Walking walking walking….

Walking walking walking….

Hi there!
Welcome to New York.
What a city!
Day 1 and the skies are blue.
Paul and I were up at the crack of sparrows – 
jetlag combined with excitement –
Shall we walk to the Freedom Tower? asks I.
Sure, says Paul. 
On a sunny day like today, it’s the perfect way to see the city.
And so we did.
One step at a time.
Through Times Square, 

We cut through the flower district to 6th, because it  got exhausting swimming against the people flow on 7th, all streaming into work.

Always plodding along, with the Freedom Tower ahead…
Very warm and lovely.
Was I glad I had comfie shoes on and no coat to carry!!!

So we paid out respects at the Twin Towers Memorial.
The last time I was here, it was all behind walls,
but now it is an open-to-the-public-park.
We took ten to reflect..

Walked on down to Battery Park, to say hi to 
The Statue of Liberty
Paul was soaking it all up like a sponge.
Very long long walk.
26,282 to be precise!
Told you Saturday is a step by step blog !!
That’s 21.7 kilometres.
That’s 13.5 miles !!!!!
And all before lunchtime !!
We walked most of the way back to Broadway
to meet up with Grace and her friend Nick for lunch at Stardust.
What a nice guy and what a fab restaurant!
It’s like being in a Broadway show! The waiters and waitresses are hugely talented performers and singers,
who sing while they serve.
A MUST GO TO if you ever visit New York.
The food is great too!
In the evening we went to see Kinky Boots.
A fantastic musical and 100% talent and entertainment.
The main man who played Lola, Alan Mingo Jr. was incredible.
Actually, they all were.
So all in all a wonderful day, filled with colour, life and excitement.
Must go.
We are walking the other half of Manahttan today!
Central Park here we come!!!
I can feel a boating trip coming on…
Love & Hugs,

128 thoughts on “Walking walking walking….

  1. What an awesome time you are having! Your lunch with Grace sound lovely and the show awesome! The walking sound fab! That's one of the main things I miss since having ME is the walking. I was known for walking miles! I don't drive so used to walk everywhere for necessity and fun, I loved it! I could out walk most people! I was imagining myself walking with you! Fabulous! xxx

  2. Oh thank you so much for the walking tour of New York. I know this is the nearest I'll get to it. But I was able to imagine myself behind your camera. Grace looks wonderful, as do you all. Enjoy every minute. Love and hugs xxx

  3. Glad you and Paul are having a wonderful time. That sounds like a fantastic walk seeing lots of sights along the way. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Beautiful photos may I add. So pleased you enjoyed Kinky Boots and your meal with Grace and her friend.Have fun for the rest of your time there. Look forward to hearing all about it.xxx

  4. Hello my dear friends. I have some news for you today… we're getting another little friend! As hubby has said that he can't stand the house feeling so empty.(Me too!) When we've had Yorkie pups in the past we've always had to wait at least 5 weeks before collecting them. so we thought we would have plenty of time to get our heads round it. This one is already 7 weeks old so will be ready to come home next Saturday. Full of mixed emotions, one minute excited..the next minute in tears! We are going to call this little one Bonnie. She is as unlike little Penny as is possible, so that helps. I'll be counting the days now, but scared at the same time. We'll probably be constantly looking for 'symptoms' the first few months. But we took the vet's advice, and chose the biggest pup, as this is a good indication that not only is she eating well, but more importantly, getting nourishment from her food. We can only hope and pray that it will be all good this time.
    I got a lovely surprise this morning in the way of a gorgeous RAK. It really has made my day, and I also took it as a sign that we are doing the right thing getting Bonnie. (As I do feely guilty too)
    I hope you're all having as good a day as possible. I will catch up with you all through the course of the day.
    I would also like to say a special hello to 'Sharon'. Not daughter, but a lovely lady who I met at a card class, and who is now a lovely friend. I know she avidly reads this blog each day and I hope this may give her the nerve to join in.
    Love and Hugs to you all xxx (I think I've got a bit carried away today hahaha!) xxx

    1. That's brilliant news Morag, understand your emotions though, up one minute and sad the next. Look forward to hearing all about Bonnie when you bring her home. Lovely that you've made a new friend at a class too. Nice to have a friend that has the same hobby.xxx

    2. Hi Morag – I am so pleased for you, taking this very brave step! We will all be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts that all will be well with little Bonnie! Try not to feel guilty for doing this – and just enjoy it. Thanks for your comments each time – I might have forgotten to thank you before now. Love and happy hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Well Morag, I'm sitting here with a huge grin on my face, as I had been secretly hoping so much you would get another wee friend. I think you've made the right decision, and I'm saying this as someone who still feels guilty of the Daisy being here with me, the joy and fun we have, and my last wee pal, my soul mate, isn't here. I'm guessing from what you say the liver shunt issue must be a problem in that breed of dog, I've got everything crossed for you that Bonnie is 100% fit and healthy. Penny's life was always going to be so short, but she found her way to you because you could and did squeeze as much love into that short time as was possible. Penny will know that, and I bet she's up there with a grin on her face, knowing another wee puppy is going to have the same love and caring she felt while on this earth. So I do know exactly about you feeling guilty, but there's no need. Sorry that's all I can say, I haven't worked out how to get over that, other than to include Penny, talk to her. I'm sure my last wee pal comes to visit at times, more so in the early days, but very occasionally I still feel her here, or hear a sound, like she's checking out something of Daisy's, and it can't be Daisy as she's never there. xx

    4. Dear morag so lovely to share that your getting another puppy bonnie will be well loved like penny was in her short life sending lots of hugs for today xxx

    5. Hi Morag,
      Oh that is lovely news! I'm really pleased for you both. There's no need to feel guilty, you gave Penny so much love in her little short stay with you. I'm sure that Bonnie will give you so much pleasure and you will give her a loving home. Lots of love and hugs Alison xx

    6. Hello Sharon, Morag's friend, I have only been posting on Barbara's blog for a few weeks after reading it for several years. I felt very apprehensive at first but everyone has made me so welcome I wish I had done it sooner. They really are a caring group of people and have made a great differerence to my life. Please take that first step. xxxx

    7. So glad you are going to have Bonnie join your household. I am sure she will bring you lots of joy. An emotional time for both of you but so exciting. A hug from me for Bonnie on Saturday.xx

    8. Hi Morag, I'm over the moon about your new pattering little paws news! It's a brilliant idea, especially a pup so different from little Penny. I lost both my cats last year, both very suddenly, and got Ms de Pix asap after the loss of JoJo, and Lucy died a few months later. Miss P is different in every way from either but tremendous fun, even if she does lie against the tv blocking half the pic! Bonnie's a lovely name. Don't envy you the puppy training tho! Enjoy!!

  5. Hi everyone, a bit nippy here today. Just cleared out hubby's wardrobe of all the things that don't fit any more – he'll be able to use it again instead of the banisters ! He never puts anything away ! Need to do the same with mine now. It's quite cathartic. I must then do some Groovi as I haven't done any since back from holiday. Just been too busy. My birthday next week so we'll be nearly half way through the month again ! Must think about the challenges too ! I had a lovely Clarity post this week of Jayne's plates and stamps and haven't touched them yet apart to unpack. Need to start Christmas cards too….. Hope everyone is ok, I haven't been able to keep up reading everything but will do better this week. The stress of things happening here flared up my ulcerative colitis – at least I know it's stress – nothing to worry about but just something extra to take account of ! Hugs to all x x x

    1. Oh, Jackie I'm so sorry you're having to deal with ulcerative colitis, a particularly nasty disease! Stress will certainly not help with that.
      I did that last year, regarding the getting rid of things that didn't fit me1. Like the size 12 outfit I can't bear to part with (it's still there hahaha!) I'm really going to get my size 18/20 back into that aren't I? !!!!!
      Take care. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Jackie – sounds like you have been doing what needs doing here too! I need to lose at least a stone after eating way too many treats in the last 7 weeks! That will be what I focus on the week after next, I think. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell, I hope that you will feel much better soon. Love and hugs, Gilly xx

    3. Hi Jackie, I cleared out my wardrobe yesterday. What with the treatment I am having and the steroids I have put on sooo much weight. I have had to buy a whole new winter wardrobe. The shopping was fun though. Sorry to hear you are not to well. Hopefully you will be able to find time to do some Groovi. xx

  6. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, late home this morning but had brilliant evening last night. Hope your steroid injection is,working now Sheila, love your challenge card. Got my MRI rebooked for the 21st November, but may be lucky enough to have a cancellation before that. It's been a bit easier for the past week but not when in bed. Seems like the Acupuncture has helped some. Brenda hope you are feeling more relaxed today. Where are you Donna, hope you are ok. Hope Gilly that you and Neil are feeling more positive today and that Neil's symptoms aren't so bad. Love and hugs to everyone. Enjoy today and the rest of the Weekend, hope you can get some craft done.xxx

    1. Hi Pam – glad to hear that you had such a good time last night and that you have got your MRI re-booked. Neill and I are heaps better today thank you. Also thank you for your lovely comments recently. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hello Janice. I understand totally what you said to me the other day. About 'Joy' and 'Gratitude' being such important words to you. Joy is something I look for each day, even if it's simply watching sunlight through trees, or watching a little bird feeding. Gratitude is what I also feel every day, particularly in having found this wonderful blog. Love and Hugs to you xxx

  7. Hi Barbara – what a great step by step to see today! I am enjoying seeing this too, as realistically I probably won't get there, but I can always hope! So pleased that you and Paul are having a great time and that you are enjoying some time with Grace too! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – thank you all for your lovely and supportive comments again yesterday! I'm sorry that I haven't replied to all of them. I am pleased to be able to say that Neill and I are both feeling much better today – a lie-in certainly helps. Neill didn't surface until about 12.30 – so that has done him the world of good. I have been having an on line chat with my daughter today, which has been good, except that she is worrying about me, bless her. Well. I must go now, as I am about to play with my new Clarity Light Panel! Yes, I decided to buy myself a treat this week, and now want to do a card to thank the radiologists at the hospital. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Thank you Gilly dear for your lovely words to me above. I'm delighted to hear that you're both feeling much better today. I can confirm, that is one card you will get a lot of pleasure from making. Enjoy playing with your new light box. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Gilly,
      Pleased that Neill is feeling better today – sorry I haven't got round to reading all of the week's comments yet. Enjoy playing with your light panel – you'll love it. Love and hugs to you both, Alison xx

    4. That's great Gilly, the light box is a brilliant boost for our groovy, I got the cover when I went to Ally Pally, I was worried because I didn't think it was padded, but it is and if you put your craft mat on top of the white one it's very well protected. So pleased you and Neil are feeling better today. Enjoy making your card for the radiologist. That's so kind, she'll be over the moon that you've even thought of it with the worry you've had. After our late night then still wanting to read the blog, as was wide awake when we arrived home I'm struggling to keep my eyes open at the moment. It'll pass though, always does.

    5. Hi Gilly, pleased to hear you are both feeling good today and you are getting some crafting in as well. I really appreciate everything you said to me (and himself) this morning. Being a part of this blog has helped me put things into perspective because I have one thing that a lot of my bloggy pals don't and that is good health. I have also has quite a few lovely comments from work colleagues and people I know – there disbelief that I am 49 and that I am a lovely person. As you can imagine I have a low self esteem but the kind things people are saying to me are giving me a huge boost. Thank you again.

    6. So pleased that you are both better today. You will love the light panel, I thought long and hard but am pleased I got one especially with the shorter days looming xx

  8. Thank you Barbara for taking the time to describe your day yesterday, helps make me feel a wee bit less isolated from the world, pictures and words in my head instead of just black nothing. love the photo of you all. Hope today is as good or even better for you all, and looking forward to hearing all about it.

    I had some good time with my brother this morning, an unexpected visit, he did let me know he was coming. Mostly based around the laptop, and he wanted to put a programme he thinks I'll love on my tablet for me. We got most of my stuff copied over, I wasn't sure of the best way and was reluctant to try anything and end up having to start from scratch again. So perfect timing. I can do the rest easily now, hopefully! And a way to get at and save any emails I need from the inaccessible ones. So pretty much good to go, all back as it should be πŸ™‚ I'm going to need to get a new laptop in the near future, upgrade it, but this buys time, and I'll probably pick and choose what I do on each. We were having a laugh, my craft room is gradually turning into half craft, half techy stuff, and I was saying maybe I'm starting to earn my techy guru title all you guys give me!!! Today I learned how to clone a hard drive, straight forward when you know how and understand the process.

    Daisy is back to her old self πŸ™‚ When I turned the light off last night she quickly appeared, snuggled in near the top which means she wants a tickle, she's very obliging, takes ages to work out where to lie so her head is in the right spot for my hand, then spends time getting herself comfy, and then the head comes up ready for her tickle. When she wants me to stop she just moves her head away a little and that's my signal that I can stop now. She wanted loads during the night, unusual for her, at one point I kept dozing off mid tickle, so she'd give my hand a nudge to wake me up and get me tickling again!!!! Today she's trying to get out of me as many special treats as I'll give in and let her have, wee monkey.

    Love Brenda xx
    p.s. I think Dot is in the know re Donna, she's off with her Swedish bloke!!!! πŸ˜‰ Joking aside, hope everything is ok Donna? xx

    1. Dear Brenda so pleased you have had a visit from your brother and you got your laptop sorted and now your feeling brighter pleased daisy is feeling more playful too sending hugs for you and daisy xxx

    2. Hi Brenda,
      Glad you had some good time with your brother today and that your laptop is sorted. Sounds like Daisy was having a lovely time with you. Scamp was the same last night, wouldn't leave my side at all! Love and hugs to you and cuddles to Daisy, Alison xx

    3. That's good to know Brenda that you are just about up and running again with your laptop. 'Techi Guru'!!! You have most definitely earned that title! I'm in awe that you can now clone a hard drive. A clean install is the most I can manage!. Take care. Love and Hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    4. So pleased that you had a visit from your brother this morning. You really are a Techie Guru, if Pete shows me how to do anything on the computer my brain doesn't function it just switches off. He has to keep repeating it, then I have to write it all down, then when I read it, it won't make any sense to me. Is there a name for that, could it be "stupid". I was the same when learning to drive, ended up going to a professional as he had no patience with me, couldn't blame him really. I just go into panic mode and switch off. Having my Daughter's car next week as she's got a new one, haven't driven for well over 3 years, dreading the thought. That's why I don't think I'd manage at a workshop crafting although I'd love to do one, I get too nervous. Maybe Daisy was feeling how upset you were yesterday, they are very sensitive as you must know. Glad she is back to normal, bet you are tired today after she keot waking you. Love and hugs, Pam xxx

    5. Thanks everyone xx
      Don't say stupid Pam, no one is. it's just finding the right way your brain needs to learn things. And our brains aren't built to be excellent at everything, good at one thing means something else needs to give space for that in your brain. Mostly I don't have a clue about non verbal communication, most of the time I'm not even aware of there being any, and struggle with verbal communications quite a bit too. I get told that doesn't make me stupid, just different, and I'm better at other things instead. Same for you even though you've got a normal brain. I hope I explained that ok, and didn't dig myself into a hole or anything! xx

      Almost there laptop wise, just updating my second backup EHD with my stuff as these 2 are all I have right now, until I get time to do a full back up of the new hard drive. It's quick πŸ™‚ My brother thinks it's the contrast rather than the display driver that's the slight issue with the screen, so I'll find out how to check that, see if it helps. Hopefully a techy free day tomorrow, and craft instead after my chores.

      Glad you managed a wee bit craft Sheila. I'll send my pile of ATCs down for you to finish, need them back for Wednesday please ;-)xx

      Glad you enjoyed Mull Alison, somehow didn't think you'd get any wifi there πŸ˜‰ Next time you must visit Iona, I think you'll love it there xx

    6. Hi Brenda, you sound like you've had a really good day. I really appreciate the comments you left for me earlier today. I have used the internet to get a lot of information, in particular mumsnet. It has also given me quite a few reality checks. So many people, mostly women, live terrible lives that they see no way of getting out of. It has taken me a long time to find the strength to move on but I am doing it, I know things will get better and I have more supportive friends than I could ever have imagined. I did recently join facebook but haven't done anything else about it as I don't really know how to use it but your idea of making things private and having my blog friends as facebook friends is great. I have been thinking about you recently as I have been feeling a little 'isolated'. My only family is my sister who lives in the central belt so 150 miles away, my best friend lives 480 miles away. When I think of you however my isolation is nothing compared to you. I have two beautiful beaches within walking distance, I drive and I do have friends here. I am slowly beginning to get back who I really am and I had no idea how much I had restricted myself for him or because of him. Thank you so much for you advice and support.

    7. Aw thanks Julia. Keep looking forward, no looking back mind, you've got your life to live once this is over, live it to the full. I'll not be so scared to speak to you now, scared of saying the wrong thing to you. I'm glad you have lovely quiet places to escape to, it must be so hard having to go home knowing your other half is/will be there, having nowhere of your own, a bolthole as I call it. I hope it's all over for you soon xx

      My brother phoned earlier with a suggestion. I gave him one of my ATC RAKs. He must have been chuffed with it :-), had thought about it after, and has suggested why don't I make them credit card size so they fit into a wallet/purse, and laminate them so that they can be kept forever. Great idea. I'm going to do that, probably not laminate them all though, not the way my garden volunteer gets through them anyway!!!! I'll get a cheap laminator and can fill a whole page and cut them up in between, and round the corners with my corner punches, that was my brother's idea too. Just thought I would suggest it to anyone else who is still doing ATC RAKs.

    8. Brenda, never be scared to say anything to me. My head can get so mixed up with everything that is going on and he can easily convince me that I am a 'nutter', bad person, etc. I know they are not true but he is so convincing I often doubt myself. Sometimes I need a reality check. I will listen to any advice or information that is given to me. I love your brothers idea, I did something similar a few years ago when I made bookmarks.

  9. What a lot of walking and you still look as fresh as a daisy Barbara. Looks like a lovely lunch with Grace and her friend and a good evening at the theatre too. Look forward to hearing and seeing how you and Psul are doing. x

  10. Afternoon Barbara/Paul thank you for including us in your day so lovely to see you with grace and all looking so happy enjoy the rest of your day xxx

    1. Afternoon dear family of blog friends sending heartfelt hugs to you all thinking of you all Ive mannaged to back a groovi card I made a while ago popped it into my Christmas box ready for December as the months are passing im feeling very fatigued today think the busy week with appointments have caught up with me so resting catching up with the tv with tom xxx

    2. You have had an extremely busy week Sheila dear. Now it's time for resting and building up some energy. Spending time with hubby will be lovely for you. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Sheila, I just read your comments from earlier. I was thinking about him following the blog and I don't see why I can't come on here at tell you how I feel, whether I've had a good day or a bad day and why. I'm beginning to get back who me is and I don't see why I should water it down for him anymore. I will however be careful that I'm not bitching about him…I'll wait until we are divorced to do that, haha (only kidding, just in case you are reading). I think if I ever find myself another man then I'll be looking out for a Tom. Thank you so much for your kindness and support.

    4. Hi Sheila, just read your tip re double sided tape. Thanks so much, will add it to the next clarity towers order. Meanwhile all that time on brother in law's card paid off as it's given me the bare bones of an A4 piece to go in my art studio ( the smallest box room ever, but boy I knownI'm very lucky to have a separate art space). Joing this blog should come with a financial health warning – one feels part of a delightful bunch with a lovely family business at it's heart to which I feel ridiculous loyalty, and want to support all their new product ventures. And ain't the stuff beautiful and of such high quality! Clothes budget halved, art budget doubled – that's MUCH more satisfying! Hugs xxxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Well it sounds as though you and Paul are having a great time in New York. Grace looks well and I'm sure she'll be really happy to have you there. The restaurant sounds brilliant too. You'll be a shadow of your former self with all of that walking! Enjoy the rest of your day. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Got back home last night after a fantastic week up in Mull. The weather was glorious apart from a strong wind on Thursday although that didn't stop us doing anything. Got to see Golden Eagles, Sea Eagles, Hen Harriers and lots more which was fantastic. Will definitely be going back again for a bit longer next time. I haven't had a chance to read through all of the week's comments yet so I hope things have been good for you all (& sorry if they haven't) . We could only get a signal in the bar of the hotel and I don't really like sitting there with my iPad so have missed all of you. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. I'm so pleased that you've had a great holiday Alison. But it's lovely to have you back, you 've been missed. Do you know of any nice tearooms near Darlington, where we can meet up with Chris???? Love and Hugs xxx

  12. Hmmmph…It's persisting down here in dear old Blighty… Have a great day, and enjoy B.B.Kings Club if you get there tonight.. Missing you xx ( ps. I didn't buy another guitar ! ) xx

    1. Aye we believe you πŸ˜‰ (where have you hidden it?)!!!
      well since the weather is rubbish your way, you'll just have to crack on with the to do list Barbara left you then eh!!!! xx

    2. Hi Dave,
      Sorry to hear you're not with Barb, but then, someone's got to keep everything running smoothly! My Dave has just decided he'd like another Lowden guitar to go with his two other ones – it must be a man thing as I keep telling him he can only play one at a time! He just says one thing back to me – CRAFT!! ( He has a point). Love Alison xx

  13. Wow, fabulous day. Perhaps I'll use my newly acquired passport to use!! Feeling very frustrated as bad back Won't allow me to Groovi ☹️️ On happier note, have had a cockatiel hatch today πŸ£πŸ˜€

  14. What a walk and a half!!! We did the walk along the promenade from Memorial Park down to Battery Park and it was beautiful… we found cutting across to 8th was than fighting the crowds on 5th and 6th. Liberty Tower was very moving, 13 years ago when I last saw it, it was fenced off… if you like cheesecake try Juniors, it's yummy…have a wonderful time…

  15. Hiya Barb it is so nice to see you relaxed and smiling ( not saying you are miserable and uptight promise lol ) With the work load you have had recently its just lovely to see you taking time out. Hugs Ali xxxxx

  16. Wow you're certainly not 'letting the grass grow under your feet' … you're not standing still long enough! Sounds like you're both having a fab time and Grace looks really well and happy too… enjoy the rest of your visit xx

  17. Hello Barbara, thanks for taking time out to take photos and write todays blog. I love America but have never been to NY. Your writing together with the photos made me feel the atmosphere which is as close as I will get now. Tomorrow will be a great walk for you and us. Did you see on your blog on 24 Oct I mentioned about you bumping into Mary Jones the Word Artist. Wouldn't it be amazing if she was there when you and Paul reach Central Park. I've just rewatched the video you posted on 16 Oct 2014 of you and Grace on the boating lake having so much fun.Will there be a repeat? Enjoy your walk.xx

  18. Goodness that is a lot of walking but the only way to see most places. Glad you enjoying showing Paul around. I have had a more restful day crafting with all the Nottingham ladies. A wonderful day. xx

  19. Lovely photos today. Glad you are having an amazing time. I certainly didn't do nearly as many steps as today I have been at clarity Glasgow with Jo making a brilliant clock and a couple of cards using the new ponsetias stencil. It was lots of fun and inspiring me to create more with the ideas I have now. There were also lots of hugs all round which is lovely.
    This weekend I am home alone and cherishing the peace and quiet and space to craft without having to clear up every time there is dinner and people want into the table!

  20. Looks like you've had a lovely day and so good to see all your photographs. It's been a lovely day up here today. I went out with a friend to Findhorn beach, which is a special place, then we had lunch and some more walking round Findhorn Foundation (a commune). It's been a wonderful way to relax and I've done 18,968 steps.

  21. Evening bloggy friends, hope all are well. Blogger wasn't playing ball last night 😒 so all I could do was read comments. If it doesn't work on the computer my tablet is usually better. Seems OK today. I sorted out the craft room and put away my new stamps and groovi plates. I did start my challenge card after but not sure I like it so may do something else. Xx

  22. We were in New York in August and visited the memorial. Like you we had last seen it behind fences in 2004. Best memory from our trip apart from that visit was the Hi-Line. Check it out. It's an old elevated rail line turned into a garden walkway. Such an inspired idea. Enjoy the rest of your trip. X

    1. Hello everyone. I've been making inky Christmas cards today. It wasn't going how I wanted then I thought of Barbara telling us to keep going and I'm pleased I did, I'm much braver now.
      Morag and Alison I think Mainsgill is nice but perhaps there's somewhere a bit nearer halfway between us?

  23. Hi you two.
    Looks like you are having a great time and the weather looks brilliant
    Look forward to your next blog to see a hit more of your journey
    Feeling a big fed up today got a tracking message from Hermes to say my one day special is on its way back to the retailer bug no explanation why So no mini gelli plates no mine mounts ,no stencils ,no card 😒😒 will ring customer services tomorrow . Sorry for the mone. Enjoy your day both of you xxx

  24. What a fabulous trip you are both having. How lovey to see Grace looking so happy and radiant – wonder where she gets that from eh? Enjoy the other half of your marathon – hope Paul can keep up with you Barbara? Lol xxx

  25. Hi Barb

    I've really enjoyed today's 'tour'. Hope you and Paul aren't suffering when you do the next round!

    Grace looks really good and happy, as does her friend!


    June x

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