Glamour – Not Glamour!

Glamour – Not Glamour!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in on Friday’s blog – a private peek.
You think I lead a glamorous life, don’t you.
Go on – be honest.
New York one week, Jersey the next.
Well here’s the reality of it.
Glamorous? Totally!!
Here you see me sandwiched between two hunks 
in a huge white limo,
headed for Harrogate…
Sunshine and the leafy lanes of Kent.

But wait!
Way to many other cars on M11 today!!
Didn’t they know we were headed this way?

Maybe that’s why they’re all here – 
to catch a glimpse of OUR white limo!
There’s a very similar looking one up ahead….

Poxy traffic.
Just not cricket, is it?
Totally spoils a perfectly pleasant drive from the south to the north of England.
We’re going to get to our exclusive no expense spared night 
at the Days Inn at Wetherby Services 
so very late!

Come on David! Doooo something!!!!!

And what’s even more exciting and glamorous, 
is that we have to get up at 4.30 in the blimming morning,
because we can’t set up at the Harrogate Parchment Show 
until 6am. Mmmmm….Croissants and coffee at dawn!
So good people, if you are coming to the Parchment Show at the Cedar Court Hotel tomorrow, doors open at 10am for visitors, 
and should we look a little less than glamorous –
PS. Dave takes his coffee white with honey.
Love and hugs,

100 thoughts on “Glamour – Not Glamour!

  1. I can't think why you don't use your private jet to get from the South to the North!!! Lol. Seriously, drive safely and I hope you don't get there tooooo late. Have a good show. Xx

  2. We left the glorious Yorkshire at 11.30 to travel south down the A1. I thought of you as I saw the traffic going north. Friday is always bad and half term even worse. Hope you manage to get some food and some sleep xx

  3. Friday traffic is just crazy. Our local council created gridlock all day by coning off one lane each way on the main road through the town. I hope you and your two hunks manage to get something to eat on the way, and that Dave can sweep all the traffic out of the way so that you can all get some sleep tonight. Safe journey. xxx Maggie

  4. Hope the traffic improved and you arrive in Wetherby safely (there's a good chippie on the main shopping street if you want food)

    Safe journey – and have a good weekend

  5. You will look lovely and Dave just as handsome. Paul well, he is just a great, loveable guy. Sorry that I am missing the show – work calls yet again on a Saturday – too many naughty people around you see. Have a lovely time even if it is an early start.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  6. Hi Barbara. Travelling on a Friday in June, from Somerset, it took us 8 hours to get to Harrogate, with a couple of short stops, so hope you fare better. Hopefully you arrived long since and are having a nice dinner somewhere. Hope the set up goes well at that unearthly hour in the morning, but knowing you I'm sure you will look as fresh as a daisy. Hope you have a good day. x

  7. Oh what a pain
    You're on the road again,
    A rose between two thorns,
    Tell Dave to blow the horn!
    You'll get there around the bend
    And have a lovely weekend !

    I didn't mean to try a poem and it didn't get as far as one either, hope you got further along the road. That's an early start …. Safe journey ! X x

  8. Oh Barbara, I don't envy you at all with the travelling and setting up. But it will be so appreciated by all who come to see you. Have a great weekend. Love and Hugs xxx

  9. Hi Barbara thank you for sharing. I hope you have got further by now and can start to have a bit of a rest with the early start ahead of you. I hope it all goes well. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  10. Oh Barbara you poor souls. What an arduous journey for one day's show! But you do make us laugh despite it. Thought you would have borrowed the Duke of Edinburgh's helicopter!!!! Wish I had even a fraction of your stamina and energy. Safe journey, eat, and get as much sleep as you can. Hope you have a sell out show, love to you all, Brenda xx

  11. Hi Barbara, sorry to hear about all the traffic I know from. Friday's just seem to be that way don't know why.
    Have a safe journey, and enjoy the weekend I am sure everybody who attends the show will thank you for all your efforts.
    Take care.
    Lynn xx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Safe journey all of you, I hope the traffic realises there are three VIPs trying to get to their destination. Think of the beautiful sunrise you will see in the morning and how lovely the coffee and croissants taste! Have fun and I hope you have amazing sales too.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Stayed on that services near Wetherby many times in our motorhome on our way to Scotland on a Friday night. At least if you're in the Hotel you shouldn't hear all the lorries coming and going. Don't envy you being stuck in traffic though, hopefully by the time you're on the M1 things will quieten down. Hope you get a good nights sleep and things go well setting up and that you get a good turnout of customers. Safe journey there and home again. Hugs Pam xxx

  14. Hi to all my blog friends, missing talking to you, Sheila, Donna, Diane, Brenda, Dot, Alison, Julia, hope you've all had a good day, it's been sunny here and not too cold. Bless you all, love and hugs Pam xxx

  15. See you all at Harrogate tomorrow.
    Drive carefully Dave
    Hopefully the present I am bring you might cheer you up in the morning Barbara hope you like it, you will have a huge laugh when you see the size of it compared to the box it's in silly post office didn't have the size I needed will have to have words with them lol

    1. Hello Sheila dear. I was just waiting to see you on here before I went off to my bed. You are in my thoughts each day. Love and Hugs to you dear. xxx

    2. Hi my lovely Sheila – I have been thinking of you all day and hoping that you are managing your pain. Take care, sending you my love and lots of special caring hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Sheila, I hope you are ok today, I notice you haven't been on today. I'd love to talk to you direct. If you go to the blog dated 26th May 2016 and go to my comment you'll see me giving Donna my email address. Please email me.x

  16. Boy do you bunch and all at Clarity Towers deserve the awards you win! Anyone for 10 ( or 999) Green Bottles?? Hope journey improves – dramatically! Hugs to each xx

    Hi to all bloggy pals. Have been mad busy for last ciuple of days, hence having gone quiet. Plan to get to grips with Facebook posting over weekend. Meanwhile hope yiu're all as well as can be, crafting away and enjoying the autumn colours. The pics on fb are wonderful!

    Hi Morag, Bonnie is soooo well named! Does she settle at night? The mog took over half the bed last night ( lies flat on her back, paws in air, and makes yum yum noises). Only realised at 4.30 when I woke enough to realise why I couldn't get into proper sleep. Net result – tiggery cat all day and grumpy crafter! Love and hugs xx

    1. Fingers crossed I am! Can read posts but have yet to try to post one myself. Do I just type into hox at the top, below the search box? Maybe won't get chance tomorrow as old uni pal visiting and out for dinner but will give it a go on Sunday. Saw your dolls house though, it's stunning! I'm doing a small model railway and i'm aware just how long it can take to make small things. Well done you!

  17. It's all in a days work, as they say ! Arrived safe and sound , met up with Heather and Len , now Tina has arrived….looking forward to tomorrow….Hope to see some of you there..x

  18. Hi Barb,
    You do lead such a glamorous life! Sorry you had such a tiring journey, but pleased you've arrived safe and sound. Have a good rest tonight and although you've got such an early start, I hope tomorrow goes well. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hello Alison. I'm ashamed to say I've just remembered about your text. I will sort it tomorrow! I hope you are well and no more migraines. Love and Hugs xxx

  19. It's seeing photos like that which make me realise how lucky I am living where I do – we don't have any motorways up here. Pleased to here you arrived safely, enjoy tomorrow.

  20. Hope your journey gets better and not to late and get some sleep before your busy but I'm sure fun day wishcould be there but nursing a poorly pup been for snip not happy is are little milo don't like his head wear but don't think I would nether have a good day tomorrow sending hugs xx

    1. Hi Susan, I believe today was your last chemo session. Hope you've been able to feel the relief it's all over, and been able to do something to celebrate getting through it. I've got everything crossed and sending psychic positive energy that it's done it's job and more for you xx

    2. Thank you for remembering. I am so lucky that they have now said all the while my body can take it they are going to continue it on a lower dose.Sorry Barbara for posting but didn't jnow how to let kind Brenda know. Won't happen again. I will maybe try on the new site where it is supposed to be. Thankyou for your understanding. Hope all is going amazingly well at Harrogate and you have a sell out. So good they have embraced Groovi.xx

    3. That's great news Susan. When do you find out if it's worked? I'm sure Barbara will be ok with our occasional talk as it's such a huge deal you're going through. From what she's said, I don't think this is the problem. And crafty talk is fine too, so what I want to know is have you cracked open your gelli plate yet? I haven't yet but I've got the baby ones now, which aren't as daunting, and just ordered a few big embossing folders to try my idea on my big plate. What technique are you going to try first, what do you reckon is most likely to be successful, to encourage us to keep going with it? Hope you have a good day xx

  21. Memories – the life my hubby and I used to lead, we towed our accommodation behind our limo though. Alley Pally, NEC to name some, loved the life but now retired, Good luck up north we are noted for our friendliness and hospitality.

  22. We really do appreciate your and the 'A' team's efforts, truly we do! Empathise re the traffic, the A1 northward bound was a nightmare yesterday, but so long as arrive safe and sound that's all that matters. Hope you have a good sleep despite the silly o'clock alarm, really looking forward to seeing you all again and also the fabulous examples of parchment work, expect to hear lots of 'ooing and aahing'! xx

  23. Ah the life of a celebrity but this one doesn't forget her roots or the long
    journey it's taken to get here either and thank god she kept plodding on and still is.
    Have a good day at the show so chuffed for you that the parching world loves
    your Groovi to and that's its included at the show.
    Take care …Love Dot..xx

  24. Morning Barb

    oh my!… all that traffic, early morning start, then setting up, it so is a 'glamorous' life you lead 😉

    If you like fish and chips, the Wetherby Whaler (situated in the main street of Wetherby) has, what we think, the best fish and chips ever. There's a restaurant above the fish and chip shop, staff are so friendly and helpful

    It's always an obligatory stop there for us when we visit the Fletcher families in Stamford and the surrounding area!

    Tomorrow will be another great day for you. Enjoy!

    June x

  25. Hi Barb, (and Dave and Paul), hope you got there safely and managed the setup. I am sure the show will go down a treat with everyone. And thank you to the Clarity team back at base for my super speedy order. Hopefully will get some playtime this afternoon. Take care everyone. Bx

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