Busy New York….

Busy New York….

Hi there!!
Welcome to Busy New York! 
Another day of walking walking walking.
Same distance as the day before, but in the other direction!
You do see the sights when you pound the pavements, don’t you!
Here’s a new idea.
A city coach tour, where you sit sideways 
and stop to listen to musicians and entertainers who are strategically placed around town.
Here we saw an Opera Singer and a Sax player.
I photo-bombed them so I could show you the audience in the bus!

Then we strolled throughCentral park.
Amazing performers everywhere you go.

A group of amazing black kids put on a pretty fantastic show.
Very very good.

Supreme control.

Boating was called off due to the rain,
but it was ok.
We walked and talked, talked and walked….

through the park

Until we got fed up with the drizzle and retreated to a mall.
or should I say maul ?!?!?

Grace!!! Stop poking fun!

What can you do in a city when the weather is off?
Ahh yes….shop!
Very cool Mural on one of my favourite shops…

In the evening Grace got complimentary tickets to a blues gig at the BBKing Club.
She certainly knows her way round town…

This guy played with Bruce Springsteen apparently…
certainly sounded like him!

And then, as if we weren’t knackered enough,
 we set the alarm to wake up at 4am, 
so we could get tickets for Glastonbury.
Here you see the Ticket office open for business 
and all set to GO!!!
Couldn’t let the side down in England.
There were about 20 of us trying for each other.

Last year 180,000 tickets sold out in 28 minutes.
At minute 20 this morning one of the guys got in for our group.
Leonie scored for her group and the third group got in too!
We all got tickets this year!!!
But now we’re in New York.
What a lucky girl I am.
Love and hugs,

233 thoughts on “Busy New York….

  1. You certainly are a lucky girl, having fun in NY and getting Glastonbury tickets. Once again it is lovely to see your photos, you and Grace and naughty wee rascals. Keep having fun.

    1. I know that one totally Julia – "a nutter, bad person etc." Fight it hard, don't let yourself go down that route, listen to, and believe your friends and family who know you, and what's deep inside you, not him. I've still got the nutter/bad person belief inside me, no matter who or how many times I'm told and shown different, it always creeps back out xx

    2. Hi Julia hope you've had a good day today, I hear the sun was shining there earlier. We spoke to Emma as she walked back from the beach. She's just got a job where she will be dressing as a pirate, oh we did chuckle when she sent us the photo. Sending you a big hug xxx

    3. I've got a huge smile on my face just reading all your supportive comments, it means so much to me. I've been decorating today in between sitting in the garden, such a beautiful day up here again. The decorating us giving me focus. I've finished doing the utility room and now I'm on to the kitchen. A while ago we decided that the mahogany varnish on the skirtings and architraves had to go and I would gradually go round the whole house and it would be painted white. It's big job as it requires two coats of primer and two coats of satinwood but what a difference it makes to the house. I've already done the ensuite, main bedroom, bathroom and sun room and by getting the kitchen done that will be that back of the house done. If we sell the house then at least it will be half done for new owners and looks tidy. If I get to keep the house then the worst bits have been done and I'll be able to do the girls rooms, lounge, hall and entrance way without the need for someone to help me move things like the washing machine. Needless to say I haven't done any real crafting for a while but I have been crafting in my head. As soon as the kitchen is finished I intend doing lots of crafting especially as I need to get my Christmas cards done. I hope you all have had a good day.

  2. I.was in New York this time last year – what an.amazing place. Even did some cycling which was a great way to get about. We did the Ride which was pretty surreal but good.fun. Hope the rest of your trip is fab. Lx

  3. Hi Barbara! You really are having a whale of a time there aren't you!!!
    My daughter Amy texted me before….she couldn't go to Glastonbury last year as she'd been invited to a wedding that was on the same weekend but she's made sure she's going this year….she'll be there in the mud with everyone!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your stay!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  4. Wow, you are the lucky one, that's great that you got your tickets for Glastonbury as well. The bus looks brilliant good way to see everything. You and Grace are a case when you get together. Think you'll need new shoes with all the walking you've done. Continue to have a fab time.xxx

    1. You are a one Donna, do you think I'll ever live it down. Still was a laugh and we all deserve one. Hope you're having a good day. Missed you for a few days. How is Pheobi now?xxx

    2. Hahaha, great minds think alike, that was my thought too….and No! Pam! We never forget good chuckles! Hope you 've have a good day. Love and Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Donna we've been to Harrogate today. I got a couple of tops for the winter and Hubby got a new turntable so he can play his old vinyl and buy some of the new stuff that is coming out. Of course I encouraged him because I can also spend on my hobby!

    2. Swedish guy got lost in IKEA, I'm sure he will find his way out one day. If not he can write a help note with one of their tiny pencils! I had a play again this afternoon and I made myself use the circle background I started yesterday. As Barbara says sometimes you just have to keep going with something! Xx

    3. Hi Donna,
      Glad you've got some crafting in today. In answer to your question of yesterday, did take a few photos, but actually not many for once. Love and hugs to you and Phoebe, Alison xx

    4. I ordered the gel petites and in my head I am planning to pull lots of wonderful prints, haha, but I am determined to have a play and work with what I've got. It doesn't have to be perfect 'cause that's just not art.

    1. Hi Pam hope you are having a good day today. We were at ally pally again yesterday for the knitting and stitching show. It's huge, 3 halls being used and hardly a seat to be had to rest the credit card on! Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Pam, I think everyone was thinking about you today. I'm sure Barbarba posted those photographs especially for you. I don't know what it is about those things and that word but it always makes us girls laugh.

    1. Afternoon dear family of blog friends Sunday hugs to you all hope your day is whatever you want it to be thinking of you all .my hand fingers.wrist elbow are pain full today they was last night also now I don't know if it's worked for a day and half and that's it . I wish they would have given me the one I had that I paid for I did offer to pay for it but he said they don't do that .i hope they get the answer back from the liver specialist quickly so I can start the new meds .life eh xxx

    2. Fight it Sheila, don't let it win, stick your 2 fingers up to it and have some quality time today despite it. You know you can do it, you have already, it is worth the hard fight for, honest, and you've got Tom there to help you get to that place in your head. Go on, give it a try, you win today just by trying. And Poldark's on tonight 🤗 xx

    3. Hi Sheila, hope you can feel the pain lessening when that injection kicks in! So sorry you are having a horrible time at the moment. Sending a gentle hug for you. Xx

    4. Sending you a big hug Sheila, you are such a fighter and don't like to give into the pain I know. You really are a superstar. I hope it's just a blip and you are pain free again soon xxx

    5. Hello Sheila, sorry you are in pain again so soon after your injection. Lets hope it is just a blip and tomorrow it will continue working and you are pain free. I really do sympathise with you. I have to have steroid tablets for my joints and hands in particular but I know about it in the gap between them ceasing to be effective and the doctors upping the dose. xx

    6. I'm sorry Sheila dear, that you're having another day that is not so good. Enjoy the day of rest with Tom, and I hope tomorrow is much better for you. Take care. Love and Hugs xxx

    7. Hi Sheila, so sorry to hear that you're still in pain, was really convinced that your injection was working. It must be very frustrating for you. Let's hope it will kick in soon. My acupuncture didn't kick in for over a week this time so there's still hope. Will keep my fingers crossed that your pain will subside soon and you'll be able to get back to a little crafting. Sending you some gentle hugs in the hope they'll see you through.xxx

    8. Hello Sheila, my lovely! So sorry to hear that you are in so much pain again, no doubt the lovely Tom is looking after you very well. I am hoping that you can get some answers and help very soon! Meantime, sending you love and lots of caring and pain-easing hugs, Gilly xxx

    9. Evening dear blog friends thank you for all your support and comments they keep me going on my bad days I got out my groovi and used a jaynes poinsettia groovi plate as I had done the big frame a while ago it's was a struggle but I did it so it's ready to colour another day tom put it all away for me bless him my diabetic nurse is ringing tomorrow and I'm going to get her to send a task to my dr so I will say goodnight 😴💤 xxxx

    10. Hi Sheila,
      So sorry you're still in so much pain, I really do feel for you. Glad that you felt up to doing a bit of a Groovi though, the poinsettia is a lovely plate. Love and hugs Alison xx

    11. It's disappointing to hear you're in so much pain but I'm glad you managed to do a little groovi. My sister went on holiday last Saturday, two days before she went she slipped on some mud and broke her elbow. She can't shower herself, she can't even do her bra up. Where did she go on holiday – Florida – and they say things come in threes so I'm dreading to here what happens next.

  5. You're one lucky jet setting lady! It all looks amazing and being with Grace too, just perfect, she's a lovely girl, my daughter is Grace too, and Isobel ,can't leave her out! Hope you're getting inspired whilst out there! X

  6. Ha, ha, ha, I'm still laughing Barbara. Brilliant blog. You look to be having sooo much fun and sooo happy, brilliant, do you all the world of good. Poor Dave missing out on it all, but you can make it up to him when you get home. New York looks like Edinburgh during Festival time with all the street entertainers everywhere. Shame you never found Mary this time. Glad you managed to get tickets for Glastonbury, and no one needs to miss out. Hope you all have a brilliant day again today. Love Brenda xx

    Now Pam, is that a winter or summer willie they're showing us?!!!!! 😉
    Ok, sorry I'll stop now, teased you enough. Just couldn't resist, blame Barbara and Grace, they must have read your comment too!!!! 😉 Do you want to know how to turn off predictive text now? 😉
    Do you think they want one of Dot's winter warmers!!!! 😉

    1. Oh Brenda you are a shocker haha. It was good to hear your laptop had been sorted and your brothers ATC idea is great. I hope Daisy is back to her normal self today and looking for treats and tickles .xxx

    2. He He He yir on the ball the day Brenda ha ha jist made myself
      laugh again anyway great ti hear you cheery makes my day as I'm
      sure this wee blog keep's yi going as it does for me was on
      overnight Granny duties last night took the sponge bob jammies
      bairns were in fits here's yir cuddle…Love Dot..xx

    3. Hi Brenda, you are on the ball today. Good to know you're having a chuckle.xxx PS I'll try to turn predictive text off if it doesn't work I'll get back to you, thanks.

    4. Hi Brenda – so pleased to read that you sound to be in a much better place today, long may it last, as you really deserve it. Take care – wishing you many more brighter days to come – hugs for you and Daisy, Gilly xx

    5. Aye a think it was a bad move god knows what they will come up with from
      Santa this year but Yi know me will give them a go Amy's face was a was
      picture but cuddled well into them nae bother.
      P.S. got a wee techy problem when you get a minute windows update on laptop been going for 4 hours now what's that awe about is it cause it goes into sleep mode when I'm no watching it or what no urgent hen when
      You've got a minute as I've got the tablet noo..xx
      ��������������…night hen…xx..

    6. Thanks Alison xx
      Dot, I take it you're on windows 10 now? It's a very long one, so called anniversary upgrade. You can close your laptop down and it will continue downloading it next time you're on it. It will ask you to restart at the end. Don't get worried when you do, it takes ages, and restarts several times. It's like removing the old version and installing the new one in its place. During this restarting process, don't close it down, and don't switch your wifi off. If you get a blank screen for ages, a short time is fine, and doesn't look like or sound like it's doing anything – there will be a tiny wee light on the side that flashes all the time while it's doing something. If not try moving the mouse to get it out of sleep mode. If nothing then closing the lid and opening it again to get it out of sleep mode. But I had no problems with that this time so you should be ok. Once it's on you could have problems with drivers having been removed, settings changed and if you've taken wee bits off, them back on. All your own stuff will be there where you put it though. Drivers are the bits of software that things you plug into your laptop need to work. Like your printer. It should be straight forward for you, unless you have old stuff you plug in. All you need to do is plug the things, like printer, one at a time, into your laptop, make sure you are on the internet first, and the laptop should search for and install the appropriate drivers. Any problems, just say, and I'll do my best to help xx

    7. Dot, the wee question marks instead of faces happen because of logging into blogger after you've added the faces, doesn't recognise them. Just add them on after logging in, that should sort it xx

      That made me laugh Julia. I know, I thought that after I'd said too. If Pam asks for help, I'll do my best to stall giving her the answer!!!!!! Poor Pam. But do you know what, we all better be very careful, because this teasing will come back to haunt us if/ we slip up!!!! Hope today is a good one for you xx

  7. Hi Barbara, I was thinking about you earlier when my husband informed me that the Glastonbury tickets had sold out. I wondered if being in America you would have been able to organise any way of getting them. So glad you were successful. You all had such a good time last year. Once again I love the photos that so capture the atmosphere. Thanks for taking time out to blog them. Enjoy the rest of your stay.xx

    1. Hi Susan – how are you feeling at the moment? Thank you so much for all of your caring comments to myself and Neill, when you are going through so much yourself. Take care, hugs, Gilly xx

  8. Fabulous pictures and loving reading about your time in New York. How exciting off to Glastonbury again next year! Enjoy the rest of your time today and thanks so much for sharing.
    Linda xxx

  9. Hi everyone, just had a heavy shower here with a mad dash to get the towels in ! I was upstairs at the time trying on clothes while sorting them so another mad dash to put some bottoms on ! LOL !! Still I do have a rag bag and a good bag for he charity shop again with my stuff this time. I've got loads of hangers left LOL no, not to fill again. Still got stuff I couldn't fit it wardrobes so now I'll be able to. Need to sort out hubby's jackets now, he has them in all different sizes and some he'll never see that size again ! Still haven't managed to craft yet either…. Have a good evening everyone x x

    1. Hello Jackie now when you've finished would you like to come and visit my wardrobe? My hubby is the same, wears suit trousers out but keeps the jackets just in case! Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hahaha! I went through hubbies wardrobe ages ago, and he's never even noticed! It is a great feeling once it's all sorted. You're doing a really good job. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Jackie – sounds like you are making very good progress. I have done some sorting out earlier in the year, and we always take our clothes to the local Salvation Army, as they are always in need of clothes to give to deserving people and they are always so grateful. I plan to do some more sorting later in the year. Love and hugs, Gilly xx

    4. I remember that decoration with the hangers Donna! Finished drying off the towels in the conservatory. Although I've sorted clothes I've got more to do. How can one person have so many t shirts ! Mine seem to last for ever, have plain ones, pretty ones, long sleeve, short sleeves ….. a lot of stuff I haven't worn since giving up work. X

  10. Congratulations on your Glastonbury tickets. You are certainly doing some walking in New York. Loved the place when I visited for work and also when I came on holiday to meet up with my cousins. Hope to return soon once I get my legs sorted, I have started the process of talking to the surgeon, etc, thank you for your encouragement. Enjoy! Big hugs Marian x

  11. Hi to Morag's friend Sharon. Please come say hi, just 2 letters 'h' and 'i', that's all you need to say, type those 2 letters and push the button. I want to say hi back. I know it's really scary. I was like you and finally plucked up the courage to push the button, after a good number of chickening out attempts. I promise it gets less scary. I'm not scared at all now, half the time they can't shut me up now!!!, Ok, probably a lot more than half the time 😉 We're fiercely protective of Barbara, and all this Clarity family. Don't worry if you're not already a member of our CCA, you soon will be😉 Pleeeeeeeease come say hi xx
    (Ach, sometimes I hate Asperger's, there must be a wee face in all my pages of them, that are a sad eyes begging face, but me not understanding non verbal, means I don't understand most of the wee faces either!!!! Can someone add in loads of wee sad eyes begging faces for me please)

    1. Brenda, meant to say that Jo Rice has blogged some colour comparisons that are really useful. I know you were wanting some for the new Artistry inks. Out can click her link from Barbara's page. Xx

    2. Hi Sharon – it does take a bit of courage to comment on here, the first time – but you really won't regret it! Coming here helps so many of us get through really difficult challenges in our lives. Hope to see you on here very soon, Gilly x

    3. Hi its Sharon I finally plucked up the courage to give this Blogging a try thanks to Morag, Brenda, Susan and Gilly encouraging me. I read Barbara's Blog everyday and really enjoy it. I met Barbara a couple of weeks ago at a demo day and what a lovely down to earth person she is. Thank you for making me feel welcome.

    4. Hello Sharon 😊😊😊😊 Well done you. It gets easier now, honest. Try again on Barbara's new post for today so everyone else can say hi to you too. And yes Barbara is one of the special people in the world xx

  12. Hmmmm, need some advice on the calendar challenge. I don't have any cut and dry felt for the inking technique, I was considering using versamark and chalk but thought that the whole point of this month was to practice the inky bit. Does anyone have any advice as to what I can put inks onto that will do the same job as the felt? Thanks for your help XX

    1. Don't suppose you have a dried out felt inkpad you could rinse out and dry. That's the same stuff. Or how about brayering colour into your blending mat and using that as the ink pad. As long as it's not alcohol inks. If it's alcohol inks, what about putting them on plastic, like a plastic bag. Don't know if any of that helps xx

    2. The technique is the one Barbara does by dropping distress re-inkers onto the felt so it can be used to give a mixed colour. The calendar this month is autumnal trees. Now I have said felt enough I'm wondering if just a bit of felt would work……..
      Thanks for coming up with other solutions though! I will have to have an experiment. Xx

    3. Worth a try, but it's acrylic so might bobble on it. How about dropping the drops onto your blending mat and using blending foam/make up sponge to get it blending together, and using that to ink your stamp. Or letting it mix on acetate and then pressing that onto your blending mat to stamp from xx
      If you stick your hand out my tablet screen, I'll give you some cut'n'dry felt!!!! 😉

    4. Hi Donna I go to card class ( not clarity I'm afraid but another catalogue brand!) and we did something similar but we made the ink pad by dropping the inks onto a couple of folded we baby wipes and it worked a treat. Might be worth giving it a go. The babywipes were in a foil tray so they didn't run everywhere. Your Swedish bloke may have some stashed on his person 😂Xxx

    5. Donna have you got some distress markers have you got distress inks if you have put the colours straight on to your stamps to see if you can get the same effects don't know if it will work xxx

    6. Thanks everyone will try all the ideas and see which is most effective. I don't have distress inks but I do have some other inks in autumnal colours so will use those, the writing part should be interesting as I haven't done anything like that before! I have a feeling October could be my nemesis month. 😱😱😱. Xx

  13. My son knows his way around Nyc so the next time we DRIVE up from Virginia I definitely need to see that sculpture of the naked gentleman lol .
    Yes yes , you are a lucky woman
    And it would be great if you had a gathering in NYC of all your blog friends so we could meet . What a treat that would be for some of us here feeling so lonly without you all in person . Joy now Janice

  14. Hello Barbara it has obviously been another wonderful day for you for all sorts of reasons. I saw that bus on a TV programme and thought what a good ide it was. I'm loving your photos, you'll have to save THAT photo for your Groovi blog demos to illustrate "pricks to the front and balls to the back" as you say!

  15. Hello everyone, sorry I didn't blog everyone yesterday but I ran out of steam early. I was waiting for calls from my son as his wife had been taken into hospital (expecting our first grandchild) with contractions that weren't Braxton Hicks. After tests they said baby was on the way. She is only 31 weeks. Today she was allowed home. They have managed to slow everything down and the contractions hav stopped. Lots of rest and no more work. A stressful time but all positive now. You see why I was a little distracted. So glad of this blog.

    1. Aw Susan, hope she lasts out a few weeks longer. But if not, post 31 weeks isn't too bad, not ideal though I know. Each extra day is a bonus. But fingers crossed she can go for much longer. You must be so excited, bet you can't wait to meet the wee one and have loads of baby cuddles 😊 xx

    2. Thanks Brenda for your positive comments. You're so right about being excited. I have bought so many little clothes and toys. Even buying nappies is exciting. How sad am I! xx

    3. Susan that's so exciting, I hope she can last now for a few more weeks. I like walking down the baby Isle in the supermarket, it always smells so lovely and takes me back quite a few years! .xxx

    4. Oh Susan! No wonder you're so excited. It would only be sad if you weren't! AS Chris said, she will be well monitored. Sending lots of positive thoughts and hugs xxx

    5. Hi Susan – I put a comment for you higher up. I too meant to come back to the blog last night, but I was all Groovi-ed out! You had such a better reason – what an exciting time for you all. I too, hope that she can go a bit longer, but with the care they can now give I am sure that she will be ok. Sending positive hugs and thoughts, Gilly xx

    6. My first was born at 32 weeks. They managed to stop labour but gave me steroids which hardened her lungs and anitbiotics in case labour didn't stop. Two days later I had a placenta abruption whilst I was still in hospital, she weighed in at 3lb 15oz, spent just 2 weeks in hospital mainly learning how to feed. Sarah turns 18 in a couple of weeks time and is a typical feisty teenager.

  16. Wow Barb – what a fantastic time you are having. I'm practicing "mindfulness" today as am grieving the loss of my little dog who was my faithful long-time companion for 16 years. I will get there but am told it takes time so am thankful for Clarity……… Have a good time and your photos and news are great…..thanx.

    1. I'm so so sorry Beryl. I'm there with you, I know exactly what you are going through. It does take time, and you never forget, but it does get easier, and remembering the good and happy times get to be a lot more often than remembering this final sad time, honest xx

    2. You are in my thoughts Beryl. I've been through this twice now in less than two years, so I totally understand. Brenda has given great advice, just as she has given me recently. Sending hugs xxx

    3. Thinking of you Beryl, I lost my 2 little dogs within a year so know how upset you must be. It's been 3 years now and it does get better. May take a while but one day you realise you've been thinking of the happy times with them without tears. Bless you.xxx

  17. Ahh, Beryl, I feel for you in your grief. It's so sad to lose a pet you're so close too. We too lost our beloved dog, many years ago. Still miss him. I hope it gets easier for you soon. Brenda's right – you don't forget, but hopefully you'll soon remember the happy times without it hurting too much. Sending you love and condolences. K x

  18. Hi Barbara
    What a fabulous city and boy have you walked miles! It's great to see Grace, she looks really well. You see it was meant to rain today otherwise you wouldn't have found the man and had a laugh with his dangly bits! ( you know your daughters grown up when…..!). Hope you have a wonderful time and well done getting Glastonbury tickets – is Grace going too?
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, sorry I was AWOL yesterday, we went to the knitting and stitching show at Ally Pally, an annual events with Julian's mum. I bought some beautiful wool to make a throw, from a company whose wool I go and stroke every year. They were selling off their stock unfortunately so I just had to buy it. As Julian said something else to add to the numerous craft things. He can talk he bought another embroidery and was trying to remember which one I bought him last year that he hasn't started yet! (The lady recognised him and said it was the one he thought it was, she doesn't have many 6 foot plus male customers obviously!). Morag what lovely news that you are getting a new puppy, can understand the mixed emotions but penny wouldn't want to be your last dog. Alison good to hear you enjoyed Mull, beautiful isn't it . Sending hugs all round xxxx

    2. Hello Diane, thank you so much for your kind words. I think it's wonderful that you have a 6 foot plus male who loves embroidery. Apart from the beautiful pictures you'll end up with, it's the perfect excuse for your crafty purchases. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. That's great Diane, of course you had to buy it if it was in the sale. Glad you enjoyed the show. My uncle used to knit for his 6 children, my father in law got into tapestry in his later years. Just great to have a hobby.xxx

    4. Hi Diane – glad that you had a good time yesterday. It is unusual for a man to do embroidery, but I know of a man who does lace-making and crochet! I think it's great! Hugs, Gilly xxx

    5. It's wonderful for a man to knit /embroider /craft / its good to have a hobby I would never have thought tom would have crafted since he took early retirement from work not by choice as our sorting office closed down he then became my full time career it's good to channel yourself in crafting xxx

    6. Hi Diane, it's great to see a man craft. I have a friend who does leaded mirrors, in a Rennie Macintosh style and I have a couple of his mirrors in my bedroom. The problem with crafting is that it is difficult to just stick to one thing. I do or have tried silk ribbon embroidery, sewing, knitting, crochet, jewellery making, enamelling to name but a few but I always stick with card making.

  19. Hello Barbara. Another wonderful tour…I'm exhausted with all of this travelling!! Hahaha! So good to hear you managed to get your tickets for Glastonbury. My goodness!…that's a Teeny New York Weeny!!!!
    Have a great time. Love and Hugs xxx

  20. Hello all my lovely friends. I hope anyone I've missed above is having a good day. Love and Hugs xxx
    Hi Alison, can you think of an alternative to Mainsgill? Mind it does look lovely..and it's only a 35 mins drive! xxx

    1. Hi Morag,
      I've never been to Mainsgill but have heard good things about it. Don't know of anywhere in Darlington ( apart from Rockcliffe Hall !) . There's Betty's at Notrthallerton which is lovely but pricey. Love and hugs Alison xx

  21. Remember seeing my son one year with all screens available in his room trying for tickets to Glastonbury. I had to smile when saw you doing the same. Glad you were successful. Wish I could go to, Fred thinks I am mad. You look as if you having a fantastic time in New York and gosh in the first photo you and Grace so alike. Lovely girl and lovely mum. xx

  22. Great blog Barbara love hearing about your travels you look so happy to be
    there with wee Grace and showing lovely Paul NY and adding all the funny bits
    to great sense of humour me and my daughter would have taken that photo to
    Keep having a great time …Hugs Dot..xx

    1. Evening Bloggy friends well was looking back about Mary and came
      across my first wee post on here 2 years ago today on there is
      a step for step how to make wee comments give it a go I'm so glad
      I did hugs to all…xx

    2. Hi Dot – I totally agree with you about taking that step to comment on here. It's almost a year since I did just that, and I am SO glad that I did. Love and hugs, Gilly xx

    3. Evening Dorothy wow how time flies i for one couldn't have got through without this blog so many wonderful blog friends going through so much but are always there for surport CCA hugs xxx

    4. Hello Dorothy. I can remember reading Paul's Step by step, but I didn't have the nerve to try it then. I'm so pleased I finally made it! Happy second birthday!!!! Love and Hugs xxx

  23. What an amazing time you seem to be having. Your photos are exciting to see and read about your adventures.
    Really pleased for you that you have got your Glastonbury tickets. It gives you something to look forward to once you leave New York.

  24. Hi Barbara – thank you once again for showing us around, and letting us take part in your holiday! What a wonderful time you are all having! Looking forward to the next instalment! Hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi lovely blog friends – we have had a wonderful day with some really good friends, which will set us up for the final week! We have enjoyed some fantastic weather, and we took them to some places that they have never been, despite them being Cornish! They live up in Launceston and it's strange that we, who have only lived here for 16 years know the county better than they do. We went right down to the Helford river, and it is SO beautiful down there. Well only 5 more to go now – and we may get to see the Oncologist tomorrow too! I am off to bed now, to start a new book and have an early night. So, goodnight and sweet dreams to you all, love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Enjoy your book I've just started a new book I finished one last week it's helps to unwind I find hope tomorrow goes well for Neil and you so pleased you have had a brilliant day with friends just what you both needed goodnight hugs 😴💤 xxx

    3. Hi Gilly, I hope Neill doesn't have and more nasty side effects from his last five treatments. Also I hope you get to see the Oncologist tomorrow and he has good things to say. Thanks for asking, I am doing really well at the moment. I have been very lucky having so few side effects from the chemo. It is all doable.xx

  25. Hi Barbara
    Love your photos thank you for sharing your New York trip with us all it looks like an amazing place
    You and Grace look like tou are having fun together pointing out all the best places to visit lol
    Look forward to the next instalment xx. Enjoy

  26. Excellent your last week. A few mixed feelings, I think, of getting there and leaving some behind to continue their treatment. Good luck for the final furlong x x

  27. Hi Barb,
    Lovely blog today. It certainly looks and sounds as though you are having a fabulous time. Love the photos. You certainly get up to some mischief with Grace! Really glad that you've managed to get your Glastonbury tickets – I bet you're dead excited! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Sorry I'm a bit late tonight, don't know where the day has gone. Actually it's been taken up with washing and ironing mainly! Got sick of bringing the washing in when it rained so in the end just left it out and surprisingly, managed to get most of it dried. Scamp has been my little shadow again today which is really sweet – she's turned into a proper fusspot. It's funny really because when we got her from the RSPCA years ago they said she would never be a cuddly cat – they should see her now. Well off to bed now. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  28. Good to see you're having fun… naughty naughty! lol! So you're all set for Glastonbury next year too – hoping you've cleaned your wellies in readiness!

    Look forward to seeing what you get up to tomorrow. xx

  29. Hi all and Barb hope everyone is ok? Sorry im late busy day yesterday Barb it looks like your having the best time ever . Enjoy it all ( although must admit missing not seeing you on my tv ) verry selfish of me lol Hugs Ali xxxx

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