Be careful what you feed yourself….

Be careful what you feed yourself….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Wednesday already again! Wowee, this week is flying by!!

The day when we talk about matters of the matters of the soul…

Had a terrible night’s sleep last night. 
Couldn’t sleep a wink.
Too much cheese before bedtime?
Too much caffeine?
Too much sugar?
Nope. Ice cream doesn’t count.

I know EXACTLY what I did wrong.
I watched a really emotional film after 9.
“Me Before You”
It was about a young man who ended up completely paralysed from the neck down because of an accident.
He then made the decision to go to Switzerland and end his life with Dignitas, assisted suicide.
It’s about his relationship with a young woman in the final months, and I am guessing it was supposed to be uplifting. 
And how I howled. Couldn’t stop crying. Went to bed choked. 
Lay there all night, thinking about the man, the parents, 
about the girl, 
about the whole sad story really. 

So, what have I learned?
Do NOT watch sad films which will wrench at your heart just before bedtime!

Am I the only one who reacts like this?
I know I am super sensitive and am sure most people wouldn’t lose sleep over a fiction story.
If we are creatives, then we probably see things in brighter colour and feel things more deeply, don’t you think?

But is sensitivity a weakness?
It robbed me of my sleep 
because I fed my imagination just before bed. 
Never a smart move!

But actually, I am really glad to be sensitive – even though it can bite me in the derriere quite frequently. I just have to be careful what I expose myself to.
No Horror films.
No war.
No Violence.
No Kinky psycho shit.

In fact, I am a nightmare when it comes to films!
We went to see Bridget Jones last week; that’s about my speed!
Books are better; you can control the imagery impact better.
Having said that, I have howled over books too….

Do you have strong intuition? 
Do you sense things which others around you are oblivious to?
Me too.

There’s a very fine line between joy and despair some days, don’t you find? I have to be very careful not to fuel a negative. 
Say something bad happens. If I dwell on it and give it energy, it gathers momentum, and gets bigger and bigger and bigger. 

So I have to keep it all quite simple, and 
not buy into somebody else’s ranting either.

Years ago, I used to wake up to John Humphrys on Radio 4 .
I had to change over to Classic Radio. 
His constant barking and negative grind used to get under my skin to the point where I was in a bad mood before I had even cleaned my teeth!
I would rather take a blast of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture complete with cannons at 6 in the morning 
than let him get in my head!

Enough rambling.
I guess what I am trying to say is that I have to watch what I feed myself.
And I don’t just mean food. 

Love & Hugs,

114 thoughts on “Be careful what you feed yourself….

  1. I never sleep right through the night, I listen to talk radio station the drivel on there helps me drift in and out of sleep. The last flight I was on I watched a real weepy film. Luckily the lights were down no one could see me blubbering !

  2. I can completely relate to this interesting blog post Barbara. I too am very sensitive and intuitive too. My dad calls me a witch (our little joke). My instincts never let me down, they might steer me wrong on occasion but that is good as we all learn from our mistakes. I too have to be careful what I watch before bed, I can't watch horror films no matter what time of day! I wake up to Chris Evans he is so cheerful it just sets me up for the day. I hope you have a good nights sleep tonight and enjoy your day.
    Linda xxx

  3. Strange as this might seem…I went to my hygienist yesterday and she told me she was leaving! I have been seeing her for many years. I howled….it's not only because of how she looks after my teeth but because of what we have gone through. Her daughter lost her husband who was in the military in a road bomb attack in Afghanistan 2 and a half years ago. Her daughter was pregnant at the time and young Conner was born after Daddy died. After the dreadful news I just sat and cried with her throughout my appointment…no teeth where cleaned that day! So yesterday was really hard for me as I can be supper sensitive too, which I don't think is a bad thing, although it can be draining and really hard work! To finish on a lighter note…I had to announce to everyone sitting in the waiting room that I was crying because of a personal matter and not because the hygienist hurt me!!!!

  4. Morning, im a rubbish sleeper , brain and bladder go into overdrive as soon as my head hits the pillow, yet I can snore my head off on the couch supposed to be watching telly! I sympathise Barbara I too get very "emotional" at sad films etc. Need to put on my big girl knickers !! Oh I already wear those. lol x have a good day everyone x

  5. I am very sensitive I think none of us like change when my GP rang to tell me she was retiring I cried and when my dentist told me he was retiring I cried I get very emotional now with been so poorly it's too much too cope with I've always looked after everyone else now they have all passed on my health has deteriorated ,I think it's not just having one illness but toomany to cope with I'm very lucky to have tom to care for me .i find reading a book at night helps me sleep .hope tonight you sleep better xxx

    1. Hello dear blog friends heartfelt hugs to all who need them your are all in my thoughts I mannaged a little colouring yesterday on my jumper stamps pleased with them xxx

    2. Hello Sheila my lovely! How nice that we are here at the same time today. I really feel for you, having so very much to cope with – I am so pleased that you have been able to do some colouring and glad that you are happy with the result! We really are all very critical of what we do – I am very guilty of that. I was talking to Morag on FB last night and we agreed that we have got to get you and all of the others onto FB just for the new group. Have a talk to Tom about it, as I am sure that he could sort it for you. You don't need to use it for anything else and Morag has put a photo of little Bonnie on it – so you could see that too. Give it some thought, no rush – in your own time. Sending you lots of caring and supportive hugs, take care my special friend – love Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, wish I could wave a magic wand over you and take away at least some of your pain. I've always been a bit emotional but as you say you do get even more emotional when you have pain, well you're bound to feel some self pity, its only human. Hooe you have a better day today. Love and hugs, Pam xxx

    4. Hello Gilly I know you and morag are only been thoughtful but I cannot do face book and tom dosent do computers he has enough looking after me to learn I will just come and follow you on Barbaras blog caring hugs xxx

    5. Bless you Sheila! Not to worry, we will still keep you company on here and keep looking after you in just the same way! Lots of extra love and hugs coming your way today – Gilly xxx

    6. Good afternoon, Sheila. Hope you manage to get some colour therapy done today – love the jumper stamp, too. I'm off to finish the birthday card for a friend's son -needed for Saturday followed by getting a head-start on my Mum's carers' presents. Many thanks for asking after her the other day – she's taken quite a knock after the last unnecessary hospital admission but is sounding stronger on a daily basis. ;~}

    7. Hi Sheila, good to hear you are getting some crafting in. I've been a bit down over the last week – quite a lot of abuse getting hurled my way! Sarah's birthday next Tues so my sister is coming to stay Tues/Wed and my best friend is staying Wed-Sun. Thankfully both of them are pretty grounded people and will take me as I am so I will get a chance to relax and enjoy their company.

    8. Sheila and Gillyflower, Morag, everyone, why don't you swap email addresses through Clarity instead of trying to get Sheila to do facebook. Just a suggestion xx

    9. Hello Sheila dear. I'm another one who will still be here each day for you. I will only add comments to our friends here who are unable to do facebook xxx

    10. Hello again Sheila my lovely – I had thought about the email addresses, as Brenda kindly suggested. Then I also thought that I still want to be able to come here and keep caring and supporting you. This is such a special place that I want to keep hold of it. So I am sure that Barbara won't mind if we keep it just the same – it's much too precious to lose! So for people who can't or just don't want to use FB – I shall continue to comment as normal. Sending you a 3rd lot of special hugs, Love Gilly xxx

  6. Hi Barbara – I can totally relate to everything that you have said! I have always been the sensitive one in our family – when I was young and my older sister got into trouble, I was the one who cried – when she had her punishment. She never did! I also sense things when I walk into a room and pick up on it there is something wrong with someone close to me. I have tried to stop being like it – but it's just a part of who I am. However, I agree that you can learn to 'manage' it – which I have had to do recently when hubby was diagnosed with cancer. I just keep living in today and my brain seems to have acquired a filter – which allows me to dismiss things that I can't change and not get upset about so very many things that just aren't important. This recent 'cancer journey with hubby' has put everything into perspective. Hugs, Gilly xx

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – especially those who haven't yet joined up to the new Clarity Facebook Space. It's looking really good on there, so even if you haven't ever done Facebook (I only joined this year) this is really worth giving it a go. Just put minimum info onto it and you don't have to use it for anything else. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Pleased you're enjoying Facebook. I've just seen too much upset caused by it that I can't bring myself to go on. Had a few nightmares with child protection etc. You never know, one day I might change, but not just yet. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  7. I read Me Before You years ago and it touched somewhere deep inside. I had to keep reading until 3am, cried and kept thinking about it for weeks after. Gave me a new outlook on life. I then read all Jojo Moyes other books. They didn't all make me cry but touched the heart strings in other ways as they are all on different topics, well researched, very enlightening and we'll written stories. Food for the soul indeed! Too be honest I would rather escape in a book at bedtime than watch some of the awful dramas happening in real life on the news. I like to listen to radio 4 at 6.30pm as I drive home from work as it makes me laugh and escape the traumas of a stressful day at work with more work still to do at home. A little comedic interlude. Oops! I've gone on a bit – time to switch off Jeanette. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  8. I read Me Before You years ago and it touched somewhere deep inside. I had to keep reading until 3am, cried and kept thinking about it for weeks after. Gave me a new outlook on life. I then read all Jojo Moyes other books. They didn't all make me cry but touched the heart strings in other ways as they are all on different topics, well researched, very enlightening and we'll written stories. Food for the soul indeed! Too be honest I would rather escape in a book at bedtime than watch some of the awful dramas happening in real life on the news. I like to listen to radio 4 at 6.30pm as I drive home from work as it makes me laugh and escape the traumas of a stressful day at work with more work still to do at home. A little comedic interlude. Oops! I've gone on a bit – time to switch off Jeanette. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  9. Im a devil for weepy films .when my children were small Bernie was out and i was watching Shanendor with James Stewart well i howled my eyes out my kids come running downstairs to find out what was wrong ,and when i went out with my first boyfriend he took me to Odean to see Davy Crockett …(think it was James Stewart again ) i howled all the way home.. he never asked me out again!!! xxx

  10. I quite agree Barbara, my imagination is active enough and needs no encouragemention. I read the book "Me before you " and cried several times. I've just recently read the follow on book "After you", that's a good read as well, you'll be ok with that one. Sometimes I swear you're reading from my mind xx

  11. I cry at the drop of a hat, my family think it's hilarious. I frequently blub when watching the news, and Coronation Street. I cannot watch horror films at all. They stay with me for days and turn me into a nervous wreck.
    I think it is a good thing to be sensitive, and to be able to empathise, but it is a pain in the derriere too, like you say. I worry that sometimes I come across as a bit stand-offish, because I am trying to protect myself from crying and making a fool of myself. With people I don't know that we'll this is. Family and friends know what I'm like, although it's still embarrassing when you can't get it under control again xx

  12. I get slagged off by the kids because I won't watch horror films or violent tv programmes- I would rather go to bed and read my book as I find I get freeked out and restless and worked up by it. I would rather watch rom-com with happy endings as there is enough bad stuff in the world without watching for leisure.
    It is very true that if we are surrounded by love and positivity then our lives will be happier and more content.
    Loving our new secret group on Facebook as it is more personal and as it is private the whole world can't see what we say. Please join up to it as it is a good place and we can also share our more personal stories.

  13. Oh Barbara sorry you had an awful night last night. I'm not new to those nights. Haven't watched the film but did read the book whilst on holiday this year, I actually bought it in a charity shop whilst we were away because I hadn't heard of the author and liked her unusual name, then by coincidence Pete saw in the paper that the film was about to be released, how strange is that. I did read the foreword which was another reason that I bought it, my Mum had MND and lately there has been lots of talk of Dignity in Dying, although my Mum would never have done that and I dont think I could have dealt with that, I can understand those that would want to do it. It was so very sad, but it was a good read, I loved Louisa in it she could be so funny and that lifted some of the sadness. I did want to see the film because I liked Lou so much, just didnt manage to get there, just as well I didn't unless I went in the day. I had a few tears when I read the book but seeing it in a film would be more real. There is a second book 'After You', which I did enjoy. I'm very sensitive too, my Mum used to say I wear my heart on my sleeve and I need to toughen up. I'll never change now though, too old. Anyway I wouldn't wish to be hard and have no empathy. Hope you have a good day and a good nights sleep tonight. Bless

  14. I will not watch or listen to the news just before bed as it just depresses me and gives me bad dreams. I have a Sonos speaker in the bedroom through which I can play any music stored on my computer server, which at the moment is Ralph McTell. It is familiar but not loud enough to be intrusive, and my brain can relax into it. I also play a couple of games of solitaire on the Kindle before settling down to read, hopefully stopping before my book or Kindle hit me on the nose. If I watch TV in the late evening, I make sure it is something that makes me smile or giggle at the end. I find it hard enough to get a good night's sleep without "feeding" my brain with depression or fear. My kids have never forgiven me for something I did when they were younger to protect my brain from nightmares. Several times they set the video to record The Birds, and every time before they woke, I would creep down and turn the recording off and delete it. Life can be difficult enough and frightening enough, without talking all that to bed with us to destroy our sleep. xxx Maggie

    1. I am also very limited in what films I can watch and when I can watch them. My dogs get very het up at some of the sound tracks and spend their time trying to get away from the noise, so I start to feel very guilty and have to stop. I find that the volume is difficult to balance. If I turn it down during the loud bits, then I have to turn it up again to hear what people are saying before it goes back down again for the bangs and noise. Anything like Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings type film is very difficult for the dogs. xxx Maggie

  15. Oh gosh yes, I can totally relate. The most recent one that knocked me for six was "The Fault in our Stars". Absolutely heart wrenching. Best watched when you have plenty of recovery time afterwards!!!

  16. This made me smile Barbara. I read the book of this film some time ago and had so many sleepless nights because the story upset me so much. I have not yet seen the film for this reason… I think I'll be exactly the same as you – absolutely heart broken.
    I cry at books, films even the news can break my heart. My children have got used to me sobbing through films especially Disney films (toy story 3 and Up being particularly bad) but I think being a sensitive soul helps me craft so I am happy to be the way I am.
    I hope you are able to make up for your lost sleep tonight.

  17. Oh Barbara, you could be writing about me totally! You been rummaging in my head again?!!!😉 It's good to know someone else is as sensitive as me, and who is a very successful person in both career and life too. Where I come from, being so sensitive was/is seen as a very bad thing, and has got me into 'trouble' and/or looked down on more times than I can count.

    I cry/feel it with everything whether fictional or fact, even sad songs, to the point that people have laughed at me 'for being so stupid'. I even feel so bad if I accidentally kill a wee insect, or have to put one out it's misery that Daisy has caught and wounded. And unfortunately because of my Asperger's it always stays with me for an inordinate amount of time, even the fictional stuff, and I can relive it on and off for years too. So I too have to be extremely careful what I watch, hardly watch any telly these days, craft being a lot safer, and feel good. Even Poldark is really upsetting me and dragging me down, hence my wee plan to watch on catch up the sad episode immediately followed by the next week's more uplifting episode. Doesn't work brilliantly as I still have the bad feelings, but it helps a wee bit. You can't even escape from it in Disney films!!!! And books, well they play like movies in my head, so they are at least as bad for me. When reading my favourite Lord of the Rings I've got to brace myself when Boromir dies! Definitely craft, or something uplifting at night for me, I have enough trouble trying to sleep at the best of times!!!

    I don't think it's a bad thing, there's nothing wrong with having compassion for everything and everyone. I think it is a very hard thing trying to live in this world when you're so sensitive because so many people seem to be out to hurt/harm/take advantage of, because they can, because they want to, for some sick reason only known to them. And life can be so cruel at times too. But if I was given the choice, I'd choose being this super sensitive, wouldn't even need to give it a thought, despite the downside of the sometimes needless upset and trauma it can cause. I don't think it's a weakness either, I think it means you're strong, because you can survive so successfully in this world that does treat it as a weakness and who take advantage of it.

    As for intuition, well seems I've got it in spades! A very strange one for someone who is autistic. And I've yet to work out why, needing it to protect myself my whole life can't be the bigger picture reason!

    Not too sure about your waking up to cannons idea though, I'd be a nervous wreck for the rest of the day, me and Daisy both!!!!

    Thank you for being so honest and sharing with us all. You're a good soul, one of the special people in the world, and I feel blessed to have found you. Hope you have a brilliant day.
    Love Brenda xx
    P.s. I'll leave the 'no sugar in ice cream' for another time, sounded like you needed a treat 😉

    1. Bless you Brenda! I agree that it's better to be sensitive and caring. I can't understand what makes people hard, and eager to make fun of, or hurt other people. You continue to be an inspiration to us all. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xx

    2. Brenda, even when we know it's not real it doesn't help at all ! I can't watch animal related things whether real or not, happy or sad. I've never watched Bambi or Dumbo, could cope with Lassie but just about managed Skippy the Kangaroo when I was little ! X

    3. Thanks Gilly and Jackie. Me too Jackie xx
      This being Mindfulness Wednesday, just wanted to share that I think I'm getting RAKs from my organic veggie box man, in the form of a wee extra bit in my box at times. How lovely is that eh, he is a lovely man, gentle and friendly. It's taken me a while to work it out, kept wondering what the substitute was for and not being able to work out what was missing, or thinking I'd been miss counting! Anyway just wanted to share a good people thing after talking about bad people in the world xx

    4. Hi Brenda, what a lovely thing your veg man is doing. Restores your faith. Also I must say you are so articulate. You always are able to put into words things that I would like to be able to say. In particular this time I am refering to your last paragraph about Barbara. Exactly how I feel. So well said. Definitely uplifting comments for a Mindfulness Wednesday.Hugs xx

    5. Hi Brenda now I've got myself in a pickle again hope Barbara and you
      and all understand what I'm trying to say below emotional phew!!
      and I'm no great wi words like yerself and but Barbara is a special person to me to..Cuddle for you and Daisy Oh and a wee hug for that Veggie man…love Dot..xx

    6. Yir fine Dot, I'm sure everyone will understand you have your own personal reasons for deciding to not join Facebook just now. And Barbara's blog is still going to be here as before, we'll still get our crafty, and Barbara, fix every day, no changes. Just the personal conversations being moved to a separate private place, is what I think Barbara is saying, so here can be back to being mainly craft focused. I think we'll always be CCA members Dot, we're beyond help on that one eh!!!!! 😉 Cuddle back xx

    7. I'm sorry but I need to say something as I'm getting very upset and scared. Barbara has said to us all that she wishes her blog to go back to craft being the main focus again, and she very thoughtfully and generously set up facebook privately for everyone to have their daily chats there instead. That must be taking up a lot of her precious time to do. And now today people are saying they have decided to just carry on as their normal here. The reason I'm getting very upset and scared – because I really don't want to lose this place and I feel if you carry on disregarding Barbara's wishes that's what is going to happen. That's not fair on people like me who need this blog and everything Barbara gives us and shares with us and provides us with. It's also not fair on Barbara to totally disregard what she wishes for HER blog, it's rude, and worse. If you're not happy with facebook, why don't one of you start a blog of your own and then anyone who wants to chat in the whole wide world can go there and chat as much as you want. Please don't spoil this amazing place Barbara has made for us all, thank you xx

  18. I am just the same. I watched the 3rd episode of Our Girl just before I went to bed the other week. I was so jumpy you wouldn't believe it. Now I think twice before deciding whether or not to watch something before bed. X

  19. I embrace my sensitivity… it makes me who I am, even if that does mean I cry at film, sad moments, happy moments albeit mine or someone close xxx. I need positivity to breath, function, live.

  20. Hi Barbara, I recently read the book 'Me Before You' for our book club. It makes you realise some of the things that people go through when they are quadriplegic. My friend's sister was quadriplegic as a result of multiple sclerosis; she was a real inspiration and is the reason behind why I currently run a small charity for the local neurological unit. We recently raised over £5,000 to purchase a specialist exercise machine to help people build up muscle tone with lots of help from patients, staff, friends and good people. Hoping you are having a good productive day. Big hugs Marian x

  21. Sleep a bit elusive in Aberdeen also but mainly due to a dose of the sniffles which has been incubating for a week – raised its ugly head during the night! Saw 'The Girl on the Train' at the cinema yesterday – interesting. ;~}

  22. Afternoon Barb and all my blog friends here. I can so get what you are saying Barb, I howled at the story Goodnight Mister Tom. And to be sensitive is one of my failings or is it. xx

  23. Hi, Barb, I too read the book for our book club. For that reason, don't think I could watch the film – you were very brave. The book was a great story and made me feel very humble and lucky to have my health and happiness. I know it was a fictitious story, but it could be true and I think that's why it really hits home. Instead of watching sad movies before you go to bed, if you have Netflix try watching 'Frankie and Grace', it's so funny! Serious content, but very humorous and much better for pre-bedtime viewing xxx

  24. Hi Barbara I am sorry you lost sleep last night. I too get very emotional about what I watch. We saw a film last night at the cinema called Daniel Blake I don't recommend this if you are sensitive I am still thinking about it today it was very sad. I hope you have a better night tonight. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  25. Hi Barbara. I know exactly how you feel. I too have to be careful what I watch before bed. I've had to stop watching any news before bed as I really dwell on all the bad things in the world and find it quite upsetting. I don't watch any sad films either. I tend to stick to action adventure types that take me away from reality. So much easier. Then watch creative YouTube videos before bed. Although then I just want to get up and try things! Lol.
    Hope you are well and enjoy your Wednesday
    Amanda. Xx

  26. Hi Barbara, I've read the book but not seen the film. It's anything with animals in for me I can't watch whether it be sad or happy as I think about them too much. I nod off listening to radio 5 and if there's an interesting bit I want to listen to you can bet I'll be asleep before it comes on ! Hope you get a better night tonight!

    Talking about emotional – the Sunday night strictly show did it for me this week when Allie Beau (?) and Michael Ball sang 'Somewhere'. I was wellling up before they started ! X

  27. Creativity and sensitivity are linked? I can certainly buy into that as I am sensitive and emotional, and creative. I used to try and hide my sensitivity but as I've grown older I refuse to apologise for being me. I believe I am in a better position being able to express my emotions rather than suppressing them. Jen is the same she has seen Marley and Me at least 20 times and she still howls at it. Perhaps I have been a little more sensible than you as I have already made the decision not to watch Me Before You for the foreseeable future as I am a very emotional wee bunny at the moment anyway, haha.

    1. Hi Julia – sorry to hear that you are going through a bad patch at the moment. Glad to hear that you have stopped apologising for being you – you sound lovely to me! Don't take any notice of other people, especially 'you know who'! Sending love and super supportive hugs your way, Gilly xxx I shall look on FB and if I can find you I will send you a friend request.

    2. Gilly, what a lovely thing to say, thank you. Susan, lol 'rear jerking'! Sheila, thank you, I'm still here, just trying to tone down the personal stuff! For anyone looking for me on fb I am using the same photo. I'll have a go a fb but I'm not sure how I'll get on.

  28. Hello Barb,
    Oh, you and me both. Have you tried reading an emotional book through your fingers with eyes half closed so that the terrible sadness in it won't affect you. I have – and believe me it didn't work.
    I remember going to see a film when I was courting in the early 1960's about eskimos. The woman was having a child, and believe me I was going through it with her, I had to go out as I thought I was going to faint. I never saw the boy again ha ha.
    Music, oh boyo music. The opening bars of particular tunes always get to me.
    Have you ever watched "A Wonderful Life" and come out of it dry eyed – me neither.
    All these feelings make us the people we are so celebrate the fact that you can empathise and sympathise – and are not hard hearted and cold.
    Love Maureen

  29. Hello Barbara, I have decided that it is much better to be sensitive in this world than cold and indifferent. I continually beat myself up for it though. I spend my time worrying if I have written, said or done something to upset or offend someone. Fully understand where you are coming from.xx

  30. I have read the me totally .the film is on my Christmas list. I blub and stress over the silliest of things cry at adverts .get worked up over things out of my control even when the situation ends up OK .even had a rant at a bloke on the phone. Over the latest let's now claim against tour operators….

  31. Hi Barbara Sensitive emotional but very caring aye that's me I know that. Sometimes like on Sunday I got myself into a right state when I read your comments on the blog I thought that's it my whole wee world on here is coming to an end a place that has kept me going this last couple of years
    and the support we all have had for each other.
    Please Barbara don't get me wrong I do understand that this is your craft blog and I have noticed that it has been getting a bit to personal and that
    is not really a good thing on a public place and everybody should be wary about stuff that can be read openly on the internet and now know that is the
    reason you want to move personal stuff to another group.
    I'm sorry that I cant join you all on the facebook thingy but for now I have
    my reasons.
    But will never stop coming here and having a wee Clarity crafty blether if that's ok for that's what brought me here in the first place have a great time all getting to know each other better in a safer place.
    Hope you understand Barbara have to go now tears are flowing what the hell am I like.
    Long Live the CCA… All my love Dot..xx

    1. Bless you Dot – I was so sad to hear just how upset you have been. I can understand it, as this has always been and still will be a very special place. Don't worry we will still be here to care and support you. Sending you love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. My dear wee blog friend your our owl and we are your owlets you have put it across so well in your message I felt that I had lost something so special our CCA club and our daily banter but now I know I'm not the only one who cannot do face book I don't feel so alone I've had a few tears so your not alone Dorothy in your feelings lots of wee hugs blog friend xxx

  32. Oh Dot you're getting me tearful now. If you don't want to do facebook I'm sure Barbara won't mind you continuing as you are. The other option is somehow getting our email addresses to you to chat on, but how I don't know without the world knowing them. Must be a way. Please don't fret

  33. I am afraid my lack of sleep and nightmares are about the real people I deal with. Do not seem to leave it at work. particularly upset about a young man, who having come off drugs, then took an overdose. I have known him for years and still so sad and tearful when I think of him and the wonderful artwork he did. Makes me think – what are the so called "helpers" doing.
    Anyway, comforting to know some of us care and help and are sensitive.
    I cannot join you or Paul on face-book because of my work. I will continue to watch the blog and get inspiration of you and the words of kindness from the bloggers.
    Love and peace to you all
    Anne (Reading)

  34. I'm so glad it's not just me that gets emotional over films – Water for Elephants upset me for weeks! ! even now I can't think about it or I ll get upset ! And P S I love you had me bawling for days and what did my daughter do ? She bought me the book and the DVD ! ? ! I said don't you love me at all ! !
    Just give the tissues I can feel myself welling up !

  35. I can totally empathise Barbara. I have always been able to 'feel' when there was anything wrong with anyone close to me. I would get an inexplicable heavy feeling in my chest, and invariably there would be a problem for one of them. I've always been overly sensitive…"soft as muck" my hubby puts it. But I've always considered that it is necessary to feel emotional pain, in order to really appreciate joy. That is what I've always convinced myself anyway.
    Thank you for a very thought provoking blog today. Love and Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Morag, I totally agree with you and Barbara.
      An excellent blog today.
      I have tried to get on the new Facebook page but must be doing something wrong ha ho will try again.
      Lots of positive thoughts to all.
      Lynn xx

  36. Hi Barbara, I am exactly the same !! the mind is so powerful, my mind goes over and over and over things in my head, and something that started out a small thing becomes this huge gigantic thing. I talk to myself and tell myself to 'stop it'. I can empathise over the films, I watched a Christmas film at the weekend, and I cried my eyes out, it was about a young boy and a lovely dog, so heart-wrenching, it came good at the end, but by then I was a right mess, then it takes absolutely hours before I can 'come down' from it. I too am a really sensitive person, I have wished more than once, that I was 'harder'.
    I hope you have a much better night tonight, here's hoping.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  37. I can fully understand your reasoning. I cannot watch the film's that Fred does just too violent. I like a nice gentle one. So just about to watch Bake Off far more my style. X

  38. I do get a bit emotional with books and things on the tv but if it is fictional I do try to tell myself that it isn't real and only acting and try once it is finished to switch off from it. It is a documentary, depending on what it is, I sometimes can't get it out of my mind for a while. There was a programme on last night about a lady who had terrible facial tumours which would have killed her but this fabulous surgeon managed to get rid of them but she was left with terrible disfigurement. She was only young and was married with a husband and small daughter, but at least she survived and was able to lead a relatively normal life, but it was so sad. I think if you can't physically do anything to help you commiserate but then have to put it aside. Thank you for making us all think about these things Barbara. x

  39. Great blog Barbara – I'm sensitive and easily moved to tears by films and books too. As well as by the news just lately. I can't do violence or psychological films either. I've read the book and decided the film was one to miss.
    Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight. xx

  40. Hi. Barb,
    Sorry you didn't have a good night. I'm not usually too bad with films unless they're animal films such as War Horse, Two Brothers, Lassie Come Home ( has me in tears all the time!) – I even cried my eyes out when I was 17 when I went to see Snoopy Come Home!!! However, the one film that really terrified me causing me to sleep with my eyes open I think was The Ring. It really did get to me disturbingly. I think it's good to have a sensitive side. I'm pleased that your Facebook group seems to be going well. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  41. too right. i stopped listening to radio 4 in morning too. i used to arrive at work depressed and then it gets more depressing over there… too much. now i listen to some music on the way and i get there in a better mood and things work out better, hugs xx

  42. I am just like you Barbara. I only watch happy films now. There is so much going on in the real world that is disturbing. Entertainment should make us feel happy and relaxed.
    I am enjoying our special Facebook group. Lots of friendly chat and lovely artwork to inspire.
    A big HUG from Chris X

  43. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for the heads up on the film, I've seen it advertised and thought it was right up my street, hadn't realised it was one that would have me crying for days! Bridget Jones is right up my street too, such a funny film. I remember reading love story on the train several years ago, the conductor came to check the tickets at the wrong time, he must have thought I was very strange! I get teased at home for crying at the sad bits in tv programmes but they know that's me and I won't change. I watch QI before bed, better to go to bed on a laugh. Hope you have a better nights sleep tonight. Sweet dreams.
    Love Diane xxx

  44. Have to agree I'm very emotional can cry at an advert, think been lot worse since losing my daughter 3 years ago just never got over it stightest thing brings me back down have to keep my self on positive asmuch as possible xxx

  45. Nothing wrong with being a sensitive soul. I used to be a bit embarassed about it, but now I just wear waterproof mascara and don't go anywhere without tissues and a small mirror to repair any damage! When I was nursing I had to learn to act a bit as sobbing with the patients and their relatives didn't really help them, but we'd have a stock of sad videos on the ward, and once in a while you'd take one home and have a really good howl to let it all out. For me I think seeing the positives and beauty in even very small things balances feeling the sadness, but I agree with you, I do choose when I read or watch something too emotional or disturbing to allow a good night's sleep x

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