it first. Will definitely be trying this out now.xxxx

  15. What would I do without this blog. Absolutely amazing and stunning artwork, not to mention the beautiful Grace. My son would love to meet her!! Barbara or whoever at Clarity reads my comments. I apologise but have had a bit of a rant over an e-mail sent to me by Clarity. Not at all what I expected and annoyed with the answer I received. I realise mistakes do happen but unfortunately one cannot retract a "sent" e-mail and perhaps I should not have sent it after a harrowing day.
    Love to all out there and perhaps you might forgive me and then I can forgive myself. I think Barbara was right yesterday, some of us are very sensitive and my hard shell is busily cracking and sensitivity is breaking through!

  16. Hi Barbara, This is beautiful !! I love the white in this instance.
    Grace hasn't changed at all, older yes, but her facial expression remains the same, a gorgeous girl.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  17. Hi Barbara, this is so beautiful, the lace is gorgeous. Must try this as soon as I can get the mini gelli plates. Payday soon! I prefer the white background. Grace is absolutely stunning, you must be such a proud mum! Love, Ruth

  18. Amazing step by step Barbara, I love it. Where do you get that beautiful lace? Thank you for the generous offer, afraid I topped up on parchment at Ally Pally and Leyburn, but such a good offer may get more. Your children are lovely, you must be so proud, lovely photos of Grace. It's so hard leaving them, saw my daughter at the weekend, she took me out on a driving lesson as I've bought her car and haven't driven for a long while, I felt so close to her and she was so patient with me, really felt sad when we left, so know how you feel. Don't see her that often she's so busy. I'm going for white, although they both look good. Love and hugs Pam.xx

  19. Hello Barbara, this piece of artwork is stunning. I love the combining of Groovi and Gell Press Plate. Gives a very contemporary feel. I would mount it on Kraft Card. I may be a bit biased as I tend to use this card for lots of projects. The pictures you post of Grace are always beautiful whatever her age. What is wonderful is that when I have seen her she seems totally unaware of her beauty and the effect she has on others. I hope you managed to get some prep work done for Harrogate. Also thank you for the Parchment offer. I'm off to take advantage of it now.xx

  20. Hi Barbara love what you have done here with the gelli petites thought that
    looked great when you and Haley had a go on Hochanda you know I've allway's said wee Grace is beautiful just like her Mum.
    Ordered the Artistry ink pad deal with the free Clarity brush and arrived on
    Monday beautiful colours thankyou needed them to have a wee go colouring with
    my groovi like Maria showed us but think might need the better paintbrush anyway if you are thinking off getting Artistry inkpads and your a diamond member Bargain girls..Love Dot..xx

  21. Hello Barb, such a brilliant idea, need to go look for my old lace curtains now and I love the kraft colour background. I have promised myself the petite plates as an early Christmas present and as reward for missing your blog for the last 2 weeks, whilst travelling away for work. So off to play catch up now. Take care. Bx

  22. Beautiful mum, beautiful daughter – both in looks and nature! Love the lacey artwork and honestly thought I'd prefer the white but nope decide it's the kraft card for me!

  23. Oops – forgot to say "See you at Harrogate", sure Anne and I will be totally astounded by all the beautiful parchment works – shopping list already sorted. xx

  24. So love this idea – will be having a go for definite when I'm back from my hols! Sitting with my feet up, as we've walked our socks off over the last few days. The kraft card does it for me. You must be so proud of your beautiful daughter and the lovely young woman she has grown up to be x

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